April 26th, 2010

Kickette Catch-Up: The Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Barcelona Gerard Pique


- Gerard Pique’s May cover of Men’s Health Espana gave us hot flashes. He’s so damn fit, it’s not okay.

- HHOF member and former AC Milan man, Paolo Maldini, is said to be calm following news of the tax fraud allegations levied against he and his wife.

- The sudsy twosome Brits most want to see in their showers? Cheryl Cole and George Clooney. Makes sense, seeing that she’s filthy rich now.

Zinedine Zidane Alain Afflelou- Zinedine Zidane was seen filming the next phase of his Grand Optical campaign for Alain Affelou in Spain. Next up: playing in the Robbie Williams’ organized Soccer Aid charity match on June 6 in Manchester.

Psst: we also hear crowd-favourite Henrik Larsson will be in attendance.


- The London Marathon must have had cocktails on the sidelines as Elen Rives successfully completed the long-arse run.

- The real news? The ex-WAG’s quote on getting over Lampsy and never dating another footballer again: “I’d rather date a fat man.” Way harsh, Elen.

- Rafa Marquez’s WAG, Jaydy Mitchel, put to rest some nagging rumours. She confirmed that while she does want more kids, she’s not currently pregnant and the pair have no plans to wed just yet.

- Former footballer-turned-reality-TV-‘star’, Vinnie Jones, has plans to remake the cult classic footy film, Escape to Victory.

- File this under ‘over our dead bodies’: Kim Kardashian to attend the World Cup as a guest of Cristiano Ronaldo?

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30 Responses to “Kickette Catch-Up: The Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. ladytee says:

    whats all this madness? pique is NOT that hot. he’s ayt. love his eyes though

  2. LittleMissArsenal says:

    Ohmigosh….I STILL can’t believe Gerard Pique isn’t on the Finest Five list!!! He’s so damn HOT!!! Something must be done FAST!!!

  3. livv4footy says:

    OVER MY FREAKIN DEAD BODY KIM. let her try to get to South Africa, goo ahead and try kim kardashian, just wait to see what happens

  4. maria says:

    iker’s was better.

  5. barca4ever says:

    pique should win the trophey of the hottest player in the world

  6. barca4ever says:

    gerrard pisue hottest man alive

  7. keziah says:

    haha, Anyone else feel like KK is living the saying “everything Paris can do I can do better”. I mean please, stop wasting space in the public arena and give it to someone talented. But as hot as CRon is we all know he’s the portugese man-O-whore and they’re heading out of the world cup early. If he wants a second try at all the American STI’s he can get then let him have her.

  8. klyn312 says:

    I’m still mad at him… blach.

  9. liv says:

    What the hell is KIM k going to do at the world cup; she doesn’t even no the outside rule!

    • laz says:

      to be fair, how many wag’s/ footballer’s partners understand the off side rule, or any of footballs rules for that matter. Actually I doubt that many even like the game and are going to the wc to suck it up and support their other half or/and get free publicity/media attention!

    • laura-8 says:

      its the offside rule not the outside rule x

  10. Kahlen says:

    aww Gerard is adorable. I find him hotter when his mouth is closed though. Is that weird?

    but ewwww I can't stand Kim K. Cristiano can do so much better. When will he learn?!

    and oooh Zidane looking so delicious.

  11. Sara says:

    I don’t “get” Pique. At all.

  12. Inés says:

    Kim Kardashian, please….find a job!!!!!

  13. sunny says:

    gerard pique looks like a donkey.

  14. Ellaxx says:

    Pique has definitely got better with age. Pretty fit in that pic.

    And is it just me that finds zidane really sexy? I miss him.

  15. Homeskillet17 says:

    i heart Gerard Pique so effiing much right now it should be illegal! :P

  16. laura-8 says:

    Maybe this is just being a bit obsessive of Frank having read his autobiography .. a restaurant called Scalini is one of his favourites because its where he and elen met and had they dates and big occasions .. He took Christine there last weeek!! it seems to me she is a substitute for Elen and its so obvious she is still in love with him after saying a couple of months ago 'he's the father of my kids, the love of my life'

  17. MrsNesta says:

    Oh Pique :) Is there a video to go with the cover shoot, you know where he changes his clothes and stuff???

    Of course Maldini is calm and serene, and a word to the italian officials investigating "its Paolo Maldini, he's soooo hot he shouldn't have to pay tax, all HOT BALLERS should be tax free!!!!".

    • Homeskillet17 says:

      haha "you know where he changes his clothes and stuff???" lmao! i'd love to see that too :) ))))

  18. TristaJade says:

    Oh, my Monday is not complete without the gossip cheat sheet! It's what I look forward to! ;) And for the record, Kim showing up at the World Cup as a "guest" of C-Ron made me laugh out loud at my cubicle. That'll happen when Hell freezes over.

    And if it does happen, I will ice-skate home, I promise. :D

    • laz says:

      KK may not be at the world cup as a "guest" but considering how successful in self publicity these (rumours) of a hook up with ronaldo has been been for her i wouldn't be surprised if she was photographed 'watching' a portugal match (and i'll put in an early punt on ronaldo getting the blame for an probable early KO for portugal because his socalite "GF" was distracting him (and the world's media – see english wags in germany 06 for precedent) even though an early KO for portugal would probably be down to them facing brazil, ivory coast and probably spain if they make it to the KO round, regardless of girl drama)

      if this hookup with KK is true then can we finally declare CR as a lost cause in the dating front (i know some of his fans think KK is the decent gf they've been waiting for but beautiful (and that's down to personal choice) does not equal decent human) – not unlike his women choices most of us probably would be up for a ONS or short term fling (providing protection is used as we have an idea where he's been over the yrs) with the guy, but no self respecting decent woman would want something long term with this guy and that's if he's even capable to stick it out long term, non revolving around s** from hr one relationship. Plus all the famew****s of the world knows from the many examples in history that a (rumored) hookup with CR equals 15 mins of fame and a healthy profit from interviews or 'job offers' (98% success rate!) – even if a decent girl wanted to go up to the guy and introduce themselves they'd get knocked down by one of these questionable ladies before they have the chance.

      Sorry CR, i respect you for your talent on the pitch and your work ethic but off the pitch, at least with women you are officially a lost cause!

  19. Molly says:

    Ewww Elen!!! Frankie doesn't want you anymore anyways :) !!!

    Oh and Pique looks great!!!

  20. senora ramos says:

    hello there handsome. pique i love you. your gf is super cute, but you need to not settle so fast. it ruins my fantasies!

    eww, cris. no.

  21. Tula says:

    Oh dear Elen…

    Also, F5 results pls?! I am waiting with bated breath… well, with a cup of tea and a biscuit but hey ho

  22. Alisha says:

    Yum…Pique ;) Made my day!