March 3rd, 2011

Irina Shayk: No Ring, No Bump, No Problem?

Images: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America.

Cristiano Ronaldo WAGFirst Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk are said to be engaged, then they aren’t. Rumours also alluded to an impending pregnancy, until she showed up to the Cinema Society & Tommy Hilfiger screening in NYC looking fit as ever.

During the usual pap photo dance she dodged questions about Crissy, any bun in her oven or if she’s developed hand cramps from carrying around a massive sparkler. For that we say ‘go girl’, as her obvious flash of ringless fingers means we’ll just have to keep guessing.

Unfortunately, the definitive answer department ran out of our sizes – again. Why don’t you all get to discussing amongst yourselves and flag us down once the stock room gets its act together, k?

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105 Responses to “Irina Shayk: No Ring, No Bump, No Problem?”

  1. helen says:

    why cris, just tell me why..why do u keep up with these girls..

  2. jlkok says:

    I love Cristiano. But sometimes I think he's too immature and idiot. Why does he always choose the wrong girl? Why can't he choose one that's nice, that doesn't appear (half)naked on magazines and that can take care (WITH HIM, AS A FAMILY) of his son. Wake up Cris…

  3. jlko says:

    It's perfect for her to be with him. Now everyone will talk about her and is going to ask her to be on the cover of their magazines.

  4. Mariah says:

    Actually I start to like her. I used to hate her because I was jealous (who not?) but now I think she’s getting more and more agreeable. Does she love these kind of dresses? She wore the almost same kind of dress one month ago but it was a green dress. The only thing I don’t like that much is that her upper lip is too big in my opinion but nobody is perfect.

  5. someone who likes films and books says:

    Man Ronaldo, you should have went for Candice Swanepoel or something. So that I can see her in these type of news instead of Irina. :p

    • nandos baby mama says:

      i agree about the candice thing, but then again i am south african and i think she is the most beautiful thing we have produced since charlize theron

  6. BarcaLove says:

    I think she looks smoking hot! Ok, she might not be very likeable.. But then again, so isn't Cristiano Ronaldo..

  7. Nat says:

    If it isn't FISHFACE again !

  8. Lia says:…

    the way she says "i think you're gorgeous than me – but you know" has driven me mental.
    i'm not jealous. she's just not a very likeable person.

  9. Eliz says:

    I wished Cristiano sue Daily Mail for publishing the fake news. Since it took 14 days for them to guess that bad posture of Fayk was a rumored pregnancy, I do feel that the PR of Fayk wud have played some role in this rumor

  10. eve says:

    ok. it is not a dress-it's a bra with a long skirt. u can see it in one of those pics, unless that 'dress' is coming apart.

  11. WAG2BE says:

    since you all have already bashed her fashion sense, lack of parenting skilld, duck lips, spanx-like dress, fugly boots, and overall hideousness
    i will content myself by imagining her saying the title of this post in her ridiculous russian accent -______-

    *lets be fair guys, she isnt THAT hideous. Its like the pictures of you on facebook or twitter or wherever. You have your gorgeous shining moment ones, and your just-stumbled-home-with-throw-up-on-your-shoes-and-windblown-hair pic just becuase your a model doesnt mean you dont hav ugly moments.

  12. Lissete says:

    I don't understand how so many girls hate on her looks. She looks really gorgeous in these photos. I'm not judging her clothes btw because I'm not very fashion forward ;P

  13. hmmmmm says:

    she is like Kandy in two and a half man
    stupid like a toast


  14. Wow says:

    Irena looks so stunning in this pic, love the dress & the fresh make-up, however the only flaw i see with my week eyes is that boots with this dress! I can't belive that her mirror would allow her to leave her apartment with such a combo! Irena honey get yourself a new mirror and new friends!!!!!!!!! As for the ring and preggers news couldn't care less about it, it's their life & they can do whatever they went with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. jen wearing says:

    She's been on a ton of talk shows since the cover and I have to say, she's hilarious, very witty and a really great communicator.
    I like her more than Crissy

    • Liz says:

      Are we watching the same shows because all she says on them is the same thing: what her real last name is, her small town in Russia thats not on a map, and her dog. How is that hilarious and witty? I found her boring and having a pretty deep voice.

    • Eleanor says:

      She seems fun right? I don't know why people hate her so much.

  16. Beth says:

    I love the tranny comments. Of course she looks like one. How else would she be so successful in an industry where beauty is everything? What are the people who hire her THINKING? Someone get them some glasses, quick. This incredibly beautiful woman is actually a man.

    • Cammie says:

      Ummm She isn't even a top model.. Victoria's secret turned her down.. No Vogue cover, only major cover she got was through Cris..and sorry some models aren't exceptional goodlooking…but just very tall and skinny…I love Gisele but she isn't the most beautiful, but she is a great model…Irina doesn have that quality and maybe major designers don't like that jokersmile..She looks like a older, bitchy version of Adriana Lima too me…Iam not impressed with her.

      Irina is 25..old in the modeling world and alot of younger models have done more major things in their career…Irina time is running out..

      And that's the outfit Julia Roberts wore playing a Hooker in Pretty Woman..Good choice Irina..

  17. Bee says:

    Can she even breathe in that dress? Wait, can her legs breathe in those boots? She looks quite uncomfortable in those photos.
    I have no comment on her personal life or whatsoever but she should be fined for wearing the terrible outfit. Even a streetwalker would pass on these.

  18. EspePique says:

    They are not engaged , after the baby thing that happend this summer I dont think Mama Ronaldo will let him marry that girl. I dont even think that Mama Ronaldo and Irina get along. And she is a model , she care ALOT about her look , don't think she will get pregnant in a long time… just sayin'

  19. mochara says:

    If they did get married it would be interesting to see how long it lasted……… I say 2 weeks!

  20. Ashley says:

    Irina is laughing at all of you LOSERS. Like Cristiano would look twice at any of you.

    • KitKat says:

      I am quite sure that there are a lot of hot kickettes out there cristiano definitely wouldn't mind to take a closer look at…

    • Liz says:

      He wouldn't have looked at her twice either if his agent and Armani didn't shove her in his face. She wouldn't have like him either if he wasn't world famous and could launch her career.

    • Cammie says:

      Funny say, that when Nereida and Merche..his ex weren "gorgeous" just plastic with fake boobs…Unless the girls on this site are slutty looking with a jokersmile..Nope he might give them a second look…Please..

  21. Eleanor says:

    And another thing
    so what if she knows she's hot?
    It's refreshing in a world that's so full of girls who have no self esteem for someone to actually admit they love the way they look. I don't see a problem. It's not as if she's actually hideous and thinks she's hot when she's not.

    • Liz says:

      There is having self esteem and then there is running around acting like an egomaniac. Which she is. She needs to know she is only getting this attention because of CR.

      • Eleanor says:

        I'd be an egomaniac too if I looked like that. She has every reason to be. And a lot of people knew about her before the Cris thing, so it's not like she was a nobody until she met him.

  22. Jenn says:

    Normal pose? Did you look at the other photos the dailmail has on their website? Far away from 'normal' pose.

    • mxy says:

      Haven't seen them, but would like to put forward the argument that someone who models for Armani knows a bit more about posing that most of the people commenting on her on this site.

      • Jenn says:

        Then I suggest you to look at them before you juge the people on here. I might not be a model but I'm pretty sure that some of the poses she does do not make you look good.

  23. Eleanor says:

    She is stunning. Not keen on her lips, but the rest of her face and that body? Damn. So gorgeous.

  24. Rossanera says:

    Honestly, girls? I'm not exactly her biggest fan, but why all the hate? She's an independent woman who's currently achieving a high level of success in her chosen career. Kudos to her. It's really easy for us to sit her and rip apart her every flaw, real or imagined – but I'm willing to bet most of you don't look half that good in a skintight dress, because I know I sure as hell don't. I've seen a few of her interviews, and while I doubt she could carry on a conversation about, say, Kantian philosophy or the derivatives market, she's articulate and composed. Stop being so catty; it just makes you look bitter.

    • Eleanor says:

      This. Women ripping into a beautiful, successful model is just hilarious. If she's so unappealing she wouldn't have been able to be a model in the first place.

    • missbubbles says:

      finally a non hating post. I dont think she is the most classy woman on Earth but wait, neither is he…why do people in here constantly sound like she isnt good enough for him? she is successful model with her own career, she looks great (plastic or not) and her dressing style is her own thing. I dont remember seeing him being god knows how classy and stylish. From the disasters he was dating, this girl is like million years ahead.
      I think they suit together good and all i can say is good luck to them.

    • lola says:

      hear hear

    • chicagambeta says:

      Agreed…I think she's beautiful. I can't say that about her inside because I don't know her and have never met her. She *looks* annoying, granted…but then most twenty-something models dating footballers probably are. Her style has hits and misses. She should polish her PR skills and stop saying things that would alienate her from 99% of all non-Russian women such as "Russian women are dangerous" – not the best way to win many female fans, Irina. I am envious as she looks better, and 15 years younger, WITHOUT makeup!!

    • Liz says:

      What is your definition of independent? Because I think independent means doing it all on your own with your own skills. Not getting fame because of the person you are sleeping with. Its naive to think she got the SI cover/her fame all on her own. Its all because or CR. People who think differently do not live in reality. How many people knew who she was before CR? She has to have someone else name in front of hers so people know who you she is. Unlike Gisele, Adrianna, Marisa, etc. who became household names all on their own and didn't need someone else fame to get them there.

      • peterp says:

        You don't know that Gisele, Adriana, etc got to where they are all on their own. I think we are all naive if we think that all these models / acresses get to where they are "completely independently"… along the way they probably ALL had to sacrifice something to get where they are – most notably their integrity. Beautiful girls are everywhere – so if you really want to make it as one of the handful who really get to the top, yes, sometimes you do have to sell a part of you – whether it's schmoozing with a top photographer, sleeping with the editor, inviting the publicist to your parties, dating an ugly old actor that you have no interest in, etc etc.

        Irina was with VS and SI and also did a campaign for Guess, all before CR7….these gigs are not just for any old model, of which there are tens of thousands in NYC alone. (Guess launched Claudia Schiffer's career.) Ok they may not be high fashion, but they are three of the biggest "brands" in US popular culture (i.e. huge money makers), and it's a darn sight better than doing some beer ad once and a mediocre music video and nothing more, which is the fate of most models. My point is, Irina MAY have gotten SOME of her success because of CR7, but it doesn't mean she's the only model who's ever done it.

        • hally says:

          true. she also did Armani pre-CR7.

        • Eleanor says:

          Exactly. So what If Cris helped her career? At least she had a career in the first place. What have the other WAGs got to say for themselves? Clearly it'd be more acceptable if Irina just lived off him her whole life and never earned her own money. How dare she do her own thing!

        • Liz says:

          She did one thing with VS and she was in a bikini. She is not a featured angel. Never was. She did SI yes but never the cover in her 5 years. Its not a coincidence that she got the cover the same year/time she is seen with him. She did get Armani Exchange not Emporio Armani. All those magazine covers? When was she on them? I'm going to go with never. All her mag covers all started around the time she was first pictured with CR. Why didn't she have gotten them before is she is some well know model?
          Gisele and Adrianna and Marisa made names for themselves without having to be the girlfriend of someone famous. Yes others have/do but the top models (supermodels) that are the most well know all over the world even by people not in fashion all got it on there own. Not Irina. She is known for being CR's GF.

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      I totally agree with you!!!!

  25. laz says:

    For those that don't know irina has said many times that she does not smoke or drink in interviews

    some of the quotes (and their sources) of her saying this
    - "I protect myself from the sun, I do not drink or smoke and I always use organic creams." – elle spain nov 2010
    - Q – When you order a drink, which do you prefer? A. – I do not drink. In my family nobody drinks (she does admit to drinking both wine and champagne later in that same interview and last time i checked both are forms of alcohol which would make Irina a drinker in my book) – GQ spain dec 2010
    - "not beer or champagne, just water" – Modelinia Fashion Week TV summer 2010

    (sorry i can't find anymore quotes so quickly on a whim)

    anyway here are pictures of irina smoking the other day for those who haven't seen them:…

    and for picture's of her drinking just look on getty images or irina's own facebook.

    basically the girl lies a lot (and even believes some of them – i hate it when people say they are not drinkers or smokers when they are – even if you do it in moderation you are still one!)

    • Jenn says:

      Exactly. And didn't she advertise vodka a few months ago? She also brought vodka to the Chelsea show a week ago nd posted a photo of her posing with a bottle of vodka on her fb page. She does drink, so why does she lie about it? It's not that bad to drink every now and then but advertising alcohol like that makes her look hypocritical.

    • Cammie says:

      Wow, I didn't know she lied about smoking..Yeah she has lied in the past, about not liking football, but in a earlier interview she said that she loved football and even named the team. Cris has the worst taste in women…Merche was his best GF.

  26. EM. says:

    I'm willing to bet the money I don't have that CR won't marry her. Doesn't really have to do anything with her personality but more that she probably doesn't fit into his mom's plans for his wife as she has a career and is a lingerie model. When it comes time for him to marry, it'll most likely be to some Portuguese/Spanish girl who will fit in nicely in the domestic wife role.

    Anyhow, love the color of her nail-polish.

  27. brownkat05 says:

    irina was on chelsea lately tonight. of course her boobs were basically popping out of her top, but she did speak very good english. she was there to talk about her sports illustrated cover… and at the very end chelsea asked her if she had a boyfriend. her response: ummmm… that's all she said. seriously everybody knows. cat's out of the bag you can say you're dating cristiano. it's really okay. she seemed very cocky though. like she knows she's hot. apparently her neighbor complained that she doesn't have curtains so her doorman called her and told her there was a complaint and she had to get curtains. she said and i quote: "Really?" like she couldn't believe it. i dont like this girl and not just because she's dating cristiano.

    • noelle says:

      i saw her on chelsea lately too, she seemed like she was full of herself….. her bottle of vodka she brought as a gift for chelsea had her pic on it, im sure chelsea could have enjoyed that bottle with its orginal label

      • brownkat05 says:

        NO WAY! it had her picture on it?? seriously?! she could have left the label it was! she is definitely full of herself!

    • monicacr7 says:

      But when Chelsea asked her about having a boyfriend she touched the ring on her finger, which kind of looked like she was enganged

      • brownkat05 says:

        hmm… yeah now that i think about it she did… but why wouldnt she just say she is with cristiano? everyone knows. at least everyone who knows who cristiano is knows….

  28. Raincitygirl says:

    I can't say I admire her taste in either boyfriends or nail polish, but there's no denying she's gorgeous.

  29. annie says:

    I'm sorry but I have to say that I just cant stand this couple!!!
    Neither cristiano or irina are hot to me.Irena also has a weird
    face and looks 30 or sth..I don't know there is something…………………ungly?!

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  31. xoWinnie says:

    when i saw the top of this post, i was going to comment on how good she looked!
    …and then i saw those boots…like….really–REALLY!? WTF!
    who dresses this broad? and that nail polish really does not help this outfit at all!
    i don't understand, she has the kind of body where she can practically wear ANYTHING
    and yet nothing she wears seems to make any real fashion sense
    /rant over.

  32. Susana says:

    PR story number 752. Boring. Next.

  33. Melanie Gedeon says:

    i think she looks gorgeous here,
    also because now shes in more of the spotlight,
    she feels she has to look and dress a certain way.
    this is just my opinion.
    but she looks amazing and the only criticism i have
    is those boots are gorgeous,
    but they shouldnt go with that dress.
    maybe some class black Louboutin stilettos.
    or some nude heels but not those. :)

  34. Ashley says:

    She is gorgeous. Irina will get her ring. Mark my words, come summer she will be Mrs. Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro.

  35. Liz says:

    She's a smoker too. Did you all see those pics? Disgusting. More and more she is becoming like Whatsherface Buckteeth.

  36. C16 says:

    It looks like she's wearing a spanx as a dress. Not good. And those boots, damn girl, you're not doing yourself any favor!!!!

  37. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    I think shes really pretty in this picture, but that's just my opinion

  38. rubyqueen says:

    i knew this was a load of bull when i read about it on the mail website.their is no ring and definitely no bump so it's all lies.i love that dress but them boots are awful.

  39. Tere says:

    Aw, come on girlies be a little nicer. She looks beautiful in this picture

    • @DebStimson says:

      I do have to agree that this is one of her better pictures. But after seeing the pic with her and Cris on their vacation (Christmas I think it was?) I just can't say that I think she's a pretty least not without all the makeup, etc.

  40. @AgnesWonka says:

    she's so flawless!!! she doesn't need to marry CR and become a mum like all the other stupid Wags!!

    • C16 says:

      I really don't want to start a controversy right here but I've noticed that sometimes you're incredibly rude. This is not the first time you make this type of comments.

    • Eleanor says:

      Yes! Except I'm sure the other WAGs aren't stupid.
      Seriously though, why can't people just be in a relationship without everyone talking about marriage and kids? Not everyone wants to do the family thing.

  41. laz says:

    Is it just me or is Irina turning more and more into someone with the stereotypical wag look (aka, the plastic barbie doll look wearing teeni tiny too tight clothing that shows off as much flesh as possible) as time goes on?!

    Her appearance has gotten more and more fake since those 1st pictures of her at the real madrid match back in may 2010 when she actually looked halfway normal.

    The thing is she and/or ronaldo could of stopped both the engagement and pregnancy rumors when they 1st got published by the press a week plus back.

    (I know that ronaldo never comments on his personal life unless it is something bad for his image that he is getting accused of, however irina's agent's released a denial for the engagement rumors that happened over the summer so what is with her agents now saying that they won't deny or confirm the engagement rumors this time? it looks like irina and her pr are messing with the press and public with all these rumors by not setting them straight and letting people tie themselves in knots trying to figure out the truth to both stories)

    I doubt that Cristiano has wised up yet to Irina and dumped her yet, though i hope he does so very soon, esp as from what the portuguese media have been reporting recently it doesn't look like his family are that keen on her.

  42. Rachel says:

    Honestly, Ronaldo means absolutely nothing to me, even though I do acknowledge he is good looking and a great footballer.
    But somehow seeing him with Her is just wrong.. I donno, there's something fake about her

  43. aaaaaaaahh says:

    darling please stay away of these horrible lip injections
    im sorry but shs looking like a russian wh***
    your outfit is looking cheap honey
    her posture??? horrible helloooooo you are a (top)model
    ladiez there are more pics in dailymail……and the way she tries to stick her ass out is ridiculous (she always does this)

    i dont know why but she gets on my nerves with her im so natural attitude

    • Jenn says:

      LOL that 'ass thing', so true. seen so many photos of her doing that, it makes her look so dumb.

  44. nandosfreckles says:

    looks like she's taking fashion advice from Crissy.
    and also this is weird but she kinda looks like Leona Lewis in this pic.

    • laligagirl says:

      *and also this is weird but she kinda looks like Leona Lewis in this pic.* I think so too. A not as attractive version of Leona.

  45. GinaM says:

    Im not 100% sure but I think they are having some small problems… when he came to NYC for valentines day there was some moments when they were out together where he barely waited for her to open the door or catch up to him.

    I know he's had some issues with past girlfriends posing nude and his mom disapproved… and she's got alot of topless but no nipple pics on sport illustrator… and I don't know if he wants to settle down with a girl that's at the peak of her career as a model right now. I mean she did she get the cover of SI and Im sure she's going to go on victoria secret.,.. so not wife material unless Chrispy wants to move to USA.

    I dunno she's HOT and he's HOT so they make a good couple… once they are old and wrinkly the real truth will come out

    • Cammie says:

      She has a gross smile and his skin looks leathery…Yep HOT! Couple..they both look like shallow, fake people IMO,, only difference is Cris has an acutal talent and is one of the best…Irina is low on the totem pole of models…Not High Fashion level, just on the level of SI girls…commerical.

  46. IrishBlue says:

    Awh come on Kickette why you delete my post! I wasn't saying she is a you-know-what, just that her boots look like the kind of boots that you-know-whats wear…:P

  47. Jenn says:

    She has no fashion sense whatsover, does she?
    I don't think they're engaged. Cristiano's family is very religious and traditional, they're also very close, spend a lot of time together. Irina can't even communicate with his family. I doubt Dolores likes it that Irina poses (half)-naked in magazines. And when Dolores says no to a girl then it's a no.
    Highly doubt she's pregnant aswell. It would do her so called 'model career' no good at all now, esp. now she's got some attention because of that SI cover.

    • yey says:

      i have to agree but his family is religious….but cristiano????!!!!!
      if he was so religious he would not sleep with so much women

      but at last he is just a man (unfortunally)
      we all know that muslim are more strictly
      but look at benzema or affelay
      his mother wears a headscarf and his girlfriend poses naked

      football players are just too stupid if they have to choose their women or wifes…it is like they use them as acessory
      main thing: "hot"…. cheap and nasty

      • Jenn says:

        Gotta agree, Cris might be not so strict with religion like his mum for example. But like I said I think when she doesn't like a girl then Cris won't marry her.

    • Nat says:

      Well, if they're so religious maybe they should have 'tamed' him before sending him off to the real world. I just can't forget the scandals about him and the hooker(s) :
      Anywayzzz cr7 and irina make a …. 'fishy' couple 'nuff said :)

  48. Por dior says:

    That dress and those boots , whyyyyyyy?

  49. Leya_S says:

    Those boots are HEINOUS with that dress.
    I do NOT think either one of them is fit to be a parent, btw.

    • Melanie Gedeon says:

      i agree with youu !
      i think cr7's parents raise his son for him
      and btw did you see the pics of his house and the babys room.
      he has not heard of baby proofing from the looks of it.

    • Kate says:

      That's a bit nasty. You don't know anything about her or what kind of parent she'd make. How cruel.

      • bääääää says:

        thats not nasty ….. if she was ready for a child she would have wanted christiano to stay with his baby in his holidays or would fly to portugal to share her time with cris and the baby
        but cris always flies to new york to see her
        do you ever saw the couple with the baby together ?????

        • Kate says:

          I see you're basing this "not fit to be a parent" thing on stuff you've read on the internet and magazines. Such reliable sources. I'm never seen with my step children either, does that mean I'm a terrible mother to my own? Maybe my babies have been suffering all these years and I just haven't noticed because I'm so unfit to be a parent. Thanks for bringing me to my senses.

          • bääääää says:

            i dont know if you are living with your step children…. if not and if you never go out with them then you should think if it is a good way to build a good relationship to your step children
            because a good mother should undertake something with her children
            she is famous and we never saw her with the child or saw her in portugal where the child lives
            she never sees the child because she lives in the usa so when she is on vacation she should spend time with cris jr. if she wants to marry cristiano…coz she will be the step mother
            cris jr. never sees his own mom or wont grow up in front of her eyes so she should be a good replacement
            "I see you're basing this "not fit to be a parent" thing on stuff you've read on the internet and magazines" ……… are reading kickette…a website which is solely talking about rumours and stories of famous football players and their wags…………so what are you doing here?????
            i love this website and of course i am not believing every word in the magazines and besides it was a thought you dont have to play her advocate
            do you never heard something of freedom of opinion…….

            • Kate says:

              I don't believe everything I read here and I never claimed too.
              And yes, if she is going to marry Cris then she should build up a relationship with his child. But nobody said she is going to marry him so it isn't an issue yet. I don't think we should judge her parenting skills until she is in a position where she might be having a child. It isn't nice to say somebody would be a terrible parent. That's all.

              • Leya_S says:

                I'm sorry if I offended you.
                However, isn't part of being a good parent setting good examples for your children? Thus, particularly if you're famous, you probably shouldn't be appearing in the tabloids for saying and doing things that are questionable. And even if those stories aren't entirely true, the quotes are. What's that saying? "Do as I say, not as I do?" Yeahhhhhhh, about that…

          • Mary says:

            Cris did leave his baby in Portugal to vacation in NYC…The pics are the proof.. He did leave his baby for X-Mas to be with MS. JokerSmile..the proof is in the pics…

            Irina has been caught in So many lies….through her interviews..

            She seems to only care about her self….That's sounds a good parent

            Gisele is a good step-mom and she is The Top Model she could of drop Tom Brady because unlike Irina she didn't need him to boost her, but she chose to stay and love the child..

  50. Kyrrdis says:

    Hm, still unsure … well, you can take a ring off und even if she ist pregnant, maybe it's just too early to see.
    But fingers crossed she isn't! Whether engaged with Cris nor pregnant.