July 17th, 2012

Kickette Calendar: News & Notes

Ah 2010. Indeed the sweet years. See more of this vintage calendario dei footballers here.

The rest of July is gonna be cray, Kickettes, as our office heads out on our own pre-season tour of America.

We’re telling you about all this now because A) we don’t want to set ourselves and our periodic posting schedules up to fail whilst traipsing and boozing and B) we’re hoping that with some advanced notice, any readers we come to pass will offer to pay for the first round.

So! In case you care, here’s the low down on where we’ll be and when.

July 20: We’ll be on a yacht this Friday with the players of Paris Saint-Germain (Who shall we stalk? What do we wear? And how drunk on Bordeaux should we avoid getting?)

July 24 – 25: Visiting our good friends at Nike in Portland

July 25 – 26: Hanging with the MLS All Stars, our blogger mates and adidas football in Philadelphia. ‘Nando will be there with his Chelsea FC crew, but we’re not on the best terms with his solicitors at the moment sooo….no promises.

July 26 – 30: New York City to rendezvous with Yoann Gourcuff before, during and after the Trophee Des Champions

Just kidding about the first round business. We’ll offer to pay (but will also gladly rescind the offer when you refuse).

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26 Responses to “Kickette Calendar: News & Notes”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey Kickettes, I will also be lusting after footballers from the VIP section in New York. Hope to see you there! (I'm assuming I'll recognize you by your glamour and wit!)

  2. Nonna9 says:

    Aww, Kickette, Ill be in Baltimore stalking Liverpool that weekend!!

  3. Cella.xx says:

    I’m sooo jealous…please post some pictures!!
    And I hope you’ll have a good time

  4. Rainbow says:

    We want pictures of all your grand advenures! But we can skip the mug shots! lol

    Have fun!

  5. Carolina says:

    Also looking into DC United vs PSG tix, but can't seem to find a buddy to accompany me ;(.

  6. Carolina says:

    I will be at the Chelsea FC vs MLS All-stars match! Kickette will you have a booth in the fan zone? I would love to see you!!

  7. DebS says:

    My daughter goes to college in Philly and has been trying desperately to find tickets. Today she found tickets on Groupon for an Endline Seat, July 24 Practice-Session Ticket, and $10 to Spend on Food and Drinks Plus an All-Star Scarf. I'm SO jealous.

    I think I'll start a petition for Chelsea, Madrid or a few other teams to make a detour through the Chicago area. Where's the love?

    • Carolina says:

      That is so awesome!! I didn't think to get into Philly in time for their practice session. DOH!!

    • Krystal says:

      Went to the Chelsea open practice in Seattle, but missed the game (by choice). Gary Cahill did allllll his stretching right in front of me. T'was glorious.

  8. April says:

    It might go a long way with Nando if you were, to say, throw him past the F5 and right into the HHoF. Just a suggestion. In seriousness, though, I hope you enjoy the match and other festivities and that the States treat you well! I trust you'll get some shopping in whilst in NYC. :)

  9. Nettie says:

    Kickette in Portland? Squeee! I, too, would buy you drinks. You should def. have a meetup with your PDX Kickette fanclub!

    • Surly Wench says:

      I second that. You know we have more breweries than anywhere in the world, I believe only Munich is second. And plenty of good local gin, vodka, and whiskey. Kickette chicks, we are ready for you in the Rose City!

  10. Krystal says:

    Ladies, ladies, ladies. No Tottenham in LA? Fine. I'll be in charge of stalking Daws and Scotty and Gareth and Gylfi. That's a lot of pressure you put on me!

    Meanwhile, if I wasn't there, I would be joining you in Portland. Also, doing a little stalking at the Chelsea open practice in Seattle today. I think I need to be on contract with y'all on the West Coast.

    Oh, and Stumptown is lovely, and you will need Stumptown coffee to nurse your hangovers. You are welcome.

    • Carolina says:

      I'm from LA so I would def be stalking with you if I was living there!! AVB looks hot in Spurs colors!!

  11. Evs says:

    Miami needs some Kickette Happy Hour

  12. FalseTen says:

    When Valencia was in Portland I met them at Kells for the Copa del Rey final and that evening they went to Departure which is a swanky spot on the top floor of The Nines. Chances are AV will visit these spots too. Fun!!

  13. FalseTen says:

    I’m live in Portland and would be delighted to meet up with the lovely ladies of Kickette. Soccer bars, night clubs, spas, martinis and mimosas! Keep us posted on your whereabouts!

  14. Chavete says:

    Any other ladies in Portland????

    • Surly Wench says:

      I am here too, Chavete. : ) Hey, I do love the Timbers, but I greatly enjoyed watching David Beckham board today in PDX. I work at the airport. My husband was the boarding agent for Becks and the team. Even he was getting nervous! I believe all the female and gay men went on break at once to go casually stroll gate A6. Hahahaha!

  15. CHAVETE says:


  16. elizabeth says:

    You're actually flying all the way from the East Coast to visit Portland for two days? I'd be willing to bet you guys are going to the Timbers-Aston Villa friendly. And even if I win that bet, I'd still buy you drinks if I knew where to find you. Enjoy Stumptown – it's great here!

  17. Alyssa says:

    If you see anyone out and about in NYC getting a little *too* excited whenever she glances at her phone, it's probably me and it's because my phone background is Sergio Ramos from his Marbella vacay. Don't interrupt the moment ;) but when it's over, be sure to say hi!

    • Elizabeth says:

      don't you LOVE his twitter feed? Kept me smiling this evening ;-)

      • Alyssa says:

        Oh yes! I'm so happy with how much he's been posting lately and how little clothes have been involved!