June 3rd, 2011

Karim Benzema: Pants Man?

We’re all for players getting their nekkid on in public, but seriously. Are those your pants**, Karim Benzema? If so, we need to talk. (And possibly go shopping). **OK, we know it’s a training bib. But just go with it, will you? It’s Friday. Image: Getty Images/Daylife

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17 Responses to “Karim Benzema: Pants Man?”

  1. @AgnesWonka says:

    he's sooooooooooooo hot I can't believe it!!! and they talk about Pique…pfff!

  2. rainstarmcgee says:

    he's like the only RM player i like….such a talented player

    and he's also good looking (thats always a plus)

  3. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I know thank you Jose! Give it a rest people, they are staying! rumors about selling them really didn't make sense to begin with!

  4. Gabrielle says:

    I love him…I'm totally head over hills for him! He sure does it for me! "Benz you're amazing, just the way you are" lol…did i mentioned i'm head over hills for him?…well, there ya go! ;) love ya Benz!

  5. Marina_Isabella says:

    Question: I've seen other footballers carrying that thing around their torsos, what is it for? To breath better when running?… Thanks in advance to whoever may answer my question :)

    • Carla says:

      I think it's one of those monitors for their heart rate, calories, pace, distance etc. when they're training.

  6. earidurt says:

    benzema is delish. yum.

  7. Green 4 says:

    I will never get this guy, his look, his seedy past, it just does nothing for me….
    Anyone agree?

    • realmadridfan says:

      what seedy past are you talking about ?

      • Rosie says:

        I almost gave her a thumbs down, but I decided to google him. Based on his Wikipedia page, I'm assuming she means the incident with the underaged prostitute in Paris. In terms of his look, I do think he comes across as trying to look . . . I don't know . . . gangster or tough or something with the hair notches and chin fiasco, and I, typically, find that wholly unattractive. However, when I see him play (no close-ups of disastrous facial hair) or pictures of him smiling, I still think he's attractive, but actions like the previously mentioned do not a "sweetheart," as some comments have called him, make.

        • realmadridfan says:

          but i dont think he was with that underaged prostitute it was a team mate
          when you see videos of him and about his life whatever he really is in a way gangster
          like his cars ( lambo ) the music he listens to ( rap )
          but her really does seem like a good sweet kid , like even when he scored against lyon
          he didnt celebrate because it was his first team u know ?
          i think i comes out as a tough guy like you said but it shows that hes different inside

          • Rosie says:

            I don't know. The Wikipedia article said he was indicted, I think.

            And just driving fancy cars and listening to music does not a gangster make. I used to live in a city filled with them; he does not qualify. I agree that he's still cute, and his does look sweet. I think he sometimes tries to come across as a tough guy, but I think he still looks a bit like a poser, in part because he does not manage to completely get rid of that sweet look. The point of my previous comment was to a) point out that it seems like he tries to look seedy, but he doesn't quite succeed and b) to explain what Green 4 meant by "seedy past."

            The underaged prostitute point still holds (that was stupid, gross, and seedy), unless, of course, you can point me towards evidence that he actually wasn't involved. If so, feel free to post a link, preferably in English, although Spanish would be okay.

            I certainly did not mean to offend! I was just trying to clarify and to point out that, while I could see her point of view, I don't agree 100%.

            • drea says:

              So late to this, but it popped up on my screen. About the prostitute, the charges were dropped in November 2011. His ex still insists he was with her the night the girl says they slept together, and there's a lot of talk about how it was his agent–the other "Karim"–who was actually the one who hired the girl and Benz didn't want to snitch. When he was before the judge, he had a hard time explaining himself without implicating anyone else so he just kept insisting he was innocent.

              About the gangsta look, it's not totally like he's just fronting. Karim grew up in a low-middle income suburb of Lyon, and it's been said that football saved him from getting involved in the urban problems of that area. Having gone through the football academy, he's not totally "street" but he's stayed friends with the people he grew up with (and picked up a few rappers for his entourage along the way LOL).

              And just for good measure, even if it wasn't mentioned here, about that ugly thing between him and his mother vs his aunt and cousin regarding the financial support for his grandmother, the grandmother has gone on record and said that she was manipulated into making it look like Karim hasn't done anything for her financially when he actually does a lot.

              So yeah, that's pretty much everything I know about Benz's "seedy" background.

  8. JA7 says:

    This guy is SO HOT. No wait, he's SEXY. Love Karim!!

  9. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I really love his intense stare, I love this picture and the fact I can see skin! Benz such a sweet-heart, je t'aime, I am watching you today!

  10. Stefania says:

    Why is he so hot and attractive?!

  11. sami says:

    love kariiiim xD