August 11th, 2010

In Training: Fernando Llorente, Athletic Bilbao

Photos via Athletic Bilbao

Man in string vest in a nightclub = run. Run away as fast as you can.

Man in string vest on treadmill = come to mama.

Fascinating, really, but facts are facts.

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82 Responses to “In Training: Fernando Llorente, Athletic Bilbao”

  1. Aalua says:

    he reminds me of prince charming figure on every tale ive read
    Plzz more picture of him!!!!

  2. Kata says:

    after his shirt got ripped open in the world cup, i considered it sign that he should never be clothed. i was definitely right…more and more I think I may need to invest in some sort of spainsh sports television package

  3. Taskeen says:

    hot daaaymn!
    how is it possible for one team to have that many hotties??!

    • Love Sergi says:

      I know right?! I’m just like wow. Not only are they good, they sure are good-looking too. I mean some teams have gorgeous guys, but almost everyone on the Spain NT is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  4. rslkdl says:

    I generally prefer dark hair, dark eyes, but I need some of him. Wow.

  5. Pam says:

    He's hot and he knows it. I like how he's working the camera, he's a pro.

  6. Love Sergi says:

    This has nothing to do with Llorente, but a person named "Y" from a post in June informed me and all of us with the details of Real Madrid coming to LA, and if you're reading this, THANK YOU cause otherwise, I would have never been able to see Los Blancos in person!!!!

  7. Jessie says:

    saw him at the world cup, he’s hot. blondes are making a comeback,lol

  8. JulieFromParis says:

    U say Athletic Bilbao and all that I see is Aitor Ocio (yummy……),

    Aitor baby, all I want for Christmas is U :)

  9. Pam says:

    Daaammm!!!!!!! This is one HOTT ASS MAN. So nice. Thanks Kicktte. Please more pics of him in the very near future.

  10. anabela says:

    I don't know, he isn't my type of man! For me, the sexiest player in Spanish team is definitelly Sergio Ramos! Although, I'm madridista, I have to admit that Victor Valdes is not bad, too!!! But, speaking about Ramos, I have to say that he has SOOOOO amazing body! And that's my true confirmation, after I saw him naked…….

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      That sounds like an interesting story…

    • lulu says:


      (The volume of that shriek just popped a couple light bulbs)

      Are you talking about the live, 3D experience???????

    • Love Sergi says:

      I agree completely. Sergio is just so sexy. Obviously, pretty much the entire Spain team is filled with gorgeous guys, but there's just something about Sergio!!

      But this Fernando sure do have pretty eyes. I still prefer Nando though ;)

    • Deedz says:

      Um, what? Do continue please.

      • anabela says:

        Well, my uncle is one of the owners of BWIN ( main sponsor of Real Madrid ) and once I accidentally fell into the player’s locker room! And there was just Sergio, no one else and he just came out, only with the towel! So we kind of crashed on each other and in all that crowd, the towel slipped from his hands!!! Later he apologized to me, said that it was unintential ( I thought in my head – what is he apolazing for) but I know that look, he did it with the purpose!!!!!

  11. iida says:


    I honestly can't even.

  12. Lisa says:

    finally some Llorente love. Athletic Bilbao have really mastered the public medical haven't they? Why aren't more clubs following their lead?.

  13. Dominique says:

    LOL Kickette! Love the comments below the photo! :)

  14. Ana-Fiona says:

    Muy Caliente!!

    He is super hot!

  15. aps says:


  16. Liz says:


  17. mrs.e.chivas says:

    Nice, I agree with the hair cut though…

  18. C16 says:

    Oh yeah!!! ;)

  19. Julia D says:

    Came back to look at tallyum again (my bosses thank you for my productivity drop!).

    Was just thinking the vest reminds me of those mesh plastic bags that oranges are in at the supermarket….squeezing juicy produce..yummmmmmm

  20. zahara says:

    good lord, was anyone watchin the spain mexico match?sergio took his shirt right off (oh dear god) and tied the mexican dudes shirt around his damn

    oh and i love david silva

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      To me the game was a little boring.. this guy gave me a headache (Llorente), he was good. I had hoped for a better match from Mexico. Spain like we know has had lots of work during their vacation. I mean it took a lot of energy to go on so many vacations and even harder time lifting drinks. Didn't see much of the players after the game and less during the game on the benches. That's why I like other country's matches. They show football but also what happens on the benches. Not Mexico though :( . Did you guys liked our second goalie? I think he's pretty hot. Anyway, yes Ramos looked good. Puyi too when he got carded. In the reply you could see his nice toned leg and the nice color of sun kissed skin. Niiiice :D

      I'm Mexican, proud to be, wanted my team to beat Spain so bad (especially since the possibility was there after these cuties were on vacation and some only had a matches played since the WC and others none), but when Iker received the goal I got a little sad and then a little excited when they tied. Of course not when they almost scored for the second time. These spanish guys are growing on me more than they should :)

      • lulu says:

        Oh, I know exactly what you feel when you say those guys grow on you more than they should… I'm a victim of the Ramos…

        And I couldn't watch the game!!! I was at the movies, silly me!

        Anywho… Viva México, Venezuela y España!

        México rulea ;)

      • Lisa says:

        The Azteca has to be the best stadium in the world for hosting matches. Univision's coverage really captures and enhances the experience.

        I agree the game was a little boring but keep in mind the last game Spain played was the World Cup final so they might be a little less energetic.

        Speaking of, I hope the Spanish and Mexican FAs make a deal to play more matches in the Azteca, whether between National Teams or club sides.

        It was surreal watching players I see every week in La Liga play on the same pitch that Pele and Maradona lifted the WC trophy.

    • DebS says:

      Sure did see that! Whew! Luckily it’s on TiVo for repeated viewing pleasure :D

    • senora ramos says:

      i would just like to thank univision for showing ochoa and then ramos removing his shirt. i’m in heaven still!!

      • DebS says:

        Memo's adorable isn't he?!

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

          Mmmmmmmmm Yes! Memito is so adorable and I love that he always supports the players on his team. He's good at pep talks. I love that about him as he was the only one to stand up and cheer on Chicharito when he scored against Argentina in the WC. Love that Ochoa because he's in America my other love. Oh, if you speak spanish… he's funny too there a sketch he did for a Mexican show if you're interested.


    I LOVE U KICKETTE!!!!!!!!

  22. ba says:

    thus of the nothing, I feel an attraction for him! Omg i loved the fact that he looks so surprised in first pic and is hot at same time ;P

  23. WagInTraining says:


  24. Maria says:

    Well well…!!!
    Indeed the other Nando is here to stay!!!
    I was watching an old movie the other day with a guy that looked like him. So it made me realise, not only he looks like a Greek god but also as a legend of the Silver Screen!
    And have you heard him speak?? Hellooooo Mr Baritone!! So manly!!
    hhhhmmm mmmmm!!

  25. Ashlee says:

    Oh Fernando Llorente, you Greek god you… So adorable. Please Kickette, many more posts about him!

  26. crss2001 says:

    I get a new crush everyday!! THANKS Kickette!!! ;)

  27. Little Miss Arsenal says:

    Just what i need after seeing that AWFUL pic Pique & his GF…thanks, Kickette for finally putting up a pic of the OTHER Fernando Torres. That just leaves Jesus Navas & his beautiful eyes…

    • cescyspain says:

      i'll take llorente over the other one any day!!!

    • crss2001 says:

      Ohhh yes his eyes are dreamy!!

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      During the game today his eyes were in front of a camera a lot. And his name was called so many times. Anyway, about the Pique thing, I saw him and I was thinking about that :( Not good. I was kinda glad he didn't play much since it would be a reminder. I hope to get that image out of my head. I was hoping him and Cescy would be on the field together and that Cescy would score so he'd be huggin Pique and I would forgive him for the pic. That would the image I would like to be stuck in my head. And I thought about this while I root for Mexico. Pique needs a trim though… I would start with that was on his lips the other day, lol….. As long as he's happy right?………………………………..And not happily married!

  28. Jenna says:

    omg, how am i going to be productive after seeing these pictures!?!?! yiiiii! i have loved llorente for a while and while i'm happy to see more of him, i feel like after the world cup everyone know's who is he. he used to be my little secret but it's okay, i'll share with my fellow kickettes. more llorente, please!!!

  29. MrsNesta says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Kickette, he is just lush and have to say if I saw him in a nightclub with the stringy thingy I wouldn’t tell him to get lost I’d just tell him to lose it! :)

    There’s lost of things I want to touch on him but really got an urge to touch his hair!!!!!!!

  30. zztop says:

    still no Navas huh? losing faith in you Kickette HQ

  31. SunnyK says:

    What exactly is the purpose of that cheesecloth wife-beater, Fernando? RIP IT OFF! ;)

  32. zahara says:

    fernando, you can train me anytime.

    infact, im ready now

    ps you better be in mexico

  33. Julia D says:

    Oh man THANK YOU Kickette you just made my day. Never has a string vest looked so dang hot! Wish he'd gotten more playing time during WC2010…..he's lluscious!

  34. katie says:

    wow more llorente please?this guy is soooo nice too..he stops and signs everything..much appreciated.. ;)…

  35. DJ says:

    kickette, more of this fernando please?! im tiring of the other one

  36. cutecurls says:

    If I can drool over Sergio even after his questionable fashion choices (ahem, green jeans and cornrows), stringy vests are no problem at all! :D

  37. Louise says:

    Fernando Llorente: Proving that really tall strikers can be perfectly built.

    The advantages of the string vest? Something you can see right through and then watch him rip off. And he likes having things ripped off him (see him getting his incredibly tight jersey ripped off by Portuguese defenders during the World Cup).

    • Zhenya says:

      Oh, that was funny when that happened! He had just gotten out on the pitch too! He had such a distraught look beating his chest, "Hey, look they tried to rip my shirt off!"

  38. senora ramos says:

    i love the other nando. and agree he needs more focus on here.

    your comments slay me as always ladies. run from string shirt guy in a club lol :D

  39. Kristina says:

    I'm just going to go ahead and hope that's some sort of heart-monitor-specific attire, as it looks like he took a string bag and cut it to fit.

    • Jamtart Heart says:

      I had cause to wonder about this very thing other day, when the official photos of Iniesta at his medical surfaced, haha. Its purpose does seem to be to keep the little monitor-stickies in place while they run.

      • LV girl says:

        we just use tape at the lab at school. but yeah, it’s so you can see the equipment and have it stay in place. I just want to know who came up with this idea(and donated the shirt). :0

  40. ceros says:

    He does need a haircut though.

  41. Goosie says:

    Look at those baby blues….

  42. Jules says:

    The tall man is pretty perfect. The photos of him building sandcastles with Pepe Reina's daughter is one of my many happy places.

  43. Berbie's Barbie says:

    This beautiful man deserves alot more love on Kickette. Llorente is just pure greek god perfection.

  44. Elina says:

    AWWWWWWW. Those eyes !!!!

  45. MissEstonia says:

    Man sans any type of shirt on treadmill=meet me in my room.

    • bunnywunny says:

      I agree. i prefer shirt off. for some reason a string vest is still a string vest.

      • MissEstonia says:

        It's a TEASE, that's what it is! It's saying "Hello there, wandering female eyes. This is Fernando's tummy talking and I like to torture you by showing myself, but not all of myself." It's unfair, really.

        But, luckily for Fernando, he so has the eyes to make up for the excessive fabric. :)

  46. Zanzy says:

    Imao…. that's so true Kickette…that's so true…. You girls find the perfect way to brighten my day.