May 28th, 2012

Just Married: The Whelans & The O’Haras

We’re not sure if anyone gives a hoot about these couples, so we’ll keep this short.

Mr & Mrs Glen Whelan: Stoke City & Republic of Ireland footballer, Glen Whelan, married Karen Byrne on 19.5.12 at St Philomena’s Church in Dublin, Ireland. The reception – held at the Ritz Hotel –  featured a 150-strong guest list including his ROI teammates John O’Shea (with his missus Yvonne, at left) and Stephen Hunt.

The newlyweds barely posed for the paparazzi following their ceremony, which based on the photo caption that accompanied the above scene, the paps were still butt hurt over: “[the couple] did photos for 10 seconds for the their wedding photographer before jumping into their old car.”

Click, zoom and weep over Karen’s ring finger, will someone? We can’t see how giddy she is with diamond lust and need a second (third and fourth) set of eyes.


Mr & Mrs Jamie O’Hara: We must say, we’re quite pleased with Jamie for taking his partner all the way to the WAG finish line.  Not sure what finally sealed the deal for Mr. O’Hara – he and his fishing aficionada have been engaged since 2010, share two children together and have gotten close to the altar before – but it’s about Danielle’s damn time.

Perhaps Jamie just likes to take things slow and be sure of his emotions? He looks like that kind of gentle, sensitive guy.

Wait, sorry. We’ve had one too many champagne cocktails with breakfast, so disregard whatever we’re talking about.


Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/GettyImages.

Bonus Cornrow Casanova: What better way to celebrate your nups than to pop down to the France NT training ground and have your photo taken with the players?


Congratulations to the happy couples!

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5 Responses to “Just Married: The Whelans & The O’Haras”

  1. Sweety says:

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  2. How can a person share such an awful photo (I'm talking about the last one)?

  3. Ruby Dubbin says:

    The only thing I care about is the colour of Karen Byrne Whelan's hair–especially that bit on her left temple. It's as grey as Kevin's suit. And the rest of her hair is some weird shade of washed-out beige. Forget her ring…she should have put a wig on it.

  4. IrishBlue says:

    Karen's dress is lovely and I hadn't realised how stunning John O'Shea's wife is, beautiful!

  5. EsiN says:

    Let's hope it last soo long.