May 17th, 2010

Kickette Catch-Up: A Thorough Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Images via Hola! magazine,, Getty Images Europe


- The Beckhams treated their trio of boys to the Jonas Brothers’ summer tour kick-off concert in Los Angeles. Romeo Beckham (above) demonstrated how to properly wear one summer staple: white sunglasses. Chic in his own right, Cruz Beckham chose eccentric red shades to go with his uniquely suave hairstyle.

- We launched our Facebook page! No, we don’t know how to use it. But a little thing like that shouldn’t stop you from adding us…

- Weekend Gossip regular Cheryl Cole took to the Berlin stage Saturday evening in her visually displeasing costumes. She also treated some lucky fans to autographs while passing through Zurich airport. Has news of Ashley’s toilet cubicle mate caught up with her yet?

- An enraged Malaga fan tossed a water bottle at Cristiano Ronaldo’s head as he exited Real Madrid’s away game travel bus. Some Kickette staffers found his method of duckery humorous.

- Comedian Russell Brand spoke of emotions, saying his got the best of him as he and Robbie Williams recorded a new version of the “Three Lions” song: “I was embarrassed by how emotional I felt singing this song. I nearly cried… It’s the only good England song and I look forward to singing it as we crash out on penalties. Then I will be crying.”


- Cesc Fabregas reiterated his desire to return to Barcelona someday, which was just as sad as seeing a HQ shot of his fug tattoo.

- This News Of the World headline needs no introduction: “WAG haven leads drink-drive league.”

- The Rooney family was busy soaking up the Majorcan sun during this mini-break between the end of the EPL season and the start of Wayne’s World Cup training.

- Louise Redknapp unveiled new Triumph Lingerie promo shots this weekend. And who doesn’t like their undies with a side of taxidermy/photoshopped leopard? Photography by John Wright.

All Weekend Long

- Our inboxes were suffering at the hands of both excited and panicked readers. Many La Liga footballers were out and about for the past three days and thankfully, many Kickette soldier girls had reporter for stalk-watch duty.

On Friday, the Real Madrid team members came out to the Madrid Masters in droves to support Roger Federer. Our observations:

- Why did Amaia Salamanca plop herself right next to two married Madridistas, Raul Albiol and Álvaro Arbeloa?;

Real Madrid soccer player

- Xabi shaved his beard/was smokin’;
- Sergio’s green jeans are back with a vengeance;
- Purple does wonders for Mamen Sanz’s (pictured with husband, Raul) complexion;
- Karim Benzema cut a lonesome, pouty figure in the corner of his private box.

Later that evening both Gerard Pique and Iker Casillas brought their significant others to the Alejandro Sanz concert. Pique and his WAG, Nuria, avoided eye contact with the many leering fans, while Dani Alves and Cesc took their seats alongside their camera-shy friends. No word on their WAGs whereabouts.

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34 Responses to “Kickette Catch-Up: A Thorough Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. 2dEztc3QG2cR says:

    487656 69450I surely didn

  2. KatiGaray says:

    why did the madrid boys support roger??? how about a fellow spaniard rafa??? oh sergio lol, he is hot but fashion sense = zero!!!! amaia better stay away far far far away!!! albiol married??? hmmm thot he was just living in sin lol. poor benzema, he looks so nunu

    • Emily says:

      I think you are right…I think they came out to support Nadal not Federer.

  3. D0li says:

    Who is this Amaia Salamanca? She is obviously trying to get the attention of these boys but they don’t seem to be buying what she’s selling or interested as a matter of fact.

  4. elnino says:

    I wonder what went through Ronaldo's head when he got that water bottle chucked at him. Any ideas?? It's not nice to through inanimate objects at people's head even if it is a Jerk like him.

    As for Sergio. Sigh. I love him, I love his hair, his abs and his scoring ability, but The Pants. Need. To. Go. They didn't look nice the first time and pairing them with a brown jacket won't help them this time around.

  5. Homeskillet17 says:

    laughing my bum off @ the water bottle thing! i rate Pique and Bojan and Guardiola pretty much make up for the lack of looks in barca :P LOVE THEM TO BITS and i don’t want cesc, where would he play? *is not impressed* i suppose it is all down to a matter of opinion :)

    • Homeskillet17 says:

      oh and maxwell and abidal are also good looking! haha, just felt the need to mention that :P

  6. nancy says:

    i think they were more supporting Rafael Nadal not roger.

    • FootieCutie says:

      agree ,, i was about to say ,, i even heard that Sergio is acctually related to Rafa so ,, no way he'll be there 4 roger + Raul was there AllDay ,not just 4 Federe, he was there everyday too acctualy ;D

  7. cr9 lover says:

    Barcelona= attractive football payed by unattractive ballers.

  8. Alisha says:

    I have prepared myself for the worst, I believe Cesc is going to go home to Barca, but I will be ok, it just gives me reason to go to Barcelona and stalk him ;)

  9. DutchGooner says:

    Throwing bottles at ballers= NOT COOL

    cesc going to barce= HOPE IT DOESNT HAPPEN BUT GOT A BIG FEELING HE WILL! not impressed if he is going! and dont get me started on his stupid elbow tattoo, its killing me softly

  10. lorena_chanel says:

    Is it weird that i like those green jeans on Sergio?! :-D

    And who ever throw that bottle on Cristiano is just jealous on our gorgeous Cris!!! Get a life loser!!!

  11. Kahlen says:

    Oh my, the Beckham boys are so adorable.

    Ok, how childish to throw a bottle. I love Cristiano. People are stupid.

    Wow, Real Madrid certainly has the best looking team in the world. I mean regardless of their fashion faux pas, they are still beautiful!!!

  12. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    There is no classier man than Xabier Alonso Olano. I love him so much.

  13. Yasmin Marisa says:

    I don't like Cesc's tattoo, but his skin does look amazingly soft… Sorry where was I? Oh yes, his tattoo. I think it looks weird cos it's randomly wrapped around the elbow. Please don't leave though, Cesc. Arsenal need you!

  14. Louise says:

    Mmm, Xabi… Lookin' a little bored, showin' a little chest hair.

  15. C16 says:

    LMAO at Sergio’s green jeans.

  16. rubyqueen says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! how dare they do that to cristiano.!!!ohhhhhhhhhh my poor baby.. here let me comfort you…heehee..

  17. Erin says:

    Gorgeous Xabi.

    And I just read that Thierry Henry has signed with the New York Red Bulls??

  18. cr9 lover says:

    No matter what the Madrid boys are still the prettiest. They're looks make up for what they lack in style. Barcelona on the other hand i like em but they're not cute, and if Cesc is smart he'll stay at Arsenal.

  19. eleanor says:

    ohhh xabi

  20. Inés says:

    I'm so f****** tired of Cesc-to-Barça rumours! I love his tatoo btw!

    Ballers like Alejandro Sanz? o_o c'mon!

    The Rooneys look so adorable! really…love Wazza smiling to the baby <3

    Poor Benzema! he looks so sad! :(

  21. senora ramos says:

    oh sergio. let those jeans go love. pipa was looking delish in purple!! and xabi yummy as always.
    lol at cris. rude people throwing water bottles. saved your butts from relegation. couuld be more greatful.

  22. SweetVito says:

    I think the Alejandro Sanz concert was last week… there were photos of Iker and Sara there published in a mag I bought at the airport last week anyway. Unless they went twice? (they are mates after all!)

  23. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Romeo Beckham = male version of Victoria. That kid is absolutely amazing, lol.

  24. Ella says:

    It's never ok to throw bottles at anyone. People need to calm down with crap like that.

    The beckhams have the coolest kids ever.

    No, Cesc, NOOOO!

    It's VERY cute to see the Rooneys doting on Kai.

  25. liv says:

    That is just bad what that Malaga fan did to Cr9, but i will only understand if it was done while Cr9 was wearing one of his terrible ensemble at least that would be a good reason for doing so! The Beckham boys are just adorable; they inherit good genes and good fashion sense from their parents as well what a life!

  26. Nandia says:

    I was wondering the same exact thing about Amaia. She really annoys me. Stay away from my Madrid boys bitch!

  27. Molly says:

    Louise is too much…she will do anything LOLOL!!

    Is it wrong if I said I want to kidnap Cruz???

    Love all the Real boys at together; Love the green jeans Sergie!!; Raul and Xabi looking like hotties!!!