October 8th, 2009

Jessica Lawlor: Watch That Whip

Stephen Ireland's girlfriend Jessica Lawlor

Jessica Lawor (Stephen Ireland) parks up her (now) infamous customised Bentley in Cheshire. It was not a good car day: Jess got a parking ticket and hit the kerb resulting in a £5k fix it bill.

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15 Responses to “Jessica Lawlor: Watch That Whip”

  1. billy says:

    What a car saw it in person fantastic job go for it woman if you’ve got the money spend it how you like just enjoy the car you deserve it love you darling if stephen dump’s you i’l have you in a flash

  2. becca (mrs lampard!) says:

    oh. my. god.

  3. DaniMrsPepeReina says:

    LOL how long has she had it a week ? Less ? god even im more careful than that and i dont even know how to drive yet !

  4. Fer_Lahm says:

    Oh my God, she was not recognized until I saw that car!

  5. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    She might be my new favorite WAG. Chery Cole, you’ve been replaced.

  6. Kella says:

    That car is hideous. Why ruin a car that costs that much by making it so ugly? Hmph, new money….LOL!

  7. tammyv says:

    I think I love her…Epic. She is almost like the new Yullia

  8. Easy come, easy go. She should have been more careful with something so ridiculously expensive. Tsk tsk!

  9. Riya says:

    Bloody brillliant.

  10. Boston Red says:

    She’s me new favorite person ever.

  11. Blair says:

    Can you say chav-tastic. Just god awful…

  12. Eva says:

    Note to Stephen Ireland:

    Just give your girl a Nissan Micra…

    She sure is something else. *snicker*

  13. Lamps' babe says:

    I'm crying for that car….

  14. Baby Freya says:

    HAHAHAHA! Thats brilliant! The silly woman has had it all of two minutes and already notched up a £5k bill for bad driving along with a parking ticket. I bet the ticket issuer was pleased with their job on that car!