December 13th, 2010

Jermaine Jenas: Footy Fact Checker

Are you becoming frustrated, stampy and/or stabby trying to navigate the wasteland of blatantly fake footballer accounts and semi-convincing fake footballer handles on Twitter?

Never fear, Jermaine Jenas is here to help.

No, really. After seeing all the fakers out there, homeboy’s stepping up as a beacon of social media clarity. He’s told us (exclusively, we might add), which Tottenham player accounts you can trust on twitter.

(Rather nice of him, actually. Now if he would only convince Niko to drop that pesky restraining order we’d be golden.)

First things first: we sincerely hope you’re already following Jermaine on twitter - his handle is @JJenas.  Now on with the fact-finding.

Aaron Lennon@aaronlennonpsl is the real deal. Any other accounts are as fake as a D-list WAGs acrylic nails.

Jermain Defoe@iamjermaindefoe is the official account for our favourite manho. (The one you might be following called @jermainedefoe is not him.)

David Bentley – Yes, you can discuss the UGGs boot situation live and direct now that Mr. B is on twitter. His handle is @davidbentley11.

Don’t be late for the party, Kickettes. Get on to your twitter a/c and thank JJ for his fact finding mission. Then come straight back here. We’re needy.

BTW, in case you missed our tweets last week (you’re following us, right???), Liverpool’s Glen Johnson is @glen_johnson and Barca’s Gerard Pique is on @3gerardpique

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18 Responses to “Jermaine Jenas: Footy Fact Checker”

  1. meh says:

    lol pique replied 'brrappps!' to one of rio fedinand's comments LOL.

  2. jen says:

    it's so weird to me that glen johnson has twitter. i feel like he shies away from the media spotlight so much it seems so out of character; however, if the rest of the liverpool boys would follow suit that'd be awesome (here's looking at you, pepe!).

  3. Liz says:

    For me avoiding Twitter is like a mild protest lol! xxx

  4. Alex Samuel says:

    He went to my secondary school, and my brothers biggest life time achievement was that he scored a goal past him. Anyway, they head teachrer brought him in to see the brand new school's sports facilities (look up The Becket School, Nottingham) and I was sitting an exam, and I saw him peep through I was like 'omg!'

  5. blake2108 says:

    You spoke exclusively with Jermaine Jenas and you never bothered to ask:
    a) Is Gareth Bale on Twitter
    b) If he isn't, to hurry up and get on there
    c) If he could inform Gareth that I (@blake2108) am madly in love with him and have been since forever, and inform us of Gareth's response

    Get back in touch with him please!!!

    • Laura says:

      Aaaaaggggrreeeed! The world would be a much better place if the gorgeous and oh so talented Gareth Bale was on Twitter!

      • Missy Manchester says:

        Uh oh Blake. Looks like you have competition from Laura. I'll be interested to know who wins the affections of Mr. Bale. Keep us posted lords and ladies!

    • Freya says:

      i totally agree with you. You and i are the biggest people in love with Gareth ever! I also read all your comments on the GB thread that you started. How could they not ask about Gareth. I doubt he has twitter though as he really dislikes the media…so no high hopes there. I agree as well that Gary Speed had better make Gareth captain! I love him so much!!! i love his eyes and his accent but most of all….i love how he is so unique. He isnt your ordinary footballer. He hates the media, he is awkward in interviews.. and he doesn't drink! i love him…he's perfect.
      by the way….I read on a previous post that you were a guy…..are you?? not that i mind…just it would be nice to the gender of the one other GB fan who can understand my feelings! it's nice to have someone to talk to. =D

      • blake2108 says:

        I am indeed a male. Still don't think that anyone on here loves him more than I do, even if you. But yeah, I'm a Kickette "soldier boy" as they call me :)

        • Freya says:

          lol….i could say the same about you…thinking that no one loves him more than me. We'll have to do a quiz or something! =D jokes.
          yeah….at my school (are you still at school??) people insist that i only have a crush on him…..but i actually am IN love with him. They soon realised that i actually love as i talk about him non stop! Are you a spurs fan? If so, were you a spurs fan before or after Gareth joined? I

          • blake2108 says:

            Well, strictly speaking , I'm a United fan. But Gareth comes before united, so I do want Spurs to do as well as they can, for Gareth's sake alone.

            I'm at college, although few people know of my love for Gareth. But I liked Gareth since he was at Southampton

            • Freya says:

              same here….liked him since he was at southampton. I read your previous posts and you wrote a long reply similar to one i wrote. You said that you loved him because he didn't drink and didn't cheat on anybody nor is he like an ordinary footballer. I love that about him too. There's something about him. But I also read in your posts that you like other footballers. Not love but merely lust. Me, I just love Gareth (hence my username 'Garethbaleismyonlylove' on your thread)
              Reading your other posts and everything….i think we are quite similar.
              I read that your favourite WAG was Emma Rhys-Jones….and that whilst you are envious you're just happy that she makes Gareth happy…..Likewise…I feel the same way.
              You seem to speak quite openly about your love for Gareth on here….if you don't mind me asking….how come few people know at college or elsewhere??? I can't help but speaking about Gareth all the time to my friends. But they get annoyed so it's nice to talk to you where the feelings for Gareth are mutual.
              So yeah…sorry long reply….but do you not like telling your friends or something??

              • Freya says:

                also that photo of him with a black eye is so cute!! and hot!! he still manages to look bloody amazing even with a black eye!! =D i love him so much!!!

  6. Missy Manchester says:

    Well done JJ. Helping out Kickette counts as a charitable deed. We'll make sure Santa doesn't yellow-card you before Christmas!

  7. BarceLisa says:

    Its times like this i'm glad I'm stuck in the Stone Age and 'only' use that Neolithic program called Facebook.

    • Jen says:

      Totally! I am completely confused by Twitter, who uses Twitter, WHY anyone would want to be on Twitter. I am sticking to Facebook!! It seems like if I was to get on Twitter(don't know how though) I would never get anything else done in life.

  8. sylvie says:

    there is no David Bentley UGG boots situation, those boots belonged to Dawson, he stole them during training for a laugh.