February 5th, 2010

John Terry: Notes on a Scandal

UPDATE: Vanessa Perroncel has spoken to the Guardian and her side of the story tells a very different one to the others being presented.

Digging ourselves out of the mountainous pile of tabloid reports, JT jokes, and tired “WAGs as role models” arguments, we find that yet, again, we are left with more questions than answers in the John Terry, Wayne Bridge and Vanessa Perroncel fiasco.

Call it information overload, call it alcohol kills brain cells, we’re not bothered.

The big news this afternoon is Fabio Capello’s decision to take John Terry off of captaincy duty for the England team. In a statement provided by the FA, Capello commended JT’s performance as captain but said that taking “other considerations” into account he thought it was best for the team.

We all know what those “other considerations” are: John Terry’s oft-lauded, but badly-behaving penis.

Whether one agrees with Fabio Capello’s decision or not, we have to say that his decisiveness gives us some comfort. We’re hardly relaxed about the England WC situ, but at least we feel that he’s the HGIC (head gaffer in charge) and will continue to garner the respect a manager requires from his players.

Onto the big question: Who gets our vote for captain in these trying times?

When every tabloid in the country has several scandalous stories waiting for the right moment to hit print surely it’s best to for the lesser of many evils: Jermain Defoe.

Our man-ho of the year for 2008 deserves a chance. Why, you ask? Because once you run through the list of badly behaving English footballers, he’s the obvious choice: There’s no chance of anything ever coming out of the woodwork that could cause shock or embarrassment.

We lived through this, didn’t we? (But sadly, not this.)

More of our thoughts to come below, but for now, let’s take a quick quiz break to see how well everyone has been paying attention to the Vanessa Perroncel PR money-grab campaign of glory. (Answers will be posted later today)


1. In Vanessa Perroncel’s second “I always talk on the phone whilst outside in the bitter cold without a jacket during my sex scandal” photo op, her Juicy Couture trackies were navy blue.

2. Vanessa and Toni Terry share more than just John’s short-tents, they also have the same taste in handbags. They were each seen carrying matching Chanel bags in the days after the scandal broke.

3. Vanessa has turned down offers upwards of £225,000 to sell her version of events.

4. Toni banned John from a Vegas party with the Chelsea boys last summer.

5. Toni fled to Dubai to escape when the story hit the press.

5a. Her post-twins bikini body is fantabulous.

6. Vanessa’s impressive mane of hair comes courtesy of hair extensions.

7. Vanessa was a cocktail waitress before making her forray into lingerie modeling.

8. Vanessa will join forces with Nereida Gallardo and Rebecca Loos to create a new reality telly show called The Sidejob Sisterhood of Superskallywags.

9. Making a public comment on how sad you are that JT has lost the England captaincy will win the general public over.

A few more notes on this scandal:

Timeline of the affair
Although the majority of reports have talked about John and Vanessa hooking up whilst she was still in a relationship with Wayne Bridge, we’re not so sure. So far we’ve yet to see a consistent time-line that adds up, and we doubt we ever will.

John and Toni
Of course, it’s nobody’s business, but it’s impossible not to speculate on this relationship. Everyone knows that Toni has been through this before, and obviously she made her peace with her realities.

Can we accept that she chose to marry a man and is likely to stand by a man that has cheated and humiliated her so terribly? That’s so very hard to accept, no?

But perhaps there is more to this marriage than we’re privvy to. Or maybe Toni has decided that she will do whatever it takes to keep her family together. Or perhaps, Toni loves John and would rather have the “wife” title, which superceeds all skanks past and present.

Perhaps she knows that in John’s mind, being with other women has nothing to do with his feelings for Toni. He’s not the only man that is capable of thinking this way. Regardless of what justifications  she has though: your man hooking up with a mate? So, so painful. And that’s a game changer, for sure.

On Wayne Bridge’s Image
Wayne was quickly, and understandably so, cast in the victim role by the press, and the situation. But as most in the know can attest, Wayne is (allegedly) far from innocent when it comes to matters of the pants and the contents of the pants remaining in the pants. Will this story move from John Terry’s expose to Vanessa P’s skankery to Wayne Bridge kiss-and-tells?

Finally, here are a few links that make for “interesting” reading.

Link: England Captain Role ‘Overstated’
Link: Women Have Forgiven John Terry
Link: John Terry’s Next Move Has To Be A Wise One

A NOTE ON COMMENTS: Please. Keep your comments in the realm of debate rather than disgusting. We’re all ladies here, so present your opinion as such.

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90 Responses to “John Terry: Notes on a Scandal”

  1. Ella says:

    Ladies, let’s play nice. We all have different views of this but there is only one opinion that really matters and that would be Mr Capello’s. He has made his call and whether you like it or not, this is what England has to work with. I think we should focus more on speculating about the WC and less on biting each others heads off because of something that isn’t in our hands to begin with.

  2. lesgirondins says:

    Good LORD. Look, it's not exactly rocket science. Banging your teammate's girlfriend (ex-girlfriend, whatever) is hardly conducive to team unity. And as far as anyone arguing that people in normal jobs wouldn't get sacked for anything like this…well, this isn't a normal job. At the end of the day John Terry should have thought about the consequences of his actions before taking them – he's not a child. If he wants responsibility, he should grow up and stop acting like one.

    And as for the secondary debate about the captaincy, I'm a Liverpool fan but I don't think Rio Ferdinand is a terrible option. While Steven Gerrard is obviously fantastic for Liverpool he's too inhibited for England, and while I personally think Wayne Rooney would be the best, we certainly don't need to over-tax him when his only priority should be scoring goals. So there isn't exactly a plethora of options here.

  3. Johnna says:

    Not getting involved with all the sh*tstorm that always happens here ubt I just wanted to answer 5a on the true or false quiz.


  4. mrs jt ;) (sarah) says:

    i think we all agree that what jt did was wrong, and maybe it was the right decision to take the england captaincy away from him, but i dont think this should be a permanent decision, just until the whole thing has settled down. i dont think that rio is the best person for the job cos if were talkin about role models then hes not the best is he (missing a drugs test and the sex tape!) i think frank would of been a better choice but never mindd.

    thats all i have to say on the matter, andddd i think this is goingg too far with everyone argueing about it :)

    kickette, thankss for the update thoo.

  5. kaya says:

    I don't get it: why the thoughtful analysis of Toni Poole's decision making process? Why the sad tone of and reticence to talk about this situation? When it's Makalele or Cole, everyone seems happy to wag their fingers. When it was Nereida disgracing herself, it was all good times. I'm not sure why the juicy details of this affair suddenly are the sort of thing to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    Everyone has known JT is a jerk for a long time so I'm not sure why it seems like I'm the only disappointed by the lack of doghouse coverage.

    • Shipra says:

      I'm inthis with you, love. I don't really care, but a spot of good coverage would do me just fine. :D

  6. mimosa says:

    jt what? who? who cares is more like it. another footballer banging some skank is nothing new so lets not pretend they're not all knee deep in ho.


  7. shadi says:

    I love you , JT … forever….

    you're 1 england captain…

    just you… you….

    you 're still my hero… forever….

  8. Redgirl says:

    According to the sports pages Terry lost the captaincy because he lost the respect of his England team-mates: he had told them all (including Bridge) the stories about him and VPW* were untrue and then his injunction was over-turned and they learned the truth. If this is true, Terry will not be the first cornered bloke to employ a little imagination when discussing his love life, but as England captain it was significant skankiness.
    Secondly, there is the business of him sub-letting his Wembley box against the rules.

    * visible panty wag

    • Lena says:

      I believe he stood up and told the Chelsea changing room, not Englands. And if he lost respect of the team, how can Frank, Ashley, and Joe play along side him without a hint of dissent. If the team really did turn against him, he wouldn't have kept the Chelsea armband.

      And, it is also really really likely, that Capello didn't call the team to ask how they felt about his private sex life. So, I think we can toss that idea out. Besides, you cannot deny he is the most natural leader on that team, I don't think any of them wanted to start screwing around with the mechanics of the team just months before the WC. Stick him and Bridge in a room together, and let them sort it out as men. With mud wrestling.

      And let me film it.

  9. HJ says:

    i don’t see things that way. i think deep down, Toni’s heartbroken and is just trying to cover it up.I feel sorry for her and her kids. n’ maybe she’s sticking to him because she knows it must be crazy being a single , unemployed mum.maybe she’s still crazy about him & cherishes the time they’ve spent together to call it off.or doesn’t want to humiliate the father of her children.It’s not just abt the “WAG” title. screw designer dresses, shoes and money. beneath it all, they’re just an aching family & adultery still would’ve sucked as much if it hadn’t been with that Vanessa(home-wrecking, golddigging bitch).

  10. Tula says:

    "She wasn't his wife" Does that somehow mean what JT did wasn't as bad, because she was ONLY the mother of Wayne Bridge's child?

  11. Lilly says:

    Good!!! Glad he was axed!

  12. Ella says:

    Bravo Capello! There should be repercussions for things like screwing over your own teammates. Especially if you were their captain.

    I’m surprised at all the criticism of Rio. He isn’t perfect (none of these guys are), but until someone tells me he had an affair with a teammate’s GF, he’s certainly not in JT’s league of dirtbaggery. The issue here was never that JT cheated on Toni, (although I find it horrible) it was that he betrayed Wayne, who he has to play with (and lead) in the biggest tournament in the world! And if I were on a team, and my own captain broke such a massive unspoken rule against one of my teammates, I wouldn’t respect him worth a lick. I would think he was a gutless, slimeball. So if Capello didn’t demote Terry, he may have lost the respect of his team too.

    Anyway, I am glad this is resolved and England is in good hands with Capello as coach and Rio as captain. Now I am just curious as to what Toni’s next move is……

  13. Vlada says:

    I think it’s the right decision. It would be too much of a hassle to have him remain the team captain especially with the kind of press the English have. There was no other possible punishment, fining him would have been pointless and he couldn’t be dropped from any upcoming matches.

    Didn’t Terry have a meeting with Capello sometime last year about his behavior? 12 minutes seem about right if he had been previously warned.

  14. coleenfan says:

    Popped back in with this… interesting comment on Toni from the Mirror:

    “Toni is the kind of working class girl who will never leave her man, a woman who believes her first love is her only love, who set her sights on her feller when she was just 17 and can never move on.

    When they first met, in Essex, 11 years ago, she was the earner, pulling in £250-a-week as a beautician. John was on less than a fifth of that, making £46 as a Chelsea trainee on the YTS scheme. She supported him.

    So, despite the gossip, Toni’s not in her marriage for the money, though I’m sure she enjoys it. She’s in it because she believes, poor sap, that John Terry is her soul-mate. “

  15. Shipra says:

    Why is it wrong to have a relationship with your best friend's/ team mate's ex? I mean, if it's anyone's problem, it's Toni's. I really really don't think it should affect the team.

    • Lena says:

      I find your comment very rude.

    • Shipra says:

      i'm not really a JT fan, actually. In fact, I'm not really a fan of anyone in the England NT (past or present), except Michael Owen and Michael Carrick. I'm only supporting him cause, well, just cause I think he's a good player and a good captain. Otherwise, Chelsea is not my favourite team and JT isn't my fav player.

      Well, what I'm just trying to say is that how do we know that other players in the NT haven't done the same thing. maybe others have done the same too, but never got caught or the matter was never publicised. I'm not in any way saying they have, what I'm just saying is that we don't really know, do we?

      Also, as Kickette so rightly seems to point out, Wayne Bridge is not really much of an innocent ducky, is he?

      It's just my opinion.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment.

    • Gigi Neville-Brown says:

      You are obviously a JT fan. However, cheating and deceit are just that. On or off the pitch. Plain and simple.

  16. bam says:

    Well I admit to being completely biased because I hate Chelsea with a fiery passion of a thousand suns but I will admit he is/was a good captain. However, I think stripping him of the England captaincy is right simply because it isn’t just a footballing position, it’s media related, PR related, image related, front face of the team (& thus the country) itself. It’s way more than just what the captain does on the pitch. So whilst his bad press stems from stuff he’s done off the pitch & seemingly doesn’t affect his performance on the pitch I still think it’s bad enough to not want him as your main guy for press conferences, images, guy leading the others out etc etc.

    At the same time, no way would you drop him entirely from the squad or whatever (assuming the rest of the players have no problem with him which I think is safe to assume…maybe Wayne Bridge ain’t so happy but well, we have Ashely Cole so… ;) ). He’s still one of the best defenders in the country (if not the world) even if he is a bit of an idiot off the pitch. I think he should have made it all simple for Capello by offering his resignation anyway but there we go. Whilst it may be unfair to expect a whiter than white footballer as captain (& basically impossible as no-one is squeaky clean) he should at least be less PR-doomed than Terry. I mean can you imagine if he stayed as captain, his 1st press conference after this would be insane! Best he just moves to the background, keeps doing his job & we focus on a new guy to put front & center for press/PR.

  17. Callie says:

    I'm not so sure whether it's about JT's morals, so much as whether the team as a whole still respect him. A few years ago, the captain of a premiership-winning Australian Rules Football team, someone who was regarded as potentially the best player ever, was found to be having an affair with his vice-captain/best friend's wife. After that, the players on the team basically refused to play with him for breaking the 'code'. Regardless of the doubts as to whether they were Wayne and Vanessa were still together or not, I suspect something similar may be at play here.

  18. imhereforthenando says:

    Thanks Kickette for updating us. I know that you guys don’t love writing about this, and it means a lot that you do anyway.

    I feel relieved that JT lost his captaincy. It isn’t because he was cheating, it was because he was cheating with a teammate’s ex-fiancee. Being a captain is about having the respect of your teammates, as well as their trust. I’m sure that right now he has neither.

  19. fenja says:

    Sad story…! Isn’t it ironic to fire J. T. because of moral reasons and to go for another footie player with just partly different issus (Gerrard & Rio)? I’m so sad for all the wags (especially Alex Gerrard), they would have deserved more. Maybe with less balmain, fear, superficial pressure & silly mag shoots, but more genuine joy, pleasure and trust….

  20. truly_thata says:

    K, I don’t now that you will put this news on the air again?! I thought we gonna have a napping from JT scandal

  21. hoda says:

    i become miserably upset,i cant believe all happend befor WC!jt was graet leader for england and now what we gonna do?damn it!

  22. laura-8 says:

    Dont think J.T should of been stripped of the captaincy .. even though i’m a chelsea fan and what he’s done is completely wrong, by saying its because young children look up to him is wrong, yes he’s (former) england captain but young boys dont read the papers – they only see football and what a fantastic leader he is ..
    Think Lampsy should be in contention for skipper — Vanessa is sooooo posing for pictures with her P.R man

    btw .. Lampsy and Elen to get back together please – she’s vowed to fight for him!

    • Erin says:

      I haven't seen any reports saying anything about young children or being a role model. Capello's statement said that he needed to do what was best for all of the England squad.

      • Lena says:

        BBC last night was saying he should be kicked off the England squad completely for being a bad role model for young kids. They also said him getting that red card that time showed what a bad role model he is.

        One guy on the BBC said it was poppycock to call him a role model and to kick him off the team because of it, because he's never said he was a role model. He's a footballer, and just because he can get a tackle in, doesn't make him a role model. So, the BBC lady kinda cut him off, said something snarky and ended his commentary.

  23. Gina says:

    I looooove Toni’s post-twins figure. I saw a recent pic of her wearing an Ed Hardy bikini and agaaaiiiin she looked stunning. Love that Ed Hardy bikini!

  24. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Like it or not ladies, Rio Ferdinand is the new captain, and Stevie G is the vice-captain. Check any web site you would like, and find the necessary validation. Why do people keep wondering who the new captain will be? To quote Capello himself, “When I chose John Terry as captain, I also selected a vice-captain and also named a third choice. There is no reason to change this decision."

    • Missy Manchester says:

      I’ve been meaning to write exactly what you just did…but I was too lazy! LOL Thanks for getting it done.

      • Gigi Neville-Brown says:

        Anytime. I must ask, are you a Blue or a Red Manc? Not that it matters, just curious.

  25. Ess-Jay says:

    Maaaan, I've lost so much respect for JT now. His Dad + Mum's little antics earlier last year lost a tiny bit, but now. Cheating on Toni! She's one of the only WAGs I can actually stand! And their children!.. Awwh, their gorgeous little kids.. Whhhy John, WHHHYYY!? He had everything. Now, he's just another name on that skanks list of hookups…

    Anyway! I'm so glad they took the captaincy off him!.. Congrats Rio! :) (Although Stevie would've been my choice of captain.. Haha but in saying that.. If I had my way, half those footballers wouldn't be in the England squad! :P )

    Oh, and you know who else I feel sorry for..


    JT and Lamps were so cute together. Now, whaaaa?! Poor Lamps. If JT couldn't have kept his hands off Vanessa for the sake of his kids, his wife or even his career as captain, couldn't he at least do it for Frank's sake?!

  26. carly says:

    I don't envy Capello having to deal with this situation and finding a suitable captain in the midst of all the no-angels of the England NT. I mean, is there a single one that hasn't been involved in some sort of scandal?

  27. Riya (Come on you Reds!) says:

    Overall I’m just glad JT isn’t captain. His behaviour and how it affects teammates just had to warrant some sort of action.

    Currently, Ferdinand’s form is horrible, he has no match fitness, and has a violent conduct ban.

    On the other hand, Stevie’s form has been horrible as well. Only in the last match did he show any glimpse of the old Stevie.

    So over all, I don’t really know who *I* would have made captain.

    *sigh* this is all so frustrating.

  28. suzie says:

    Now that Capello has made his decision I hope the press leave this alone…I know they won’t but it’s not really any one’s business what Toni decides to do, it’s her life,her choice. Rio was vice captain before all this so it’s the logical footballing decision and not to give him it would have been harsh as this particular mess was none of his making. I hope he’s learned from Terry’s mistake and gives the role the respect it needs both on and of the pitch.

  29. coleenfan says:

    Gah… I don’t love any of the choices for the England squad tbh… I think they’ve all got “dirt” under their belts… and those that don’t aren’t natural leaders…. I personally think the public are making a bigger deal out of the captaincy setup than the players – they all just want to go to South Africa and win. They’ll put this drama behind them I think.

    Great sum up , though Kickette! I’m going to read back now to do the quiz :)

  30. Manchester United has a history of producing excellent captains for the England national team, and I have full confidence that Rio will take the responsibilities, duties and honour of the captain’s armband with the full seriousness that they deserve.

  31. jayneg says:

    My feeling is that there was no other way to go about it, the team had been compromised as a direct result JT's actions, what else was Capello supposed to do? JT made many concious decisions that lead to this action, he is in no way a victim of Capello's decisions, only a victim of his own poor choices.

    I've tired of trying to reconcile how women like Toni can look themselves in the mirror in the morning, especially when they have children who will form their knowledge of relationships from their parents. The bottom line is I don't have her life and only she truly knows the reality in which she lives.

    As for Wayne Bridge, I guess I'm curious as to what antics he's getting up to that could spin the story. I know he's always around for these antics (i.e. the Vegas trips, the use of his home as a brothel of sorts for JT, the boozy nights out…I read it all, I just don't comment a lot!) but I don't really remember reading about specific instances when he was caught behaving badly, although that could just be because he doesn't get the press of the others. I do know that I've been with my friends for some pretty raucous times but not always participated in all of the behavior that ensued. But I'd like to be englightened about WB.

  32. kil says:

    He got what he deserved, dude u got a massive ring on ur finger, but no u got to let it out. I bou down to Fabio C. for this good decition, pass it on to someone else on the squard. As for Toni and Terry they will sought it out They've been there and done that, Bravo Fabio Bravo!

  33. Shipra says:

    I don't think it's fair to strip JT of his captaincy, irrespective of the fact that he has been doing weird stuff with his team-mate's ex-gal.

    I don't really see how it affects England for the WC.

    I remember during the last WC in 2006, there had been loads of reports about infighting amongst the players of the Italian NT. They still won the world cupp, didn't they?

    The thing is, if all the players in a team wantto badly win the worls cup, then they will do so, notwithstanding the fact as to who cheated on whom and who the captain is. I mean, Wayne Bridge isn't with Vanessa Perroncel anymore, is he?

    • bam says:

      There wasn't infighting with the Italians (if anything their team was more united & together than ever). The drama with them was due to the calciopoli back in Italy – the investigations into match fixing etc with almost all the 1st team of the Azzurri playing for teams that were caught up in it in some way. That drama brought them all closer together & made thema real team together & probably helped them win the WC through that team unity & togetherness. Gave them extra motivation etc.

      Sometimes off pitch drama & media craziness can work in a teams favour & inspire them to victory but I think when it is focused on one particular player (in this case Terry) then I think that is bad news. The easiest way to end it is to do what Capello did & just take away the captaincy. It doesn't mean he's going to be less of a defender or less of a leader on the pitch, just means the team as a whole can move on & forget about it entirely & focus on the WC. It's dealt with, the press can fester on this for a little while longer but really there probably isn't much more life in this story now so it'll die off sooner than if he remained captain (if he remained the story would be brought up every time he faced the press, every interview, tv appearance, post-match interview, every time Capello spoke he'd be asked, every time another player got interviewed they'd be asked blah blah…this pretty much kills the interest really)

      • Shipra says:

        Thank you for expressing your views so clearly and honourably.

        Well, my only problem with removing Terry as captain is that who is going to be England's captain now? I mean, who has got a better past, and even if people do havebetter pasts, are they as good leaders. terry led ascaptain, rightfrom the front. In fact, i remember, I always liked him more as a captain than I liked DB (hope this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, it's only my opinion).

        As far as the Azzurri were concerned that time, I had heard about some sort of problems between del piero, inzaghi and totti. it had been there in the papers, of course no one confirmed it, but there was a rumour. And well, yeah, as you so rightly point out, calciopoli added to it. anyway, they played as a team and that's why they emerged as the winners! :D

  34. Lamps' babe says:

    I think that what JT does in the bedroom should remain in the bedroom,but since he's been doing it with a friend's girl I can understand Capello's decision.What I really don't understand is his wife's mind.I mean,ok they've been together for ages,ok she loves him and he probably loves her back,there are 2kids involved..but woman..this man has ALWAYS been cheating on you,and she knows it..how can she still look at him?How can she sleep when he's away?Maybe I'm the wrong one but for me it would be a living hell..not to mention that if a man is always looking around is because there is a lack of something in the relationship.Good luck to her,maybe her HUUUUGE rock has blinded her mind

  35. Melissa says:

    Stevie has been in poor form because he's been injured. So he's allowed time to get his legs back and get back in the groove. I think Rios been out between injury and ban as well.

    Almost all sporting figures have "shady" backgrounds because of the people who take advantage of them, or they surround themselves with. Of all the issues, Rooney had that issue with the prostitutes, and that's it, yeah? Or is there other stuff. And then Stevie had some mob issues, and that fight in the bar last year. But everyone does stupid stuff. But Stevie and Wayne seem to have learned from their mistakes and settled down into decent men. I think Capello should give the armband to whoever deserves it when the World Cup arrives. See who proves themselves in the friendlies leading up to the WQ. As a USA fan first, and England being my adopted team, I would hate for this to effect the England world cup campaign. I don't want to have to deal with this being an excuse for why we win, or why England doesn't advance out if that should be the case.

  36. Missy Manchester says:

    Oh yes…does anyone really know how old Vanessa is? I've read she says she's 28…but the math doesn't seem to work. Other reports put her at 33.

    I can understand Vanessa shaving a few years off her age…the shelf life of a skankowag can't be too long.

  37. Jessi says:

    i think we can all agree that these ballers are not angels. should terry be removed? yes, i think so. i truthfully don't really care to much about what he's doing in the bedroom. it's the fact that i did it with his teammate's girl. to me that's going to cause a HUGE rift in the dressing room. i'm also wondering if capello's decision was influenced on the fact that jt was doing some other non-upstanding things? he's been rumored to have tried to sell his box at wembley that was given to him for his family/friends/etc use. it just seems like there's so much more going on with jt than just this sex scandal. i hope everything turns out to be fine (if nothing else for toni and his kids sake).

  38. Missy Manchester says:

    Capello had no choice but strip JT of the armband. With JT at the helm as captain…Capello's tightly run ship was starting to become a ship of fools.

    My only hope is that Rio (who is no angel either) hasn't done anything salacious these past 6 months….because the media spotlight will soon shift to him…and his recent past will be put under the microscope for comparison purposes.

    Also…JT can't be shocked or surprised that this particular scandal was going to hurt his position as England's captain…otherwise…why would he have tried to get a court injunction? Did he do it with any of his past scandals??

  39. tammyv says:

    Per Gigi's Request, I am posting my take on the meeting

    Capello: Welcome John… See More

    Terry: Thank you Mr. Capello.

    Capello: You are done as captain, Turn over the armband and get out.

    Terry: But I thought we were going to talk

    Capello: We just did. Now give up the armband and get out

  40. tammyv says:

    Well put together post Kickette…

    1. False

    2. True.

    3. or (remains to be scene, she has said that she has but time will tell)

    4. Probably true but she did ban him from his post-wedding bachlor's party in Vegas that led to the great Lampard-Rivas split of 2009

    5. True

    5a. Redic True

    6. Obvs true

    7. Yup

    8. In tammy's fantasyland of awesome

    9. In a bra and panties, I bet the male half of the pop would agree

  41. Erin says:

    I think Capello made the right decision. I don't think ballers need to be a national moral compass by any means. And if Terry had just cheated with some random chick, I wouldn't see any reason to strip him of the captaincy. But given the situation, it absolutely DOES affect the other players and the unity of the squad. I believe Capello has a good handle on this and didn't make a knee-jerk decision. The struggle now will be to avoid inter-squad issues because of this situation, regardless of who is captain.

    I also think that maintaining and promoting the existing vice-captain (Ferdinand) and 3rd in line (Gerrard) is the best thing to do right now. No need to completely reshuffle the deck. They were chosen for a reason and that's good enough for me at this point.

    • HiL says:

      "if Terry had just cheated with some random chick, I wouldn’t see any reason to strip him of the captaincy. But given the situation, it absolutely DOES affect the other players and the unity of the squad."


  42. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Bye, bye Terry. Hello Rio!!!!

    None of them are the "perfect" choice, but Capello made the right decision in dismissing him, and keeping his 2nd and 3rd choices, and bumping them up to the captain and vice-captain positions, instead of opening up a war of major egos between the players as to who should or shouldn't get it, therefore avoiding even more discord in the dressing room, and on the pitch.

    Good riddance.

    • tammyv says:

      I completely agree about the moving each one up one. That is why he had a vice-capt and a third, in case the leader could not lead. Now it can be done and dusted without more drama, thought I do love some dramatics

      Though, this does potentially cause a huge awkward centerback partnership with JT looking over at his armband on his partner's bicep.

  43. HiL says:

    Rio is an excellent choice, he has passion, loyalty, influence and flair. what else a captain needs?

    I think Capello took the captaincy away from Terry not because he cheated on his wife, because he cheated on his best friend. not quite captain-like. so what the person below me wrote is really not relevant. the captinacy has nothing to do with what happened to Rio quite a while ago, and has nothing to do with what's going on right now.

    • Lena says:

      I really don't think he cares what he does to his best friend. I think he took it away because, like he said, it took away from the team. He was a distraction in the lead up to the WC.

      And, while Rio may be all those things he's also: lazy, distrustful (he's had affairs too), selfish (ManU christmas party), and quite frankly, he's in poor form. I've been questioning whether he'd be on form enough to make the WC roster, I didn't think he's played well enough, but I guess he gets a free pass now.

      • HiL says:

        Who says a captain needs to have a "clean" past and a clean pallet? i'm sure that most of the footballers cheat on their wives. it has nothing to do with it! Capello took it away for a reason.. that stupid party or that he once cheated has nothing to do with his ability to be a captain. If JT had cheted with some unknown woman, than it wouldn't have affected his captaincy. it's the fact that it was Bridge's gf that made all the fuss.

        And Rio was always one of the best defenders in England and he had some bad luck this year but i am sure that he will be prepared for this summer.

        • Lena says:

          But, if I'm going with your argument, Capello stripped him for moral reasons, then yeah he needs to appoint a captain with moral fiber. Which, Rio, Rooney, Lampard, Beckham, Defoe, and well, basically the entire team. They've all abused their power and position. So, he can't be impeached for what he did to Wayne, because it's nothing the team hasn't dealt with before. I mean, Lamps and Rio have a sex tape floating around!

          So, they had to impeach him on the stance that he lost his armband because the media would effect the team, and it will. He's got cameras following him around everywhere, his wife, and that lady he did the tango with.

          • Do not forget that there’s the situation with the private box that was granted to JT at Wembley — one of the perks of being the England team captain. JT’s being investigated for trying to ‘rent out’ the box for a princely sum of four thousand pounds. The agreement to take this box states the yes, others can use it but the person responsible (JT) cannot profit in any way for “lending” it out. JT was trying to make money of the box — a big, fat no no for the England skipper. Capello would have been concerned about that little problem too… add it to the skank-fest with Vanessa and there’s many a reason to drop JT as captain and move on to someone else.

            Congrats, Rio. I think you’ll do a great job. And kudos to Capello for not changing the whole set up around. Rio and Gerrard were the #2 and #3 — makes sense.

            • Lena says:

              Actually, the article says that they were in touch with an associate at his management, so it's like saying… The Assistant for Fabio Capello had a sandwich, so we should all be mad at Fabio for it.

              He's not renting it, and quite frankly, I don't trust any paper that did research on this but still can't research that John had a son and a daughter, not two daughters.

      • Portia says:

        Poor form? The CC game against City was his first game since October, and the difference he made to the team was quite obvious. When on form Rio is without a doubt one of if not the best defender in the World.

        • Portia says:

          Sorry his first game back was Hull, and he was great in that as well (elbow apart) so the comment still stands.

        • Lena says:

          His form is nothing what it used to be, and every time you turn around, he's in the treatment room with his back. His a liability, and after one tweak, Fergie isn't going to let him play with England.

          • So, let's make Upson first choice centerback in South Africa? A fit Rio Ferdinand is an extremely valuable asset to the team, one of the best defenders in the world, and who says he isn't fit now and his injury problems behind him? Let's give it a bit of time, shall we, before we send him to the glue factory?

            • Lena says:

              I agree, lets give him a bit of time. Before guaranteeing him a spot in the WC Roster, and making him Captain on top of that.

              Capello should have stripped JT and said he'd wait until Egypt to name a replacement.

              • I guarantee that if Rio isn't fit for South Africa, the meeting where he loses the captaincy will take less than twelve minutes. And I wouldn't argue with that decision.

                I have faith that Mr. Capello actually does know what he's doing.

              • Jo says:

                Why should Capello wait? He selected a vice-captain and a third option when he gave Terry the armband. That’s the purpose of having a vice-captain. Waiting will only drag out the media circus, placing even more pressure on the squad.

        • Agreed. His performances against Man City and Hull City were close to his usual standard of excellence.

      • hoda says:

        oh come on how you can be sure about rest of them??
        i would be happy if you tell who you consider and i tell you his background!
        rio has been great leader!and can you tell me how we can be sure about 4 month later?maybe steven or others get injured.

      • And just one more point. You can sneer at the mistakes he has made in his past personal life and I would never argue. I’m perfectly aware of his history. But branding him “lazy”? You don’t win four Premier League titles and lift the European Cup by being lazy.

  44. Lorelei says:

    So Rio gets the poisoned armband in spite of missing a mandatory drug test, and being co-organiser of the notorious ManU Christmas party that consisted of ManU players and girls about town (no WAGS allowed). And we all know what allegedly happened there. A fine moral choice by Mr. Capello.

    • geltastic says:

      To those who are questioning Fabio's choices let us not forget that he might just know what he's doing seeing as he's won domestic league titles with EVERY club he has coached. When someone has a record like that they might know a little more than us about what is best for a team. I'm just sayin.

      • Tula says:

        Oh, and vanessa might have fantastic (not entirely her own) hair, but she's a bit of a buttaface. I feel it needs to be said…

      • Tula says:

        Exactly, I wouldn’t question the Capello’s decisions. I definitely think he made the right choice; saying nothing should change because John Terry’s not the only england player who’s had affairs is over-simplifying it, because he’s the only player to have had an affair with a teammate’s wife. Anybody who claims that that’s not going to affect the dressing room is fooling themselves. Rio’s no angel either but unfortunately everyone has a past and as far as I can see, none of the contenders for captain are perfect. Calling him lazy and saying his violent conduct ban means he doesn’t deserve the captaincy is laughable.

        • Lena says:

          She wasn't his wife. He wasn't with her. He dumped her. He got sacked because all of this is a distraction. And, for all you know, this isnt the first affair with a teammates wife (or ex-girlfriend in this case). I mean, some of those girls are bikes. And, it's now known that JT wasn't her only Chelsea man.

          And, it happened in the States a few years back. The captain had an affair with a players wife.

          And, Sven said he was lazy. Wasn't just me. And, when JT got that red card (before it was rescinded) the papers were calling for his armband, why's it different now?

          • Samantha says:

            It did happen on the US NT before the 98 WC. (Exact same situ – captain had affair with teammate's wife) And guess what happened? Our Captain not only lost his captaincy, he got kicked off the team and missed the World Cup altogether! SO JT should thank his lucky stars he didn't pull this sh*t here.

            • Lena says:

              And um… did you see how well the US did that year? They crashed faster than Ronaldo and his car!

              And, they blame the player not being on the team for that!

              • Samantha says:

                LOL! I am American, and I will always support our NT no matter what, however, your comment would lead me to believe you think our 98 NT is on par with the current England squad. Again, I think the players from that 98 team worked hard and were great athletes, but I don't think the loss of one player was the only reason we didn't do well in that WC. And I'm pretty sure England's current NT will do just as well with or without JT as captain. And while they would miss a player of his caliber on the pitch, I certainly don't think his absence would cause them to completely fail at the WC. They are too good for that. Period.

    • Lena says:

      Not to mention his shitastic form as of late, his lack of fitness, and his violent conduct ban.

    • Jo says:

      Was it about morals or morale? A significant difference there.