February 7th, 2011

Karim Benzema: Rap Stud or Dud?

Image: ParolesdeFoot.com.

In every young, talented footballer’s tenure, there are smart career moves, and then there are the occasional “WTF” moments. In the case of Karim Benzema’s newest venture – rapping on a new French track, “Fais moi la passe”/”Let me pass” – this is undoubtedly the latter.

Never mind that Rohff, the man responsible for this meeting of the minds, says the Real Madrid footballer, “raps like a God!” – it’s clear that Benzema is no Mario Gomez with his guitar strings. If you consider yourself any bit of musically-inclined, then you’ll quickly realise, too, that despite all the auto-tuned bells and game-spitting whistles his alibi ballad offers, he shouldn’t be quick to quit his day job.

After all, isn’t that sort-of in limbo anyway?

Will our ever-discriminatory readers be so kind as to subject your eardrums to this before thumbs-upping or downing each others’ thoughts in the comments below? Consider it your duty, Kickettes – something that is owed to¬†the tone deaf mocked before him.

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26 Responses to “Karim Benzema: Rap Stud or Dud?”

  1. aninjasdream says:


  2. FEO says:

    Fais Moi La passe means Give me the ball or Pass me the ball

  3. killua says:

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  4. Mariah says:

    I don’t think that this song is bad. I really like the part “benze benze benzema”. And rap suits him.

  5. Sarah, Madrid says:

    It is not bad, he actually sounds HOT however the song itself it is not nice. I still believe Ozil Son Larga song, although I dont understand german is the best rap I heard by a footballer, Mesut made german sound extremly HOT.

  6. justme says:

    Lol fais-moi la passe doesn't mean let me pass. It's the opposite, it's more like pass it to me.
    Anyway, French rap hasn't impressed me in years but Karim takes it to another level. His flow is decent enough but the lyrics… boo, no.

  7. Duha says:

    I really can't tell which is benz benz benzema :P

  8. Stella says:

    Benzé, Benzé, Benzema! I Love this song, I play it like every day not just because its Benz who sings in it. But I really like his rap (and his frensch).

  9. Nihaal28 says:

    I actually like the chorus
    Is that weird?

  10. JaneSpotting says:

    Karim can do no wrong in my books. Oh he has always had that 'southern French' attitude..cool, hip, bad boy.
    Me likes. Am surprised he hasnt made any kickette listing yet. Meow..yes yes Karim!

    • Bri says:

      Oh that attitude is misleading. They really are just mushy romantics and don't want anybody to know. Trust me I know, I have one. Ladies man though he may be, he's all melty inside. Oh mon coeur. I suspect karim is the same way ;)

  11. Linya says:

    This is old! He did this long ago.

  12. Davena says:

    am i the only one that thinks that this isn't that bad????? i dunno maybe its because i actually listen to rap and hear what some of the "profesionals" put out… i'm telling you he could make it…. back up move for if adebayor takes his spot

  13. Negra Cabreada says:

    I don't care if he raps or sings reggaeton, he's still hot

  14. madridista says:

    Karimmmm. I lub you but for the love of god stop trying to rap. Please.

  15. Shamal says:

    "benzy benzy benzemaaaa"
    Best part ever LOL

  16. @AgnesWonka says:

    he raps? he can't be cooler!!!

  17. L.V.B says:

    I was stuck between ROTFL and inching ever closer to the 'shut down' option on my laptop.

    It just sounds like a bunch of french words said really fast together. Also loved it how they tried to give it 'street cred' by throwing a loud police siren into it to make him sound gangster – if they wanted a criminal french footballer they should have just opted for Ribery. (oh wait….both enjoy hanging out in Paris cafe's). XD

    • TuTu says:

      LMAO!!!! Is it bad that I didn't even hear the police siren since I was trying soo hard to figure out where his verse was/ stopping myself from laughing??

  18. Halle says:

    Can someone very kindly translate Karim's part? My French is not up to scratch


    • Bri says:

      From ligue 1 to la liga
      I have to pierce, to shoot through the net of Barca.
      Without stopping, I hurry, pass to me.
      We will raise the cup Tcheck ca (not sure on that one)
      Tonight we party.


      Rohff: How many?
      Benzema: The big 6-0!
      Bro, last time I saw you with two fighter planes, go ahead, pass to me, I'm going deep.
      Rohff: Yeah yeah but wait, you owe me a perfect pass.
      Benzema: Yeah that's right, that's right. How do you want it? Back pass? Blind?
      Rohff: Umm, a penalty, but no keeper.

  19. Bri says:

    MDR!!!Oh Karim… le rap n'est pas ton fort.

  20. It sounds…Meh. I'd need to adjust to that since most rap is in english. I'm trying to remain neutral here Kickette!