December 27th, 2010

Kickette Catch Up: Christmas Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Atletico Madrid Liverpool

Care to comment on this habberdashery of colour that exploded at Maxi Rodriguez’s house on Christmas Day? Image: Sergio Aguero’s Twitter.

How was the start to your holidays, Kickettes? Ours were gluttonous, to say the least, but how did other footy stars spend their holidays? Hope you enjoy catching up with our short list of gift-giving guys and gals during our momentary jolt of motivation. We’re going back to beddies now.


- Atletico Madrid man, Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero, wished Maxi Rodriguez a Merry Christmas in person because the entire Aguero clan spent the holidays in Liverpool.

- We’re not sure, but Italian media speculated on the prospects of Mario Balotelli walk of shaming it back to Manchester from his supposed new WAGabee‘s pad.

- Two from Real Madrid spent their few festive days off elsewhere: Jose Mourinho, and his family jetted off to New York City while Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Irina Shayk shacked up in the Maldives.

- Coleen Rooney had a £30k Christmas holiday courtesy of hubby, Wayne. On Tuesday her entire family (minus the Manchester United striker) will set sail for the sunny Caribbean skies. Tough life.

- Meanwhile, the self-professed ‘King of Twitter’ and Kickette-proclaimed TMI extraordinaire Robbie Savage said his kids wake him up on Christmas by jumping on him… (something his wife may or may not have done the night before.)


- We saw Sven Goran Eriksson shovel snow at Leicester, much to our chagrin.

- Argentinean striker Maurito Zarate boasted about his metrosexual tendencies: “I use a cream, I have many different scents and tattoos. I’m attentive to food, I shave the whole body and sometimes wax. The first time I was in a lot of pain, but now it’s better”.

- Jamie and Louise Redknapp did what they do best: hawked Holiday getaways.

- The Arsenal boys declared a Twitter takeover with Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie joining the other Gunners already on board.


- Happy Monday / long weekend for the del Piero family, who have just welcomed a little baby boy called Sasha to their growing family. Congrats!

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98 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Christmas Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. cisarovna says:

    CR's family just spent a week or two in Madrid, going to games and such. I figured at the time they were celebrating x-mas early. The players don't get much time as it is, why shouldn't he take a little vacation somewhere warm to relax? I understand that he has a son, but a baby doesn't know Dec 15th from Dec 25th, and I have no way of knowing how he spent that time with his son, so I don't see the point of judging. If he turns out to be a bad father, I don't think this will be the deciding factor, he could do much worse.

  2. 2 cents says:

    ❤ Great news for the Del Piero family, so happy for them! :-) ❤ and I've got to agree with most people here I feel real bad for CR Jr., I can't help but feel a little foolish believing that Cristiano is a sincere person when it comes to how he interacts with his fans, he's been posting links of things he "likes" on amazon where he is an affiliate which means he makes money off of people who buy the stuff he advertises through his links, and while this does make great business sense (hello 17 million fans– ching ching $$$$) I can't help but feel cheated, does he want his fans to know him a little better or is it business as usual! :( He says don't believe the media only what I write here but you can't help but wonder when all this stuff happens…….

  3. Johanna says:

    Congrats to the Del Piero family! Io sono molto felice per te Alessandro.

  4. xbabyshakesx says:

    everyone is mad at C.Ron
    but am i the only one at Sergio Aguero for wearing a shirt like that?????

  5. Baby Lily says:

    I'm so happy for Irina now. She deserves it.
    I really hope he is going to propose (as press says). I don't understand why people think he left his son, maybe his family is also there? Maybe it is very special Christmas for him because he gets to spend it with his soon-wife-to-be?
    I mean they've been dating for like forever (for Cristiano) she is one of the sexiest models and very successful woman so she surely not after his money and she would have no problem with finding herself a better man but stays with him, doesn't it mean something? I really hope they are going to marry in 2011.

  6. mamaly says:

    Are there photos of Mou in NY.
    The family usually go some place warm over the Xmas break.
    I love to see Mou up to his ***** in the snow.

  7. Crackers says:

    I don't see why Irina needs to be blamed for Cris's not spending time with his baby…HE is the parent, not her! It's his responsibility to be a father to the little one, and too bad if he can't do that. I mean, she seems like an idiot but the responsibility of bringing a child into the world and caring for it is still his.
    At least the baby is spending time with his grandmother and the rest of Cris's family, maybe the bright spot is that at least the family appear to be caring individuals who are very protective of the child.

    On a happier note, congratulations to the del Piero family! Little Sasha is going to be seriously genetically advantaged, just look at his mum and dad!

  8. lila says:

    rumors are he is going to propose marriage to irina in the maldives…oh no!!!

  9. Miss B says:

    Does anyone else think that maybe CR is having a hard time bonding with the child.. like maybe it's just not that simple for him? Like maybe he's finding it strange. He could have like the male Version of postnatal depression.
    I know he shouldn't of left him on his first Christmas.. and really i don't think there is any excuse for it!!

    • Crackers says:

      Yeah, I don't know. I think he could behave a bit more responsibly, really- he's obviously concerned about shielding the kid from media (not allowing pics to go online etc) but hopefully he'll learn how to do better as a dad.

  10. Ana says:

    Goodness! Did everyone not get what they wanted for Christmas? These comments are slightly depressing… I do hope you all have a lovely New Year. 2011…. Can you believe it?

  11. beebe says:…
    - A swedish article about a guy who decided to travel to Argentina to see the neighbourhood Leo grew up in. The staff at the hotel told the guy the directions to Leo's parents house. Apparently Leo was at his aunt's house, so Leo's mother explained how the guy should drive to get there. When he finally was at the right address, Leo wasn't there, but the guy was more than welcomed to stay and wait for him. After a while Leo showed up. The guy and Leo talked for about 30 minutes in the hallway.

    This isn't the best translation, but I just wanted to share it with you, because I think it's a adorable story and it shows how down to earth Leo is.

    • Crackers says:

      That is so cute! Leo does seem like a sweetie off the pitch, how many people would bother to do that for a fan? (even though one could get annoyed that someone tracked you all the way to your parents' place)

    • chay says:

      I <3 leo!!!

  12. zhenya says:

    Congratulations to the del Pieros! Cool that they named the baby after papa, just the Russian version and nickname instead of full name.Still linked to a legend, but has his own identity!

  13. @Barcelinha_ says:

    is this Irina hatred spouting from you being a Ronaldo fangirl?

    not all models are whores, SMH

  14. That's the saddest Christmas tree that I have seen in my entire life (I'm 24 years) =/ I am going through a difficult economy situation, but even my Christmas tree is more beautiful than theirs!!! Ohh and their cloths look ugly!

    Now, Cristiano R. is a fool guy (Sorry girls, I know u like him) for leaving his baby, and spending Christmas with his girlfriend. Does he know that time pass fast? And one day he'll realize that he didn't spend enough time with his child? Shame on you, C.R.

    And the $30 K gift is really bad!
    -First, That expensive trip won't make it forget about their past as a couple. A woman never forgets about her man cheating on her.
    -Second, Chistmas is about Jesus, family, Tradition, etc. Now a days, Christmas is about who gets the most expensive gifts $$$.

    I wish Sergio Ramos or Karim Benzema were regular guys (No money, fame, etc.) so I could have a chance to date one of them. Well that is only in my dreams =(

    • @Barcelinha_ says:

      maybe the Rooneys are atheists, ever thought of that? everyone is entitled to spend their Christmas and their money the way they want, and maybe they don't care about "tradition".

      • @DebStimson says:

        wooowwww…do you have anything constructive to add today? Your posts are a bit nasty, no?

        • @Barcelinha_ says:

          maybe because everyone else is just as nasty? judging left and right is very Christmassy and sweet, i get it.

          seriously, if you have money, spend it. i'd LOVE to have a 30 k hols instead of shivering in the cold and having to go to work. i guess you don't?

          • Lynette says:

            … So your opinions are irreproachable and full of Christmas spirit, while everyone else is "nasty"?
            Yeah, get off your high horse.

            • rubyqueen says:

              the papers like to make a huge deal about coleen's devout catholic i think your comment about them being atheists is wrong honey.they are shallow,vain and materialistic.!! it's so wrong..:(

  15. That's the saddest Christmas tree that I have seen in my entire life (I'm 24 years) =/ I am going through a difficult economy situation, but even my Christmas tree is more beautiful than theirs!!! Ohh and their cloths look ugly!

    Now, Cristiano R. is a fool guy (Sorry girls, I know u like him) for leaving his baby, and spending Christmas with his girlfriend. Does he know that time pass fast? And one day he'll realize that he didn't spend enough time with his child? Shame on you, C.R.

    And the $30 K gift is really bad!

  16. laz says:

    when will the WAG resort kick irina out

    she is giving Wag's an even worse name than usual and even worse she has hugely influenced ronaldo's recent transformation into an arse of a person (which must be one of the highest of crimes, on sites like kickette anyway)

    she makes nereida look like the butter wouldn't melt type – quite an achievement as i never thought the evils of nereida would ever be matched but whatsherface has got seriously competition, which right now that competition of irina is kicking serious backside!

    • @Barcelinha_ says:

      because Ronaldo was all cute and innocent and decent before?

      hating Irina because she's a gorgeous model and omg, she's dating Ronaldo is wrong on so many levels. and fyi, it's not like the other "wags" are any better. look, normal girl Colleen Rooney chose to forgive infidelity, just so she could keep her status. i'd say that's a little bit worse than being an underwear model.

      • tea7 says:

        When he lips touch her nose is that Gorgeous…Maybe if she playing the joker…

        Haaaa you can't defend Irina…she has been exposed for what she really is…

        • Linore says:

          And Colleen Rooney couldn't possibly have forgiven the infidelity because she loves her husband and family, right?
          No, it had to be about the status.
          Forget the years they've spent together, the children they've had together.
          No, it's definitely about the status.

          It's ridiculous the way you bash on others for their comments on Irina, and then turn around and make such a horrid assumption about Colleen.

    • chay says:

      i don't think she had anything to do with his being an arse/tw*t. that "lovely" madeiran did that on his own!

  17. Pam says:

    Dont be surprised if in the upcoming holidays and vacations that he might not spend time with his son. His hoes are what really matter to him and he has shown that.

  18. Leya_S says:

    You know who DIDN'T have a good Holiday?
    Rafa Benitez.
    He got fired…
    Jose is probably stranded in his hotel in NYC laughing.

    Meanwhile, here's a late Christmas present for all you SNT fans:…

    • Bri says:

      Rafa getting fired was the best christmas present ever!!! I did a major happy dance.

      Also, thanks for the video! Made my day!

    • Rossanera says:

      I love when Dirty Tackle does the fake phone calls from Mou to Rafa. They're hysterical.

  19. Irena says:

    No news on the Spaniards?
    Well I can at least tell you that magazines report that there's trouble in paradise for Iker & Pastasauce

      • Irena says:

        Well it is mentioned on several Spanish gossip sites and the translation is obviously not accurate but the overall article (FYI it was quite lengthy) said that Sara had been overly-possessively and that was leading to a ”turbulent” relationship which Iker really wants to avoid (poor Iker) so he is trying to work on the relationship. Apparently, she gets angry when he comes back home late and even made him delete couple of friends off his Facebook account (yes Iker fans, looks like if he does have an account, we should start digging it up right about NOW, lol) and Iker is scared to leave her alone so he has to take her whenever he goes to. It said that he believes she is very stressed out (the article also commented on how she has been stressed out ever since the post-World Cup kiss which propelled her to fame and she lost 6 kilograms) and she is behaving like this because of the media attention et cetera. Also, her parents are getting divorced because her father has gambling issues or something.

        Whatever it is, I hope it is highly exaggerated for Iker’s sake. I try to like Pastasauce but such stuff from her (if true) pisses me off because she indulges into the fame and yet can’t seem to handle it – what an idiot! Iker on the other hand, poor guy, deserved someone so much better, preferably someone who doesn’t like hogging the limelight but after he dedicated the World Cup victory to her and even kissed her in all that chaos, I truly believe he loves her :/

      • Irena says:

        okay I pasted a lengthy post and now it disappered :S?
        Anyway so I suppose it is on several Spanish media outlets but the article I read was quite lengthy and it was a translation (probably Google translator) which is why it didn't make much sense but this is what I understood.
        So lately Sara Carbonero has been overly-possessive about Iker which had led to a ''turbulent'' relationship which Iker wants to repair and he is trying to be as supportive as possible. She gets angry when he comes late and even got him to remove some of his Facebook friends (yes, it is time for all the Iker fangirls to start looking for his real Facebook account!). It has become so bad that he worries for her and doesn't leave her alone and she goes with him wherever he goes. Apparently, Iker (poor guy!) believes that Sara has changed and is reacting so badly mainly because of all the media attention which is taking a toll on her. She lost 6 kilos because of the stress of her career and even looked very serious and haggard recently at the awards ceremony. It said that even though Iker has been an extremely supportive partner, he is also her ''executioner'' (LOL?!?) because everything she does is linked to him (it narrated the incident at the award ceremony where she was presenting an award for best artist with someone and he said the winner was Iker Casillas as a joke). Also, her present condition is being blamed on her parents' divorce proceedings (her dad apparently has some gambling problems) and she feels guilty about it. And also, Iker is thinking of (or already gave her, not sure) an ultimate to either relax to they take a break.
        So yeah, that's what the article was mainly about but I genuinely feel bad for Iker :( the reality is that even we all hate Pastasauce (and I am annoyed at her at this moment because if this article is true, then she's an idiot for wanting to indulge into all the attention she receives and yet she can't seem to handle it), Iker feels strongly about her which is what matters, I guess.

        • Crackers says:

          If they didn't look so happy together over the last year, I might actually have been thrilled at this news. I think I've seen the article you speak of, and hope it's not true, especially since they just moved in together apparently?

          Also, if her father is struggling with a gambling addiction, that is really sad and shouldn't be dragged out into the press, it's hard enough to deal with as is. It's really hitting below the belt when even people's family members aren't spared.

          • Irena says:

            I have to agree with the parents' issue because the tabloids have been talking about it since sometime and who knows, maybe that really upset Sara? Fame has its cruel way sometimes

    • Alia says:


      • Irena says:

        LMAO, Alia, you seem positively excited that they're having a few troubles :P hate Pastasuace that much? I would've been happy too if he hadn't kissed her post WC and dedicated the victory to her because that is telling about his feelings for her and whatever matters to him, matters to me (sigh, I sound like such a corny fangirl)

        And yes, the magazine article also said how Sara's comments on Cristiano Ronaldo (back in September, she called him ''selfish and individualistic'' although she later said they were taken out of context) strained the relationship between Ronaldo and Iker and ever since, they haven't been on the best of terms. The club is trying to brush off the rumours by having them appear together at social events (they went together to distribute presents to children's hospitals in Madrid as well)
        Yeah the magazine was really bashing up Sara

  20. Guilherme says:

    what a huge bulge aguero got in there. yummy.

  21. @AgnesWonka says:

    I'd pay to be Irina at least one day!!!!!!!!!!

  22. toots says:

    Very Sad CR prefer to spend Christmas with Irina pa investment spending with the child, but this story is strange:
    A no-gossip magazine, not even in Portugal to Spain announced that the two streamed over the holidays together, as this would be a full plate
    2-he asked for fans to speak their native traditions on facebook and twitter and he committed to the traditions of him with his family on twitter.
    3-Ronaldo seems kind of person who spends Christmas with his mother
    4-After the scandal of the journal Irina was seen in Cuba, NY and Israel was not in Spain at that time it was Ronaldo's family (I think the mother did not like the magazine) even when the child appeared in the field of CR football and she was in Cuba after she published a photo on facebook and talking about how good he is at home (referring to her home in NY), but the gossip magazines said that she lived in Madrid with the CR.
    5-Before you speak it appears in the video with two bouquets of flowers, so this must have been the hotel that they are, if the CR because it would give two bouquets

  23. BarceLisa says:

    Cristiano and that thing are in my backyard? Wow, its nice to know that my people are officially helping him be a more responsible father.

  24. rubyqueen says:

    ronnie i do not approve of your holiday with gf instead of your beautiful bubba.why is aguero in liverpool is he gonna sign for liverpool.?? and coleen love enjoy your £30,000 cruise because as soon as your designer clad back is turned wayney boy will be screwing the next whore that comes along.!!!

  25. Jen says:

    What is up with the crap sweater?? Not that Maxi's tree is any better! It is nice they are hanging in the holidays with family and friends, NOT jetting off to the Maldives! C-Ron, you may be a twat, but start at least acting like a father!!!

  26. SoccerLoverrr says:

    does c.ronaldo even remember he has a SON!?! dont friggen go have a child if ur nah even guna take of him/her and just spend ur time in the maldives with ur skanky gf! one thing dat makes me mad: parents who dont give a crap about their children! why do u have kids in the first place then? der are so many ppl who r tryin to have kids buh cant…its so sad

    k i just had to vent that.

    • @DebStimson says:

      I totally agree with you. Some people just shouldn't have kids. Unfortunately, it looks like his family is enabling him by taking care of his son while he runs off with Irina. I really have to wonder if this wasn't a planned pregnancy as Cris would have people believe. That might explain a lot of his antics. If that's the case, why didn't he just let the baby stay with his mother? AND shame on Irina for not telling him it was more important to stay with his son. Makes you wonder what kind of step-mother she'd be. poor kid!

      • SoccerLoverrr says:

        Exactly!!! Like this is soo unfair on the child's part! i feel so bad for cristiano jr. to have his dad more interested in his girlfriend then him :( since im studyin to become an early childhood educator, i get realli upset when parents dont realize that not takin of their child properly will affect the child so much in the future :(

    • @Barcelinha_ says:

      i don't see why you should call Irina skanky, but otherwise i agree with you.

  27. jen says:

    maxi rodriguez is such a cute little nugget. i know not all lpool fans like him but i think he works hard for us and gives us his best.

    in other news, if mourinho is in nyc that must mean he's snowed in here. haha.

    • @DebStimson says:

      ooohhh…I didn't even think about the fact that he's on the east coast. We got about 6 inches over Christmas but nothing like the east coast has gotten. They've even cancelled many of the flights from Chicago to the east coast because of the weather.

      They don't have practice till January (1st, I think?) so at least he'll have a couple days for them to get the streets/etc. cleared off.

  28. Liz says:

    Cristiano is an shit for leaving his child on his first Christmas!!! I can't believe it. Well I can because he left him for a week the week he got him for sex in NYC. Now left him for sex in the Maldives. Can he sink any lower? I think his sister or mother should just take full custody. Obviously Jr is with them more then Cristiano and he doesn't care.

    • laz says:

      wouldn't be surprised if he can sink further – he's been breaking boundaries many of us thought would never be broken so now who knows.

      Unfortunately i think that Irina is here to stay and that on the girl front at least he has gone to loopy land and is a bit of a lost cause sadly!

      just what the world needs – a wag like irina taking up paper space for yrs to come – makes you wonder what certain media were complaining about when they wrote about V beckham being an unsuitable remodel for people.

      • tea7 says:

        I hope she isn't here to stay, I can't see her wanting to be a stepmom and she can't communicate with his family, Irina wants a Vogue cover not to be his wife. She will stay with him longest enough to get more work.

    • lisette05 says:

      Does anyone remember when Colleen Rooney was excoriated for going to a concert (ONE night) when her baby was a few months old?

      Either fathers are equally vital or they're not.

    • meredith says:

      Wow I never usually comment on here anymore (just stay here for Kickette's hilarious comments) but most of you are being so judgemental. I think it safe to assume none of you actually know Cristiano personally nor Irina. Neither do I but what I am saying is can you keep your uneducated comments to yourself. People are just constantly trying to bring him down. He works hard all season and is already back in training. Is it that much to ask that he and his girlfriend take a break. You don't know the circumstances so don't judge. I don't think Irina is a bad person and they are a nice couple who haven't caused any scandals. Blah blah blah plastic surgery, unless you have actual proof and confirmation from her. I've watched a couple of interviews and she doesn't seem horrible. FYI, I don't actually think she is attractive (killer body though) but I think her confidence makes her sexy. You guys don't know her, I don't know her so just leave her alone. People getting sad at the rumours saying they might be getting married are being silly. Do you think Cristiano should just stay alone for the rest of his life for fan girls? He likes her so let him be.

      Oh and "Footballers make me sick with their over expensive Christmas"
      No. Just…no.
      It's like what Iker said,
      “People only see footballers wearing expensive watches, driving expensive cars and living in mansions. They don’t see all the effort that we do to get us to where we are."
      They've been incredibly dedicated all season and you criticise them for using their hard earnt money?

      Incredible rant where most people will probably try to argue with me after I post this but all I am saying is stop judging them if you don't know them personally. It's probably a whole lot different to what you think. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Why concentrate on the bad things all the time? Don't like something? Talk about the good things instead.

  29. Maria !! says:

    i'm starting to feel really sad for Cristiano Jr. he really chose to celebrate his first Christmas as a father with Irina rather than his sweet little son =(

    • @DebStimson says:

      my thoughts exactly! Here he was asking his fans about their Christmas traditions on his FB and twitter and then totally blows off his chance to start his own traditions with his son on his first Christmas?! Although, is Three Kings Day a bigger holiday for kids in Portugal than Christmas? My family has only ever celebrated Christmas so all gifts were opened either on Christmas eve or day. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

      Regardless, he still has a couple days off so could he really NOT have waited until AFTER Christmas to go off with Irina? idk, it's actions like this that makes the whole surrogate story even more unbelievable. :(

      • Maria !! says:

        i don't know i feel there is something wrong !! maybe after her naked photos his mom doesn't want her because if his family want her he would have celebrated Christmas with them !!
        but as u said he posted on his FB account "This year will be a very special Christmas for me and I'd love to hear your favorite family traditions. I'll share my favorites" maybe its a fake story because to be honest the 1st who published this were some traveling to Maldives sites even none of the high profile sites who used to publish every CR-Irina didn't say a thing about it nor the portuguese LUX magazine !! idk i'm getting crazy from this story hehe :p

        • laz says:

          There are pic and vid proof so it is not made up

          (… – for those who have not seen)

          but yes it is very odd that zero news sites or the big blogs have not written about it (yet) – either they don't care (doubt this is the case) or they don't know (it is only on a few forums and there has only been a couple of tweets for it so you need to know what to search to find it) kickettes brief footnote on it is the most coverage it's had so far. I think that ronadlo has got alway with this staying as good as private this time – he's a lucky sod is all i can say – there would of been similar to the media chaoes in the summer if the papers had heard of this by now!

    • tea7 says:

      I always felt like Irina was very Shallow and fake from her past comments but this takes the cake, She has no problem with that baby being left because she only cares about herself. Eww she is his worst GF so far..if he marries her I feel sorry for Little Sonaldo…

    • Kristine says:

      It could be that he met up with his family in Maldives. The baby lives elsewhere with the mother and sister doesn't he? I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      • Kristine says:

        why would anyone give me a thumbs down on my comment? I was being serious, Ronaldo seems like the type to spend the holidays with his mommy. Just because we see the video of him and Irina, doesn't mean that his family may have gone ahead of them. Or met them there.

  30. Mrs.Krkic says:

    What about the spaniards???!!

  31. Lily says:

    Kun's shirt looks like a project I did in art class in 6th grade. Maxi looks nice though.

    • Leya_S says:

      *sigh* oh Sergio……something about the name Sergio means ridiculous fashion sense, idk…
      For some reason, Maxi's generic jeans-and-tee ensemble fit so perfectly, I can't stop looking. He's adorable here.

  32. omg go to and you will see mr. kun aguero and his precious baby Benja playin football
    ( the kid's got some skill olready) its super adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baby benja is so cute him and summer terry are the cuttest footballers kids

    • Bri says:

      Thank you so much for that! My ovaries have completely exploded from the cuteness!!!

    • @DebStimson says:

      that is so adorable! Thanks for the link!

      • you are very welcome!!!!!!!!!! follow kun on twitter so you can see the pictures he sometimes tweets with Benja

        • reggaeballgirl says:

          Other footballers *cough* CR *cough* would do well to learn something about being a father from Kun. You can tell Benji is important to him. The love is just always obvious between them.

    • Leya_S says:

      I just about died watching this, he is sooooooooooo cute!!!! And he won't even be 2 until February, I read! He's AMAZING! But he does have both Kun Aguero and Diego Maradona genes so I expect that he'll be a prodigy, haha!
      And I agree with reggaeballgirl: CR could definitely learn a thing or two about parenting from Sergio!

  33. I hate Kun's jumper. Hideous. On the other hand, the bulge is great!

  34. Cammie says:

    So chose X-Mas with his underwear Model over his Son….

    And the Underwear Model is fine with that, but he chose to be in NY with her instead of his son…

    • @Barcelinha_ says:

      so it's HER fault? please don't go there.

      • TakeMeHomeUnitedRoad says:

        Yes, it is. Whilst the majority of scorn should be poured on that revolting cretin Ronaldo she also deserves a slating for going along with his – or her – "wonderful Christmas plans".
        Any decent person in such a relationship would pass up the idea, surely? Strange then that she didn't, even if Mama refuses to dig out the welcome mat.
        And going by the old battle-axes previous and Miss "Model's" – please, no portfolio and NO catwalk appearances, EVER – penchant for removing her clothes at any given opportunity for a sleazy photo-shoot, that may well be the case.
        Instead, choosing to indulging his selfish ways screams more about her character than any PR dribble released by her management.

        These two are monstrous, vain and spoilt. They are perfect for one another. How long they stay together is anyone's guess but they sure as hell won't grow old together if that's what the fan-girls are hoping for. During the course of the relationship it's a given that CR will be getting more sex than her, probably fathering a few more unfortunate souls along the way. She just wants money, jobs and fame.

        The poor boy already in CR's "care" has been abandoned by his mother for money – if the papers are to be believed – and will no doubt be abandoned repeatedly by his pussy-chasing father (sorry to be so crude) throughout his life. If he comes through balanced and happy, I'll eat my hat.

        • Jeanie says:

          I hope he dumps her, cause Iam sick of seeing her injected lips everywhere, before Ronaldo I never saw her anywhere,but now it's Ronaldo GF this or that.. Please make Jokersmile Go back to the cave she came out of…My least favorite Model…

          Can't Ronaldo see that this person is doing nothing but gain more PR from him…Ewww

      • tea7 says:

        So it isn't fault, when he leaves his son to be with her, PLEASE don't go there with me, she has a enough mouth to make all her shallow comments, so why don't she have enough mouth to tell Cris he should be with his son. Gisele made room for Tom Brady's son in her life, because she Care, Irina doesn't care about the son or the father, she just cares about money and PR.

  35. coco says:

    so did anyone notice the picture behind the tree. Its Maxi with a gal pal… by the way…Happy Holiday ladies!

  36. blake2108 says:

    Footballers make me sick with their over expensive Christmas

    With the stuff I got for Christmas, I only just managed to afford a football ticket for a match yesterday.

  37. Rossanera says:

    AUGURI CAPITANO! So happy! And thanks for the link to my blog, Kickette!

  38. Ofeily9 says:

    I dont know why Aguero is in Liverpool but If he wants to sign with My Reds, It could be Amazing !!

    • Crackers says:

      Oh you never know, he might just be dropping in on Nando (they did play together for Atleti during Nando's last season there).

  39. Alex Samuel says:

    The sad thing is that the fugly jumper Aguero is wearing probably cost a lot of money. And what's up with that tree?! And as for Maurito Zarate, I'm all for manscaping, so long as the man in question is fairly attractive :/ I <3 how the del Piero family just keeps on growing!