January 22nd, 2010

In The Stands: The Gerrards At Anfield

Oh dear. What did dear Stevie do to warrant that look from the wifey? He must have said he thought Primark trumped Cricket.  Or perhaps Alex knows that as soon as he puts his glass down he’s about to belch the alphabet. Also, hi, Glen!

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37 Responses to “In The Stands: The Gerrards At Anfield”

  1. Avenath says:

    I would NEVER give him that face, especially at a match…marry me, Stevie!!!!

  2. SaraBee says:

    Rather unfortunate blusher/highlighter ratio.

  3. laura-8 says:

    Surprised she managed to make it to the game with her ‘busy’ schedule, read an interview with her and when asked if she goes to Stevies games she replied ‘when i have the time’ .. YOU’RE A STAY AT HOME MUM

  4. Sara says:

    Is Alex blouse from Zara ?

  5. jasmine says:

    aww!true romance. alex lookind miserable and stevie drinking!

  6. With a wife giving me death glares like that, I'd take to the drink too Stevie.

    P.S: How come we never see Nando at games when he isn't playing?

  7. merve torres says:

    awww stevi and alex :D <3 so cutee

  8. Solida says:


    why they always look so miserable whenever they are together in the stands? do they ever smile at each other or even kiss???

    god! i want to see some romance!!!

  9. Pamela says:

    Looks like Steven is enjoying himself, wife not so much..join him with a drink dear, you'd be enjoying yourself a lot more!

  10. Lorelei says:

    There was a picture a few months back of the two of them sitting in the stands at a game and they both looked miserable. Perhaps they’re bored – him with not playing and her with not being out spending.

  11. Merel says:

    Her face blinds my eyes even from this distance and the window.

  12. michael says:

    awwwwwww they do not look happy but whocares, they’re a hot couple. Alex Gerrard i love u muah muah muah
    hottest blonde ever

  13. Abbie says:

    Well dont they look happy X

  14. imhereforthenando says:

    Fernando would never bitchface Stevie G like that.

  15. HiL says:

    Could she be thinking: “I’m tired of Stevie’s forehead wrinkles” ?
    Nah.. no way.

  16. Redgirl says:

    Why does she go? She'll start piling on the calories again. (Wasn't that her excuse last time?)

  17. Louise says:

    *Taking note of reflection of Aquilani*
    Alex: “I know he’s not Xabi, but that doesn’t give you leave to drink four pints before the half!”

  18. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    What is wrong with her cheeks? Dear god.

    Stevie <3

  19. melissa says:

    AHAHAHA!! I’d say the Primark thing was true, except…. I have laid eyes on her in the Lpool Primark… and she bought something! Sign of the Apocalypse… i think so.

  20. Katya says:

    Now THAT’S a true bitchface!!

  21. shay says:

    She looks like she is none too happy with him throwing back the brewski.

  22. Missy says:

    Does she have cheek implants or are they always swollen like that?

  23. tammyv says:


  24. Deffo-Nando says:

    That look she's giving him is damn priceless. lol. I knew that Stevie was there, but how did I miss alex and johnson?

  25. Anya says:

    I think she actually looks at Glen, wondering why he's not looking at her.