December 26th, 2011

Kickette 2011 Rear End Review: Football Power Couple Of The Year?

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Since it’s the time of year when no one is in the mood to do anything other than sloth out, we’ve decided to have a look back at the year that was before asking our lovely readers to help us declare a football power couple of 2011.

As you’re painfully aware, we love our footy stars. If they come in pairs? All the better.

The long-standing Old Guard of football couples is well known and obvious, but who is this year’s equivalent of David and Victoria? We’re talking about the powerful pairings who we feel we should be on a first name basis but due to our habitual savage-like stalking, are forced to keep a distance from.

Over these last 12 months, the following lovebirds have been perhaps the most famous entities in football, notoriously significant in the press with nearly perfect private lives.


While our man servants are out fetching us another bottle of Baileys, let’s review our handy primer to the top football power couples of 2011. It will almost certainly make you feel old, underachieving and/or poorly dressed.


Rafael & Sylvie van der Vaart

As 2010′s top WAG per your votes in last year’s Kickette Army WAG Rankings, we had high expectations for the Netherlands’ most famous footy couple.

Yet the van der Vaarts’ power couple perfection never faltered. Two years on from her scary battle with breast cancer and the L’Oreal spokeswoman was busier than ever, working as a host of two German reality talent shows and having the distinguished honour of appearing on four women’s lifestyle magazine covers within one calendar year. Mrs VDV is the only WAG on today’s shortlist to boast of this feat, we might add.

Rafa of Tottenham and possessor of spit skills, meanwhile, didn’t come close to matching or surpassing his wife’s accomplishments but still made it into Tussauds and convinced Sylvie to re-marry him nonetheless.

It’s unfathomable for us to grow tired of these two even though their standard of living will never be within our means. Twelve months later, and they’re still filthy rich, widely admired and providing us with a love story to vicariously live through.

We’re still not worthy.


Gerard Pique & Shakira

The global economy was in shambles and the environment was reportedly eating itself alive but none of that mattered to us because Gerard Pique’s car was dirty!

Our eagerness at dismissing this footy couple’s true state of endearment was high, but it was nothing compared to the amount of times we called them out on their public puppy love. Along the way, GP the baller-with-the-boyish-good-looks transformed into a loose lipped model known for shattering any specimen who stood in his well posed way. His better half was busy, too, making more erotic music videos in between her countless humanitarian ongoings.

No one’s more surprised to see Gerard & Shakira still standing than us, but honestly, we’ve got to hand it to them. When the sight of a man and a woman in love inexplicably makes an entire nation want to lose their lunch, you know they’re on the brink of something big.


Wayne & Coleen Rooney

A power couple does the hard stuff necessary to work through marital problems and difficult circumstances.

Enduring the difficult sure was the leftover 2010 theme that continued to irk the Rooneys in the new year. Whether it be blackmail, mug shots or insider secrets Tweeting, we can’t deny all the headlines these two hogged. Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant was mayjah worldwide news, for example, which barely paints the full picture of how high public interest really was in him and Col.

His missus, on the other hand, attempted a lower profile but still got us to talking about all her hard earned fragrance money that she spent on holidays and labels she loves.

Think about it, Kickettes, what would English tabloid culture be without it’s girl next door turned uber WAG and her scouse brows?


Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk

When young boys dream of becoming the world’s best footballer, it’s not just because they want to win the World Cup. It’s also because they want to date swimsuit cover models from Russia.

Cristiano failed to add any major team accolades to his trophy cabinet this year with top-of-the-money-table club, Real Madrid, but his global popularity did elevate Irina Shayk’s name within and outside the modeling and fashion industries. That’s not to say she wasn’t already a well known worker in her own right, and we’re not going to debate that now either, but month after month, we watched as the amount of gossip column inches about C-Ron, Irina and their high-powered careers quadrupled in size.

A couple who shies away from the spotlight when they can in favour of baby bottles, quiet dinners and dips in the ocean together, the power couple principle in motion here is the capitalisation off of each person’s strengths (their aesthetic profitabilities) instead of focusing on each others’ weaknesses (both fail at fashion).


Frank Lampard & Christine Bleakley

We finally warmed to Miss Bleakley in 2011 since in every picture of her that we came across she was bearing a bigger than average grin. We like happy people most of the time and an (occasionally too) toothy WAG was a refreshing sight to see.

Anyway, these two had a big year for sure; they got engaged, saw the world, she lost her day job but produced a work out video to keep the cash flow a coming. Plus, we had a thing for her bangs (or just her hair in general), which were reminiscent of Coleen’s face framing fringe of ’09. When a leading lady has a mentor, it’s a true sign that she’s willing to put her ego aside and skip some rungs on that power couple social ladder.

At work, Frankie was equally unlucky, barely retaining his all important riches. Nevertheless, he always gave us reason to smile.


Iker Casillas/Sara Carbonero

In keeping company with other top couples on this list, Iker & Sara realized early on how working together instead of separately could allow them to do more, earn more, have more, etc.

The hair, the body, the bag and Iker Casillas. Sara C. had it all and then some in twenty eleven. Marquee moments of hers included hiring a stylist, protecting her mane with Pantene and wearing sequined culottes. But despite the presenter/columnist and her boyfriend’s incredibly public professions, Iker and Sara only flourished further by moving in together and getting themselves a dog.

Hundreds of posts and many rants about his base layers later, Iker consistently made us lose all sense of rational whilst in his presence. Unfortunately in September, GQ did a number on his appearance. We assumed Captain Jack Sparrow was the art director’s inspiration – the result of which was not all positive. On the bright side, the severity with which his eyes were lined made him look more alert than usual.

Makeover money, power, respect, Kickettes.


Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu

Here’s a fearsome twosome whose power doesn’t transcend from blank cheques, careers or reputations. Their influential status is rooted in their devilish good looks and real love for one another.

Not one to be intimidated by the host of other powerful footy partners around her, Nagore excelled in magazine appearances and product shills this past year. She also completed an entrepreneurs course at the University of Deusto, making her yet another WAG with enough brains (and most likely financial backing) to make her dreams happen.

With a World Cup winning, fine wine by her side, Alonso and Aramburu the better half of 2011 rolling in dough the old fashioned, non sell-out way.


And now you vote. Voting is open until next Wednesday and you can only pick one. We know how much trouble our Kickettes have with this rule, but it has to be done.

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89 Responses to “Kickette 2011 Rear End Review: Football Power Couple Of The Year?”

  1. FootyFanUSA says:

    I vote xabi and nagore

  2. Rose says:

    Without a doubt, Xabi and Nagore. They're so perfect it hurts! They're not the most well-known of these couples, but what I love about them is that they seem to balance each other perfectly. And my goodness can they can rock the formalwear together! Iker and Sara have really grown on me as well and are second in my books.

  3. GaiaBale says:

    Rafael and Sylvie Van der Vaart forever and always.

  4. Megan says:

    Xabi & Nagore without a doubt.I feel the other couples are just cute compared to Xabi and nagore. They scream class and, well, power, if that makes much sense. But yeah, my vote has to be for Xabi & Nagore.

  5. casio resin says:

    I vote for Casillas and Sara. They are sweet couple.

  6. Dee says:

    If we're going to criticize Irina and her career, what about Nagore or Caroline Celico? I adore these women but Caroline would not have sold as many records if she wasn't Kaka's wife, and Nagore's career would not be as successful. At least you can say Irina was a successful model before Ronaldo (Sports Illustrated is big in the US).

    People love to hate on them (I have my moments too) but let's just be honest: we're all holding these two to a higher standard of beauty, class and morals than we do ourselves! They are not perfect, but you can't deny they are in love and making each other better. I wouldn't mind being Irina :) She's got one of the biggest playboys in the world being loyal to her, her career has improved and they both seem very much in love!

  7. Dee says:

    Here's my problem with people's criticism of Irina:

    I've followed her career since her first year in SI and I've always loved her as a model. But it is 100% accurate that her career skyrocketed in this last year due to her relationship with C. Ronaldo. However, if she wasn't a beautiful girl in the first place, there would be no interest in them as a couple. And is it her fault that people give her more attention for being his girlfriend? Or that people book her for jobs? No. It's the same way his son is just a normal young boy but he will grow up with status and people wanting to give him nice things because of his father.

  8. Leah says:

    Rafael & Sylvie are so 2000s… theye might WERE a power couple, but in 2011??? i don't think so.

  9. lola says:

    my couple of 2011- nando and olalla. got to hand it to her for sticking with man while he is going through personal hell without a forseeable end.

    the power couple from above- cr7 and irina. they are making each other more famous and more rich as days go by. and money is power these days.

    the couple from above that i like- sara and iker. love how they keep their relationship and their images scandal-free.

  10. mimi says:

    No Torres/Dominguez? THIS is my favorite couple of all time. :)

    • April says:

      Love them as a couple, but they probably aren't a "power couple"… and I think they rather like it that way!

  11. lone- Brazil says:

    I love Sylvie e Rafael Van der Vaart !!

  12. Zahara says:

    i think pique and shakira are the power coupke this year
    no seriously, i cant get enoughh of them lol

  13. GABS says:

    don't really care for any of these power couples or whatever but to be honest whenever i see pictures of CR and Irina I get all "awwwww aren't they adorable" they seem like a genuine loving couple.

  14. Mrs Arteta says:

    Where are the van Persies?

  15. lıvin says:

    Of Course Shakira and Pique!!!!
    Who Knows Irına before CR and who Knows Sara C. out of SPAIN ?????????????

  16. Kristina says:

    If we are talking power couples, and not which couple you think are the cutest, classiest or most likeable, then it has to be Shakira and Pique. They are both famous, each in their own right. No one of them has to be described as the " girlfriend of.." or "husband to…". Just like in the case with Becks and Victoria. It was the Becks and Vicky of the 2011 we where supposed to crown, wasn't it?

    As a good second I have Iker and Sara. And then Rafael and Sylvie. Now these are power couples for you!

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      Don't compare the Beckhams with those two. Victoria and David are so classy and super famous, they don't need to be snogging around disgustingly. Why? Because they have a real relationship.

      • Kristina says:

        What the world needs is a bit more PDA's in my opinion. There is too much public display of hate out there, if you know what I mean.

        I couldn't care less if they are a real couple or not, and frankly I do not have the insight in any of these couples relationships to judge them in any direction. I'm going on what I know and not what I get fed from media. And I know that Shakira is famous and Pique is famous (maybe less so), and that's what's single them out from the rest of them.

        • Agnes Wonka says:

          Public PDA is fake when shown too much of it. If you love a person, you don't need to show the whole world. If you need to show, then you're hiding sth.

          I judge because I worry for the youngsters who are the ones being cheated by the media….

          • Kristina says:

            lol, yes the youngsters can be very damaged by extensive kissing and public cuddling. They should go back to their violent computer games instead and learn something about life :) .

            Seriously, I don't think they will be to hurt by seeing some kissing, fake or not…

  17. AC_USA says:

    I don't think that Xabi and Nagore are a power couple. I think that is more like Sylvie and Rafael. :)

  18. xoWinnie says:

    i disagree when people say that Xabi and Nagore are a "power couple"
    sure they are classy and all that crap, but power couple? umm…no….
    no one outside the Wag-o-sphere even knows who Nagore is.
    if you said he name people would say "who?" and then if you added "Xabi Alonso's wife"
    they'd still say "who?"…no offense, i'm just telling it like it is.
    no. a power couple would be more like Posh and Becks, in this case,
    Shakira and Pique. even Irina is more well-known than Nagore,
    i've seen plenty of stories about her on sites other than this one.
    people know them as a couple and still know them separately
    (even if in Irina's case it may still be as "Ronaldo's girlfriend" or whatever)
    people seem to have so many issues with Irina being known as
    "Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend" but yet Nagore gets a pass for being
    "Xabi Alonso's wife"…hmmm, i wonder why….
    oh, i remember now! it's because she's classy! right..

    anyways, i voted for Sara and Iker, just because i love them together :)

    • Kristina says:

      You said what I wanted to say, basically. You can say what you want about Piquira, but the two of them are stars independent of one another. Just like Becks and Victoria. Iker and Sara are just gorgeous together! To me they come in second.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Noone can reach David and Victoria, unless JLO is couple for example with Cristano then yeah that's a powerful couple I would like to see actually lol.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      You're right. irina has a career appart from being CR's girl. She's a model and reach the cover of SI. All the news from her in the US are related to her job, not to her relationship with CR.

      Nagore is classy, and that's good, but working hard for a name should be considered too.

      • Susana says:

        Related to her job? Nobody in the US knows who she is…and as for the SI cover…they couldn't give them away in the stores…

      • Lara says:

        when is Irina on the news in US? Nobody knows her! Shes only known is Spain and Portugal maybe Italy too but that's it! and in all these countries she is known only for the reason we all know!

        • Agnes Wonka says:

          Irina has a job and everytime they talk about her on E! News, TMZ or somewhere else, they talk about her modelling or her beauty, sth that really can be noticed by anyone, except from jelous CR fans.

        • xoWinnie says:

          i've read her/seen/heard plenty of news about "MODEL IRINA SHAYK" in CANADA. that's right, she's referred to by NAME, which is more than i can for Nagore, considering Xabi himself is not that well-known outside football anyway. she is featured on plenty of sites for modeling, plenty of women praise her figure and even use her as work-out inspiration. just go on sites like skinnyvscurvy and you'll see. the fact that this woman has plenty of hate pages on fb by jealous broads is evidence enough that haters–er, people. know who she is.

          i'm sorry but all you self-entitled "nobody know her in the US" spewing assholes need to fall back and get over yourselves. nobody knows her? didn't she hit the talk-show circuit when her SI cover came out? yeah, i'm sure no one watches Chelsea Lately! "people ONLY know her in this and this and that country" says YOU. i'm so sure you've polled all these countries and you know that for sure. if people didn't know or care who she was we wouldn't be talking about her right now, so you people need to stop right there because you're contradicting yourself.

  19. Moonzi says:

    It's Xabi & Nagore to the win !! They're classy and they have good sense of fashion ! and they always look at their best !! They're both successful in what they do and they're awesome parents! What more to say !! As for Shakira and Pique they're the lame teenager type of couples! I don't see any power in that .

  20. mitra says:

    iker and sara ………lovely

  21. Pru says:

    Piqué and Shakira, although Iker and Sara are a close second

    I honestly don’t see why people think Piqué and Shakira are fake. The only “PDA” photos we ever see of them are when they’re sitting in the corner of a restaurant or on their yacht or something, and with their fame, it’s given that paparazzi will follow them around, and that’s beyond their control. It’s not like they’re constantly standing in the middle of the street making out. For some reason, they just seem to be victimized for doing something that most other couples do.

  22. Sara says:

    Wayne and Coleen,definately. ;)

  23. Maria says:

    Xabi and Nagore

  24. Agnes Wonka says:

    I voted CR and Irina because they are a powerful couple this year. Though I love Wayne/Colleen, coz they're marriage survived crisis.
    Xavi/Nagore and Rafa/Sylvie are very cute and classy couples, but they are a classic already.

    Shakira and Piqué? Nobody believes that's real!

    • PepaCandela says:

      I have to say… you really seem to have a lot of emotion and thought invested into a relationship you insist "everyone knows" is fake.

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        I don't have any emotion towards them. I just don't like people being deceived but things shown as perfect when they are not like that.
        I don't care about them, but I always tell my students not to believe in everything the media says, and that's what I like expressing here.

        • Kristina says:

          You don't care about them? Well, you could have fooled me! And don't believe everything that is said in media. Sometimes what you see is what you get.

        • Kristina says:

          "You're talking about opinions in this site, but I'm talking opinions about Shakira and Piqué everywhere! not only the internet but the rest of the media…." That's a quote from your own comment further up…

          You obviously rely on media to strenghten your point of view. But you don't have to justify your own opinion with what others say or do, or how things are portrayed in the media. Since when did the media tell all the truth? And to further complicate it, since when is something UNtrue just because it was in the media?

          You clearly feel very strong about this couple, that should be enough. Own up to it!

          • Agnes Wonka says:

            I hate lies, fake things disguized as true. If you believe it or not, that's your problem.

            I can say that you're too concerned of my opinion….

            • Kristina says:

              You showed an interest in my comment so I show interest in yours. And I admit I'm fascinated by your obsession by these two, and their fake relationship. At least my standpoint comes from an objective criteria: fame. You draw your conclusion from the fact that they kiss a lot in public. Need I say more?

              • Agnes Wonka says:

                I have to say that I feel sorry for people like you who look at fame as the most important thing to judge people. I'm subjective, because I'm tired of seeing my students dreaming with things that aren't real!

    • lone- Brazil says:

      really agree with you when it comes to Shakira and more they seem to chop a couple of career promotion and image than realmetne a couple in love!

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        Yes, I'm thinking that there is a general dislike towards Shakira in Southamerica, but what we both think is more or less what many people think anywhere.

  25. Kickette, I beleve that you need mention the fact that Manchester United have come level with Manchester City in the Premier league!! It’s very important!
    My vote goes to xabi alonso and nagore aramburu for the win.

  26. snježana pupovac says:

    shakira and pique

  27. MrsLBaines says:

    Xabi and Nagore. They are classy and don’t annoy me whereas the others couldn’t measure up.

  28. Mariëlla says:

    Rafael and Sylvie obviously!

  29. LizzyHS90 says:

    Xavi and wife are classy. I like them. I voted for them even though they aren't as well known globally.
    Iker and pastasauce are tied for 2nd with Shakira and Pique.

    Shakira is in the top 10 for most number of Twitter followers above CR. She is a powerhouse already. No one knew who Irina was before CR, or is even with the SI cover, and 98% of her work is in Spain. She brings nothing to the table because it all has to do with CR. I don't think they are a "power couple".

    • kel says:

      That's a fair point. She gets more power from him than he gets from her. Sara/Iker is similar. In terms of both bringing things it's probably Shakira/Pique (even though they need to stop publically groping)

      • Marie says:

        I dont think they are fake at all! If some couple is fake and for PR this is Ronaldo and Irina

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Again I don't think Pique is such a known figure internationally, as much Cris has put Irina on the map, Shakira did for Pique, I read some articles, for example about clasico, and Pique by referred to as " Shakira's BF", so I don't think they as a couple very powerful outside of Spain.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      All the couples are real in exception of Shakira and Piqué. That's a big fake!

  30. Inveja_Mata says:

    I actually like them all and I think they all look good together, we dont see them selling their privacy or making scandals. (well, maybe Shakira and Pique a bit and the Rooneys at the scandal part lol)

  31. black widow says:

    seeing as most of pastasauce's alleged "power" comes from iker — let's face it, she isn't much of a journalist in her own right, nor would she get half the attention she does if she weren't dating him — i can't give them my vote. it can only go to xabi and nagore, who are the epitome of class, style, grace and understated elegance!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I love this comment,totally agree!! Jn another other vote, iker would get my vote, but this one, the fact that she has a Marca column, says a lot about how she is benefiting from this fame since she is not that good of a journalist…

  32. Emma says:

    Xabi and Nagore, they are class!

  33. JiveHonkey says:

    Sara & Iker come a “relatively” close, but there’s really no contest here. Xabi & Nagore knocked it out of the park with that Spanish Vogue editorial. Who wouldn’t want to be either of those genetically blessed specimens? I expect they’re even kind to “the help.”

  34. Lauren_BCN says:

    For me Casillas ans Sara- he is sooo cute, and her hair is killing me !!! So is her clothes :-) ))

  35. Ioe says:

    Loving the Xabi & Nagore love! Personally, they're my favorite. But if we're talking power, I'd have to vote Cris and Irina. In magazine covers, gossip column inches, and forum comments (even if they are mostly rants), those two get a lot of coverage, even more than 2010's power couple Iker and Sara. As for Shaki and Sunshine, I don't know why but I'm really tired of seeing pictures of them doing the kissyface.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I have to agree with that Cris and Irina do generate attention regarding it is good or bad, I personally like them ( I know it is weird, but as a couple I think they look cute together out of other choices on the list).
      Iker and Sara are a powerful couple in Spain, but globally it goes to CR-IS!, some may argue Shakira and Pique are too, but again I think are the same as Iker/Sara they are more powerful in Spain or known.

    • Melaniee. says:

      I completely agree with you! It all depends on your definition of power really means. Not many people know about Xabi & Nagore internationally (or pronounce their names without butchering it) but they really aren't that powerful in the sense you said. Its a tough choice.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I agree with you. Cris and Irina are mediatic but not tiring.

  36. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I wanted to write Xabi and Nagore, but everyone beat me to it, class always win over everything, they are just pure class, no debate about them, lovely couple who is the male partner happens to be famous, lovely family, stylish, nothing more to say, they are an example of how footballer should live and their WAG should be.
    ( including fashion choices!!)
    Kaka and Caroline deserve to be there, as they are the same as this one, class!!

  37. GlamGooner says:

    CR7 and Irina …duh!

  38. Miss Lampard says:

    Xabi and Nagore no one else..

  39. Natalie says:

    By class act, I will give it to Xabi and Nagore. But by global magnitude, C-Ron and Irina hands down! Love them or hate them (or both) they sell news, and Gucci!!

  40. earidurt says:

    Xabi & Nagore win this one, hands down, no doubt….with Rafa and Sylvie second (WHERE are Caroline and Kaka??!)
    Anyway, Xabi and Nagore just make every other couple look homely and ordinary…they are that classy. Most of these other couples are starved for attention and desperation is not attractive. I love the effortless and unassuming way the Alonsos go about their business, I wish the others would take a lesson.

  41. Rose says:

    Xabi and Nagore, obviously. They are like the epitome of class and perfection. It's actually nice to see such a good couple who aren't throwing themselves at the media with scandals, etc. I'm jealous. :(

    • Nikki says:


    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I think it is a bit unfair that they are included, others stand no chance at all with them as a choice :P

    • Ninanoir says:

      I agree Xabi and Nagore have this in the bag, but I voted for Iker and Sara for one reason only; The World Cup Kiss. That was and probably will always be the most romantic act in the world of football ever.