December 30th, 2011

Kickette 2011 Rear End Review: The Good, The Bad & The Really Bad In WAG Fashion

L-R: Sara Carbonero in Alaia, Sylvie van der Vaart in Georgio Armani, Irina Shayk in Alexander Wang. All images via Getty.

2011 was the first full year of life for our Kickette baby, The Style Files, and it’s been quite a year for WAG fashion. We brought you loads of exclusive fashion spots, shared unsolicited opinions on fashion weeks near and far and tried to use our brain power to figure out just how many black fur coats Alex Gerrard owns.

Answer: we still don’t know.

There were some high highs and some low lows and believe it or not there were also lots of great looks. We judged with reckless abandon; sometimes you all agreed, sometimes you didn’t and sometimes you probably just thought we were insane. So without further ado let’s have at it.

The Good

It may come as a surprise that we talked about more looks that we liked than looks that we didn’t like. That’s something we’ll work on for next year.

Picking our favourite look was not easy so we’re going to call it a draw between Irina Shayk in Elie Saab and Sylvie van der Vaart in Versace.

Sure it might be obvious for us to pick red carpet looks, but that’s what these dresses were made for and we thought both ladies stunned.

Several WAGs dressed in Gucci this year and we loved it every time. Gucci always shows one of our favourite collections during Milan Fashion Week and we’re happy our girls have recognised.

Sara Carbonero wore a look from the Spring 2011 collection to an event in March and Nagore Aramburu helped us learn how to colourblock with this Gucci Resort 2012 dress.

Rounding out the trio of Gucci girls was Sylvie VDV in a look from Gucci’s stunning Fall 2011 collection.

We must recognize Frankie Sandford for her lovely high street looks. In particular, this leopard print dress from Topshop.

We also loved her python print Zara blazer and the military-inspired shirt dress from Urban Outfitters she wore in the fall. Even if Frankie is wearing high street on her bod you better believe she’ll be bringing a fierce shoe game. She’s got more pairs of Louboutins than we’ve got short tent photos.

Honourable mentions go to Coleen Rooney in Herve Leger, Melanie Slade in Jenny Packham and all of Victoria, Victoria Beckham.


The Bad

Knock-off dresses are at the top of our “Things We Find Gross” list so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nicola McLean’s faux Herve Leger dress is at the top of the bad list. What amused us most about this situation was that two other WAGs wore the legit version before dear Nicola.

The dress Shakira wore to the Latin Grammy Awards offended us so badly that we picked out another outfit for her.

Alex Gerrard’s usual M.O. of “wear as many designer labels as possible at one time” hit fever pitch recently. Frankly, we’re over it.

Louise Redknapp is one of the most hit-or-miss WAGs when it comes to fashion. Unfortunately for her this miss in the form of a silver sequined potato sack trumped all.


The Really Bad

There were two looks that stood out for us this year as being the worst of the worst. It speaks volumes that the wearer of one of our best looks of the year is also the shamed wearer of the worst.

Irina Shayk in this Missoni playsuit looks a hot mess. It was in appropriate for the event, styled terribly, and the exposed bra makes it look slutty with a capital S.

Obviously we picked out another outfit for her, but it couldn’t permanently erase the horror from our memory. We can only assume that Shayk hired a new stylist (or any stylist for that matter) because her looks during the second half of the year were head and shoulders above the rest.

Last, but certainly not least, the single worst look of the year belongs to a relative newcomer on the WAG scene. Take a bow, Sophie Leigh Anderson because this is Kickette’s worst WAG look of 2011.

The dime-a-dozen dress is virtually the same colour as her cooked to overdone skin and we haven’t seen that much make-up in one place since our last trip to Sephora. We think she has a chance if she wipes the Liverpool off her face and calls Shayk to see if her stylist is available for emergency hire.

Phew! We made it through another year of gowns, playsuits, bad jeans and everything in between, Kickettes. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings. But first we need a drink drinks.

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37 Responses to “Kickette 2011 Rear End Review: The Good, The Bad & The Really Bad In WAG Fashion”

  1. PinkKiwi72 says:

    Sara Carbonero in Alaia is the best, most elegantly dressed of the lot. Coleen Rooney tries really hard but just doesn't pull it off because her figure doesn't suit short dresses, just above the knee would be better. But Coleen always looks well groomed and puts a lot of effort into her appearance, and I admire her for that. Irina Shayk so attractive, soooo…, I'm lost for words. Irina maybe could wear outfits already put together by Zara, ASOS, Topshop, or Massimo Dutti (or dare I mention it MarksNSparks) – outfit ideas found on their websites, anything, please!!!??

  2. elvy says:

    Sylvie van der Vaart has been criticised in her home-country the Netherlands for using fur. She won the title 'Dom Bontje' meaning Dumb Fur.

  3. FootyCookie says:

    Frankie without a doubt one of the best dressed WAGs out there – and i love how ironic it is that she always looks amazing yet her looks are more affordable than these other disasterous WAGs.

    didn't think you guys did Sylvie justice. she's a very stylish woman and i think that Versace look is actually one of her worst. she looks like an orange Barbie doll there.

  4. April says:

    Elie Saab… I knew there was a reason I had a liking for that Irina dress. I have a stupid love of that designer.

  5. Mariëlla says:

    Sylvie, Frankie and Sara are doing best here I think

  6. Scouse and proud says:

    'If she wipes the Liverpool off her face' I find that very offensive! I love this website but that has proper offended me! eeeeeyyyy

  7. renee says:

    Im surprised that you didnt include Camila Morais (Marco Borriello) as one of the worst dressers. Even on her best days she looks like a bag lady! Half the time it doesnt even look like she brushes her hair before going out. What is Marco thinking?

  8. Zahara says:

    whats with the hating? :O
    i think sara carbonero has a lot of style and looks good in most things
    sylvie van der vaart, ditto
    and i love the way shakira looks in that blue dress

  9. kelly says:

    i love sylvie. i can't fault her.
    i don't understand the obsession with nagore… she's plain and tries too hard.

  10. [...] Kickette 2011 Rear End Review: The Good, The Bad & The Really Bad In WAG Fashion ( [...]

  11. bri_saldana says:

    Are those spikes lining the bling around Sophie Leigh Anderson shoes?!?!?!?!?

  12. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    First: Where the hell is the tumbs down button!!! we need it, ASAP!

    Second: MONEY WILL NEVER BUY STYLE OR CLASS! Althought style is relative we all know when we look good or bad. Period! The thing that is killing me the most is that most of this girls just want to 'fit in' in the footy circle or -whateveryouwannacallit- and because of that the think that buying clothes from big brands will make them look as refined as possible but we all know is not true. Im not trying to sound bitchy or like a hater but is just my honest opinion, I respect what they wear because at the end of the day they are the ones who are wearing it so if they feel confortable in it, rock it out every single time ladies… I think that just being yourself when you choose or when you get dress helps because that is what fasion is all about just being yourself an expressing that throu clothes. With that said if dressing like Sophie, is how you feel confortable, go for it.

    *Long comment, I know!! I need it to get it out. LOL! :)

  13. Agnes Wonka says:

    I sort of agree with this post. Irina's Elie Saab gown and Sylvie's Versace gown are a dream! xD

  14. nenna says:

    my godd, they all are a biiit tooo much! except for shakira (who i don't rellay like) she's the only one looks natural, specielly that sylvie looks like a scary doll and here dresses outdo her!

  15. xoWinnie says:

    poor Louise lol, i don't think she deserves a "bad" mention,
    she's usually a stunner :) i don't think that dress itself was that bad,
    but good heavens that clutch should be doused in gasoline
    and tossed aboard! it's horrendous! i'm surprised Abbey didn't get
    a mention in the "bad" though, i can think of plenty of fashion
    "misses" in her repertoire in the past four months alone!

  16. Bee says:

    As far as the really bad category is concerned I actually think that there were lot worse outfits from Irina than that outfit Kickettes chose.That Ellie Saab dress she wore was stunning but most of the time she just can't get out of the letter outfits which is fine if she was playing a cat woman in a movie otherwise less leather for her in 2012 hopefully.And how on earth can Alex Gerrard not be in the really bad category,I am shore there were many to pick from.

  17. littlegreenpea says:

    Jesus christ! If you're going to wear your shirt that open, you should probably learn the art of TAPING YOUR BRA!

  18. Inveja_Mata says:

    No pic of Abbey showing her knickers? since you ignored it I suppose you liked it. Like you ignored some Frankie's awful clothes too. This site is more predictable than rain during winter.

    • Marina_Isabella says:

      "No pic of Abbey showing her knickers? "or her nipples on her wedding day…? heheh.

  19. sylvie & frankie gets my votes :) x.

  20. Gladys says:

    For some reason my previous comment didn't get approved (sorry, Kickette, I didn't mean to say anything rude)…but I guess all I want to say is thank heavens for Frankie! She wears clothes most of us could afford, looks terrific in them, and, most importantly, actually looks her age. Most of these gals aren't half-way through their twenties and when they aren't decked out like every day is New Years Eve, they wear designers meant for far more staid, mature women simply because they are expensive. You're only young once, ladies!

    • Kristina says:

      Funny, this was what I wanted to say too. I really think they dress themselves old! When they don't flaunt it all. I like Sara Carbonero though, and I totally agree with you on Frankie. She looks fresh and her age.

  21. Alexandria says:

    I love Frankie Sanford's style, I think she always looks so lovely! I don't shop at Topshop or Zara myself, but she rocks it! And Sylvie van der Vaart always looks so fabulous.

  22. Ioe says:

    Ok I'm gonna be the b*tch and say it because I'm one cocktail short of happy–most of these girls didn't exactly come from backgrounds that breed elegance, or well, class, so I don't think we should place our expectations too high. Sure, they've got a lot of WAG money now, but it will take time for half of them to grow into it and develop more refined tastes (the other half never will). I just wish that the girls with potential had a sharper learner curve, you know? Why do so many of them still look so…rough? Like they're still posing topless, uh sorry "glamour modeling," for the tabs. Aren't personal stylists a big deal in Europe? Someone please tweet Rachel Zoe's new face and tell her to get over there stat.

  23. Gladys says:

    Call me low-brow, but I just love that Frankie (aside from her shoes) wears clothes most of us can afford and looks amazing. Plus, she dresses her age. Some of these women– and we're talking the tastefully dressed ones– wear designers I think of as "old lady" clothes. To me, Sara Carbonero looks much better in cute jeans and casual boots than in a Gucci outfit meant for some Monaco banker's wife. And Nagore is also gorgeous, but in that dress she looks like a pretty 45 year old Connecticut mom. You're only young once, ladies!

  24. kel says:

    Basically I think even the good dresses look bad.

  25. Thea says:

    Personally – even tho she's an ex WAG, Cheryl Cole's x factor colour block horror needs a mention!

  26. xbabyshakesx says:

    Sophie Leigh Anderson outfit didn't even past my eyes! I just could not stop staring at how her toes wrinkled into those heels! uggggh >.<

  27. Fatima says:

    nagore and irinas 'good' dress was amazing…and shakira, shakira i know you can do better…and sophie are you feeling ok???

  28. Natalie says:

    How can (some) of these girls have so much money and yet dressed to badly?!?!

  29. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Nagore mostly wears classy stuff, Sara I have a problem with her collections of shoes and sometime her manly jeans.

  30. Natali says:

    What a waste of money! Most of them are a disaster! I wish I had wags credit card!

  31. Rachael says:

    Wags and fashion when it’s good it’s really good when it’s bad it’s just plain horrid!

  32. Kat says:

    As much as I love the VDVs (the entire family is lovely), I really am getting tired of Sylvie and her outfits already. She always seems so overdone and over-styled. It's like EVERYTHING is full-on every time: the dress, the hair, the makeup, the shoes, the spray tan. Mrs. VDV needs to tone down one or two things once in a while (and nix the fake tan entirely). Even Queen WAG Victoria, who's been flawless since she first released her line of dresses (not a coincidence) has learned to tone things down.

    And yey! for Frankie. I think she's a breath of fresh air from the two WAG extremes (full-on designer like Alex and full-on trashy like Nicola). And there's always a spunky, youthful edge to her outfits.

  33. Alone- Brazil says:

    sometimes I just want to fill the wags of ass, my God they dress badly, the impression I have is that they buy designer clothing collections that were rejected! Frankly, none of them are well dressed and Alex Gerrard seems borrowed from a gorilla ugly black coat!