July 6th, 2011

John Carew & Lauren Budd: Temperature Check

We know the outdoor thermometers dropped a tad over the weekend, but we’re breaking out in hot flashes just looking at Carew’s girlfriend. And sidenote: when we say mix and match, Lauren’s outfit is not what we mean.

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13 Responses to “John Carew & Lauren Budd: Temperature Check”

  1. truth says:

    She looks great, you are just jealous that you cannot afford to wear this stuff.

  2. odd smith says:

    you guys need to stop heating that bitch looks fucking hot she kicked out in all next season shit i should know i am run my own fashion magazine and she works it well u guys wish you looked as good as the bitch sorry people dont hate one thing you should know style has no season

  3. Shelley says:

    Odd. I was convinced that John Carew was G.A.Y. He had rather a fauxmance with Aleisha Dixon and is fond of a dinner or two with Kylie and Jake Spears from Scissor Sister (no kidding!)

  4. golazo says:

    thats not Lauren Budd. look her up on google she looks completely different.

  5. Marina_Isabella says:

    her tatas don't seem to be cold, though… interesting! XD

  6. @RubyDubbin says:

    I was wondering where my pet ferret, lizards and favourite cow went. Now I know. (Does anyone have the # to the RSPCA?)

    • earidurt says:

      LOL. i wonder if she knows just how ridiculous she looks? why would she do this to herself? :-/

  7. xoWinnie says:

    this outfit is a clothing oxymoron.