May 29th, 2012

International Friendly Results: Fearing For The Future?

Denmark to beat Brazil. Then this happened. Image: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/GettyImages.

Judging from some of the upsets the big boys experienced over the weekend, Euro 2012 could well be won by a late entrant – i.e. three Kickette staffers, two of their pets and a cab driver from London named Steve.

Images: Getty Images.

Were you disappointed with this weekend’s friendly results? Or would you rather your boys got their collywobbles out of the way before it matters? Non-comprehensive round up is below in case “factual” assistance is needed.

Netherlands 1-2 Bulgaria: On one hand, losing 2-1 to Bulgaria was a poor result for the Oranje. On the other, RvP’s still a real DILF hottie.

Portugal 0-0 Macedonia: After a rough qualifying campaign, this was Portugal’s first opportunity to reassert their claim to the Euro throne. They failed – a fact that frustrated their talisman into a whole new range of excitable facial expressions.

Switzerland 5-3 Germany: Alright, they fielded an under-strength side.  And it was only a friendly. And Eren Derdiyok was on fiyah. But still, this probably wasn’t the morale booster one of the teams tipped to win the darn tournament were looking for.

France 3-2 Iceland: Being 115 places behind France in the FIFA World Cup rankings didn’t stop Iceland from leading this game 2-0 at half time. Second half goals from Mathieu Debuchy, Adil Rami and Franck Ribery saved Les Bleus’ blushes, but not before Yoann Gourcuff practiced some sumptuous side-eye at his errant team-mates.

- Spain 2-0 Serbia: Adem Ljajic was dismissed from the Serbian NT for refusing to sing his country’s national anthem after his team lost to Spain. Ljajic, a Muslim, said his song abstinence was down to “personal reasons.”

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12 Responses to “International Friendly Results: Fearing For The Future?”

  1. tashy says:

    Wow that sucks 4 adrian he played rally well anyway thsts life I’m rally sad 4 yoann his a rally gud midfielder he jst needed so tym 2 warm up but his confidence was at stack 2 coz da crowd was booing him nd wen ribery played they cheered him I don’t get it franck ribery is such an ASS nd I heard that there’s beef between him nd yoann maybe that’s another reason they didn’t pick him which sucks y does he hav 2 get da short end of da stick its da same wid john terry nd rio XD

  2. Gladys says:

    Nice job against Serbia, Adrian! Too bad it wasn't enough to get you to the Euros. Or Soldado, for that matter– who deserved it even more– and who basically found out he wasn't going on his birthday. Ouch. :(

    (Nothing against, Nando– I'm always happy to see his blond locks–but it feels pretty unfair. Oh well, I'm sure VDB has his reasons.)

  3. IrishBlue says:

    Ireland beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-0…cos I just KNOW Im not the only one interested in that result…..Right?

    Man that RVP does it for me, what a man.

  4. Agnes Wonka says:

    I think that if Adem Ljajic didn't want to sing the anthem he should have been respected.

    • mata says:

      Yes, though I wouldn't normally condone such behaviour I can understand why a Bosniak would have trouble with those lyrics, no matter how much he loved his country, so sad.

    • Isidora says:

      It's not because he was lazy, and didn't want to, he did it on purpose… I'd kick him out too..
      @mata, if you meant that he had trouble with the lyrics, as he because it's on Serbian, "Bosnian" language is the same as Serbian

  5. Aqilah says:

    Girls, thoughts on how our bébé Lashes got kicked out from Les Bleus? :(

    • Carvivlie says:

      I actually think it may be for the best. If he had gone, the pressure would have been enormous and he may of been used by the public as a scapegoat if France doesn't do well. I mean he is always being booed by the public now. Why, I don't know. He played well in the other friendlies and qualifiers. At least now he can get healthy and have a good off season away from public scrutiny. I will surely miss seeing him though!

      • Alik says:

        Yea…I was so looking forward to him and Giroud making out after a goal :)

      • Mary says:

        I agree. As much as I will miss him when I will watch the Euro, I think is the best for him to not be there.unless he scored the winning goal in the final, he would have been always wrong and the one to blame for everything negative.
        I hope he will leave Ligue1 because the pressure he has there is enormous and I'm afraid that by staying there he will never become again the player he was during the season 2008/09 :(

    • Jayy says:

      I think its for the best :( as much as we love our Lashes baby, he is under so much pressure and I dont want his confidence to be knocked again.
      I just wish there was something we could do to bring his mojo back! Xx