June 22nd, 2011

Irina Shayk Is Posing Seductively In A Bodysuit

Image Credit: Cameron Krone.

And it’s black, the same shade as her kohl eye pencil. You think they did that on purpose?

Riiight…so, her and her beau are on a yacht in Turkey – a new and unsuspecting piece of holiday real estate (just like Cyprus) that we’ll be adding to our 2012 ‘ballers on breaks roulette wheel. Which is not to be confused with an automobile’s steering wheel, something Ms Shayk recently admitted she can’t sit behind in Russia. Legally, anyway:

‘In Russia, you know, we’re driving without license. We don’t even actually need it. You know, when the police man stop me I just can smile and be [flirty].’

That’s actually quite a common tactic used in all parts of the world, Iri. Even for mere mortals like ourselves.

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78 Responses to “Irina Shayk Is Posing Seductively In A Bodysuit”

  1. ExManUtdCR7 says:

    ohhh damn is she stupid i though she was intelligent.
    Well, i dont know what CR is still doing with this russian bitch.
    I can see her nomore and where is CR jr???? I HATE HER she only wants CR for herself a good human wouldn´t act like that.

  2. asya says:

    I know she's pretty but……… ughh

  3. welly says:

    Seriously leave them alone…comparing to the trash he used to date she is a classier improvement (Noreida anyone!) they make a stunning couple and fully like her she is good for him and the bby…she dnt go talkin about their relationship and they both seem content…on the other hand of course we never see him with his son…HE IS TRYNA PROTECT HIM AND THE PRESS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PIC WITH CR Jr. SO BACK OFFFFF!

  4. Homeskillet07 says:

    this comment thread is full of jealous Ronaldo fangirls as far as I can tell. no really, it's really sad considering all this nonsense about her not being that famous when she's done a hell of a lot more than all of the people on this thread. she does her job well enough, she is an incredibly beautiful women and maybe the things she says aren't the smartest at every moment but you're all just picking at things to complain about. it's incredibly childish and i don't think the majority of you are still teenagers. i don't want to cause drama but it's severely frustrating to read the nonsense that people write about her and other people who are just living their lives. i understand that that's what happens on Kickette and other gossip sites but it's still silly and a lot of the time very illogical.

  5. @AgnesWonka says:

    you love Shakira coz she's dating Piqué! because the majority people here are barça lovers!

  6. @AgnesWonka says:

    her hair is beautiful!!! she is beautiful! waaaaayyy more beautiful than shakira!!! i can't believe you're critizicing her hair when shakira's hair is awful and cheaply-dyed!!!

    oh envy

  7. @AgnesWonka says:

    it's not sexism, it's to show men are basic in that matter

  8. @AgnesWonka says:

    yes, i hope she can make it at the Victoria's secret fashion show someday!

  9. @AgnesWonka says:

    they don't need to get married, but i say yes to the baby!

  10. @AgnesWonka says:

    OMG! look at her body in that swimsuit! i would kill to look like her!
    she's so beautiful, so flawless, so cool, so aahh…i have no words!
    I would let her flirt with me…anytime! …and i'm hetero. If I had her beauty I'd defo flirt with the policeman, i mean, who wouldn't?

    she's so gorgeous, i understand the hate….it's just envy.

    • Lilly says:

      I actually feel sorry for you… You say "if I had her beauty…" I sincerely hope that one day you'll feel comfortable enough in your own skin so that you won't need to glorify models in order to feel good about yourself. Good luck

  11. Asya says:

    I saw a pic of her a few weeks ago, she was covering her face from the paparazzi with her bag but she’s still smiling! I was like “the fu**k??”

  12. well ok she doesn't sound too smart, but I'm sure CR isn't with her for her brain!

  13. GS 1905 says:

    i saw a lot of photos of them made ion turkey ans she NEVER smiles….
    i mean you are on holiday (smileeee)…
    ….with the man you are loving (smileeee)…
    …in a country which you could the paradise on earth (smileeee) —- i am turkish but i live in german.. i was not in my home country for 6 years because it is really expensive
    me and my family would have to spend 3000€ just for the tickets without hotel or meals or whatever……!!!!!

    it is like someone forced her to go there!!!! (if you dont want to go on holiday miss fake give me your ticket!!!!!!)
    but she is always like that…
    thats the reason why i can not like her AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you dont look hot when you are always try to glance sexy and stick your ass out
    it just look so unnatural and ridiculous….

    if you smile and are just friendly you look much more sexy !!!!
    someone should tell it to her……. besides her lips are already fake… why she tries to let them look bigger??!!!

    • Homeskillet07 says:

      Do you smile every single second of every single day? Don’t forget that the photos are taken at one point in time not the entire day. Just saying :)

    • Laura says:

      She doesn't have to smile to make you happy. She does what she wants to. It's like when people says Victoria Beckham never smiles etc, but she actually smiles a lot and is also funny so she smiles with people who knows her, I see her smile a lot with her boyfriend ( it was in Madrid in a tennis match ).

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      everyone smile when we want.
      you don't need to smile all the time to look happy, maybe she didn't feel like.

  14. lolatengo says:

    I think she's trying to imitate an old Edie Sedgwick shoot.

  15. @DebStimson says:

    In a recent interview Cris admitted that he's in love. Good for him!

  16. bree says:

    So much photoshop used I hardly recognized her.Irina isn't doing herself any favors with stupid comments,and there have been quite a few.

  17. Sam says:

    No worries whatsoever…. driving really is serious business.

    All I was doing was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. For example she probably has an American and possibly Spanish license. Maybe even an international license. I do. So perhaps because she left young never got a Russian one… but doesn't really ever drive there except around the corner. Either way… I only HOPE she acted responsibly. Legally is a different situation, and acting legally is preferable.. but I've traveled enough to know in a lot places the law is not always followed to the letter. Plus while I am a conscientious law-abiding citizen… I'm also no saint so I won't be casting stones without knowing the full story.

    p.s. I am sorry for your loss and to anyone else who has suffered the same. I know from experience how life changing and difficult it is.

  18. Ashley says:


  19. Lilly says:

    *reply to Sam*

  20. anne says:

    I'm more interested in seeing how Cristiano's bronze will end up this summer….seeing the different phases of brown and mahogany in transition is always entertaining

  21. JA7 says:

    Wish those were the driving laws in Canada!
    'Just smile and wave boys, just smile in wave' – Penguins from Madagascar (I dont know why, but I just felt like adding that..random!)

  22. Mariella says:

    Somehow everything she says just makes her seem less smart to me. On the boat pics she looks like she never washes her hair.

  23. LizzyHS90 says:

    What blogs are you talking about? I live in the US and she is only on Just Jared, Perez Hilton and sometimes TMZ. TMZ haven't talked about her since she was on Chelsea Lately. Just Jared posts about her more but none of them post about her more then Shakira. More blogs post about her and Pique then CR-Irina. Top gossip TV shows like E! news and Access Hollywood haven't mentioned her since her SI cover.

    Also none of these sites have posted about the vacation either. As of just now not even The Sun has.

    • cupcakes says:

      I'm talking about the "independent" blogs like Celebitchy, Dlisted, Superficial & IDLYITW which aren't owned by vast entertainment companies, plus the more sports (rather than celebrity)-orientated ones like The Bleacher Report. Just Jared, Lainey Gossip & Perez Hilton are PAID to post about Shakira, which is why there's always a link to her website or record label in the column. Plus Irina is known by name (whereas Pique is always "Shakira's boyfriend"!) and she also scored much higher on the FHM Top 100 Sexiest this year. Obviously there's still a gap in fame, but I'm just saying I think The Shayk has done an incredible job of turning being a WAG into a near top-level modelling career.

      And she could probably pole-dance in her underwear to music somebody else wrote too!

      • LizzyHS90 says:

        The thing is Irina never was on FHMs list until CR and Shakira got her fame all by herself on her talent. Irina is known as "CR's Girlfriend" ALL THE TIME in blogs/magazines. When she was in GQ US she was known as "CRs GF". When she was on TV for the SI cover ALL of them mentioned her being CR's GF. Yes some blogs are paid to post about certain stuff but not every post about Shakira or others means they get paid. Irina's team sends Just Jared stuff about her. So don't act like Shakira is a nobody and people only post about her for money. As, Irina has never been on Maxims list. That is US and FHM is UK.

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          Top level? Call me when she gets as much high fashion magazine covers as Gisele and as much $$$. If she gets the Vogue cover I would laugh. Is there a Vogue in Spain? If so I'm sure they will give her the cover since only Spain seems to give her magazine covers. Only 2 in US she has gotten, one being SI. And you should work hard and get your own career/fame and not latch on to someone famous that boosts your career and then act like you got all these jobs/fame all on your own. Not a good leason for young girls out there.

        • @AgnesWonka says:

          Shakira is mentioned in Europe for being Piqué's GF! when it comes to pop music…she's nobody! she will never be like Britney, Lady gaga or katy perry!

          • LizzyHS90 says:

            Skakira is bigger in the US the Irina. I live here so I know. Shakira has been around since 2001 and Irina said she has only modeled for 4 years. Shakira has 35 million followers on Facebook and Irina has only 163, 005. So don't act like Shakira is a nobody and Irina is someone. She is not!

          • LizzyHS90 says:

            The talk shows in the US talk more about her and Pique then Irina and CR. I just saw 2 TV networks talk about Shakira and Pique and nothing about Irina and CR. I think you don;t live in reality.

            • @AgnesWonka says:

              ofcourse Shakira wanted exactly that! that's why she's showing off so cheaply.
              Irina doesn't do that, she's too classy!

              • LizzyHS90 says:

                Have you seent the recent vacation pics from Turkey? One pic she has her head in his crotch and the others are him laying on top of her. Classy? I think not. The US tv shows/blogs have been talking about Shakira since she started. They have only talked about Irina when she got the SI cover and then the majority of them haven't talked about her again.

                • Agnes Wonka says:

                  since she started? I don't think so. She started in the 90s and she was just a brunnette ugly girl playing the guitar, but her song was a hit in Latinamerica.

                  let's see the pop stars of the moment: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney, Christina, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Ke$ha……in E! and Mtv they name this ladies all the time. Shakira who? they never talk about her.
                  teenagers idolize girls like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, now also Rebecca Black is very on fashion. again, Shakira who? they don't know her

                  Shakira is popular among latinos in the US…and that's it.
                  Now they're paying attention to her in Spain bacause of Piqué!

                  • LizzyHS90 says:

                    Since she started doing English versions of her songs in 2001. The US shows/blogs talk about Shakira all the time. You are acting like Shakira is a nobody. A nobody with 35 million Facebook followers. She has more then Ronaldo. Stop acting like Shakira is some famewhore. Irina will never be as popular as Shakira or more loved around the world. You are crazy IMO.

      • Izzy J. says:

        D-listed?? says it all really….wouldn't dwell much on the FHM list though…tbh most of the time, whoever is slightly more popular than last year ranks a bit higher-it's just a list comprised of popular singers and actresses and women dating pro-athletes that are considered to be good looking and the occasional legit model, dating a man of high-profile boost you up about 5 spots…next year, if she hasn't really made much of an impact or isn't dating Ronaldo anymore, she will probably fall back to her original spot or even lower….it happens all the time, and top level modeling career??? most of her work has been in spain and I have yet to see her walk or model for any of the really big names, as far as fashion is concerned it is still all about karlie, chanel, coco, gemma and the like. She isn't a top model, she isn't even close tbh, she needs to do more stuff outside of spain for me to acknowledge her "growing presence" especially since she is kinda "old" in the modeling sense to just now be taking off.

        But overall i have no problem with her, you can't see her lips that well which does wonders for the pictures but overall a good shoot!!!

      • @AgnesWonka says:

        *applauses* Irina doesn't need to snog with her boyfriend and to be seen with him in public to have publicity like Shakira does! Of iri goes on like that, i won't be surprised to see her in the Victoria's Secret fashion show! *fingers cross*

  24. Sam says:

    She looks stunning… I've never really cared about her or any other WAG to any level. But I will say as a Madridista she makes Ronaldo happy and he has had a FAB year so whateves… if there are "sides" I'm definitely on hers. Besides… while it's incredibly stupid to drive without a license… in lots of parts of the world people don't have them and the police do ignore it. I'll assume she doesn't mean if she was in an accident smiling would get her out of trouble… more like in Russia for a "checkpoint" or something similar.

    • Lilly says:

      Also, in lots of parts of the world, the mortality rate of car accidents is through the roof – including my country (Greece).
      I' ve lost a good friend in a car crash, and my mom still has the scars from a near-fatal car accident 13 years ago.
      The attitude that driving licenses (and by extension, the need to be a responsible driver) is somehow superfluous is really disturbing…

      • Sam says:

        Having lost a cousin and an aunt to a car accident myself… I'm hoping you read my comment and realize that I certainly wasn't saying driving without a license is okay.

        However, licensed or not people drive like maniacs. I live in a country where plenty of licensed people are high-speed dangers on the road. Having a license does not automatically indicate any level of responsibility.

        I was simply giving her the benefit of the doubt and assumed that by her quote she meant if she was stopped at a checkpoint or for some other innocent reason (rather than dangerous driving) that she found a smile helped her along the way. A smile even for non-models goes a pretty long way. As a normally pretty girl… I smile and flirt to get served at a bar quicker… and while they are NOT the same thing… I'm guessing Irina gets away with a lot because she looks the way she does (free drinks, non-dangerous speeding tickets, etc) same like a lot of girls. At least she is honest enough to admit it.

        • @DebStimson says:

          you're from the US, right? We do have a lot of unlicensed drivers, some of who are "illegal aliens" but others who have lost their license for DUI's, etc. They still drive regardless.

          But as you said, many of the drivers who DO have licenses are just as bad, if not worse. On the express/tollways in my area the speed limit is 55mph but the average speed is 70. Also we have a huge problem with people talking on the phone & texting while driving.

          Either way, there are irresponsible drivers and I too hope that she was referring to "minor" traffic issues because I can't think she would be let off for the more serious things, like accidents. Well…at least I hope that's the case.

          • Sam says:

            Not from the US at all… but having lived in multiple countries and traveled all over the world I can certainly understand why her statements about life in Russia come across incredibly callous to a Western audience.

            Things that happen in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc that are the norm there but if discussed with people from other parts of the world they won't be understood with the same intentions… its the same EVERYWHERE.

            As an example there are many "American" things like being able to to get a driving license in Texas under certain conditions at age 15 or 16? But not being allowed to drink until 21 that I really don' "get."
            Only giving that as an example… as to me, if you can trust a person to drive, you should be able to trust them to vote and drink (hopefully responsibly). Personally, I don't think 15 year olds should drive at all… but in Saudi Arabia thirteen year olds drive (without a license) because if they don't drive their mothers and sisters cannot leave the house. However, I'm not one to judge the norms of any culture… which was my intial point. One to give her the benefit of the doubt and two… to acknowledge that in places like Russia it's possibly what a lot of people do, especially in small villages where she comes from.

      • @AgnesWonka says:

        I understand your point, but that's a matter that the country's law should solve.
        In my country, people do anything they want and the traffic is a mess!

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      yeah! count on me for Team Irina!

  25. karim says:

    if his son was with him we wouldn't know about it because cristiano doesn't allow them to !
    and guys stop with the HES NOT A GOOD FATHER you dont know that

  26. Jane says:


  27. Homeskillet07 says:

    Haha I like her. She’s silly and she says silly things but that’s just who she is. She’s a model not a college professor and if anything, her silliness shows how honest she is. Her boyfriend on the other hand….bleurgh!

  28. Lilly says:

    Somewhere between her statement that "a woman should never buy her own jewellery" and this, she really needs to shut it. What moron wants to perpetuate sexism?

    • Mirella says:

      I think she looks stunning and I don't care whom CR is dating, but these statements…
      I mean did she really say that? "I don't need a driving license, you know. My good looks and the ability to use them are all I need to succeed in life!"

  29. Lynn says:

    Interviewer ; I saw Cristiano and Irina on saturday morning they were doing breakfast together , Ronaldo was touching her hair and they were kissing each other.

    Interviewer : How does it effect a footballer's performance on the pitch when he's married or single ?
    CR ; I can tell you a happy footballer will always play good , If a footballer has someone that he loves and if he is in love then he will always perform good on the pitch. Because love effects a footballer very strongly and it will make him play very well on the pitch.

    Interviewer : What about yourself ?
    CR : Of course , definitley , I'm in love too.

  30. Gladys says:

    That's a great photo. Very 80's supermodel. And like almost everyone, she looks a lot classier in black and white.

  31. trololo says:

    I'm still waiting for the day these two will take the little fella with them on vacations..

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Why would they take him to a buisness trip. it was a buisness trip, the Turkey one. Yes, Cristano asked Media to respect his son privacy recently so maybe he is there but not seen. Although I don't think he was and actually he shouldn't.

      • trololo says:

        I don't mean this vacations but some calmer place where they could spend the time together and actually be alone with the baby, not always leave it on his mother and then go to hotels even when being in the same country.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I am not going to attack or defend him because I don't know the nature of his vacation and how is he actually spending it where and with whom :) . In addition, I dont think he is a fan of his son being pictured in the public, I guess Cristano knows he is one of these footballers which his news will be all over the yellow pages and they usually don't put the best comments about him, so he doesnt want his son to be to be part of it.

  32. Rachael says:

    So if she runs someone over in Russia with no proof that she is a safe and competent driver she is just gonna smile and flirt don't think that will cut it with the victim's family, as per the swimsuit perhaps she can send one to Toni Terry for all our sakes!