June 1st, 2010

Kickette Catch Up: Long Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

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- We spent some time comparing and contrasting PUMA’s “Journey of Football” with Nike’s “Write The Future” viral. Which do you prefer? Spotted on Unprofessional Foul.

- Just so we’re clear, his name is Luka Modric and he can’t pose for sh*te.

- Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s agent ain’t having afternoon tea with Pep Guardiola anytime soon. He said the Barcelona head coach should “go to a mental hospital” if he considers selling Ibra after only one season of club service.

- Samuel Eto’o has hinted at the possibility of quitting his NT after fellow countryman and revered striker, Milla, criticized his efforts/lack of trophies for Cameroon. Eto’o is also now playing the “we’ll see” guessing game over his club of choice next season.

- Frank Lampard admitted he would consider a move to the MLS once he’s past his EPL prime.


- Adriano, who last week made claims he was on his way back to Italy to play for AS Roma, was questioned by Brazilian authorities over his involvement in an existing drug trafficking case and photos of himself with assault rifles. Say cheese!

- Mikel Arteta and his fiancee of five years, Lorena Bernal, will be getting hitched on July 17. The bride-to-be is keeping mum on the ceremony’s location, even though the press reports it will be somewhere on the island of Mallorca.


- Jose Mourinho was unveiled as Real Madrid‘s latest rider on the club’s management merry-go-round. His first task as newly-appointed coach? Showing his support for Raul by attending his book launch yesterday (looking casual in jeans and a blazer, may we add).

- Seen with an adult beverage in hand Monday evening, conspiracy theorists over at The Spoiler suggest Joe Cole knew of his WC fate ahead of the public.

- After they took cover with their country’s army, Portugal tried their hands at Rock Band.

- Time and again we must remind ourselves that not everyone is preparing for this summer’s biggest football tournament of glory. Like Clarence Seedorf, Massimo Ambrossini and other AC Milan players, for example.

All Weekend Long

The long weekend really belonged to the WAGs:

- Coleen Rooney appeared sweaty and fit following a gym workout; her eyebrows did not.

- Cheryl Cole reunited with music video partner/recent Dancing With the Stars champion, Derek Hough, on the O2 arena’s stage during her 40-minute opening set for the Black Eyed Peas. Elsewhere, it was noted that her official Web site merchandise had dropped her soon-to-be-ex-husband‘s surname. It was all much ado about nothing, said her reps, who confirmed “no decision” has been made on what her professional name will be post-divorce.

- Wanda Nara, wife of Maxi Lopez, confirmed the couple’s happy news: they are expecting their second child.

France World Cup - The French WAGs made a polished appearance at this past weekend’s France v. Tunisia friendly.

- Christine Bleakley spent Saturday afternoon shopping at Liberty’s department store. On a level of boring to 10, this was squished in between her coffee run and award ceremony appearance. Zzz….

- Finally, food for thought: is there ever a “bad” time to be a WAG? According to Alex Gerrard, the answer is a resounding “no”.

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18 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Long Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. PJ says:

    Is that Fernando Morientes sitting beside Mourinho? Nando was best pal of Raul.

  2. Nancy says:

    I absolutely love both ads and they both have a different flair, Nike’s ad has a brilliant idea, exciting and smart execution and having that rediculous number of football stars in it, is sure to make it a favorite BUT Puma’s ad is soooooo heartwarming, it represents football Africa, captures honest moments, yes it doesn’t have all the glamour of Nike’s ad but I love a simple idea that instantly captures my heart and this did the trick.

    And, um, Ibra’s manager? dude, know when to STFU.

  3. Zlatanista says:

    If i was Zlatan i would kick that a** of an agent asap! He has embarrassed him for too long now.

    Even though i am a barcagirl i hope that Jose won´t do to much damage to Reals beautiful game and good spirit. I really, really dislike that man!

  4. Inés says:

    I love the Nike ad! it’s the best ad ever made!
    the one that should go to a mental hospital is Zlatan, not Pep!

    I can’t believe you’re talking about gold-digger Wanda Nara! she’s a whore, did you know?

  5. Vlada says:

    Hands down the Puma ad is better. It’s got more heart. Nike is all about the big stars.

  6. April says:

    Not sure how much I believe on that Lamps article. He's said in many interviews that he wants to get his coaching badges when he's finished playing. Now, I know he can change his mind, but the 'interview' makes it sound as if he's never considered it and will never consider it. Though, this is ESPN's SoccerNet that's publishing this, so I'm not sure how much I'd believe just off that.

    • April says:

      Adding on to my own comment here…

      …it’s also saying 105 goals from 320 Chelsea appearances. He’s up in the 150s with 400+ appearances, so god knows how many bits of old information they’re piecing together to try to get some ‘news’ to put out.

  7. SoMysterious says:

    i love both ads…the puma ad shouldn't be compared to the nike one…whoever decided to com0pare them is is part stupid…the nike ad is a world view of many different countries where as the puma ad focuses soley on the african countries….

    they're both beautiful commercials…

  8. Anastasia says:

    The video is a tough choice. Adorable kids playing footie barefoot? Yes. Alternate futures for Wayne Rooney, including a hilarious beard? Yes. I think they are both excellent, just in different ways.

    I will lose a lot of respect for Lamps if he moves to the MLS. Its where footballers go to die.
    (I do support my home MLS team, but I hate the way foreign players use it as a place to put off hanging up their boots.)

  9. JT UTAH says:

    The Puma ad vs the Nike Write the Future is the same thing as a Canada vs Brazil match.

  10. MrsNesta says:

    I love both videos, they've got different vibes and really like that song, sounds like Cee-Lo????

  11. Sylvia says:

    Christine wants to bury the hatchet with Franks ex…..:S

    Prefer the nike one, sexy sexy sexy fabregas and sexy sexy sexy gerard pique is in it!! woo!! that'll do for me!

  12. Estefi says:

    Wanda Nara & Maxi Lopez are expecting their 2nd child.They already have Valentino…

  13. Marcelle says:

    Perhaps due solely to the song, I like the Puma ad more. Everyone's saying that the nike ad is a masterpiece, worthy of an oscar, blah blah blah but the only thing it has going for it, in my opinion, is the massive list of football stars. Frankly, I've seen so much better from Nike.

  14. mamaly says:

    “Write The Future” wins hands down, the only thing i liked about the Puma ad is the song

  15. Michaella says:

    I love both campaigns. I think the Puma campaign lacks the big name footballers, thats how the Nike viral sligtly edges it x

  16. tammyv says:

    The Lampard interview is from 2006, not current. He said in it that he has a baby, not two little girls and it lists the wrong cars he owns. No Aston Martins listed.

    Jose looks amazing in everything…

    Ibra's agent should probably zip it and soon