August 25th, 2010

In The Ring: Lukas Podolski & Felix Sturm

Looks like Köln cutie Lukas Pololski needs to work on his blocking techniques if he’s going to dodge blows moonlighting as a professional fighter. Either that or he just saw the receipt for his upcoming wedding bill. Oh, fine, he’s just hanging out with Felix Sturm prior to Fight Night in September.

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10 Responses to “In The Ring: Lukas Podolski & Felix Sturm”

  1. Tashinka says:

    Ah… Lu Lu Lukas. He’s like a breath of fresh air after being in a smoky bar with drunk ‘ballers. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I like ‘em dirty, but he’s so sweet! And how could you not like someone who once slapped M Ballack? :D

    • Dahlia says:

      Oh…Lukas I remember being crazy about him in the 2006 World Cup, when he won the award for best young player :)

      Still am crazy but down to about 65% sad. I used to be with Germany as a neutral supporter…then England because of university…but OMG it's viva Espana all the way now!!


      not so loyal me…

      • Tashinka says:

        I know what you mean (except for the England part). I was all about Germany in 2006 (of course, I was there and how could you not fall in love with that team?). This time around I felt like I was cheating on my sweet Lukas with the entire Spanish NT… bad Tashinka!

        But there's still space in my heart for both teams (plus the US). It's just that Spain won a little bit more room to kick around in!

  2. Julie says:

    Yes, he has a son, Louis, who’s close to 2 years old (?) now, with Monika. Apparently he’s said, in an interview, that they will get married next year. No idea exactly when, though the summer break might be a good guess.

  3. Johanna says:

    Funny shot, love to see that he’s enjoying himself.

  4. jen says:

    awww i love him, he’s too cute!!

  5. Leya says:

    Wait, Lukas is getting married?!?!?!?

    Am I just really late on this news?

    …god he's so hot…

    how do i get to be one of those girls who marries a footballer?

    • michelle says:

      Isn't he married already ?

      By the way, he looks like he just got hit hard in the stomach, not vice versa.

      • Leya says:


        i thought he just had a child with his girlfriend or something…

        • Julie says:

          Argh. I hit the wrong reply button. See my comment at the top re Poldi's son Louis and his forthcoming marriage.