September 6th, 2010

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Hey Sthefany, karma’s a bitch and her name is Miss Brasil. Image:


-As we mentioned last week, Pato turned 21. We’ve since learned that the occasion was rather low-key, with the AC Milan man spending a quiet two days with Miss Brasil, Débora Lyra (and her Fauxberry hat) touring Venice, Italy. Potential Twitter hashtags for Pato to tweet once his ass gets on the damn social networking site: #YouCanHaveMyMoneyWhileIhaveMissBrasil or, the more mature, #EatYourHeartOutSthefany.

- Romeo Beckham had a birthday. Daddy David looked foine. Raise your hands if you despise Posh’s extensions.

- Another one for the “blow out your candles” files is Raul Albiol, who turned 25 on Saturday.


- Sara Carbonero is vying for a spot in our WAG hair wars; she’s teamed up with Pantene to be the face of their new Aqualight line.

- Christine Bleakley got on our nerves some more.

- Oh…yeah…this happened. More from us on that later.

- Lastly, the Becks family were back in the news – this time for selling Beckingham Palace.

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45 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Steph says:

    Happy (late) 25th to Albiol! :D Still can’t believe he’s 25, he SO doesn’t look it. And the Beckhams are selling Beckingham Palace? That makes me a bit sad. And I gotta say, Sara is growing on me. Don’t hate me. :P

  2. Inés says:

    what happened to Rooney is soooo s***! shocking!

    Pato, don’t make the mistake you did with Stephanie……don’t marry this Miss Brazil!

    Raul Albiol is just 25? he looks like thirty!!!!

  3. Maribel says:

    Posh’s hair is terrible as of late! Every time Bleakley opens her mouth, I dislike her more. She’s just blech. Pasta sauce does have pretty hair, but would she have a Pantene endorsement deal if she wasn’t with st. iker?

    Not surprised at all about Rooney (or any other athlete that cheats!) I’m interested to hear what their response is to all the allegations and if Cols will walk around with no ring on for a few weeks…then all will return to normal.

  4. Leya says:

    spelling: Raul ALbiol (emphasis on the L, since you guys are missing it in the post)…<3 you anywayz!

  5. JV says:

    I really, really want VB's friends and family to stage a hairtervention because she hasn't had a decent looking hair style in half a decade. I say it with love, Posh, I say it with love.

    Raul… I haven't paid much attention to him, but he looks great in that picture so happy birthday and I look forward to google stalking you.

    Rooney… *yawns* Guy with too much money, free time and idiot friends cheats on wife because he can. She takes him back. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Stay or go, she should have learned her lesson the first time.

  6. Emme says:

    What a sad story. No wonder Rooney did so terribly at the WC – that weighing on his conscience for so long. How humiliating for Colleen. For once, I actually feel badly for a WAG. Don’t these ballers know what can happen when they hook up with these tacky prostitutes? I mean they might not be the smartest men out there, but I would think it would be obvious.

  7. Lisa says:

    -A footballer and a beauty queen??!! wow that is so unique, I have never seen that before!
    -Happy birthday Romeo Beckham. Great All-American family they are, those Beckhams.
    -Happy 25th Raul Albiol, is your wife pregnant again yet?
    -Sara Carbonero looks a lot like the Indian actress Aishwarya Rai. I dunno if thats a good thing or a bad thing.
    -Christine Bleakley tsk tsk. When Frank dumps you (emphasis on WHEN) you are going to regret not taking your career more seriously.
    -Beckingham Palace should be turned into a museum, kind of like a UK Graceland or something.

  8. gin_in_teacups says:

    The thing that boggles my mind about celebrities cheating is that they all seem SHOCKED to get caught. If you’re famous, you should have every expectation that if you cheat, you’re eventually going to be found out. So either find someone who is down with having an open marriage, or keep your sausage out of other ladies buns. Or whatever, do what you like. Just don’t get cranky when the story is sold to the tabloids, because anybody with half a brain cell could have told you that was going to happen.

    Anyway Kickette, I think we need some bubbahs or some shirtless happening soon to take away the BLECH of this whole thing.

    Oh and Happy Birthday to Albiol! How adorable was it that Arbeloa tweeted about it!

    • Thea says:

      Well Footballers are not known to be the brightest of people as they effectivley finish their education at 16 with next to no qualfications. From there they are spoon fed and proctected by the posse of agents, advisors and managers who keep them closet and almost child like, with women and sponsors chasing them no metter what the look or act like. They don't seem to get the basic concept that actions have consequences, altho Giggs and Owen have kept it together!

      • D0li says:

        I to was supprised, Rooney seemed like a nice guy kind of like the anti-Ronaldo. This will deffinately affect him as his endorcements revolve around him being a tallented footballer with family values.

        It will be interesting to know whether or not Colleen leaves him, as apparantly he's been with a prostitute before but she claimed that they weren't "together" when that happened so it didn't bother her.

        I know she's a prostitute and all, but whenever they have pictures of these women they look so ugly and classless! I mean if you are spending that much money for sex the girl should atleast be attractive! Maybe these players are looking for the wrong girls, because I'm sure there are agencies that has a confidentiality contract.. after all they should get tehir money back after the girls get so much money from the press. But then again I have to wonder about these women, because although they make alot from the press.. they still have to deal with the back lash from the media being called names, and having to face their famly and friends telling them that they are prostitutes.

        Maybe the money has greater value than pride.

      • Lisa says:

        The so-called "Baby Bentley culture" described by Alan Curbishley was much more widespread than just West Ham:…

        and this was just at West Ham… in 2007. Imagine how much worse the problem of clueless spoilt brats must be around the bigger clubs.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        I don’t think leaving school young has much to do with it. Common sense and even the slightest powers of observation should be sufficient. I mean, did Rooney not see what happened with Ashley Cole, Peter Crouch, Franck Ribery, or hell, Tiger Woods? And it’s not just footballers or athletes – look at politicians. It’s men with money and with power, no matter how smart or stupid, thinking they’re going to be the special case that gets away with it.

        You’re probably right about the way they get coddled and protected, and have people saying yes to them all the time. I’m sure that does get you thinking you really are invincible. It’s just that eventually, wouldn’t you see all the other supposedly invincible guys in the exact same position as you, getting caught out and think oh gee, maybe I don’t actually exist in a bubble?

        • Taskeen says:

          I agree, the power complex definitely has a whole lot to do with it.

          All the money and hero- worship seems to blind them. I really don't get why they think they're ging to be the one who gets away with it though!

        • D0li says:

          The sun is reporting that Colleen will make Rooney pay for this! AGH.. why aren’t there any good men left in society? I mean serious.. Colleen isn’t a 10/10 but she’s somewhat attractive, has a nice body and seems sweet.

          Why on earth would he want to cheet on her.

          • snowy says:

            She's a lovely girl, but what I don't understand is why these guys don't just stay single. They don't have biological clocks ticking – Rooney is 24! I wouldn't expect the 24 year olds in my office to be monogamous or to settle down, and they're chartered surveyors on a 9 to 5, not millionaire jet-setters! I think Derek Jeter's had it right all these years, he prioritizes his career and has played the field with endless models and actresses. His latest conquest is barely news at this point and when he retires he'll probably pick a good gal and have a bunch of kids. Makes total sense to me.

            • gin_in_teacups says:

              Oh Derek, how I love you. He definitely seems like a class act. I can't even remember ever hearing anything bad about him. It would definitely be preferable if more athletes took a page from his book. Though with Rooney, the story suggests that he has a thing for prostitutes, which would be kind of skeevy even if he wasn't married. I dunno, I guess these guys fall in love and don't intend to cheat. Yet it always seems to happen anyway…

            • Emme says:

              I agree with you. So many of these ballers are not even thirty and married with multiple children. I don’t know what the rush is. Pato is already a divorcee’ and he is what? 20? 21?

  9. Lisa says:

    omg what about the news that Ryan Giggs might be named Wales manager. I think Pep, Jose and Keano finally have some competition for the Hottest Football Manager title! check out this hot photo:…

    mmmm salt and pepper!

  10. jax says:

    Re: FranknStine: Do Chelsea know that Frank, their 100k a week player will now be rising at 4am to accompany the Bleak one to her job? Does the little matter of his training/matches not figure in her tunnel vision?! I give him a week of early rising before he starts making excuses. Her show this morning was awful, by the way. The woman is a grinning,annoying nightmare.

    Poor Colleen – if these allegations are true, Wayne is an idiot – not just for the actual deeds but in thinking he would be able to get away with it in our tabloid-driven country.

  11. Danielle says:

    according to one paper rooney is NOT one of the 3 england papers who had the super injunction!

    • Thea says:

      Heavens above!!!!! Just read that aswell.

      • l says:

        I know silence is deafening but something is off about the rooney story.

        This hooker sold this story to 2 different newspaper with too set of facts that differ from each other. Add to that that straight after the cl final in may i think he went straight to the england training camp in the south of england (i think) then to 2 away matches and then straight on holiday with coleen till the beginning of july i don't see when he'd had time in that schedule to go back up to manchester for a night out.

        Also perhaps he hasn't said anything yet because he is in the middle of england duty and it was a sunday yesterday (day of rest) plus true or not i don't see his ppl rushing out with a statement and lastly even if this is a lie this story would of shaken up both coleen and wayne and put a strain on things as now the whole country thinks there marriage is in trouble (any relationship would be rocked by this type of story – tru or not)

        RoM make a good argument on both sides
        Honestly i'd hold your horses on this until the internationals are over and rooney has had a chance to have a face to face with his ppl which won't be till wed earliest so if an denial/public apology/public suing it won't happen till thur/fri/sat or perhaps the sunday morning papers. But i admit the silence isn't good and the longer it goes on the more likely it is true but something bout this story is off and even this girl's friends and family last night suggested that this girl is the low of the low and prob not below selling lies to get a big paypacket and national fame and not caring if it destroys a marriage. Just wait a couple more days before coming to a final conclusion on this story!

        • suzie says:

          According to the reports I read his people have know about the story for 3 weeks now, trying to stop it's publication, I'm sure if they worked that hard to stop it they would have been ready to issue a denial straight away when it broke. A simple "this is not true and it's in the hands of my lawyers" would work (and save Coleen some embarrassment)and Rooney doesn't have to be in the country for his people to that. The longer they wait the more damaging it's going to be.

          • l says:

            I think the mirror was the one who came up with that line so….
            and sometimes it does take a few days to issue a statement or denial.
            if it is true than i don’t know why rooney didn’t take compassionate leave and how he was able to play so well on friday, knowing this story was prob going to break on sat night if his ppl knew for 3 wks.
            the longer this is left the worse it’s going to get = agreed if you read the 2 ‘exclusive’ stories you can tell that at least some of the details are lies regardless of if the basic plotline is true!

            • suzie says:

              I saw it in a few papers so…who knows.He is supposed to have told Coleen on Saturday, the day before, so at the very least his people knew then, if they can't sort out a simple "this is not true" statement in 24 hrs in this day and age then he needs to get new people. If I was Wayne I'd want it done straight away just so it didn't humilate Coleen. If it's not true they'll sue I'm sure, they've done it before.

  12. sounderslove says:

    pretty sure Rooney would not be describing himself as "shattered," tbqh. he'd use different words, it seems…

    and sara…please don't become a sellout, that's all i ask. i actually really like her, she's smart and pretty, and not a publicity whore (aside from being a reporter)…it'd be good if it stays that way.

  13. Thea says:

    I actually like Posh’s extensions – I do not however like Pastaface’s advert. Everyone with a brain knows that all Pantene, Elive etc damage your hair, and that it’s highly unlikey that these ‘celebs’ use them at all!

  14. Sharpey_Shuffle says:

    wayne , call meh , you beast

  15. Elina says:

    I was shocked with the Rooney thing. I thought he was a nice guy but now i've changed my opinion!

    Coleen should really break up with him.

    Sara looks soooo beautiful!!!Wish i had her hair!!! :)

    I think Victoria looks good in that hair!!!

  16. suzie says:

    I think Pantene have a thing for ikers GF's, if I remember right Eva promoted something from them when she was with him.Sara does have great hair though.

    Happy b'day to Raul and everyone. As for Rooney…..WTF.

  17. senora ramos says:

    happy bday raul!! get better soon huney!!

    just ick! coleen, go the cheryl route not the toni route please. can the england squad please, please, please just keep it in thier pants?! (i know this is not unique to england, but they've just been in the news waaaaaaaay to much about this kind of stuff lately. any truth to the rumor that 3 more players have scandals like this?)

    • Thea says:

      Hey Ramos – good to have you back!!!!There were a total of 3 super injunctions out there as of last week – altho I think one of them was for Rooney in regards to this story as it’s been doing the rounds for a while now!!
      Love it if Coleen left him, but have a feeling she will stay,Birkin’s don’t buy themeselves – and an ex-wife does not always have the cache when it comes tp sponsorship deals that she craves!

      • senora ramos says:

        hey thea! glad to be back around! school kicked my butt last week. getting back into the routine is hard after 4 years.

        i unfortunately think she will stay with him as well. this is just madness. all of it. if you are going to cheat, just don't get married!! errr!!

        • Thea says:

          Well – it's getting harder to respect the women who stick around – at least Cherly and Erin just packed up and left! When it comes to those two I can't help but feel that it's all material pocessions, his money provides her and her family a life style that they will cling too. It's not an example to younf ladies on how to conduct their lives.

          • D0li says:

            Did Colleen sign a pre-nup? If not then should would get a pay out to maintain her lifestyle.. if all else fails then she could just marry another footballer.

            Does Colleen work? It always amazes me when I see these women become stay at home wives and rely on their wealthy husbands for support, then they cheat and the women have the hard decision of whether or not to stay! Leave him with your dignity or stay with him and maintain your lavish lifestyle. Cheryl might have been annoying, but alteast she had that awful music career to fall back on.

            • suzie says:

              Coleen has her own money, she had her own advertising deals with various companys and her program she did with ITV "real women" or something/ Okay she only got them because she was Rooneys other half but she did use it to make her own money and not just use his cash.

              • Thea says:

                Suzie, they will dry up if she leaves him – and it all honestly they wouldn’t have paid her masses in the great scheme of things. Unless you are the Cheryl Cole of your profession with a PLAN B all lined up, it means that you are like anyone else in the world – looking for a job and meal.

                • suzie says:

                  She made a lot of money off them (a couple of million at least) and if she did leave him I'm not so sure they'd ALL dry up, she may even get more as the wag that left. The customers of the products she tends to advertise, aren't really interested in wayne but they like her and it could well re-enforce that if she walked. Besides they've been together since they were kids (before he was a famous footballer) so the divorce settlement is going to be huge, if she leaves.

                  • Thea says:

                    yes – but there's a bevy of younger, prettier girls that all want careers in television, and we get bored of are celebs a lot faster these days…. And there will ne new WAG'S (maybe a potential next Mrs Rooney or Ashley Cole) who will be waning to take her place!

      • Lisa says:

        Good to have both you ladies back. Its gonna be an interesting few months, what with Nando siring a male heir and this Rooney scandal. I think if Coleen ever left Wayne, HE would be much worse off (at least in terms of emotional stability). Anyway I'm waiting for Kickette's post about the whole matter, should be an interesting read.

  18. Joan- Young Arsenal says:…

    The Arsenal young kids…..they will be hot dudes in a while.. :-) )

  19. lillah says:

    I don't know why the Beckhams sell their palace..David won't stay forever in the US, when his career is over they'll come back to Europe.

    • rosso says:

      I reckon they're staying in LA. They're obviously settled there as a family & it's great for their kids etc with the weather to do any & all sports, the beach, whatever school they're at is obviously working for them. They have their (in my opinion annoying) celeb friends like Tom Cruise etc.

      It's good for them in terms of business & having the right contacts & mixing in great social circles for future business ideas & what have you for when he has retired from football, plus supposedly once he retires he's going to help fund/own another MLS club. I can see them having LA as their base for good now & just popping back to Europe now & then like they do currently.