October 7th, 2011

John Terry: Socks & Awe

That’s all very well and good, JT. But… really? You like how that looks? Image: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic.

In a series of Kickette approved poses, John Terry demonstrated that despite a total inability to operate a pair of socks, he is more than capable of distracting us from our work.

Image: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images.

It should be noted by Mr Terry that drying paint has been known to catch our eyes when we’re supposed to be writing copy and while we’re content to deal with the over-the-knee thing,¬†our patience (like his effing socks) is being stretched to the limit.

Image: Getty Images/Zimbio.

Enough already.

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11 Responses to “John Terry: Socks & Awe”

  1. Marina_Isabella says:

    Fernando Amorebieta (Athletic Bibao) uses his socks like that too.

  2. Luna says:

    mmm Lampsy's ass in second picture <3

  3. MrsLBaines says:

    I was busy focusing on the gent with shaggy hair in the first picture. :-)

  4. alanna says:

    terry can never beat his cousin in the sexiness section

  5. FloraJane says:

    His long socks are adorable!!! And he's been wearing them that way for ages. Stop the hate! lol And in case anyone cares, he said in an interview once that he started wearing them that way as a youth player because one of his football idols wore them that way, but I forget who it was. And now when you see him stop to pull them up during a match, he said it's like refocusing, the same way tennis players stare at their rackets and 'straighten' the strings after they've lost a point. Well, that, and sometimes they just need pulling up!

    Also, scruffy Frank is always good.

  6. littlegreenpea says:

    Totally off-topic… but I'm watching the England-Montenegro game right now (on espn3) and I must say that Joe Hart looks damn sexy in his goalie shirt. Mint has never looked this good. It just makes this (already interesting) game a little more interesting…

  7. coconut_cream says:

    I absolutely love JT and I am in no way ashamed about this. He is a sexy hunk of sex beef. Hell to the yes ladies! Baby got it goin’ on.

  8. Rachel says:

    I really hate that I am attracted to him. But I so am.

  9. bri_saldana says:

    Lamps never catches my eye…but BABY! That gruffy look is scrumptious on him…

  10. Fatima says:

    leave the dude alone…GASP I ACTUALLY JUST SAID THAT… its bloody freezing out…i dont blame him…ANOTHER GASP!!!

  11. Miss Lampard says:

    Love the first and the second pic (in the third my eyes are for Lamps, yummy), OMG he is in shape, very very hot…I don't know why but I still thinking that this man has more sexy poses than a Kamasutra's book..