March 27th, 2012

Kevin Prince-Boateng & Melissa Satta: Trouble In Paradise, Already?

KP-B WAG girlfriend playtime in the park

Melissa Satta spent some time swinging a poor defenseless child around like a rag doll and playing hide-and-go-seek behind an inflatable princess in a Milan park over the weekend, driving the Italian tabs mad with speculation of a possible change in dating course
for her and AC Milan’s Kevin-Prince Boateng. cited Melissa’s absence during her man’s match three days ago (a 2-1 win over Roma) as out of character for the luxury box-loving WAG, with Che Donna adding that she’s supposedly stalling on moving the couple’s future forward.

Kevin Prince-Boateng girlfriend ex of Bobo Vieri Sports Illustrated swimsuit modelRegardless of who wrote what, we’re pretty good at calling a spade what it is when faced with the obvious, which means we doubt the Italian gossip mongers know anything more than diddly squat about the state of KP-B & S’s affairs.

Outside the bedroom, anyway.

While we wait and see if she turns up for tomorrow’s Milan vs Barcelona CL clash, let’s fuss over her choice of Saturday afternoon footwear. We sorta like her casual, cool kicks but have never tried such a brightly coloured pair on for size ourselves. Given her bold street style statement, does anyone know if the American-born model/presenter is a secret sneakerhead or not?

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5 Responses to “Kevin Prince-Boateng & Melissa Satta: Trouble In Paradise, Already?”

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  2. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Another opportunistic!

  3. Naomi says:

    The sweatpants. Why Melissa, why?

    • Sergz says:

      Because she's probably a normal person and likes to dress down every once in a while instead of wearing skin tight jeans and heels.

      Excuse me if I sounded bitchy, but yeah.

  4. RedDevil says:

    Why are her legs so wobbly?