August 16th, 2007

Intimately Beckham is Intimately Phony

Does this new ad for the Beckham’s fragrance, Intimately – Night, strike anyone as a little forced/phony?

Granted, their previous endeavours featured Victoria with a fake ass, but this just seems contrived… not full on sexy like their Italian Vogue shots. 

David looks like he’s half strangling Victoria whilst massaging her belly as she lets out a rather indelicate belch. Victoria also has the vibe of a 50 year old socialite in this shot.

Is the passion gone?  Just a bad photo?  Weren’t the W Mag ones much hotter than this – or were they equally ‘posed’?

Compare and contrast, Kickettes. 


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14 Responses to “Intimately Beckham is Intimately Phony”

  1. Sarah;; says:

    I Like The W Pictures Better Than The Vogue Ones,, But Thats Just My Opinion..
    I Think That Whenever There Is Media About The Beckham’s Lives Are Posed But Maybe Behind Closed Doors Its More Natural..

    Im Afraid I Have To Disagree Charlotte,, I Think Some Of The News About The Backhams Is Good Gosspi Althought I do Think You Should Put More About The Other WAGs On Here Too x


  2. maryanne says:

    victoria – the black and white ones are about 4 years old, from italian vogue. then the W photos, then this ad… or maybe they filmed this ad before the W ones cuz V’s hair is different.  but i think the ad is the worst artistically. i actually think the W ones are the sexiest… but most people seem to love the black and white ones.

  3. sexi says:

    :0 ye dnt lik im i luv im

  4. Becca x says:

    I Agree It Is Very Posed.. But Then Again ItIs A Picture… They Dont Look Ther Best In My Opinion..

  5. uneditedmara says:

    This looks like a rough draft of the finished image. The first thing that threw me off was the coloring. OH.MY.GOD. That is goddamn terrible. I blame the Photoshop people for this mess. It’s not the Beckhams’ fault that they always look unnatural. That’s why they hire people to make them look good. “You’re may-jahly fired.“

  6. Amanda says:

    Nothing is hotter than the Vogue ones.  I like them a lot better when they’re a little dirty.  This is much too polished.

  7. tammyv says:

    I think it is photoshoped to within in a inch of its life.  His left hand is twisted a completely around her throat and them some, looks totally unnatural, everything is spacially off and the coloring of it is a diaster (too pink,too gold, too black)

    soI am going with bad, bad pic.  Those W pics are hot, but this has way too many artistics add-ons to be a photography it is almost digital art. Nothing in it is natural

  8. Robin says:

    I get the feeling that their whole marriage/life is posed.

  9. Bella says:

    OH, Kickette! Just make us BELIEVE. We don’t care if we’re being lied to…
    Anyway, who knows what’s true. These two could be madly in love and going at it like gangbusters behind the high hedges, and the giggling hand holders in flip-flops might be strangling each other at home—or visa-versa. All we know is that their kids are cute.
    …and maybe that the kiss pic in the W spread is the closest simulation of a stimulated moment we’ll ever see…except—I have to email you an outtake from that 2004?5? vogue spread. BRB.

  10. Rachel says:

    I get the feeling that their whole marriage/life is posed.

    Posted by Robin on 08/16 at 11:52 AM

    Me too. And I don’t like David anymore.

  11. Victoria says:

    The black & white photographs seem to be trying too hard to recapture the effortless sexiness of the W photos.

    I particularly dislike the photo pf DavidB bending over VictoriaB. I was thought VictoriaB was all about class, but that photo is coming close on trashy.

    Were these pictures taken in the US? Maybe us Americans can be blamed a tiny bit for the postures and the poses. A few of my peers can’t seem to get W-mag-style classy-sexy quite right either and instead veer off into.. well, something else.

    I hope I wasn’t too harsh again.

    On another note- Even with these photos, I’m very happy with DavidB right now. He did turn in a stellar performance for 63 minutes and even score a goal. And he does seem like he really genuinely wants to help with LA Galaxy.

    & in my opinion, all the Beckham news on Kickette is really funny and interesting. I say: keep it going. And the WAGs of course! They’re really funny too.

  12. carly says:

    Personally, I think everything about Victoria is posed. She must pose in her sleep, it’s so boring.

  13. Charlotte;; says:

    There All Posed.. There Pictures..
    Im Starting To Get Bored Of All The Stuff You Write About The Beckhams.. Its Never Really News Is It?
    Much Love