October 17th, 2012

International Results: Wet n’ Wild

The referee wasn’t the only one to disbelieve the weather reports in Warsaw. Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

Just to confirm, we weren’t in charge at the Polish National Stadium last night, we weren’t responsible for rendering the retractable roof  inoperable and that wasn’t one of our man slaves in a ref costume bumbling about pointlessly in the resulting swamp.

Although you would be forgiven for thinking it was, given the level of incompetence on display.

Belgium 2-0 Scotland

Image: Scott Heavey/Getty Images Europe.

Well, making friends with the ball worked for Cesc. We reckon Dries Mertens might be onto something here, Kickettes.


Italy 3-1 Denmark

Image: Marco Luzzani/Getty Images Europe.

As long as Danny Agger is on the pitch, you’ll never walk alone, Mario.


Germany 4-4 Sweden

Image: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images.

It’s safe to says someone’s not a happy camper. And who can blame him?


Romania 1-4 Netherlands

Image: REUTERS/Radu Sigheti.

Maybe the German back four would have been more successful if they’d employed the ‘Jonny Heitinga’ approach to defence.


Spain 1-1 France

Image: Denis Doyle/Getty Images Europe.

Grant Wahl said that Fernando Llorente was “Spain’s only real aerial threat in the box“. Hate to prove you wrong, Grant, but this looks pretty darn alarming to us.


Don’t forget, lads n’ lasses. Poland vs. England kicks off at 4pm (BST) today. Or so they claim.

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40 Responses to “International Results: Wet n’ Wild”

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  2. Lisa says:


  3. Maria says:

    Is anyone else dissapointed that Olivier didn't kiss anyone after his goal this time? He should've just gone and kiss The Ramos…. just because…. :)

  4. Kristina says:

    And now I've seen most of the Argentina vs Chile game. Happy to see captain Messi proving all the doubters wrong. Hope Higuain is ok. Barca and RM players are dropping like flies.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      Sadly, Barca and RM players play so many games during a season that it's bound to happen but I just wish they could not do it all at once. :p City will really miss David Silva too.

  5. iram1982 says:

    LOVED Sergio's cool flip. Honestly I don't know how he did that (sorry I was more impressed by the fact a soccer player can do gymnastics) :) He's such a cool guy. Whoever ends up with him will me one lucky person.

  6. Loninha - Brasil says:

    OMG Germany , totally disappointed with the superb German, unfortunately they were not proud and respected Sweden!

  7. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I had a comment that didn't show, but I just repeat whoever have the vodo doll for RM players, DROP IT AND STOP!

    As for La Roja, France deserved it, we were bad in the second half, Cesc? why did you take the penalty? why did they let him take penalty? he looks so viod in the game? next time it should been Xabi or Xavi! Ramos back flip celebration is back, best thing about this game! I Arbeloa no one ever should doubt his position in La Roja ever! look at how France performed after he was subbed!
    Higuain que Golazo! I hope you are ok with Benz or else no strikers neither Full Back Real Madrid!
    Germany? I didn't want watch game, but I saw result 4-0, checked after like 10 minutes found it 4-3, I was shocked! Poor bambi and Animo Sami

    • C_C says:

      I was watching the Argentina game when Higuain took the knock. I was like, Oh no! Not again! We need our strikers. I really hope he's OK. I missed most of the games because I was at work.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      Juanfran didn't have a good game. I'm sure he didn't expect to be subbed in but still you have to hit the ground running whenever you do get the chance on Spain's team. There's just too many other good players that are waiting to take your spot if you don't play well.

  8. Miss_F says:

    I assume you mean Germany-Sweden? After the 4 goals we expected the German boys to run with it… But you can't fault the persistent Swedes… They did well to come back.

    Poor Ozil just walked off the field… :(

  9. gin_in_teacups says:

    I was watching both Germany – Sweden and Spain – France and it was… sigh. How you end up drawing when you're up 4 – 0… I've got to say well done Sweden. That was impressive. As for Spain, at least my boy scored and what a goal celebration! Those backflips make me think things. Things that it would not be polite to say aloud but are extremely enjoyable in my head.

  10. tammyv says:


  11. JenC says:

    Arrrgg Deutschlaaaaannddd!! You better get your Sh!t together for that awful defense!!! I have to say that I was never this upset to Germany but last night was a horror show. WTF happened??? Holger Badstuber was a hot mess. He shouldn't have played for Germany. Go back to Bayern and train some more and come back to the national squad when you finally reach your maturity as a player!! Agh!!

    • Harley says:

      So having one bad game means that Holger shouldn't be playing for Germany? By that logic, half of the team shouldn't have played for Germany. Neither should Neuer, considering he could have saved three of those four goals. It was a loss by the whole team. The only place Germany looked good in the second half was going forward. Everybody else played poorly. Don't blame one person for the entire team's loss. Holger has proven that he is doing perfectly fine as a defender. He wouldn't be consistently getting picked for Bayern and Germany if he wasn't. One bad game doesn't make someone a terrible player.

    • Martinrhein. says:

      Oh ! Oh ! Relax, bleib einfach cool.

  12. Kristina says:

    OMG OMG OMG! I haven't slept a wink! Sweden was down 0-4 against effing GERMANY, and picked it up! We were totally whipped, the German players toyed with us, but we came back! I couldn't be more happy if we had won! As Zlatan said, it's totally indescribable. Sorry for my outburst. Too much happiness, wine and too little sleep :) . Sorry German_Girl, your boys are awesome too ;) .

    • German_Girl says:

      Hey, don't apologise! Any team that loses a four (!!!) goal advantage in 30 minutes doesn't deserve to win. Really not.

  13. German_Girl says:

    How the hell can you lose a four goal advantage in half an hour??! Well done Sweden, you deserved the draw, and maybe even an extra goal.

    See Kristina, didn't we just talk yesterday about how unpredictable football is? :)

  14. HiL says:

    Ugh that draw……. Shouldn't have happened!!!

  15. Miss_F says:

    Who knew The Ramos was a gymnast too? ;)

    Fabulous game!

    • @undefined says:

      my friend and i were freaking out over that yesterday. he's been holding out on us.

      • Miss_F says:

        It was awesome! All I could think was 'he must be good in bed!' ;)

        • gin_in_teacups says:

          That is exactly what I thought also – that athleticism and that enthusiasm! But I'd like to take him for a few test runs. Just to be certain. :-P

          • Miss_F says:

            You are more than welcome to, just after I've finished experimenting… All in the name of research of course! ;)

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      That;s new celebration for Ramos, it is more like a trade mark of his!

      • Miss_F says:

        Let's hope he gets a few more in the league… Then he'll be somersaulting all over… and bringing us plenty of smiles :)

    • Deb Stimson says:

      He used to do something similar for his celebrations and I LOVED them. Then he stopped. :'(

      Literally made my day that he celebrated like that again!!!

  16. dancingapple says:

    Aww Joe, so cute.

    Poor Denmark (mostly poor Danny) but that pic makes up for it a little.

    I only watched the highlights of Germany vs Sweden but was the entire German defence asleep? Neuer is usually much better than that too.

  17. cupcakes says:

    Dear Germany,

    Oh dearie-me. It's called "defending", please look it up in a dictionary!

    Also "complacency" and "fighting spirit".


    • Kristina says:

      For "fighting spirit" they just have to look at the Swedish boys. And I guess for "defending" too ;) .

      • Kristina says:

        No, strike that last part. We sucked at everything for 60 minutes. But boy, did we NOT give up!?

  18. PhilippaB says:

    Love how Joe Hart still looks so cheerful even in a downpour, bless 'im.
    The Polish Stadium Fiasco worked out OK for me, as then wasn't tempted away from Spain v France – otherwise would probably have switched off after that first half from les Bleus. But what a comeback! So happy for Olive…
    And no, nobody was marking Ramos. That's an issue that needs to be worked on. <head-desk>
    Incidentally, I think Younes Belhanda does that goal celebration a little better… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpUY1ZTmRrw