June 22nd, 2012

Irina Shayk: Standing By Her Man

Images: Twitter,  Shaun Botterill/Ian Walton/Getty Images Europe

We’ve got a model/WAG fight on our hands, Kickettes.

Bar Refaeli, of Leonardo DiCaprio ex-girlfriend and being hot fame, was innocently watching yesterday’s Euro 2012 quarterfinal match up between Portugal and the Czech Republic (final: Portugal 1-0 Czech Republic) when she tweeted something that we’ve all likely thought before.

As you’ll see above, Bar questioned Cristiano Ronaldo’s use of hair gel. We could write a novel on the many incarnations of C-Ron’s hair. In fact, during Portugal’s group stage match against Netherlands he changed his barnet from a faux hawk to a full slick back during half time. Yesterday we saw someone on Twitter compare his dome to that of Eddie Munster.

Cristiano’s ever faithful lady didn’t like this too much and let her fellow SI Swimsuit Issue cover girl know it. Do we like the spirited defense of her fella’s follicular honour? Or was this just a hilarious innocent comment that Iri should let go? There was no response from Bar so we’ll just assume that these two aren’t exactly kosher.

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89 Responses to “Irina Shayk: Standing By Her Man”

  1. Bridget says:

    I don't know who either of these girls is, but I think the second one, CR's g/f, should have just laughed it off.

  2. K9! says:

    gah!! this is like highschool drama…….and i'm in highschool!!!!

  3. lillax says:

    Bar has always seemed to be so wicked…ok that she wrote her opinion, but she is dumb..and sorry but Irina is 100x sexier than her..

  4. Naya says:

    C'mon people! ur all talking about freedom of speech and human rights and bla bla bla and when a person that u dislike comes and states her opinion ur all like "she should shut up" and stuff. Seriously, that's stupid. She gave her opinion on the hair gel, she didn't say that the guy was the ugliest human being or anything like that!

  5. Kristina says:

    "Being a hater is not a cute look". Cute look? She sounds like a teenager. Well, well no one can blame her for standing by her man.

    • Renee says:

      well,english is not her native language,she started learning it, when she was already an adult , so don't blame her :)

  6. Ornella says:

    she did reply! she said that she loves them but she just doesn't like hair gel but who cares? the man played well! & that's all that matters!

  7. Sara says:

    His new hairdo against Czech Republic is actually a vast improvement compared to the douchey spikey hair he normally has.

  8. rubii says:

    its funny how Bar retweeted that she loves irina and her BF then she removed that tweet..she's thinking about it way too much haha.

  9. Karen says:

    There is no way Irina wrote that, she doesn't control her twitter page. Her PR team is fucking retarded. So unnecessary. Though, since they do really know one another in real life, I wonder for a second if Bar and Irina planned it.

  10. sana says:

    Bar is more than stupid in her brain.First she is Irinas gf. Why is she gossiping about her gfs boyfriend.That showes she has a really bad character.Is none of her business if ronaldo puts tons of gel in his hair.He can do whatever he wants,and she dont need to twitt her opinion what she thinks about CRs hair,better keep her stupid opinion for herself. Showes she cind of like him.I loose my respect for BAR she can be such a bitch ….. with no brain.

  11. Jackie says:

    She needs to calm down it was totally harmless, she said what some of us think. Swimsuit model bitch fight would be funny though!

  12. christybarca says:

    Ok firstly Bar I think is a BARCA fan and secondly she might be jealous of Irina so that's why she said these things about Cris and also she NOT such a good girl although she is VERY VERY beautiful…Ohhh and by the way I have a neighbor who looks like Chris a lot and he is such a good boy..<3

  13. Cella.xx says:

    Bar obviously wants attention..i think that Irina(or her PR) did the right thing

  14. JenC says:

    Oh dear…both women are social climbers..both are equally brainless. I'm sorry for not being PC, but I never really like WAGS and all those VS/Underwear models. Plenty of them are just pretty faces with vacuous & shallow personality. BUT, I think Bar is just being cheeky here…no need for Irina (or her PR people) to be so wind up. Such a Non-Story.

  15. cupcakes says:

    Pish! There's no gel in his hair. GQ Espana just photoshopped it on…

  16. mira says:

    You have to think bevor you´re tweeting dear Irina. If Bar would love your Ronaldo, I think, you wouldn´t be very amused. ;)

  17. laligagirl says:

    Irina, FTW. She's right to defend her bf when he's publicly criticized for something as stupid as his hair.

  18. Agnes Wonka says:

    This is not a Twitter argument about two models about a player's hair gel. This a RM fan against a Barça fan! Lol

  19. Kel says:

    Why is everyone taking sides in this stupidity?
    Everyone pretty much agrees that he uses too much hair gel. Bar isn't saying anything new. Irina's reaction is a bit much for me tbh. Saying that, if Bar really does comment on him a lot then she should find something new to talk about. Not sure how it's really being a hater that much though. People just love to throw that term around these days, like it makes them better than that person and they've 'learned to love' and be a nice person even though they're telling someone else not to be a hater which doesn't seem so full of love to me.
    Whatever. I'm on no one's side in this thing.

  20. Dee says:

    Bar seems like a nice girl but very unintelligent if you ask me. She doesn't watch what she says on Twitter and has offended other people before too. I don't think the comment about Cris's hair was meant to be malicious but it was nice to see Irina stick up for her man! People can analyze it all day but Everyone makes pokes at celebrities on Twitter….it's just like voicing your opinion….sometimes people don't think. Bar didn't and she got called out for it. Good for Irina and nice of Bar to apologize for just stating her opinion.

  21. FootballandMe says:

    Irina doesn't control her twitter anymore, its her PR people like Ryan and Ali etc. She used to be in charge of her old twitter before she deleted it when it was first announced that she was with Ronaldo, I know because her English wasn't as good as it is in this tweet and she followed me and we spoke regularly about her work and her life etc and she was very open.

    I know that she is a model but I still don't understand why she isn't in the stands with the other families that are there

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      I wanted to know the same thing! Euro is huge and she isn't there supporting her BF of 2yrs? She isn't working, she is out shopping and jogging in NYC.

    • drea says:

      Maybe she has photo shoots or promo work to do? I don't know if Junior and Cris' other family members are there either, maybe Cris (like Theo Walcott) didn't think it was safe for them to come? For all we know she's there or on her way there now but hasn't been seen on cam. It's a lot of guessing for nothing, but I think the last thing anyone can call Cris is a pushover, so if he was set on seeing her in the stands, oh she'd be there.

  22. Noni says:

    Gosh I hate this bitch Irina

    • rubii says:

      yes and Bar is so classy *sarcasm*

    • christina says:

      yes it easy do hate a beautiful and successful woman when you are just there prob sittin all day browsing the web. you hate her because you are probably just jealous of her life, job, boyfriend, and beauty.

    • mybabyri says:

      And she probably hates you too…

  23. Carla says:

    How is it “standing up for him”? It’s not like Bar said anything offensive, it was a damn joke! & it’s true btw, he wears too much gel, & even in some pics Irina herself was teasing him about it. Either she’s stupid or blind. Anyway Bar is like 10x hotter in my opinion and she’s actually at the Euro’s watching football not like Irina who always contradicts herself saying she doesn’t like football and then says her favorite teams are Portugal and Real Madrid & that she loves them..but yet she knows nothing about the sport or teams. Irina and everyone making a big deal about this need to get over themselves.

  24. lola says:

    who is Bar anyways ?

    • laligagirl says:

      She's a model whom no one heard of until she dated Leonardo DiCaprio. Dated her way to fame……lol, like some "sports presenters" I know of……

  25. titiii says:

    Bar replied that she loves irina and she loves ronaldo , she just doesnt like the hair gel..bla bla bla
    but excuse me Bar! Ronaldo is free to do whatever he wants , its not important if u like it or not.

    i personally and lots of people dont like the over gel on ronaldo's hair,but its also not our business when it comes to what he likes to do.

    so get a life Bar and move on.

  26. Aisha says:

    You go Irina! Stand by your man!

  27. queen tweezy says:

    I luv irina she’s one of mi fave wags
    1 of these days I was watchin fashion tv nd they asked her if she has a twitter account nd she said no I hav facebook so I think her PR wrote that comment, irina’s a rally classy girl nd don’t think she’d stoop down 2 that petty level she’s obviously a pretty girl nd I don’t think this look is cute 4 her 2
    As much as I luv irina I jst wish cripsy would date a normal portuguese girl
    I think bar is rally pretty but wen I read bout this my whole perception bout her changed.Cr7 is my 4 letter word I absolutely love him wat nd bothers me bout ppl lyk bar,xavi,sandro rosell etc is that they always have something negative 2 say bout him nd its soooooooo sad coz it makes them seem so cheap becoz he neva says anything negative bout any1 nd there they r hating on a person whose neva said anything mean bout them its jst petty. Kickette its my first tym here nd I jst hav 2 say ur sites amazeballs

  28. =) says:

    Well I’m a CR fan but bar didn’t mean to hate on CR Irina took it too personal bar’s tweet has nothing to do with hate !!

  29. Anon2 says:

    You're all being really ridiculous. This is not even an issue. it's a joke. it's banter even. football fans on twitter say things like this all the time, whether they are famous or not. Why is everyone getting so touched? my word.

  30. Ash Menon says:

    How she paid that much attention to that little hair in a field full of men that hot is a mystery to me.

  31. sarah says:

    she retweeted .. so there is a response kickette!

    i think the whole thing is silly! two girls discussing about ronaldo's hair -.-! nothing else rather to do huh ?!

  32. SillyGoat says:

    If Crissy was my man, I would be there. Irina is good to stand up for her man, but she should be there in the stands. By the way, how do these two have a long-term relationship when she doesn't speak Portuguese and he doesn't speak Russian. In English? He can barely speak. He needs a Brazilian girl or Portuguese girl… or me **wink

  33. rubii says:

    I love u and I love ur BF. I just don't like hair gel.. XX

    Bar tweeted about an hour ago for irina !
    im glad she made that up !

  34. Nature says:

    Wasn't particularly staring at his hair during the game i was hoping for ab flashes but i think Irina is right to stick up for her boyfriend any normal girl would do as for Bar targeting his hair is pretty lame even for a model.

  35. rubii says:

    this is the first time imma stand next to irina!

    Bar,you are a barca fan,we get it, u got hurt from ronaldo lately :)
    the only motive she did that because she hasnt anything to criticize about except his hair !
    Irina did the right thing :)

    and you can grow a moustache if u have nothing else to do :)

    • sarah says:

      hahahahahahahahhahahahahah i just died laughing at the link

      yeah BAR go grow a moustache if u have nothing else to do.

  36. mira says:

    Hands down, Bar is absolutely right. ;)

  37. Sarah, Madrid says:

    2 girls know each other, one of them comment on the other girl bf not in good way, I don't know it is pretty much as personal as it can gets!

    You Go Irina!!!

  38. Cammie says:

    I don't like Irina but Iam glad she stood up for Cris…he does need to slow on the hair gel, but I don't like Bar's attitude

  39. LizzyHS90 says:

    My friend said that Irina doesn't control her twitter. Her PR guy Ryan does. I guess in interviews she has said she doesn't use her twitter. So take it as you will.

    I take it as more PR bull**** trying to get Irina press because Bar is WAY more popular.

    Also if she "stands by her man" why hasn't she been in Poland/Ukraine? She is out shopping in NYC this whole time.

    • drea says:

      If this is the case, I think Irina probably told her PR guy to say something. I'm sure by now she's heard about the rest of Bar's tweets. As for Bar, girlfriend must not really know or care much about actual football if most of what she's tweeting about during games is hair and player reactions. Also no, sorry, Bar is not more popular than Irina. They're probably around equal, but Irina's career seems to be on the upswing these days while Bar's has slowed down quite a bit post-di Caprio.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      God! she doesn't have to attend games to show support, alot of WAGs don't! if she did attend the games you will be oh she is there for PR!

      As for the rest your hate for Irina is so funny, I don't care about this model buisness or am sligthly interested in their news or even follow them but remind me again didn't like Bar get famous for dating a famous celebrity?

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      I never said Bar got her fame on her own. I know she got it from Leo but she has kept it. Bar is very popular in the US and her and Leo broke up over a year ago. She has stood on her own. She got #1 in Maxim Hot 100 this year and Irina has never been mentioned.

      Irina's "career" is on the upswing because of CR. Also, all her covers are in Europe or Mexico. She will run out of mags soon. Then we'll see what she gets. I say not much. Bar is more popular (especially in the US) for sure. I bet WAY more people know who Bar is vs Irina.

      • xoWinnie says:

        so what you're saying is, if Irina was dating an american athlete or movie star, she'd be more popular in America? so fame-whoring is only okay if it's with an American man? gotcha!

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          When did I say famewhoring was okay? I never said that. That is why I don't like Irina because she is a HUGE famewhore. Trying to put words in mouth. NIce try.

      • drea says:

        The Maxim Hot List is not a good gauge of these things. It's mostly a PR thing that favors Maxim models and celebrities supported by the mag's advertisers and sponsors, etc. Olivia Munn (?!?) is no. 2 on that list, LOL.

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          It is this year people Maxim readers got to vote and THEY voted Bar. Olivia Munn is a great actress and is funny and isn't a "GF of". She has been in Maxim Hot List a few times.

          • drea says:

            So you honestly don't think there was any, um, tweaking? That's funny, because even Munn's original geek fanbase would agree that there is no universe in which she is considered hotter than Alexandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima or Candace Swanepoel. Dig into it and you'll find out who "minds" Munn's career.

          • drea says:

            And I forgot to add, Stephen Colbert and Lois Griffin are on that list, so make of that what you will. LOL

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        so the whole issue, is will Irina keep her fame if she broke up with Cristano? or that she didn't chose an america based celebrity to be more famous in US? but Irina is world wide famous so what if it is because of Cristano! just get over this, who freaking cares? give me one WAG who didn't benefit from being a WAG including VICTORIA BECKHAM.

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          I think you're naive about just how famous Irina is worldwide. You might not care she got her fame from CR but she walks around like she got this ALL BY HERSELF and that isn't true. We'll see how much staying power she has after they break up. I'm going to laugh.

          Victoria is a bad example because she was WAY MORE famous before dating David. Spice Girls anyone?

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Jajaja, laugh I can care the less about this, don't call me naive excuse me because if someone from India, china, middle east Europe, Latin America, Africa, knows her make her world wide known, that's not even an argumental fact,!

            Yeah gain, your point is about spices girls because Victoria gained all her popularity, brands, name like the other spice girls who are wide famous, oh wait, where are they again?

            If you are missing my point here then there is point from arguing, all these wags enjoy or se or call it what you want from the exposure of being a WAG! So if you just see this with Irina…then this argument becomes invalid

            • LizzyHS90 says:

              I have asked people in all those places and many didn't know who she was and others said "GF of Ronaldo". People don't know her on her own and they won't. People in this countries probably know other WAGs who aren't out in magazines, so are they worldwide famous as Irina?

              Victoria might have "stayed" more in the spotlight after the Spice Girls because of David but no one in the US knew who David was until he and Posh started dating. They both helped each other.

              WAGs of our major sports over here don't get as much attention as footy WAGS in other countries. There are a few but not as much as say Europe. It is gross that they just hand out magazine covers to girls only based on their BF. SI has done it since Bar. Kate is so so. She wasn't dating anyone they just started the Mark Sanchez rumor to sell more mags.

          • Alessandra says:

            She got into the Sports Illustrated cover by herself…

    • Bird says:

      yes she said on her latest xti interview that she doesnt have twitter…so its not her….btw she defends cr hair gel but not when ppl critisize him for his work..lol

  40. xoWinnie says:

    You go Irina! stick up for your man! i can't wait to see how many people will defend Bar here, even though she's pretty much the poster girl for the "Irinas". you know, date someone famous…land big SI swimsuit issue or whatever other campaign, get dumped, attempt to stay relevant by showing up at countless parties, premiers, etc that she has nothing to do with…
    anyway, her comment reeks of bandwagon hater (who happens to "support" Barca, making it even more typical) "oh hey! the guy scored the winning goal last night! let's totally ignore that fact and talk about his hair instead!" stfu, Bar. you're getting old and washed as far as models go, Kate Upton's pretty much taking your reign. i think it's just about time for you to find your next sugar daddy

  41. ashcash says:


  42. Tephy says:

    Except this is not the first time Bar is being catty tho. During Clasico time she called Cris "crybaby" and her tweet during Portugal – Denmark game: "Watching the soccer game. They all look so gay jumping at each other. :) Which makes me think- can u think of ONE that is ?!" Forget her shade towards the Portugal players, but using "gay" as an insult? LOL. That's not a cute look indeed.

    • Lizzy says:

      Oh yeah I remember those comments… She's just a bandwagon Barca fan and a slowly but surely washed up model. And I for sure wasn't watching his hair nor does his hair bother me. Priorities for some people…..just love to hate.

    • xoWinnie says:

      ooooh, smart cookie she is! so witty with the seventh grade insults! let's make gay jokes while working in the fashion industry, shall we? *facepalm* I can't wait for Bar's input once World Cup comes around! surely she'll have lots to say concerning Israel's performances–oh wait…

  43. Kiki says:

    Irina took it personaly because she defended Bar in many occasion and her work for SI.
    Bar is Barca fan, riding the bangwagon of new fans, there where pique rumors…All of a sudden big footy fan. Seems to me something similar to Shakira, to much PR anyway.

  44. blake2108 says:

    Irina gotta free up a lot of time to tweet everyone who criticised Ronaldo's hair last night.

  45. EsiN says:

    I don't think it's irina. Must be her fans.

  46. Lily says:

    Good for her for standing up for her man!!!
    Lets get real her of course that girl is jealous, CR7 is hot none is blind we all know it.

    LOL high 5 Irina

  47. Jayy says:


  48. someone who likes films and books says:

    Awwww… I admit this is so cute.

  49. woohoo says:

    Lolz the only thing that I can think of when i watch CR7 is TAKE UR SHIRT OFF!

    • DebS says:

      lol Seriously! For Bar to say the only thing she thought of was his excessive use of gel? Put your glasses on girl!

  50. Stasi says:

    Loooollll xD

  51. Doles says:

    I agree with Bar tho. Ronaldo is a good looking guy but so much hair gel!!! It's funny that Irina took it so personal lol

  52. Ash Menon says:

    I loved it. First bit of personality I've seen from Irina ever. Now I know for sure she's slightly more than boobs and slutty photoshoots. Unlike her bf, who is basically hair gel and slutty photoshoots.

    • someone who likes films and books says:

      Hahahaha don't be a hater Ash…. it's not a cute look :p

      • Ash Menon says:

        On the contrary, I live vicariously through their slutty photoshoots! I just never expected much more out of her, that's all. Well I've been praying for a sex tape of those two, but that's wishful thinking, I guess.