May 28th, 2010

NT Training: England’s Joe Cole & Wayne Rooney

Joe Cole looks like he’s got some serious shapes ready to throw on the dance floor this weekend. We hope you’ve got something equally fun planned for the bank holiday, Kickettes!

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17 Responses to “NT Training: England’s Joe Cole & Wayne Rooney”

  1. Joe, come on over to United… you know that you want to…

  2. MrsCole says:

    Great pic! Joe is so cute

  3. Hi gang:
    Part of the fun on Kickette is the comments and we don’t want anyone to feel stifled or restricted. However we absolutely have set up a community area that is very actively used with readers that want to talk off topic or go deeper on a subject. Let’s try and stay on topic in the main posts as much as possible, which can be tricky as we all love a good natter! Also a reminder that if there is an issue to come to directly with it. Thanks ladies! Xox

  4. Zlatanista says:

    Dancing makes you happy, and when youre happy everything is easier. So Joe, keep on shaking that booty all the way to South Africa! Good luck to you!!

  5. Liz says:

    Awww Joey!

    Please Cappello choose him! England needs him. He is the only creative player in the side. He was England's best in 2006. YOU NEED HIM!!!

  6. rubyqueen says:

    i’m liking the moves joe..heehee.and i’m liking my sexy wayne too.yumyum.and as for my weekend i’ll be chilling out shopping and watching the england

  7. Why is every single England team post hijacked by off topic comments with no moderation? Serious question.

    Anyway, nice to see them smiling and relaxing as we get to the business end of things.

    And rumour has it that Joe and Wayne could be club teammates soon too!

    • Missy Manchester says:

      I’ve been hoping United sign Joe Cole ever since I read that Chelsea shafted him on his contract negotiations. (I was watching the England v. Japan game today. Joe did great. Rooney works well with Gerrard. Joe Hart should be first goalkeeper. And let’s just say the jury is still out on ‘Calamity James’ LOL. I hope Capello can’t get them all working in unison like a well-oiled machine within two weeks. The squad is still looking a little disjointed to me.)

  8. Blair says:

    Where are the ENGLAND pictures!? It seems like all the teams training sessions are getting photoged but ENGLAND!! BAH!

  9. Anoek says:

    Aw Joe Cole!!<3

  10. MrsNesta says:

    All I ask Joe and Wayne is that after you've finished doing the official England dance moves, you stay injury free PLEASE!!!!

  11. melissa says:

    Off to Philly for the USA match!!!

  12. Alex says:

    Get ready- the Yanks are coming!

    Check out the team pics from the White House. Carlos looks HOT! :)…