May 10th, 2012

Juventus FC: Scudetto Celebrations & Observations

Whilst watching videos of Juventus celebrating their Scudetto win over the weekend, we couldn’t help but make the following observations about the wide-range of physical talent on offer from a few of their players:

Giorgio Chiellini: McDonald’s Playland bouncy ball pit hot (0.00 – 0.03).
Mirko Vucinic: will lecture you on your life choices hot.
Leonardo Bonucci: sexy, seemingly “slow” at times hot (0.07 – 0.11)
Marco Borriello: hates his Phantom of the Opera mustache too, but blows kisses anyway hot (o.15 – o.20).

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9 Responses to “Juventus FC: Scudetto Celebrations & Observations”

  1. JaneSpotting says:

    Just getting a chance to watch this now..oh okay…now I see what U mean by MB. Love his R. Valentino stache actually. Definately has something. Never notced before. Gracias kickettes

  2. ChefDi says:

    Not enough Matri or Pirlo in the video! (are they there at all?). I'll have to keep looking thru the files to find them somewhere. Thank you Kickette! As a Milanista, admittedly I'm "married" but have a lover named Juventus ;-)

    Congrats Juventinas!!!! You've earned celebrating the Scudetto for a long time coming!

  3. Jenni says:

    Pardon my ignorance… who's the guy in the T shirt from about 12 to 14 and a half seconds? He's hot!

  4. Gen says:

    aaaaaaah….aaaaaaaaah…aaaaaaaaah… how do I love my Juventus players…man.. it's been a great week!!!

  5. camirpo says:

    myyy godddd, Juventus has like the hottest "squadra" in Italy and that's saying something seeing as I'm an Inter fan.

    • Rossanera says:

      I am a Milanista and I can admit the same … I mean, they have Claudio Marchisio. He wins it for them alone.

      • camirpo says:

        Exactly. Then you add Alessandro Matri, Leonardo Bonucci and now they have Martin Caceres and Marco Borriello. TOO MUCH IN ONE TEAM! I'm considering studying abroad and I'm heavily leaning towards Torino and one of the deciding factors is JUVE! :P

  6. Mrs_Q_Borri says:

    I don't care, if Marco needs help to shave that mustache; I will be there with whipped cream, melted chocolate and straberries. Sorry, I meant with shaving cream and a razor! To help him take care of that facial hair… xD