August 29th, 2011

In The Stands Style Off: Sebastian Coates vs. Steven Gerrard

Image Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Europe.

Liverpool’s newest signing, Sebastian Coates, popped a mischievous squat some seats down from his club’s captain during Saturday’s Liverpool vs. Bolton match, and even though we’re pretty sure the answer to this question is overwhelmingly obvious, we’ve gotta give the newbie a shot and ask it anyway.

Kickettes, who do you think ‘suited’ up better for the 3-1 occasion at Anfield? Does Stevie’s apparent inability to deal with a tie diminish your flames of passion, or is his beauty and sex-appeal unassailable, even by a polo-shirt wearing purveyor of the pretty like Seb?

Either way, we figure it won’t be a problem. If Mr Coates has any wits about him then he’ll be an early adopter of EPL policies. That being the only other way to avoid further intra-squad battles is shirt removal. On the field, at Tesco and so forth.

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20 Responses to “In The Stands Style Off: Sebastian Coates vs. Steven Gerrard”

  1. Florencia says:

    Seba wins. Always.
    Love Steve, but Seba is one of my loved ones and he'll always win.
    Although I must warn you, he won't take off his shirt. It's just not happening, he doesn't do it very often…but he's still pretty to look at♥
    Te extrañamos Sebita♥♥

  2. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    Stevie is very handsome and he can for sure pull a suit every day of the week … However this time i go with our new guy here Sebatian Coates! Just because Im intriguied by his look… i dont know, is something about it that just makes me wonder.. and I just wanna now more about him… I just do! 8*) anyway Stevie G. keep pulling that suit and other thing* off you will always look great at it hon!, always dont worry!

  3. Steve says:

    anyone know where coates got his coat?

  4. sahil says:

    steve is a far better player..

  5. lola says:

    i was away for a while with no internet and after i came home i went to see what were my dear kickettes up to while i was gone. so i stumbled upon the post where gay man chose nando as second best looking man in epl. no cesky (he was still in england at the time) and sure as hell no jack whatever his name may be. so an eyebrow (or two)must be raised again and a question that comes with it is clear to everyone..bring him back, will you? :(

  6. Red_Girl says:

    Hmm – rumpled tie can equal sexy. Well it does with what I'm imagining. Coates is cute, too, though – he just looks like he's recovering from a 20-hour flight from South America. I was getting worried about the ugly quotient at Anfield – Dirk Quasimodo Kuyt, por ejemplo – but Gerrard, Coates, Glen-Jo, Agger, and Andy Carroll with a haircut makes for some mouth-watering viewing.

  7. FootyGirl says:

    Henderson, Coates, Downing.

    Liverpool are making a fine case for best looking team in the EPL.

  8. MsLiverpoolLady says:

    Stevie wins any day of the week, but really, what is up with that tie??

  9. gillianrosh says:

    LOVE seeing Stevie. Miss him so much!

  10. Maria V says:

    All I know is that they'll both look unbelievably hot when they put the Red jersey on :D :D
    Come on Liverpool!!!

  11. Cherry says:

    No one is better than Stevie. No one. Though I do like our new boy.

  12. Erika P says:


  13. caquark says:

    Seb looks like he's wearing a button down to me?! Anyhoo, at least he's dressed better than most of the footballers. I like them both, although I agree with the Steve's 3 states of dress as gin_in_teacups recommended. He looks good. Period.

  14. Agnes Wonka says:

    I love Sebastian Coates! he's so cool and handsome :)

    • alessandra says:

      hehe, i agree. i fell in love with him over the summer during the copa america!XD

  15. Miss Lampard says:

    Stevie for all the LIFE, he's such a gorgeous man in this suit, love him…Can't I stop thinking abut his baby, how a such cute babe boy if will be a male, hope so!

  16. bri_saldana says:

    Stevie! ….but heeelllloooo Sebastian! I must say Anfied is looking like a might FINE pitch these days and it's got nothing to do w/the grass. Now if Carol will just cut that pony tail….

  17. gin_in_teacups says:

    Odd as that particular angle is, Stevie is the clear winner. That man can wear the hell out of a suit. I say he should have 3 clothing options – suit, football kit, nekkid. It should be law.