May 5th, 2011

Irina Shayk: Don’t You Know Who I Am?

Anyone else get the impression that Susan Sarandon has no clue who she is standing next to at the Cantamessa Jewels US launch?

We know you do. Boy, do we know you do.

We realise that Irina is a contentious issue for you guys, with her current squeeze being one of the most orange eligible bachelors in our stratosphere and perhaps others. And when dear Irina gets a mention here, a small percentage of our commenters take it upon themselves to launch a character assassination on the woman that’s more appropriate for war criminals.

Come on, team. Play nicely. You surely want us to keep telling you what’s going on in the madcap world of Cristiano and his squeeze? Or would you rather we abolished coverage in favour of tactical deconstructions and boot colourways?

Don’t think we won’t.

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104 Responses to “Irina Shayk: Don’t You Know Who I Am?”

  1. Dry Fruits says:

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  2. Pellet Mill says:

    These entities should have remained publicly controlled but, despite all the promises and supposed guarantees otherwise, all they have become is our worst nightmare – socially supported schemes that private profit.

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  4. mimi says:

    She is not Irina Shayk, she's Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend

  5. Kiki says:

    I checked Irina's profile on and she has only done 9 fashion shows since 2005, while some models could do 72 shows in one season.

  6. Mara says:

    susan: Uhhhmmm…. who's she?

  7. Catie2838 says:

    Susan Sarandon's look is the look I've had on my face every time I've read something about Irina (btw – this pic made me laugh for days). She is really just totally clueless.

  8. Hil says:

    Yes don't post about Irina, because i'am sick of all this hateful sore comments about this girl who have done nothing wrong but live her life how ever she wents, Frist it's Sara C now it's Irina. even if you dislike her there is a way to go about it nicely rather than calling her ugly and making a facebook account to bring her down! I hope most of you are Victoria secret models look alike to call her "ugly". Don't post about Irina anymore this is too much hate for your website what happen to you ladies? you used to snarked with class so to speak not with sore comments like this! Kickette is our happy place don't forget that!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. selina says:

    Ladies Stop the hatefulness please! Kickette it's your call if you went to post about Irena great if not nobody cares anymore, more of the hot ballers and less about the Wags to prevent this kind of Hate Party!

  10. Real_Jen says:

    Cristiano has some sick fangirls, poor guy. He will marry who he wants and you dont have a say on that matter. He seems happy with Irina and her with him, if you dont want to accept it it's your problem. Viva Ronaldo and I hope him and Irina start making beautiful babies together soon.

    • Eliz says:

      Even if he breaks from Irina (the next gal will be a combination of Nereida, Irina, Paris and Kim ), I bet he will never land for a decent gal in the future.

      Ronaldo can have all the women and money in the world but he will be always be second to Messi. The last time he has won any individual awards is long back while Messi has already scored 52 goals and is tipped for more awards. Cristiano Ronaldo ‘Goes Asleep’ In big games while Lionel Messi shines In them. He is already 26 and will be remembered for the gals in his life rather than goals.

      • xoWinnie says:


        1. wtf does Messi have to do with any of this?
        2. most of the people who follow Cristiano as an athlete rather than as fan girls and gossip mongers have no idea who those girls are (except Kim and Paris, who are famous in their own right)
        3. and lastly, Cristiano just won the Pichichi and broke yet another record in his career, making your delusional statements completely invalid.

        try again. better luck next time.

  11. jessica says:

    i know nobody's perfect and i understand we have no rights judging someone's life or personality. but, if there are lots of people who dislike irina( even they have the heart to call her names), it means there are negative things about her she needs to fix…even a sport journalist called her floozy…of course we dont need to know her personally or follow her day by day to find out who she really is. it's impossible guys…media can also tell the truth u know..i often read articles about irina and half or most of the comments are negative. if you're famous, u must be ready with both critics and compliments. also means u have to be ready with group of people who dislike u. cuz u cant expect everyone to like you..

  12. Zahara says:

    i may not like her, but i think shes quite attractive..*dont kill me*
    but whoa look at susan sarandon! now that is good lookin!

  13. Lotte says:

    Doesn't Susan look great!? She's absolutely gorgeous!

    And don't abolish. I (almost) never comment on Wag-posts and especially not the ones featuring Irina. But hey, she's a Wag, and I can't imagine she has done something so horrible as to explain all the hatred towards her.

  14. Jane says:

    I am NOT her fan but I do not understand the negativity here. There are plenty of WAGs (especially in the EPL) who are riding their footballer husbands' coat-tails to get fame and at least Irina had somewhat a career going before CR7. She doesn't go on talking about him (that would be despicable) or I haven't heard her say stupid things. Just because she isn't attending charity events (man, most ''celebrities'' go their to get booze whilst good PR) or tweeting photos with CR7's son doesn't mean she's some horrible person. Give it a break, and don't read the post on her if you hate her so much. Period.

    • Maria says:

      She actually runs her own charity with her sister back in her home village, which sponsored the building of a children's hospital. But I suppose her bad fashion and pouting expressions in paparazzi shots are better reflections of her character than her actions *eye roll at some people*

  15. Lucy says:

    Its ok not to like someone but ugly comments I have seen here and eslewhere on this girls character or looks or whatever is just cruel and quite shocking (I dont know why I am shocked people are cruel all the time). Its just wrong arent there enough bad things happening in the world? Isnt there enough ugly words exchanged between people? Why add to it? How about we class it up and just say I dislike her and end it there instead of calling her bitch, whore, slut, etc. or judging her actions. Anyone who says they hate someone they havent met and constantly say hurtful words about someone it is just wrong. I dont like Sara Carbonero but I do not trash her name. I do not call her names. I dont go to her websites or go to where pictuers are posted of her and comment on them. If you see an Irina picture why waste the energy to even comment on it when you dislike it. Just ignore and GO ON. It really isnt that difficult. Show respect. Love more and hate less.

    And I am not even a huge fan of Irina but I do not call her ugly names, etc.

    • Mari says:

      I wish the world was more full of people like you, Lucy. Not just here but in many internet forums, all I see are women hating on women. It's actually really serious and really depressing. It's like a perfect representation of the self-hatred that women have felt for years. Instead of looking within themselves to analyse the problem, they hate on others.

      • Chloe says:

        and the thumbs down are just reiterating our point.

        why don't you try responding to us instead with your counter argument if you have one?

  16. bri_saldana says:

    I vote to keep her as WAG coverage. I'll be especially interested when she off the list by natural causes….

  17. xoWinnie says:

    you can do whatever you want, Kickette, but as far as she's concerned
    she's one of the most talked about WAGs on here.
    compare the posts about her to the ones you've made about other WAGs
    like the Sherée Murphy one a few days ago,
    and even the one featuring the beloved Sylvie van der Vaart.
    Irina gets people talking. i guess you could say "haters make her greater".

  18. VZChicago says:

    Ok people, if someone does not like somebody it does not mean it is jealousy…o maybe you wanna tell me that you like absolutely everyone, well that would total b….shit.
    I see why lots of people do not like Irina, and I do agree with you guys. I don't like her coz of her behavior mostly
    Just look at this even the world called Irina a slut just look at link, NOT A JOKE…

    And for those of you who don't know what floozy means,it is A girl or a woman who has a reputation for promiscuity (inn human sexual behavior, promiscuity refers to the practice of having many sexual partners in the absence of any commitment and promiscuous is a term applied to a person who has had sex with relatively many partners)

  19. blitzenTO says:

    Susan Sarandon in her 50's is 1000X hotter than Irina Shayk will EVER be. That is all.

  20. Ashley says:


  21. Madrid says:

    Does anyone know how her si cover has sold?

  22. Kristine says:

    I don't mind reading about her if it also involves Cris. Not all relationships are "normal" the terms are theirs and theirs alone. We don't have the right to judge.

    • Kristine says:

      That being said MissKickettes….If I don't see the finest 5 tomorrow, I may have to girlcott the Kickette! hehe.


  23. lauren says:

    irina suks!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Ciotog says:

    Meh, I have no feelings on her one way or the other. I think we should nominate Marcelo as Ron's replacement WAG. There are sooo many cute gifs of them and while I don't really like C-Ron ( or care about C- Ron and Irina) he and Marcelo are adorable together!……

  25. TuTu says:

    I think she is attractive to say at least obviously that is not EVERYONE's opinion. I don't get why she is flying back and forth. That is not eco-friendly AT ALL and cost a lot. That money should go to charity if anything or gifts for us you know whatever she chooses will be cool with me. hint hint gifts for me hint hint ; ) Its Cris and her decision if the baby should be around her/them. Don't get me wrong I was probably one of the first to ask why she even bothers going to the matches if she's bored and on her phone the whole time. Hey whatever way she wants to spend her time is her business not mine or yours. Honestly I wouldn't bother going or atleast make friends with the other WAGs so the time can be enjoyable and go by fast.

    But in the end of the day Irina Shayk is a WAG until they break up that is when kickette should stop reporting about her.

  26. Mari says:

    Oh my GOD. I haven't been this depressed in ages. There is actually a facebook group called "Irina is too ugly for Ronaldo"??? This is truly so so sad, girls. Where did feminism get us? NOWHERE, it seems. We're still hating each other instead of praising each other. NO WONDER women don't get equal pay. NO WONDER there are women and girls sold as meat for prostitution in third world countries because men believe they don't deserve an education. By the looks of it, they are right. Women who make facebook pages like this and enjoy them don't deserve an education. It's SICK, this behaviour. They should all take a deep, looooong look inside their souls. Because it's very, very sick and may be beyond saving. I hope none of them breed so they don't perpetuate this sickening hate energy. (And if you think that you, or any other model / actress looks great in every photo, you're delusional. If you make a facebook page for every one of them showing how awful they can look in photos, I'm sure it would be full quite quickly. The more people are photographed, the more chances that there will be a) good photos and b) bad photos)

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you Mari. They really are some sick individuals in this world. Hating someone that you will never meet. What does that say about you.

      • Mari says:

        I never said I 'hate' these people. I actually feel tremendously sorry for them…. and I also thank GOD that I am not like them! It's despicable behaviour. Irina should take them to court for defamation, seriously. No matter how annoying she might be, she is someone's daughter and sister. How would YOU feel if someone did that to your mother or sister, Ashley? I don't think you'd feel so high and might about it. It's SICK.

      • Mari says:

        I see your game. I see you posted some other comments saying how much you "love Irina" but somehow I don't believe you. I think you're one of the creators of that awful facebook page, and if not, at least one of the people who thumbed it up. You posted the "I love Irina" comments to give more credibility to your reply to me, trying to bring me down (unsuccessfully I might add), when in fact your behaviour is typical of someone who is irate because you cannot stand facing the truth. The truth that people who created that page, and thumb it up, are SICK. The truth hurts doesn't it? (Oooh I bet you're really angry now!!)

      • Mari says:

        One more point – there is one, MASSIVE FLAW in your argument. You said I am hating on these people who made Irina's hate page on Facebook, and that my behaviour is equal to that of these haters. However there is a big difference between:
        a) Defending someone who is suffering a vicious group attack when that person did nothing wrong (what I am doing); and
        b) Hating, defaming, and showing extreme cruelty to someone who did nothing wrong (what this facebook group is doing)

        I'm used to replies like yours, it's an absolutely typical reply that haters use when they have nothing else to say – because they literally have no argument to back them up. So all they can say is "what does that say about you"?

        • xoWinnie says:

          umm…i think you completely misunderstood her comment.
          i think she was directing that to people who hate Irina for no reason
          hence why she said "Thank you Mari" in the beginning….
          just a thought.

          • Mari says:

            Ok, maybe you're right. Thanks for pointing it out. To Ashley – I sincerely apologise if I misunderstood you. However I still stand by my comments to all the other haters. I am just really, really irate about all this. I feel sad about being a woman. And no, I am not hormonal / suffering PMS / just been left by my boyfriend etc. I am like this because I know what all this means. It means we're in for a very tough future as women. Our daughters and granddaughters have a very difficult future.

    • Mari says:

      Btw just in case you all think I am publicizing this awful facebook page, I found out about it through a post made by ff_girl yesterday who I also remember saying that "it was truth". The comment has been deleted by Kickette admin, and quite rightly so.

    • mimi says:

      You can't expect every female to get along or like eachother, that's retarted. And who cares about the page it's just people showing their opinions. I bet Crstiano has some dislike pages as well, i don't even think they pay attention to them

  27. Jesssssss says:

    Yup other then the concern of his son, I gots no beef with them at all!

    She's beautiful!!! I wouldn't be surprised to see her on the runways of the next victoria ssecret show!

  28. Chloe says:

    Man you are all so judgemental.. What you are seeing are snippets of their lives, not their entire life. You have no clue what goes on behind the scenes and would you want anyone else to judge you.
    "she's with him because of the fame and money" oh really? are you a close friend to them?
    "Ronaldo was watching Tennis yesterday, without his “girlfriend” who already left after a few hours again. " thinking of her career maybe? At least she's actually trying to do something instead of what someone else has said, i.e. going down the have lots of babies path.

    The truth is that none of you know about the relationship and it's really sad how catty all of you are. And for those who say that she always looks bored and pissed off, it's because she doesn't like football but she's there to support her boyfriend. I don't see what's so wrong with that. Cristiano's a good person and probably a seriously good judge of character because of his fame/many people try to get close to him.
    they look pretty happy here..just because they aren't constantly smiling in every photo doesn't mean she's pissed off or unhappy to be there, do you constantly walk around with a smile? especially with cameras in your face?

    You wouldn't want someone else to judge you based on a few snapshots of your life. And you may not like her, guys may not find her attractive but Cristiano does. And I'd love to see your reaction if anyone you didn't know made comments like that about you. I'll probably get loads of thumbs down and no responses because people don't want to admit that they actually don't know sh*t about them and are just judging them based on what the media portrays. Stop saying such horrible crap about her.

    p.s. Susi, you are reading that from the Sun. I hope you aren't a Liverpool fan. Either way, you need to educate yourself on the credibility of the Sun.

    And sorry for writing an entire essay on here, I just really hate the mentality that girls have towards her and especially because it isn't well justified.

    • Ashley says:

      OMG you are so right. Totally agreeing with you. These so call fat women are just plain jealous of Irina. I for one love her & Cris and I can't wait till they get married.

    • Maria says:

      Sane, level-headed comment, I really appreciate it. The comments on here are so sad and pathetic.
      I think she and Cris are taking it slowly, considering their careers are taking up a lot of their time, but whenever we DO see them together they seem to be really into each other. I hope they last :)

      • Chloe says:

        pfft went from+8 to +3
        why don't you guys try and respond instead instead of oh so maturely giving all the nice comments here thumbs down.
        I hope they last too.

        It's hard enough to find love and when you are famous, that just makes it all that much harder… so yeah if they love each other then I hope they stay together :')

  29. Cris_7 says:

    Abolish coverage!! I'm sorry girls but i really hate her! she's with him because of the fame and the money . How can she handle not seeing him all month!! If he was my boyfriend i would have stuck him beside me and adored his adorable baby boy! Somebody should tell her that love is much more important than the red carpet.

    • Mari says:

      Are you from like the last century? You know, when women were told to stay at home and look after the children because that's all they were good for? When they had no right to vote, to speak their mind, have jobs and independence? Because it looks like that's what you are proposing Irina do. Why should she? Women have literally given their lives to fight for our rights as independent beings. I understand your romantic notions of love, but honey, in this day and age a girl needs to WORK to keep her independence. Unless she has a sugar daddy, a real rich daddy, or has a very generous boyfriend. And even if she has all of those things, a woman still has a right to work, cultivate her own mind, and her sense of worth. And if you've had any experience of living with a partner you'll know that distance actually keeps the relationship alive instead of letting it spiralling into a dearth of monotony..which is when people start having affairs. Use a bit of empathy – if you were Irina, wouldn't you be having fun flying around the world and going to red carpet events, and earning money for doing it? Or would you rather give all that up, stay at home to look after a baby that's not even yours and a man who you're not even married to?

      • Cris_7 says:

        Are you her sister? and why are you so hormonal? i didn't offend you in anything to talk in such a way. i'm absolutely against women sitting at home but a woman should know how to keep things balanced! Long distance relationships are helpful but trust me not all the time. There will be a time when the partners realize that they can't handle it anymore and trust me the solution won't be marriage. If i was her, won't run to non-sense events and show my curves every time i had the chance. i would rather focus on my work and my future baby if i wanted marry the guy i love. I would try to smile every time i'm pictured with him and i would say that i love him every time i'm ask about it not just change the subject !

        • Mari says:

          She is under contract not to speak about him in any interview, everyone knows that. No, I am not her sister and I don't know her and never met her. Why do you "really hate her"? What has she ever done to offend you so much that she caused you to feel such hatred??? I am really fed up of all this hate against someone who did nothing except exist. Because what many people don't realise is that hating each other like this is not going to help us progress as women and be treated equally. Fair treatment must start from home. The amount of thumbs down to my comment just shows how far behind we are and how much all the work that feminists have done have been thrown away. Truly very depressing. What's even more depressing is how few people realise this. This is important stuff, girls. It's SERIOUS. Get with it. Open your minds.

        • Mari says:

          And fyi, yes, you offended me GREATLY. Your hatred (and everyone else's) towards Irina or any other actress / model / beautiful person means that you have basically shown hatred towards the collective woman, including myself. We can only go forward by loving and supporting each other. And yet you all choose to hate. Jeez, who cares what you would rather do? Irina Shayk is living the way she wants, who are you to judge her?? Her mother? Her God? Her personal guru?? Are you the Dalai Lama? Do you profess to know every truth about how every woman should live her life? Why can't you accept other people as they are without judging? Wait, I know….because you probably cannot accept yourself. This goes for every other woman who judges her. Instead of judging how others live, how about taking a look at yourself and change the things you don't like about yourself. And go on, give me all the thumbs down you want, please.

          • Cris_7 says:

            Dear mari this website was made for us women to talk about our opinion and if my opinion was that i hate her you should respect it because i' respect yours too. If i don't like her that doesn't mean that i'm against feminists you got it all wrong. You can't save the world with these abusive comments. Jeez get a life you start shouting on people and offending them that they have problems and to go and fix themselves up without them even harming you!! All that because that have different opinions! Your mixing things up. Your thoughts are great but not to be said here this is a place for having fun i guess your taking it too personal. When it comes to women's rights we all stand up together and i'll stand up for anyone even if it was irina … thanks for you mean insults at least i tried to be polite

            • Mari says:

              I know I sound like I am taking it personally but it's because this is personal. I am a woman and these pretty-woman hating is getting to me. It just makes women look petty and ridiculous, back to the caveman days. As BEP famously sang "Where is the Love?" Really, where is it?? If you can give me ONE good reason why you think it's ok to say you "really hate" someone you don't even know, then I will take back everything I said. Until then, I will continue with my so-called "abusive comments".

          • Cat in a hat says:

            Mari you're so right spot on girl, so much Hatefulness towards this girl and for what? Women can be Bitches and very curel to other women. and you're right on all accounts Bravo to you for taking a stand on this site!

  30. sarah says:

    I really like Irina. Call me crazy, but she seems very funny and doesn't take herself too seriously. Not to mention she's very pretty.

  31. Lily says:

    Nobody has to know who she is. Irina isn't a big fashion icon or haute couture model, her work is more underwear than actual clothes. That in no way makes her a bad person but she's isn't as relevant as Gisele Bündchen or Lara Stone.

  32. xoWinnie says:

    this is immature and rude.
    why are people thumbing this up?

  33. MeSergio&SaraIker says:

    Im starting to like her. I always LOVED her look, though. And im starting to like Cristiano too.

    I dont know what is wrong with me haha ;) )

  34. mochara says:

    I don't want to say horrible things about her cos really, I don't know the girl so who am I to judge her? But I'm not a fan at the same time….

  35. Sam says:

    I'm sure I'm going to get lots of flack or whatver… but oh well.

    Seriously people need to chill out. She is a stunning woman and a model. Big deal no one is asking her to be a role model for women and Cristiano, while an awesome footballer, can go and choose to date whatever woman he wants. Why all the hate? Jealous much?

    I actually at least applaud her for continuing her quest for a career or for sustaining her career rather than jumping on board the "I'll settle down and have his babies train"… independence is actually a characteristic to be be proud of to all those people saying she should be at home with him and the bubba.

    Anyways…I read kickette loads but don't comment very often but the displays of cattiness towards Irina just sort of shock me. I mean she is a human being and her and Cristiano seem happy enough… I mean at least he seems to have matured greatly since moving to Real Madrid and settling into their relationship together.

  36. Leya_S says:

    I'm indifferent.
    I can't say that I read EVERYTHING on Kickette; not that I don't love you guys but like some things don't interest me, so if Irina is covered and I don't wanna read it, I just won't.
    She's not my fave, either, but I'm not gonna hate on ppl who do like her, even if they're the minority.

  37. Rory says:

    I am not a jealous hater. So I have no problem with Kickette covering her. She is a WAG and that is one of the main thing this site covers. It would be ridiculous to stop covering the girlfriend of one of the best and most famous footballers in the world! If you don't like her, don't read posts about her and comment. It makes you look sad.

    And for the record, people don't have to be photographed with a child as proof they are with him. We have NO idea how Cris and his son spend their time together and it's really none of our business, is it? Maybe we should worry about our selves and how we speak about people we don't know and stop judging others.

    • melinda B says:

      Totally agreed. It should be the kickette staff's job to hate. They are professionals after all.

    • Cammie says:

      Sorry but Spending your child first X-Mas, a Child who mother isn't in the picture on a Island with some model, that isn't cool,also why is it that every free time Cris gets away from RM, he is with her without JR.Why was he in NY, instead of Portugal with his son.Why is Irina okay with him leaving his son to be with her instead. He is a public figure, that announced he had a child on Facebook, that said he was happy to be a father, so don't be upset when people wonder why he is never with his son, even on his free time, you would think he would spend his free time with his son, since he has a busy Football schedule, don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk CRIS.

    • Cammie says:

      Also Miss. Jokersmile has made some shallow comments to the press, seems like airhead and sorry yes, it's strange that after 1yr of dating….he child isn't apart of the pic, Gisele was always spending time with Tom Brady's son, even if she is Supermodel, Irina isn't interesting in JR. she is only interesting her career blowing up with the Cris PR, A blind man can see that, that's why I don't see this as serious realtionship, the son comes with the father seems like she would try to get to know the son, not just run in once a mth between her useless red carpet walking , also when Irina smiles her lip does touch her nose JUST like the Joker's that's a fact whether you like it or not.

  38. Susana says:

    I'm with the "Dump Whatsherface 2.0" Club.
    I wish I still had the photo, but I sent a mobile pic of her big break/big flop (SI cover). NONE OF THE MAGAZINES HAD BEEN SOLD…A MONTH AFTER IT WAS REVEALED. I asked guy friends what they thought and they said she looked like a dude.
    She doesn't have one-tenth the class of some other WAGs (especially Sylvie VdV). I can only imagine what she was saying to Susan Sarandon:
    "I emm sooo heppy tuz meet yuzz! Pleez eckt like yuz know mee…kisssss

  39. VZChicago says:

    Please Abolish coverage. Nobody wants to see that fake "floozy" here……..or hear about it.

  40. Susi says:

    I love Susan Surandons body language!!!
    says everything!

    right after this event Ms Shayk flew to Madrid to get pictured with Ronaldo in the stands of Bernabeu!! lol what a coincidence after the Imogen Thomas story!

    Ronaldo was watching Tennis yesterday, without his “girlfriend” who already left after a few hours again.

    ahahaha so easy to see whats going on, shame there are still some people who think they are so in love and in a serious relationship!

    I just read on the Sun that she is still working for Otto-catalog!!! lol
    even after she got the SI cover!!!
    and I have read on Eurosport that Cristiano was watching the match with some “floozy”!!! lol no joke!!! they really called her floozy!
    I thought she is Irina shayk, the “famous” SI-cover model 2011? :D
    I guess its time for her to face that she wont be the next Naomi Campbell or Adriana Lima…its getting embarrassing in my opinion!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Susan said it, who is this! I really dont care about Irina anymore lol. Her and Cris can do whatever they want for all I care!

      • BlackRose says:

        I don't think they do anything other than be in pictures together, tbh.

  41. Eleanor says:

    I agree. She looks beautiful all the time. I guess we're the only ones who like her.

    • rubyqueen says:

      no your not i like her too.she is beautiful and sexy and i hate all the horrible comments she get.!!what has she done wrong to you guys.??:(

      • AC_USA says:

        I have absolutley nothing against the girl! She is beautiful and she should show her beauty off. My concern is C Ron's son and his future! As far as Irina is concerned, I could really care less.

      • Eleanor says:

        I know. It's amazing how we get so many thumbs down just for liking somebody.

  42. SuSi* says:

    just read on the Sun that she is still working for Otto-catalog!!! lol
    even after she got the SI cover!!!
    and I have read on Eurosport that Cristiano was watching the match with some “floozy”!!! lol no joke!!! they really called her floozy!
    I thought she is Irina shayk, the “famous” SI-cover model 2011? :D
    I guess its time for her to face that she wont be the next Naomi Campbell or Adriana Lima…its getting embarrassing in my opinion!

  43. Jenn says:

    To be honest I don't think it's only a small percentage of people who dislike her. There are always more negative comments than positive ones. I'm tired of seeing her on here. She doesn't do anything interesting. She runs from one useless event to another and we always have to read about it on kickette and it's kinda annoying. She's not doing something useful for her model career, she rarely gets any jobs. Yet she doesn't seem to find much time to spend with Cris and especially his son. And when they're together she looks annoyed and pissed off. I don't think we should give her more publicity than she deserves. So I'm gonna vote for abolish coverage aswell here.

    • Rory says:

      How many WAGS truly do interesting things? Most of the time they are photographed shopping or at games. I'm not saying Irina is out saving orphans, but atleast she is at parties with A-listers, etc. I'd rather see this than someone walking out of a grocery store. All celebs go to random parties constantly, she happens to be a WAG, so it's shown on this site which is half dedicated to covering WAGS. We have no idea how much time she spends with Cris and really, I think it's better for her not to be around Cris' son unless they're atleast engaged. Why should Cris parade girls around in front of his child? It's best to only introduce someone he plans to be with for the long haul.

  44. Jenn says:

    To be honest I don’t think it’s only a small percentage of people who dislike her. There are always more negative comments than positive ones. I’m tired of seeing her on here. She doesn’t do anything interesting. She runs from one useless event to another and we always have to read about it on kickette and it’s kinda annoying. She’s not doing something useful for her model career, she rarely gets any jobs. Yet she doesn’t seem to find much time to spend with Cris and especially his son. And when they’re together she looks annoyed and pissed off. I don’t think we should give her more publicity than she deserves. So I’m gonna vote for abolish coverage aswell here.

  45. SuSi* says:

    I love Susan Surandons body language!!!
    says everything!

    right after this event Ms Shayk flew to Madrid to get pictured with Ronaldo in the stands of Bernabeu!! lol what a coincidence after the Imogen Thomas story!

    Ronaldo was watching Tennis yesterday, without his “girlfriend” who already left after a few hours again.

    ahahaha so easy to see whats going on, shame there are still some people who think they are so in love and in a serious relationship!

  46. Cammie says:

    I vote for Abolish coverage Also. She only runs to Madrid 1 mth..for "Iam Still With Him" pr. I notice that she stays on red carpets more then ANY model.. Gisele, Adriana, Miranda..etcyet she isn't promoting a movie…funny how the models who have had babies are getting more Top Jobs then her. The reason people don't like her isn't jealous, it's because people see through her jokersmile and wonder why she or Cris are never seen with Jr. Yet they have been together for 1 yr. Sorry they have a weird, Pr driven relationship.

  47. Summer says:

    Sorry but I still can't stand her and that's all (and I'm still elegant when I say that I can't stand her)

  48. trololo says:

    I love how they meet up only once per month for couple of days with CR because of his and her careers and jobs. Yet she keeps attending some doubtful events, movies premiers and parties that have nothing to do with her and where most of people have no clue who she is. And when real stars and models attend the Ball in NYC she's nowhere around. Supermodel has a crazy shedule even for spend some quality time with her footballer bf, hasn't she?

  49. wow says:

    Irena pls stop this kind of behavior clearly Susan S don’t have a clue who she is look at the women eyes for crying out loud, the eyes have it! On the bright side she looks very classy in that essemble good on her major improvement!

  50. Jen says:

    I am feeling a little like Susan Serandon here……I don't think I would know who she is/or care if she stood next to me. I am aware that you like to post about here frequently, but really lets be real, once she is out of CRon's life, there will no need to speak of her again!!

  51. AC_USA says:

    I am probabbly gonna get a lot of negatives on this post but I just need to clear this up. Sorry Kickette. But where in the world is Cristiano's son? Shouldn't he be spending time with him? He is his father after all. And why isn't Irina ever with the boy? If they are planning a life together, and it seems like they are, she has said a million times that they are gonna get married, shouldn't she spend time with the baby so that he gets used to her? I have nothing against the girl, seriously, but I feel like both Cristiano and her should be spendig more time with the baby then running around and shopping(as if they didn't have everything already! :)

    • Sunshine! says:

      Agree agree! I dont think I ever seen him with his baby.

    • Jenn says:

      I don't think she said they're going to get married. I didn't read that anywhere and Cris' sister denied these rumours a few weeks ago.

    • Elisa says:

      I don't like Irina, but I don't think that it is necessarily a bad thing that we haven't seen two million photos of CRon and his son in the press–that means that he and his family have been successful at giving Jr. some privacy and the chance to grow up a bit without people cramming flashbulbs into his face. We don't really know anything about CRon's relationship with his son because we haven't really seen anything of it, so I think that we should withhold judgment on the type of father that he is.

      • bluubb says:

        i have to agree… at least it is the best for the kid!!!
        but have you ever heard that she was in portugal or cris and miss fayk together???
        it is not about showing yourself with the baby… the two are always in new york or in other countries for vacation
        of course cris jr. is sometimes in madrid but most of his time in prtugal with his grandma
        and if i could not see my baby everyday i would do evrything to see him in my freetime
        anyway we can not say that cris is not a good father but sometimes he looks more interested in his girlfriend than in his baby
        it is like irina just wants to have fun and let herself "captured" by paparazzis with her famous boyfriend!!!
        if she loves cris she should spend a lot of time with his baby and should see him as her own child!!!

        • AC_USA says:

          This is exactly my point :)

        • Fiar says:

          Are you serious? You guys just love saying things without knowing anything. If you read Ronaldo's interviews, he always says how it's great to go home and be with his son. EVERY single goal celebration he does is dedicated to his son. His son's not in Portugal, he's in Madrid, and so is Ronaldo's mom. I don't know anything about Irina so I don't really care what you say/make up about her.

    • Fiar says:

      Cristiano's doing a great job hiding his son from the media. He does that with all his family. Just because you don't see pictures doesn't mean that he's not taking care of his baby.