January 4th, 2012

John Terry: Smokin’ Hot

Image: FINDLAY KEMBER/AFP/Getty Images.

Remember kids. Smoking is bad. It rots your lungs, prematurely ages your skin and due to recently implemented non-smoking legislation, can cause hair frizzing as you stand outside in the rain.

Now, John Terry might have made our hair curl in the past with his nefarious lady-bothering activities, and even caused the odd bout of breathlessness when his shorts get clingy, but so far he hasn’t aged us. So we can understand his anger upon discovering that his image is being used on government issue warnings placed on a brand of cigarettes in India.

The England captain is apparently considering legal action against those responsible for the warnings, which were still adorning packets of ‘Gold Flake’ in Delhi yesterday. Rightly so, or is he just peeved because he didn’t get condoms, like Davey B a couple of years ago? Or his own version of this Oliver Kahn endorsed World Cup accessory from 2006?

Only time and legal action will tell, Kickettes.

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8 Responses to “John Terry: Smokin’ Hot”

  1. FloraJane says:

    Yes, John IS smokin' hot. And I'm giggling about the 'honeydew smooth' on the packaging. But yeah, they need to pay up and remove his lovely mug from their product.

  2. sıla says:

    This is very wrong. Was carried out without permission.

  3. FootyGirl says:

    As an Indian and knowing the way companies function here, I'm guessing they never expected this to actually reach Terry!

  4. April says:

    So, I'm no fan of Terry's meanderings and frankly stupid behavior much of the time, but this is actually an issue of image rights and not opinions about his lifestyle. If they wanna use his image to market their cause, then they need his permission. Simples.

  5. Claire says:

    The thought of becoming as odious at John Terry (deformed lungs or not) is ten times as powerful as any other smoking deterrent. But y'know, to each their own.

  6. Carvivlie says:

    Condoms would make more sense.