June 30th, 2010

Irina Shayk: Rowdy On The Red Carpet

Ronaldo WAG

We hear Barbizon offers quality classes, you know. Image taken 25 June 2010 via Getty Images.

It’s safe to say Cristiano Ronaldo’s new WAG, Irina Shayk, doesn’t go for the “proper with pantyhose in the summer” type of party poses. Are there any spare copies of “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Celebrity Red Carpets” that a selfless Kickette doesn’t mind parting with?

We’d prefer to chalk these photos up to “another day, another red carpet disaster”.  Last Friday, Shayk and her BFF Jessica White were seen hugging & kissing/holding one another as they made their way into the Lavo at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. The occasion? Jess’s 26th birthday bash.

Pardon our silver-tongued slag but Irina’s “poses” are not doing anyone any favours. She’s already beyond normal-people gorgeous and has a megawatt smile to boot, yet we can hardly take her seriously when her professional and private work seems to be carbon copies of onesies and kissy faces.

So, did these two train to be models, or do they just look like ones?

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44 Responses to “Irina Shayk: Rowdy On The Red Carpet”

  1. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    shes pathetic.

  2. littlemissfoggy says:

    She looks kinda lame. But she's also pretty young, and god knows most of us acted kinda lame at one point of another when we were younger. Anyway, as much as we might drool over his looks, how many of us would actually want to date Cristiano Ronaldo (seriously)? He strikes me as an arrogant egomaniac – and dealing with that would get old verrrry quickly.

  3. rubyqueen says:

    ZEE PLEASE DON’T SAY SUCH CRUEL THINGS.!!:,,(i couldn’t stand it if he married her.!!i want him to find a lovely innocent portugese virgin from madiera.that will make me VERY happy.:)

    • Alejandra says:

      Hahaha… I’d like that too… Or a Portuguese girl from the mainland.

  4. Stella says:

    Why are people going on about how "skanky" and horrible she is for Cristiano? As if he somehow "deserves" better, he is a playboy and likes to sleep around. He isn't a saint or some sort of angel, stop putting him on a pedestal.

    • Homeskillet17 says:

      THIS! SO MUCH! and what exactly IS better? because every gf he's had they all say "he deserves better"….idek. smh

  5. zee says:

    am i the only one who sees that sparkly thing on her wedding finger?

    • L says:

      in russia, the wedding finger is on the right hand!

    • miss_lashes says:

      hey I heard that she introduced him 2 her family n friends as her future-hubby and apparently its all going so fast as she is pregnant!!!

      So Zee u have a point in your observation….but come on girls its only CR!!!

  6. Violets says:

    That kissy face is just plain awkward. Oh Cris, you could do so much better.

    He's probably just having fun and enjoying the perks that fame and money bring, but I hope that he's keeping his head on straight. From what I've read, he's really close with his mother and sisters, and I can't imagine that they'd be thrilled if he brought home this one in all of her animal-printed glory.

  7. Inés says:

    you know, I think it's better for us just not to pay attention to her!

  8. rubyqueen says:

    i am very dissapointed and that’s not the first time i’ve said it about irina.!!in the beginning she seemed like a normal sweet unknown girl who just happened to be dating a footballer.but now it’s emerging that she is exactly like all the rest of ronnie’s exs.!! an attention seeking whore.!! i really hope he doesn’t end up marrying her.because mama says so.!!:,(

  9. Ana;) says:

    Wow there's quite a lot of negative comments personally I think that cris is just having some fun and it's nothing serious. I definitely agree that when it's his time to settle down he will end up probably with a pretty Portuguese-girl next door type. I'm not too fussed about irina because I don't like cris. I'm more surprised that jess is actually willing to share her with cris, the two are inseperable!

  10. Six says:

    Why is it that everytime I see her name I keep wanting to call her Irina Skank instead of Irina Shayk?

  11. Freya says:

    For some strange reason, she annoys me more than Whatsherface did. Whatsherface was good comedy value but this chick is a one hit/pose wonder…I hate to say it but Cris could do better. She could actually be a step DOWN from Nereida!

  12. l says:

    I hate to say it, but irina really isn’t convincing on the argument that she is NOT the high end version of nereida. The only reason that i can think of of this benefit of the doubt that many are still giving her is because she is ‘beautiful’ and has a ‘classier’ body shape so therefore her doing nude(naked) or topless shots is more acceptable than curvier girls of his like nereida and gemma (yes i know they both had breast augmentations but neither were born with the natural face/figure types for high end fashion (or they would of not gone under the knife if they had the look for that type of modelling job) and needed to be larger up top to succeed in their best bet in modelling) but as another of his ex’s merche proved, having a slim figure does not always equal classy (perhaps irina isn’t as bad as nereida but looking at her recent mag shoot – http://guyism.com/2010/06/sexy-irina-sheik-pics.html – she is a very similar model what gemma was (yes gemma was a page 3 type model but i have never found a picture of her completely naked (ie..showing nipples) and she even said several times she would never do full frontal to her credit as there was no going back) make your own mind up but i don’t think that type of topless photo from irina is that tasteful to be honest, i mean what is she trying to advertise, and it’s not irina’s first debatable topless/nude photo) – sorry my gut feeling is that this girl (and her bbf shadow) are trouble long term and with cr’s record with attention seeking girls he should be very careful.

    • D0li says:

      COMPLETELY AGREE! I guess since she is thinner an is a "model" she is considered classier than Nierdia, but only time will tell. Wouldn't it be great if she released the relationship details like whatsherface?

  13. freddiegirl says:

    I don’t care for her either and I’m not sure why….I’m not envious like the way I am a bit with Miss Pastasauce but I just don’t really like this chick. She’s gorgeous though; and I agree, it seems like she’s in it for the attention. I’m fairly certain that when C.Ron is ready to settle down for good that Mrs. Mum C. Ron will have a nice sweet (and young and virginal) gal from some unknown Portuguese village all picked out for him…. ;)

  14. TristaJade says:

    Ugh…. *rolls eyes*

    Hey, I'm all for having fun with your gal pals on the birthday, so no hating there. But it just seems like she acts like that all. the. time.

    Well, I was hoping her to be better, but…well, she hasn't proven that yet. Guess we'll just have to see…

  15. sana says:

    this girl is getting on my nervse.
    And she dont have style.Whering 3 times the same shoes OHOH
    I will give her an advise to keep jessica white away from Cris.
    Becouse that can be DANGEROUS

  16. Ella says:

    I agree with some previous posters, she does seem immature and I certainly don't see Cris ending up with her or anyone like her. He will probably marry some pretty, unknown Portugese girl from a small town. Just seems like he'll get all his wild ways out of his system and then end up with a 'nice girl'. And there's nothing wrong with that – too many footballers, marry young and then cheat on their wives with skanks. Hopefully Cris will avoid that route.

    • l says:

      we live in hope that your prediction is right (though prehaps adjust your original theory to – He will probably marry some relatively pretty/attractively,nice unknown (probably european) girl from a small town – got to give the guy some lee room!) but i fear he will be the typical footballer and (at first at least) marry some attention seeking underwear model/”model”!

      • D0li says:

        Based on his past, he will marry someone from a small town who isn’t famous or seeking attention but the relationship will end because he cheats on her. He just thinks with his other head; he doesn’t care about what type of person she is he just thinks about looks.

        • l says:

          i hope your right (apart from the cheating part – there are still a few 'ballers that have had no scandals in their long term relationships) but i got a feeling that is it isn't irina that he marries it will be another model/"model" that will be hailed by the world's gossip media weekly about how she is so much better/desirable than us mere mortals because she looks good in front of a camera (which i'm sorry (and feel free to disagree) but i'm sure that all of us commenting on kickette have a more impressive talent than posing, which isn't even a talent – though to be fair it is still a skill) But as many have pointed out ronaldo is a typical footballer and a playboy to boot so probably doesn't have more than 2 or 3 requirements on his perfect girl checklist (feel free to take a bash at what those are) – i'm sure he'd find funny and nice qualities a bonus, but i'll doubt he'll be too upset if his chosen girl isn't intelligent or decent (in terms of both not talking to the press and keeping the majority of your clothes on (with the exception of holiday/pool snaps) – there's a reason why the guy has never dated someone who (desired) job doesn't include wearing swimwear/underwear/not a stitch).

          But ronaldo's a big boy and i'm sure that he will make decisions that are right for him, even if they are not ideal for his pr, family or fans – but i have a feeling that if it is irina (or someone like her) that he settles with then the media interest on him/her/both/with any future children may even be worse than the beckhams and i get the impression that though cr seems to like being in the public eye unlike david beckham (to an extent) we only see the public side of him, the private side of him he really guards/keeps secret from the public and if the girl was in or really wanted to be in a public eye publicity type job he would have to wave goodbye to a lot of that, which would be very sad for him. A lot of people from what i've read would like him to have a long term relationship of some sort (with irina or someone else) probably to help him keep out of problems but would like him to end up with a nice, normal decent girl who is a private person (i think most are hoping for portuguese/spanish nationality or at least based in europe with a adaptable cultural upbringing?) who can help in live out his private life, privately and not cause too many problems with the press writing stories about her – am i right or talking rubbish?

  17. spainishlove says:

    she kinda looks like lindsay lohan in that first pic..which is obviously a bad thing

    don't like her…theres something off about her it seems like shes only with him for the attention he brings…he needs to move on to someone classy for once

  18. L says:

    eh, kind of teenage-y stuff for my taste. i saw some other pics of the party as well and they're like two 14-year-olds.

  19. Ella says:

    She is obviously just being playful…not that I'm defending her, but she and her friend seem to be like that all the time together. I think I am ready for Cris to move on to someone who isn't such an attention-whore though.

  20. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    In the beginning I kind a liked her ( Ohhh this was difficult to confess ) but now – more I see…whatsherface in creating !!!

    • lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

      ohhh and now when you look at Jessica ( even at Irina ) my,my,my…photoshop is MIRACLE !!!

  21. Cammie says:

    I guess Iam the only one that doesn't find her face "gorgeous" or "Beautiful"..yeah she is tall and Skinny(most models are), but she is not a exceptionally goodlooking model..Noemie Lenoir is alot prettier.

    • LN says:

      oh yeah, noemie is gorgeous!

      and idk, i guess irina's pretty but her lips are a bit too much for me.

  22. beri says:


  23. Miss D says:

    This girl is more of an attention seeker than whatsherface! I checked out her website – full of kissy photos with what seems to be her only friend. I'm so over her, pleeeease Cristiano drop her and move on.

  24. Amanda says:

    Bitch has no class, no boobs and apparently no shoes.

    She's wearing the same shoes she wore with the safari outfit. Not that I mind when celebrities repeat clothes or accessories.. but come on… you're dating Cristiano Ronaldo. Try a little harder.

    • Maria K says:

      i saw 3 pics for her & she is wearing the same shoes ,Oh god i simply hate her :pp

    • Riley says:

      thats so true. she's annoying. with her kissy faces and all. shes just another attention seeking whore !

  25. Homeskillet17 says:

    i think they're just having fun…? you know, like normal girlfriends do. taking silly pictures. i don't think it's mandatory for models to stand perfectly and pout all the time, especially when it's someone's birthday. gosh *rolls eyes*