June 22nd, 2010

Irina Shayk: Yulia Voronin 2.0?

Images via Facebook.com, Lux Magazine Portugal.

Of course, to untrained eyes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new lady friend looks like your average Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition supermodel.

To all of us, though, we know what South African safari onesies really mean: Irina Shayk is after Yulia Voronin’s chavtastic crown.

Ah, Yulia. We do so miss her. With a style slightly too excessive for normal folk, there was never a leopard outfit too spotted or a velvet tracksuit too crushed for this former worst dressed WAG.

So, it only seems fitting that Mrs. Voronin’s potential replacement commanded the flashbulbs in NYC earlier this week by way of bum-eating best friends, one-piece animal suits and teetering closed-toes Louboutins. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – right?

But the fussy outfit is not all.

Additionally, Irina was supposedly quoted in this week’s Lux magazine as saying she and Ronaldo have agreed to wade in the shallow ends of their gene pools together.

Read: Irina and Ronaldo apparently wish to rig the DNA lottery and have kids together.

Although we enjoy how she embraces her inner Playboy Mansion party-crasher, it’s pretty apparent that she’s a few shoeboxes short of a Saks sale. Don’t just talk about your pregnancy plans, do it in the blink of an eye before the guy has time to turn back.

Since we’re strictly judging on OTT WAGaliciousness, we’ll let the public statements snafu slip by. Do tell, Kickettes, where does Irina Shayk stand in your eyes: Yulia’s style spotlight or in her style shadows?

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71 Responses to “Irina Shayk: Yulia Voronin 2.0?”

  1. keri_lee says:

    Irina Irina … i don't really care about her … but i know for a fact that she is a beautiful russian supermodel but her attitude and make up puts me off totally. she looks best au naturel or just nude shades. OTT lipstick and clothing just doesnt work on her. break-up or getting married, i still don't think their relationship is gonna work.

  2. Confused says:

    I first heard they were engaged today because of this website:
    && I was kind of iffy about it. In a lot of interviews he's said he wants to start a family in his 30s. What might've happened was that he probably mentioned something about kids&& she heard him wrong or something. He doesn't speak English that great (he mixes up words)&& she probably doesn't either. I just think this is a huge misunderstanding.

    && If it was also real, the whole world wouldv'e probably heard about it. His name is constantly being said on the TV because of the World Cup&& if it was true, the TV would've said it by now.

    Anther thing, why would he announce it right before the World Cup? Everyone knows he wants to win so why would he put that kind of attention and pressure against himself before the World Cup?

    So far, I'm not so worried about it. Until I see a official statement from him or a ring on her finger, I'm just going to blow it off.

    BTW, when she's out in the streets, she's kind of 'blahh' looking. Just my opinion(:

  3. Just a thought.... says:

    She looks like Peggy Bundy from Married… with Children. A t.v. series in America.

  4. aristeia says:

    W/ silver hotpants in his wardrobe, how can he resist a lady in a leopard print ensemble? Seems perfectly matched to me.

    • mila_casillas says:

      One would think that with silver hotpants in his wardrobe he would be resisting all ladies!

  5. ollla says:

    The picture is defenitiv a photo montage. The image of Irina is from her website and was made in March. I also do not believe that Ronaldo would get engaged so quickly, or bring children into the world! That mistakes he has made Nareida already. And with Nareida he was 8 months together. He and Irina hardly know each other! And why such “statements” come only from Irinas side and not from Cristianos. At Irina’s website is definitely not aware that she is together with Cristiano. Like a couple in love does for me is different than on the vacation pictures of the two. He has his hands in his pocket. No holding hands, no hug from Irina as Cris lays her hand on the neck. Why did he not embrace her? Especially if he really wants children with her! There are photos of Cris with his affairs that look different. And the kissing on the deck in, my view, was made only for the press. Both have known exactly, that the press was present. In addition, the two were only three days together on the boat and not five as was claimed in the press. Irina was the fact written in her Twitter account. And before that, the two might hit 3-4 times. When Irina was for reasons of scheduling in Spain. But Lux has also alleged that Cris had an affair with a married woman who has become pregnant. After it has been found that the story was a lie. I think the story only when the two actually get married. But we all know Cris, who changes his mind very quickly in women. Irina is either stupid or naive. Would you get engaged after a few days vacation with him? His fondness for hookers etc are known!I was at Irina’s place in Cris very careful. He may be nice, but I think also what Nareida said after the separation of him. Why did he not have a long relationship? He changes his women like other underwear. No woman engaged so quickly with such a fickle man!

    • O.M.G says:

      I don’t know about that other stuff, but I did get the impression that they were aware that the papperzzi was there. and I thought i was the only one that thought that hand on the neck motion was more friendly than romantic. more like a “yeah, you’re OK” than a “OMG, i love you”. I don’t doubt that he’s smashing her. I just doubt she’ll be around this time next year.LOL

      • l says:

        i think everyone gets that when they know that someone's watching (in this case the papps), the thing that struck me as a bit odd was that there is a photo in the original cuore mag of the boat vaca where ronaldo has obviously spotted the cameras and instead of flipping the bird or scowling at them like he normally does he seemed to be pointing at the papps and laughing at them (probably reading too much into that photo but considering the guy is not too fond of the press, esp when they follow him + his gf/fling of the moment I found that a little on the strange side)

        the funny thing is the split views on this couple, team irina and team 'this is too good to be true so it probably isn't', aren't really sharing any opinion apart from they don't see this lasting longer than a yr if that. I have a funny feeling though as i've mentioned before that ronaldo may of got to the point where he accepts that he is unlikely to find someone who doesn't blab or doesn't use him for publicity one way or another and at least with irina, even if she does have a questionable character she has a lot to lose by exposing that side of her to the public and also unlike any of his previous gf/flings he can get some positive posh'n'becks type expose from being with her. add to that that his agent, pr, football club and advertising clients such as armani & nike will probably be encouraging him to settle down asap with someone like her (someone they can advertise rather than someone normal who wants to stay out of the public eye), i really wouldn't be surprise me if he did get engaged and/or get her pregnant within the next 12, perhaps 18 months. i hope he surprises me and settles down with someone normal & undeniably decent a bit later in life but i think he will be a typical footballer in this – very predictable when it comes to woman!

        • O.M.G says:

          i could see execs encouraging him to settle down if "cristiano the married, father of two" looked nearly as appealing as "cristiano, the hot single guy"; but all parties know he has fans that aren't nearly as interested in his soccer skills as they are him.LOL if we're talking about girls for image, I could see someone telling him he needs to do something about Paris and Kim haunting his life before they attempt a promo push in the U.S, which Irina fit the bill for.

          I'm not team anything. I just hope when he really decides to settle down his taste is better than what he's been showing. but you're right, of every woman he has to choose from, I expect to be underwhelmed by his choice.lol

  6. Anonymous to You says:

    Damn, I guess it is hard to find a partner when you’re so famous. Too bad Cris didn’t have any childhood love, even if those don’t always work out. But it’s also understandable since he moved away from home at the age of 11 to be able to play at Sporting Lisbon. Meh, I believe this article is fake. Good luck, Ronaldo!

  7. Wow. So many key strokes on this non-story. Everybody calm down. Cristiano's love life is like the weather, wait 24 hours and it will change.

  8. Marcella says:

    what i’m most interested about is: how the hell do they communicate?
    I wouldn’t believe her english is that good, (and even if it was, what difference would it make, huh?) And he certainly doesn’t speak russian!
    LOL.. i’m so curious about that! Does anyone have a clue?

    • Violets says:

      Somehow I don't think he's with her for the conversation…

      • Marcella says:

        LOL! I know, I know… but even sex need a little conversation.. can you imagine? "Oh, oh.. don't put it there!" .. "I think she said I could put it in there!"

        • leticia says:

          i honestly dont know what to think

        • Inés says:

          ahhhhhhh lol!

          well, imo, she has a "put it where you want it" face (and I'm not actually refering to that old Nike slogan)

  9. rubyqueen says:

    ohhhhhhh you've let me down big time irena.!!!i thought you had more taste and sense then that.:(i hate animal print it's sooooooooo tacky.!!and blagging about getting engaged and wanting babies after only a couple of months is NOT cool.!!:( ronnie HATES fame whores..

  10. Jude says:

    Sorry Kickette, but this is pure crap! (I expected better from you!) Blame her for the awful clothes she's wearing, everything else is BS and I can assure you only someone who hasnt read Lux article could have written something like this. And I know cause I'm from Portugal. Take care!

    • Maria K says:

      I really hope that its not true =)

      • leticia says:

        i have never seen cr date a classy educated lady i wonder why. Why is it that footballers are so attracted to models

        • l says:

          less likely to break up with them if they cheat?

          easier to please/ keep interested compared with those with an who (most likely – there are some well educated models out there) spent in school/college/uni?

          the must have accessory for any footballer who's somebody?

          not got a clue really!

          • Ieva says:

            I guess they like models cos both have jobs that are physical. Sportspeople are really fit (you can easily see that). Models are supposed to look extremely good (for the designer)all the time. So I would guess that both find appearances very important. Which is maybe the only thing they have in common. Plus both jobs are not much about thinking. Sure, he must think about how to hit the ball (sounds a bit cheeky) and she needs to think about the poses. But after all, that's not making a brain glow in despair I hope.

            Still, whatever she says, she is not as much pain in the a*** as Whatsherface, who is I guess still trying to make money of that relationship.

            As long as the guy with the silver hotpants favours the shallow (glamour) model type we're going to have a lot to laugh at/smirk about/moan about. Good guy, he definetely keeps us entertained ;)

            Although I would love him to go to a library to just see what kind of girls go there. He might be surprised ;-)

      • Jude says:


  11. Inés says:

    she’s as grosse as Yulia Voronin! gross as pasta sandwich!

  12. O.M.G says:

    well, Cristiano's crusade against attractive, respectable women marches on!! LOL

    I use to think she was prettier than that, but i was wrong. no wonder she's never blown up.

    Cristiano actually seems like a nice guy from what i've seen. I'd hate to see him end up with one of these fame whores.I really hope he has enough sense to take these women for what they're good for, a piece of a**, and nothing else.

    • Rosey says:

      This is the best post so far! HHHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAH! “marches on”…CLASSIC!!

      She isn’t anything special. She looks like a tired party whore in that picture. Many models are IMO. Hope she is gone!

      • O.M.G says:

        Seriously!! LOL I look at the women he dates and wonder what he has against attractive women!! LMAO

        This girl here looks like what woulda happened if God was gonna make Anjelina Jolie retarded and changed his mind at the last minute. LOL

        • O.M.G says:

          oh and here, here! many models are used up party girls.LOL Sex, drugs the whole nine. Kate Moss, Naomi, Janice Dickinson, Gia, etc. A good portion of their life story is/was getting high and/or f*cking somebody.LOL Being a model definitely doesn't make her a step up.lol

  13. Susana says:

    She spends more time with her annoying BFF, who is definitely milking this for attention. She says things on twitter like, “I’m cheering for my brother-in-law to win today.” Both of these famewhores are making a real game of it.
    Who would go to an event and let your best friend bite your arse? These girls are wannabe trash.

    The outfit? She looks like she should be walkin’ the streets.

  14. Ella says:

    Wow, all you girls are like investigative reporters getting to the truth of the matter! Thank God for you or I would be in cardiac arrest over Cris having a baby with this girl!! LOL!

    I am still glad atleast she has a ‘real’ job and she’s much prettier than any previous skank he’s been with. However I’m not ready for him to settle down and have babies with her! He needs to wait to do all that when he retires from football so we don’t have to have it thrown in our faces constantly.

    Oh, and her outfit is hilarious, BUT she has one of those bodies that can pull off almost anything….BITCH.

    • l says:

      i don’t know, does modeling really qualify as a real job (i’m guessing that’s why you used the quote symbols) – for sure it’s more of a job than p**n or page 3 type modeling but you don’t even require basic education qualifications to model (though knowing a certain number of languages helps to be fair) and you don’t really even need a talent to do like playing a sport (the main requirements of modeling is having that ‘model look’ which is some you is born with (100% pot luck) and being able to position your body/face expressions front of the camera (naturally) the way the person holding the camera/client wants you too – it’s a skill as not every beautiful person can hold themselves well, but a talent? sorry but imo that makes a mockery of people like athletes, artists, musicians, doctors, etc… who have actual talent at their respective fields – but feel feel to disagree.

      for me a real (normal) job is something that you’ve studied for or at least work your way up the ladder and start with very little pay but over 10-40 yrs build on the wages, which is probably the majority of jobs (doctor, lawyer, partner of a company, therapist, consultant, store front worker, etc…etc…) basically something that you usually don’t hit retirement age at your mid 30′s and in general lasts the majority of your whole life.
      I’m not saying that jobs like modeling, playing football or tennis, etc is not a job or profession because anything that you earn money from has the potential of being a job, but it is not your typical job as they are very short lived and people in those jobs need to find something to do with the 30-60 yrs left on their life after they get too old to do that job and have to retire from that profession – it is an unusual and uncertain position to be in.

      makes me quite relieved to be studying towards a profession that i can do for life tbh – i do not envy people in those sorts of jobs….even with their massive paychecks (wouldn’t know what to do with that sort of money anyway!)

      • Ella says:

        Well, modeling for real brands, magazines is technically a real job. A model is paid gobs of $$ to represent a company and try to 'sell' clothes, jewelry, beauty products, etc. I would certainly say Gisele has a real job. It's not a job any average person could have, but she did reportedly make over 30 million dollars last year. My point was that Irina has an actual job she gets paid for and she can support herself financially. Unlike Whatsherface who basically entered club bikini contests and gets naked for soft core porn mags. I am not a fan of Irina's, but IMO she is an upgrade from Cris' last girlfriend.

  15. Cammie says:

    She isn't that pretty especially to be a model…. …Alot of Russian models much prettier then her, She will never have a career like Naomi Campbell or Gisele…

  16. Violets says:

    Oh, Cristiano. I realize that coming into a lot of money and fame when you're young can be kind of overwhelming and crazy, but someone needs to pull him aside and give him a talk about how to find someone who's not just after his fame and money.

    Although, if this magazine is anything like the shadier US tabloids, I don't think that there's a grain of truth in it. CRon doesn't seem to me like he's at a point in his life where he actually wants kids of his own.

  17. elnino says:

    Ew. This Is Hideous. Like not just the jumpsuit, the shoes aren’t good with that outfit. She is orange. She kind of looks like a whore-ish version of Natalie Portman, don’t you think.

  18. C16 says:

    What the…???

  19. Molly says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL "Don’t just talk about your pregnancy plans, do it in the blink of an eye before the guy has time to turn back." lololololololololololol :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ! THIS. MADE. MY.DAY.!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Because in all honesty if I was dating a footballer I would have his baby LOL!

  20. Miss D says:

    He always picks the fame whores, come on Cristiano just settle down with someone who is not using you to increase their celebrity status! Irina and Cristiano wont last, I don’t see her fitting in with his family as well as Nereida did – that’s one thing Nereida had going for her over all other girls he’s dated.

    • l says:

      actually merche (still his best imo) also seemed to have a good thing going on with the fam as well if memory serves, if it wasn’t for her age I think they would of been together for a lot longer than they actually were.

      The funny thing is that as long as his family like her or at least can put up with her than i think she could go the whole way with him. even if she does blab as much as gf like N and is in it for publicity like them i think that part of ronaldo has realised that the chances of him finding someone who is genuinely normal and who doesn’t blab/need or want media publicity from being associated to him is a more difficult task as his profile gets bigger as each yr goes and at least with irina – yes she is getting a huge amount of free publicity, but he’s also getting some publicity from being with her that will please his pr/real madrid/armani no end and the press/his fans perceive her as better than paris/kim/N/any of his ons that have sold their ‘delightful’ tales on him. He may have got to the point where he’s counting his losses as he doesn’t want to be alone anymore and he doesn’t want to wait much longer to start his own family for many more yrs, i don’t know!

  21. J. says:

    Lux didnt say anything about her wanting a baby. The engagement thing comes from a supposed interview someone from her family did and that “I’m engaged” is what she is supposed to have told her family. The “I want a baby sooner than later” comes from Cristiano’s mouth in Os Incriveis. What Lux claims is that close sources to him say he is in love with her.

  22. simone says:


  23. Y says:

    This article is BS. Irina hasn’t publicly said anything about their relationship. Lux got their information from some Russian magazine who claimed Irina introduced Cris to her family as her fiancee, but that was apparently a mistranslation of words. Fangirls I wouldn’t get too worried about this article its all second and 3rd hand information put together to try and be a juicy new story. In fact I’m sure lux got that ‘baby’ quote from Cristiano’s documentary recently where he said he’s closer to having kids now than in the past (Which is logical). Even the front cover on the magazine is photoshopped. They used a picture of Cristiano from 2008 when he opened his second store in Lisbon, just look at where she’s holding his arm…clearly photoshopped.

    The reality is, there has been no news since the world cup and there is unlikely to be any until its over.

    • l says:

      I originally thought that lux had got their ‘exclusive’ from that russian article and ronaldo’s interview on Os Incriveis when reading the front cover alone (and yes the front cover is a photoshop (abit on of the better ones i’ve seen) as even though i couldn’t find the original on of ronaldo at his shop opening, that photo of irina was taken in 2008), i’ve read a couple of spanish/portuguese new sites that have seem to read the full article inside of lux and it sounds like irina might of talked to lux directly (read/translate http://www.telecinco.es/elprogramadeanarosa/detail/detail23523.shtml and make your own mind up) i’ll reserve conclusion until lux has posted this edition in their pdf past edition section and can read the whole article.

      however regardless of this story I got a feeling that this irina may just be a high end version of nereida (prostitute/escort – bella de jour anyone, classy lady but still had questionable morals!) esp when she wore practically the same shoulder less white dress in lisbon that N wore in moscow (the bad omen alarm bells were ringing for me then tbh). I think everyone thinks she’s decent and perfect just because she is beautiful but she comes across as a poser (even for model levels) and trying a little too hard since the corsica photo’s came out to look all goody 2 shoes, plus she has a lot more to gain in terms of publicity from being with him than any of his previous ‘gf’s’ ever had (page 3 models can only go so far – ann summers/playboy being their peak, high end models though the skys the limit – you just need to look at gisele (who’s relationship with leo DiCap at the time seemed to give her a career boost)) – i think she’s smarter than people like N for sure but i think it’s highly unlikely has managed to do the full 180 on girl choices, and yes he’s improved on the looks front (though N and merche weren’t bad looking) but i doubt that he’s managed to make the jump to decent and innocent as well – seems to good to be true for him, irina is using him for publicity for sure, question is to what extent? and right now i’m just not sure!

      i don’t care who he marries/has a family with as long as he’s happy – but it be really nice if he could have at least one gf before doing so that actually could be genuinely described as a ‘decent girl’ (someone with a friendly, pretty face (not neccessary model looks) who’s chosen career would not benefit from media publicity and requires some sort of acadamic education (degree or a levels, even gcse’s/o levels would be an improvement as models don’t even need those to do their chosen profession) and who has never posed in very little/with nothing on in front of a camera and has no desire to do so, etc… – come on ronaldo, that is most of the female population… you can do it!)

      • Y says:

        I'm not convinced she's out for publicity just yet. She's been very quite about this whole thing. She deleted her twitter account because too many people where tweeting her and sending her horrible messages. I know someone who tweeted her the front cover of the first magazine to publish photos of them on the boat and she denied it was her, said the girl was 'mistaken'.

        Anyone in the public eye who is less known than Cristiano is going to be accused of using him for publicity; the man is hot, I don't blame her for wanting to be with him. A career boost is just one of the perks, I can't fault her for that. But I have always been curious about who tipped off the paparazzi and Hola magazine to Cristiano's whereabouts when he took Irina on vacation. I mean Hola magazine printed an article about Cris being alone on a boat with a Russian before the pictures emerged and before any magazine was naming her. Then again there have been other opportunities for her to milk the situation if that was what she intended before they even went on holiday. She was pictured sitting in his private box at the Real Madrid vs Osasuna game, but no link between the two was ever made, that would have been a perfect opportunity.

        Her bff Jessica white seemed to be openly talking about Irina and Cris more than Irina has herself. I mean Jessica tweeted that they were in Portugal and then tried to change it to Brazil and posted pictures of them on a train in Portugal, this was before Irina and Cris were photographed together (when she wore the white dress). Only time will tell on this one, but I don't think she's done anything wrong.

        • l says:

          Look, i get the impression that people are split on her – some think that as she hasn’t officially said anything that she is a decent person and others think that the whole thing is a little too good to be true and there is more to her than what she and the media are currently revealing – you and me are obviously at opposite ends of the fence right now and time will tell which theory is the right one. For now it’s a little early.

          First off, see is a model – their job is to drum up as much hype, publicity and attention for the product that they are trying to help sell for their client. The bigger the name (of the model) the more chance that major public known brands (such as the big makeup companies, etc… that ads are in all the major worldwide fashion mags/tv stations) are going to hire them as a household name is more likely to sell their product. Yes, irina has advertised for some big names but before the photo’s with ronaldo broke she was not a household name like gisele and lima – at most known within the fashion world and people perhaps recognising her face in fashion mag ads but not knowing her name. I’m sure that both herself and her agent were thinking before she got together that even if the relationship didn’t lead to marriage/kids a relatively long run (1-2 yrs plus relationship with him) there would be a good chance that that length of intense exposure would be enough to make her permanent household name around the world (Bar or kerr anyone)

          on the deleting twitter – first off modeling is very high intensity dog eat dog world, i doubt that a few nasty worlds scared her off, models need to have thicker skin than most. second it is known that ronaldo doesn’t like blabbers so if she wants to keep him it would be common sense to keep quiet so she could benefit in the long run. also unlike his past gf/flings who has nothing to lose from talking about their dating life to the press, irina is in a position that yes she’s got more to gain than them but she’s also got more to lose if she got exposed as a talker who can’t keep things quiet as certain clients need their models to keep things private. also she may of quit twitter but she didn’t bother to inform her fans that she was/ or why (some of whom she was twitting to regularly before the boat pics broke) it would of been very easy to send a couple of private messages via twitter to those people even if it was just to say that she had to end her twiiter for now (for personal reasons) but hopes to be back soon out of politeness. I don’t like personal social network sites personally but i think it’s wrong to just stop talking to people without an explanation even if they are ‘just’ fans. That with a couple of other things just suggest to me that she is trying a little too hard to now provide any info that could incriminate her without her realising it before it’s too late – taking away temptation as such.

          yes you are right, someone who is a model is always going to see the extra publicity as a good thing – they’d be mad not to – what is not sure is whether this particular model sees the publicity boost as the sprinkles, icing, filling or the entire cake itself. it does sound like someone tipped off the papps on the boat – my guess her pr or even his were the guilty party there. i found it a little odd the web did leap on those rm box photo’s but then again news sites like the daily mail didn’t even bother with the boat photo’s either so perhaps they know something that they don’t. if she sat in his box then him and his pr were obviously happy with possible rumors of a relationship back in the start of may as his fam are always photographed in that box, but for some reason the media didn’t bite and i’m sure the pap who took those photo’s offered them to the media as they have to make money from their work so you’d have to ask the media why they weren’t interested.

          On her bff – honestly after what i’ve read on her she comes across as a piece of work (that’s me personally) so it’s common sense that irina may be a little questionable herself to have a bbf like her but some think jess is really nice so it’s down to personal opinion. perhaps irina didn’t know that her mate has been talking about this but it’s more likely that she was on it or at least gave permission (why do something that you are not sure that your bbf would be ok with you doing, it’s a little risky). also this could be labeled as indirect blabbing which is harder for people to point the finger at you and be proven guilty for.

          yes time will tell and everyone will have a different opinion – but personally my gut feeling isn’t good!

          • Y says:

            I'm not actually one of those 'Team Irina' girls. I'm very much neutral right now. basing my judgement on Speculation or assumptions isn't enough 'evidence' for me. Like you I'm cautious, just becasue Cris seems to attract girls like that, but I won't be convinced until there's actually some real evidence.

            • l says:

              I agree with your point there. ronaldo may have up graded on the looks department (though that is down to personal preference – if it wasn't for the ridiculous breast augmentation then i'd say that gemma was the most pleasant looking so far – attractive with a friendly face) but i just don't think he could be lucky enough to do the complete the total 180 on the decent, non blabbing, non attention seeking type that he always seems to get – perhaps 20 or 30 degrees of the 180 but not the whole flip – just common sense (it's like girls with bad boys -they know that these guys are bad for them but still end up picking them!)

          • LN says:

            butting in lol sorry about that. but in one russian magazine (as i live in russia), some boss of the modeling agency that discovered irina said that she definitely didn’t give them the best of impressions at all. the boss said that when the agency took irina to london to her first modeling gig abroad, she suddenly just disappeared without coming to the shoot, going her own ways and not contacting the agency anymore. the boss said that looked like she just used them to get to western europe.

        • sheshe says:

          where is the picture of her in his private box? i want to see it

  24. shay says:

    Well there goes any hope that should would help him with his terrible fashion sense! They should stick to all black.

  25. kel says:

    Anyone getting Nereida flashbacks?
    He attracts really crazy girls. They always say they’re getting engaged after about 2 weeks

  26. beri says:

    smells like a bullshit article to me…lol!

  27. LaTipa says:

    I won't judge her (pathetic) outfit.Oooops…!!!!I just did!!!!She's a model,she would look awsome wrapped in tinfoil,but seriously,couldn't she pick something nicer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    As for the whole engagement'n'baby thing,I'm just curious…why does she have to announce it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Do I detect a need for press-attention here??????????i,Anyway,f it's true,good for them.

  28. Miss.Tilea says:

    Whatt?? are they engagde?? :D and they want kids??

    Dude we didnt even know they were dating adn plus she doesnt have a ring , nor he does . But wish the best for them :)

  29. Marcella says:

    oh my! They're engaged already? didn't even know they were dating!

    • LN says:

      lol doubt it. that's what a 'source close to irina' has said even before, but tbh i don't trust google translator. i think in portuguese it just means serious dating…?

      • Marcella says:

        Actually, no. I speak portuguese, it literally means “I’m engaged”

        • LN says:

          haha oh well then! but i've read the articles where she has 'announced' it and there weren't even quotes from her x) it's kinda pathetic what these magazines do, make up BS.

  30. Maria Kassab says:

    Oh GOD i hate her =(

  31. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    I HATE ANIMAL PRINT!!! And even more on her!!! :-D