October 18th, 2010

Joe Hart: Furry Smurfs Need Love Too

Joe Hart’s audition for ‘Smurfs: The Sheik Mansour Years’ had not gone well. Or Manchester City goalkeeper wears hat badly whilst training. We prefer the former.

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29 Responses to “Joe Hart: Furry Smurfs Need Love Too”

  1. ginny says:

    joe hart=amazingly hot
    look up joe hart dance on youtube
    such a turn on

  2. Zoe says:

    he is so fit :)

  3. lovealwaysyours says:

    still laughing… :)

  4. jane says:

    for all you who want to see his shirtless go to thefa.com england and then go to videos, watch the england photoshoot he takes his shirt off

    • jane says:

      ps: hes fuckin gorgeous everynite in my dream i dream of him makin love to me…..ahhh only if it were true

  5. daisy says:

    When is he going to hurry up and take his shirt off!!
    I swear to god its long overdue!!

  6. Emme says:

    Dear Joe Hart: Mancini says you drink too much & that he prefer you spend time with a woman post-match as an alternative to drinking until you are tanked. In the interest of ensuring you have a long and productive career, I would like to volunteer myself. That's all.

  7. ohMinaaa says:

    Hahahaha!! Love it

  8. RedAne says:

    A little bit of Joe Cocker plus some inspiration – caused by this goofy picture of the sweet Joe Hart – resulted in this:
    "Joe take off your shirt… Real slow… Take of your boots… I'll take off your boots… Baby take of your gloves… Yes, yes, yes… You can leave your hat on… You can leave your hat on… You can leave your hat on…"

  9. Winnie Mata says:

    as far as i'm concerned, he can keep that hat on if he wants to…

    …you all know what i mean.

  10. Ahh he is seriosuly gorgeous!! ;D

  11. WAG2BE says:

    I SAY WE NEED TO UPDATE THE FINEST 5!!!!!!! It could be the terrific/tasty 10 or maybe the spectacular/sexy 7

  12. WAG2BE says:

    i THINK ITS ABOUT TIME WE UPDATE THE FINEST5 LIST,what with the euro qualifiers and all…. we could make it the terrific 10 or maybe the sexy 7

    • Deanna says:

      I'm lovin the Sexy 7 idea.

    • RedAne says:

      loving the Sexy 7 as well!!!!!!

    • littlegirl says:

      i'm for the sexy 7… i think that some of the current finest 5 will be in the sexy 7 list…
      can a player be in both lists???

    • Leya_S says:

      I agree with Sexy 7.
      It's just about time for Finest 5 to be updated (not that I don't love the current finest 5, but how can you have a list like that without Joe Hart and Sergio Ramos????)

  13. blitzenTO says:

    I find this picture curiously endearing. Plus it makes him look about 10 years older than he is and therefore more in my line. ;)

  14. blake2108 says:

    Joe could leave his hat on, providing he removed all other clothing first :;)

    Such a lovely man in the flesh too.

  15. BarceLisa says:

    wtf joe I would much rather see a bulge in your shorts than on your head.

  16. CarmenFoxe says:

    ooooh Footie Smurf…he could smurf me anywhere…

  17. cyd525 says:

    i would whip off that hat and show some serious loving to that smurf…yummy..of course, if he feels he needs to wear the hat, i probably wouldn't complain

  18. Missy Manchester says:

    Let's hope he's more adept with condoms.