March 16th, 2011

Irina Shayk: Sending Subliminal Messages?

Image: Bauer Griffin.

Oh, sweet Irina Shayk. A transparent lace top mixed with mesh leggings and fishnet shoeties is a bigger exploitation of life’s prejudices than all the times we’ve witnessed your pretty face locking lips with Cristiano Ronaldo (at left, this past Saturday in the VIP section of the BernabĂ©u. Eat crow, nosebleed seat sitters). Your body, as tightly packed and seemingly baby-free as ever, doth protest too little, we think.

All misguided “fashion” malfunctions considered, Irina did have a rather rough and tumble weekend – starting with that run-in with the Spanish paparazzi after her XTi promo event in Madrid – and ending with the second coming of Whatsherface.

That’s right, Kickettes: bish is back! Don’t act surprised; Nereida Gallardo knows that standing in the shadow of Cristiano’s current love is for bottom-feeding chumps and not superheroes like herself.

After all, this woman once made a mint with her nipples and night club nagging. Obviously, she was the most capable candidate with a bankrupt credibility account to effectively call out Irina’s career capitalisation of Crissy’s fame and fortune. In turn, Nereida urged her former flame to ‘be careful’ and not give up hope on finding a streak-free sunless tan/true love.

Let the good times roll.

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80 Responses to “Irina Shayk: Sending Subliminal Messages?”

  1. I guess Irina Shayk is a girl friend of Cristiano Ronaldo.If yes, then both are complete pack of total entertainment.Go On!!!

  2. Asya says:

    I'm sorry she is a really pretty girl and she has a great body, but, Irina Shayk? High Fashion, really?

  3. Catie says:

    You know, Irina gets slammed an awful lot, which almost makes it seem like Cris can do better. But can he? I mean, seriously folks, do you think any sane girl could stand him for more than five seconds? Sure he's hot, but he seems to have about as much depth as a soccer ball. If anything these two are perfectly suited.

  4. tezz says:

    i think the thing with cr7 is hes insecure so he keeps on landin these blow average gals but hes just 26 lets hope with time he will improve!

  5. Ashley says:

    So true May, a bunch of fugly ugly bitches who do not have a life hating on someone they never met. They need to get a life. Kickette use to be fun now its just some old hags who have nothing better to do but get on the internet to bash a beautiful, gorgeous girl.

    • TuTu says:

      thats not very nice. she chose a career that puts her in spot light to be judged based on her physical appearance. people have their own opinion on beauty just because their opinion does not match your opinion it does not mean that they are haters blah blah. Some happen to believe she is ugly they free to say that if they want. If some think she is beautiful then they are free to say that as well. No need to bash people on this site or any other site because they don't agree with YOU! like i said previously they didn't choose to date a well-known man and a career where she is photographed/spokeswomen.

      if she was being rude and arrogant blah blah on a tv program maybe to them just like "beauty in the eye of the beholder" she was acting like that. so can you stop with the personal cheap jabs at the kickette's readers that chose to voice their opinions.

      This website is meant to be fun and loose. no need to make the tone of this site tense and unpleasing. Even though I may have just did it with my posting right now.

    • mimi says:

      pliz bitch am much more better than this shark or wateva im learned i speak five langs and i have swag and dress well the only thing is cris keeps getting these nobodies i mean even googling her nem nthng pops up so spare me im hot im fan and am me he shud have stuck to kim kardashian at least she built a nem by her self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. bella says:

    meh @ the sudden over display of affection. The only thing these two have in common is that they're both fashion impaired. No need to wonder what they talk about. They have enough fashion disasters between them to float on that one topic for months.

  7. Anna says:

    you guys, it is so easy to judge someone when you are not in their shoes. why are we so quick to assume that she is a gold digging whore with bad intentions? im not on her side and im not defending her per se, i just think that it is easy to assume things about someone you dont know. yes, she got a LOT of fame from dating him…but she would have never gotten the cover of SI had she not been gorgeous, which she is. she gets all of these jobs bc at the end of the day she is a beautiful girl with a smoking body and bc she can do the job. sure, shes more famous as a result of him, but still. and if she is shallow for dating him for his fame/$$, what the hell do u think he is dating her for? her sense of humor???? im not saying that she doesnt have one, but he is with her bc she is HOT. so , at the end of the day, we really dont know what these relationships are like….but lets think twice before we insult these girls.

  8. @AgnesWonka says:

    I love Irina! Nereida has nothing to do next to her!
    if I had her body, I'd wear that…..I mean, nothing can go wrong with her figure!

  9. Por dior says:

    i agree with susi , i also saw the interviews she did for tv , and she was quiet arrogant , her gorillas i mean bodyguards , were very violent against a reporter and a camerawoman . Hot guy.

  10. Zahara says:

    whoa! that guy is stealing all her light! uhoh..shes so gonna kill him!
    goodbye hottie!

    but yes, irina is bloody hot.but she could have chosen better clothes.

  11. Jenn says:

    Since there are a few people saying she's hot and the most gorgeous girl in this world I suggest you to look at those pictures:…
    That's her without the tons of make-up and photoshop.
    All I can see on those photos are bones and fucked up lips. Natural beauty and a supermodel face? No way.

    • eve says:

      She is just very young and not yet at her mature beauty in these pics. Some people are late bloomers, and she is one of them. Those pics only prove that her lips are natural.

    • Lily says:

      If that was supposed to convince me she's "ugly", it's failing- she looks like a dark-haired version of Scarlett Johansson in that third pic! i.e. gorgeous. All it makes me think is it's a pity she has such bad style and wears so much makeup, she is prettier without it.

    • WhysomanyIrinahaters says:

      Those polaroids are very old. Not recent at all. Also to those saying Irina was uknown before Ronaldo, that is so incorrect. Irina was very popular on fashion forums before him. And she isn't just a Lingerie model, she has done High Fashion work before and killed it. Thanks

  12. Eleanor says:

    I think she's beautiful too. Her body is amazing.

  13. truth says:


  14. Denisea says:

    I’m tired of people saying Irina is classier than Nereida just because she is skinny. Irina and Nereida are both fame whores who pose in skanky half naked shots and sell their body for a living. Have you heard this tart in an interview? Bimbo, arrogant and totally lacks refinement, but then again, what did we expect, she’s dating CRon – she’s just like the rest of his exes!

  15. Pamela Marie says:


  16. @DebStimson says:

    If it's so sad, they why even bother reading it? ;)

  17. Lily says:

    Nereida is pure entertainment. This time she got it right though, I don't have any doubt that both are in for the benefits.

    Irina, well, she's just the average underwear model, nothing classy about her. Arthur, please get in my bed.

  18. B& says:

    Nerieda pls stop talking and go back to what you do best!

  19. C16 says:

    Nereida LMAO Like WTF?

  20. BlackRose says:

    and still so cheap and fake…

    I'm sorry but I just can't stand fame-seekers and gold-diggers like this person. They're not WAGs to me, it's all so faux, commercial and carefully planned. OK some of them are nice, beautiful or talented on their own, but Irina? Yikes. If she were so beautiful and hot, how come she was completely unknown BC (Before Cristiano)?

  21. Susi says:

    Saw her interviews on spanish tv!! such a fake, nasty, rude, vain and arrogant girl!!
    it was really funny when she ran away from another spanish tv team!! covering her face with her jacket!!
    who the hell does she think she is??? Gaga or Madonna?? what a show!

    cant understand some people say she is down to earth and nice!! I think she is the exact opposite!
    I have the feeling that the SI cover did nothing for her!! not a surprise she is in spain to get papped with Ronaldo!! thats why she is famous!!

  22. Susi says:

    here are pics of Irina and Cris arriving to a hotel!! his white car parks in front of the hotel, the second last pic!!

    what a serious relationship!! his gf stays in hotel and so is he when he was in nyc!!
    yeah really serious relationship!!!
    pr most likely and its not really surprising that we always get paparazzi pix when she is with him but never when he is alone in madrid!!

    and Nereida is right about Irina!! both are fame hungy girls, so not a surprise that Nereida is able to see how Irina really is!!

    • laz says:

      that arrival pic was them arriving to the restaurant that is based in the hotel.

      though if the papps knew where they were going to dinner and when they arrive it makes me think that the papps got an inside tip off from either of the 2's parties (that hotel/restaurant looks too upmarket to do something as unprofessional as tip off the papps to when the 2 would be arriving

      "It takes one to know one" is the saying so i'm not surprised Nereida may be on to Irina but i sadly doubt Ronaldo will listen to his ex on this one

      • Susi says:

        thanks for making that clear!! but I have no doubts that she stays in hotel because this XTI fashion brand payed for her flight so for sure they booked her a hotel!! I doubt he trusts her that he leaves her alone in house!!! and he stayed in hotels too when he was in nyc…a serious bf would stay at home, or maybe Im just oldfashioned!! lol!!
        Im pretty sure "someone" tipped of the paparazzi again! cant be a coincidence that there are ALWAYS pics when she is there!! and a five star hotel restaurant/hotel wouldnt tipp them off!! same goes for the maldives hotel resort!!!! ahaha!!

      • el8 says:

        How do you know that the restaurant is based in a hotel?
        because if was like that when they finished to eat somone would have brought the car and they wouldn't have to go to the parking.
        and i'm sure that a luxury hotel/restaurant never ever would advise the papps
        and i don't think that the papps go to the parkings waiting for some famous unless they know who will come.and whith this to is not the firts time that happens whith this couple

        • Susi says:

          I agree with you, el8

          a luxury hotel/restaurant wouldnt advise the papps!!
          and a luxury hotel resort wouldnt sell private pics too!!! I guess it was Irina who gave the private pics of the maldives to the media, the pics look definitely private!! if the resort staff really sold the pics to the press they dont have a job anymore!! but hard to understand for Irinas fans!!
          imo this girl is even worse than Nereida!! irina is cunning and she pretends to be a good girl whats she clearly isnt!! Nereida never tried to hide what she was doing!!

  23. mel says:

    Kickette: The Real Madrid stadium is called Bernabéu, not BernabeAu………..

  24. Kiki says:

    I don't like the oufit. She has an amazing body but that oufit is really bad. Maybe if the pieces were combined with others, it would look better. And for an event, like a launch? I think she should be better dressed.

    But the fact that REALLY disturbes me is that she is promoting the shoe brand, wearing some nice boots but her awful oufit pick outshines (in a bad way) the shoes! If I were responsible for the brand I would be pissed!!!

  25. elephantmousie says:

    true,true…she's fit.and I agree on the funny part sanction me

  26. Sergz says:

    Isn't her corset from Intimissi? They send her stuff to wear on the red carpet, since she is an Intimissi ambassador or something.

  27. JA7 says:

    Forget irina..whos the hottie next to her? HOW U DOINNN

  28. Duha says:

    I actually LOVE her leggings. And after seeing her latest photos in the match with crispy, I approve of them :P They are in fact cute together.

  29. nandosfreckles says:

    All I can say is : Hellooooooo hottie! (to the guy standing next to her).

  30. Hope says:

    Like I said before they are both users. Just because Irina "doesn't talk about him" (which she has) doesn't mean she isn't using him. He hasn't had a good girl since Merche. My friend said "I don't know why he hates classy, decent, smart girls but he does." I agree.

    • trololo says:

      they're just harder to get, its better to get on easy ones who don't ask for too much and neither have much inside

    • Susana says:

      I don't think he hates classy, decent, smart girls…the problem is he can't hang with them. I imagine that his convos with Whatsherface 2.0 range from waxing (him, not her!), "do youz likes dis new sexxxxxyyyy intimisssismmmmiiii?"…or "Why youz buy dat dum bish earrinks and no me?…*whining* Ronnnnnnyyyyy, I wants somes dimuns….kisssssssss" *lips swallow his face whole*
      As for the outfit…another photo…more hooker attire. Ironic that the only firms hiring her have her dressed like a streetwalker, half-naked, or naked…

      • Susi says:


        your posting reminds me of Irinas facebook post, giving her "hard" to japan or something like that!!
        people couldnt stop laughing
        I guess she meant heart instead of hard!! :-D
        someone posted a new message for Japan, english is too perfect so Im sure it wasnt Irina!!

    • Cammie says:

      Irina is very cunning, she knows talking about him, would mean he may end the relationship, her agent won't want the PR to end, so Irina and her team makes sure she keeps her mouth shut and they alert the paps when she is with Cris. She doesn't need to say anything just be seen with him.

  31. xoWinnie says:

    she really likes them meshy-lookin shoes doesn't she?

    oh well…at least they are better than those ugly nude ones she always wore.

  32. balicious says:

    in my opinion, she doesn't look vulgar or prostitute. But if these clothes were on someone else, yeah that person would be like a cheap prostitute

  33. lady gugu says:

    She might have a hot body but she absolutely has no fashion sense
    to me she looks more like a street walker
    But i think that's the type of woman cristiano likes

  34. trololo says:

    As we say in Russia – you can get a girl out of village but you can never get a village out of girl

  35. Kazzia says:

    Irina looks interesting……
    Nereida LMFAO at a comment like that! seriously lol

  36. Rossanera says:

    I actually have the boots she's wearing. ANYHOW. Catfight? My money's on the smoking hot Russian.

  37. GigiSantaCruz says:

    Just one question: Who is the hottie standing next to her? Me likes him… a lot!! lol

  38. GigiSantaCruz says:

    No u r not girl! I'm wondering who he is… HOT HOT HOT!!

  39. Gladys says:

    I'm not usually one to defend CR and his lady, but I think she's only wearing those clothes cause she has to (they're part of the line she's modeling– girl's gotta work). If you just filled in the lace and the cut-outs she'd look pretty beautiful. But then again, maybe if you filled in the lace and the cut-outs, Ronaldo would be wondering how he'd ended up with such a frumpy woman.

  40. Céline says:

    Seriously, she needs to look for a stylist :s she looks soo cheap to me

  41. Leya_S says:

    That guy standing next to her is HOT.

    So the world is ending bc I can't believe I am going to say the following:
    I kind of like what she's wearing! Maybe not all together, and I might have liked the pants more if the see-through panels were leather instead, BUT I still like the pieces separately.
    Also….dare I say it……her and Crispy look kind of cute all blurry and pixelated in the VIP box.

    Nereida can die….okay, that's mean. I would never actually wish that on someone. But seriously, she's GROSS and IRRITATING.

    • Crackers says:

      I can't believe I'm saying this either, but I like the pants! It would have looked so much sexier if she'd kept at least one half of her body clad in opaque clothes though (see-through panels on ONE area of your body would still be hot and not try-hard, why go for overkill?).

      Ah, well. At least now we know she and Cristiano are well matched in terms of fashion sense, if nothing else.

  42. lorena_yGp says:

    You know what they say- Money can't buy you a class :-) )) or taste something like that, but you get the point :-) ))

  43. Madrista says:

    Im going to say this once but SHE LOOKS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

    I don't know the in and outs of their relationship but if they are happy I let them be.

    Mind you I would never wear that outfit ever it's too revealing and Crispy's ex needs to stop making herself seem like a desperate girl. Move on girl you are a wife now, pay attention to your own man :)

  44. Linda says:

    Oh the Irony of Nereida telling Cristiano to be careful. hahahahahahaha Bich please!!

  45. loveu2much says:

    this girl can wear any piece of trash break any fashion rule but still look sexy. she is totally overshadowing (with her looks) that guy next to her.

  46. mamaly says:

    She just looks cheap.
    No suprise after `Whatsherface`

  47. mochara says:

    It's his own fault he ends up with psycho girlfriends. I, for one don't feel sorry for him!

    • mel says:

      Maybe it's his type!

    • Cammie says:

      So true, he wants those type of women, and he has tacky taste in women and clothes…

      I don't like Nereida,but she is right about opportunist Irina, you would never think she has been dating Cris long, considereing she has no connection to his son..

      Their "relationship" is basically…

      Meet ing once a mth for her PR and his sex

      And when she is around, we know Jr won't be around…

      Seems like a sound relationship.