September 11th, 2012

Jessica Lawlor: Stephen’s Ireland Issues Are “Water Under The Bridge And Stuff”

man city former aston villa footballer republic of ireland giovani trappatoni manager

Images: Cork Independent.

irish international to don green kit once more

It’s no secret that Stephen Ireland and the mainstream media are not bezzie mates. After all, his chavtastic cars and homes have been well documented and ruthlessly mocked, but he’s perhaps most well known for flagrantly fabricating the deaths of his relatives – plural – just to avoid being collared on a trip with the national team.

Little did we know, though, that he and the Irish FA/Giovani Trapattoni/etc made amends over an extra frothy cappucino and some choco-chip biscotti. At least, that’s what Jessica Lawlor¬†would like us to imagine.

“I know people might be surprised to hear that, but you know, it’s water under the bridge and stuff and I feel like he’s ready now and he’d love to represent his country again.

I think he is really patriotic about it so hopefully in the future, you know, fingers crossed, we’ll see Stephen put on the green shirt back on. It would be amazing, I’d love it.”

Dear, dear Jessica. Regardless of what’s really transpired, we can’t overlook the obvious here: you bought your man a chihuahua. For his 26th birthday. And he carries the pooch around in his hoodie. Do you not see anything wrong with that?

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7 Responses to “Jessica Lawlor: Stephen’s Ireland Issues Are “Water Under The Bridge And Stuff””

  1. [...] As is evident in the above clip, Jess is about as bad of a driver as Stephen is a liar. [...]

  2. Krystal says:

    What is with shiny pants? Is it just her, or is this a trend?

  3. Green4 says:

    Not to be rude & "stuff", but how did she get a slot on that show?? He has not played for Ireland in years & lets me honest, who is she.!!

    • IrishBlue says:

      She probably is the least well known of them all this year, although the rest aren't exactly top of the celebrity pile either. Still, ya can't beat the Gaa!

  4. [...] Stephen Ireland’s WAG says Stephen’s relationship with the Irish FA is fine and he’d like to be an Irish international again. And stuff. // Kickette [...]

  5. IrishBlue says:

    That photo is from a reality show in Ireland that Jessica is appearing in called Celebrity Bainisteoir….she becomes the manager of a Gaelic football team and has to guide them to victory against other teams and their "celebrity" managers……I use the term celebrity in its loosest form here.