April 16th, 2010

Joe Cole: Put Up Your Dukes

Chelsea footballer Joe Cole bobbed and weaved around the ring yesterday with bright boxing gloves that matched his own icy blues.

On hand to show support for friend Kevin Mitchell, (who will be fighting Michael Katsidis on May 15th), Joe looked dayum good. No sign of new daddy wear and tear here, friends.

An avid boxing fan, he and wife Carly flew to Vegas last year to see the Hatton-Pacquiao boxing match in person. Clearly someone has been giving him pointers, as he tried on a variety of tough v. tender looks throughout the photo shoot.

Speaking of the photo shoot, which Joe Cole do you prefer? When you want your man to scare the heebeejeebies out of innocent passersby and pitbulls, you want option A. If you’re more into sunflowers, cinemas and the occasional spontaneous trip to EuroDisney, you’re better suited for option B.

Choose wisely, Kickettes.

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6 Responses to “Joe Cole: Put Up Your Dukes”

  1. Chelseagal says:

    I can’t resist a Joey smile… but to have a tough, mr muscle, oh dear i just ripped my shirt again honey, sort of Joe…
    Tough call. What the hell I’ll have both!
    I really hope he goes to the world cup. My dedicated man-watch month just won’t be the same if he doesn’t go :(

    • Liz says:

      Tell me about it. And he will be an asset to the English side.

      Joe, just change your name to Giuseppe Coleole and play for Gli Azzuri, that way I can put my 100% support behind you and your cute behind haha.

  2. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Oh Joe Cole. Your eyes might be the most gorgeous ever.

    And I will gladly take either option, lol.

  3. Is it too sick if a say that I wouldn’t mind being spanked by him?

  4. Molly says:

    I’ll take a mixture Joe Cole…tough and sweet!!! He is so hot :) Carly is a very lucky woman :) .

  5. Carrie says:

    uhm, both please!