October 25th, 2010

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Real Madrid’s Alvaro Arbeloa and his wife, Carlota Ruiz, took daughter Alba on a walk around Madrid’s city centre just ahead of the weekend. For need-to-know tidbits, like Carlota wearing a fellow WAG’s bag, be sure to continue keeping up with Kickette’s weekend gossip 411.  Image: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images.


MLS Retiree- Chicago Fire’s Brian McBride, he of a star spangled, storied footy career stateside, retired on Saturday evening following his last club game against Chivas USA. [Image: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images North America]

- We know, we promised not to cover her no mas, but this is a bit a news we’ve been eagerly awaiting: Cheryl Cole has no plans to remove her “Mrs C” tattoo post-divorce finalisation.

- Barca boys, Carles Puyol and Andres Iniesta, were full of goal celebrations: Puyol flashed a hand-made heart symbol after scoring, while Iniesta rubbed his belly as he dedicated his goal to pregnant partner, Ana.

- PETA got pissed at Victoria Beckham for using crocodile, lizard and calf skins to produce her new handbag collection.

- Police dropped the rape charges against Sunderland’s Titus Bramble.

- Thomas & Lisa Müller hit up the Audi Generation Awards looking both lovely and in wuv.


- Sylvie VDV attended the L’Oreal Colour Trophy ceremony and did this (at left).

- Following their team’s 6 – 1 route of Racing Santander, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Marcelo celebrated their recent win over lunch with Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes.

- Portsmouth were a stone’s throw from administration for awhile, but were sold in the nick of time on Sunday.

- Dani Lloyd has entered her bubbs Archie into a baby modeling contest.

- We had bad hangovers and didn’t get dressed until 6pm.

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22 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    aww, alvaro and his family are too cute!he looks hot! his wife is soo pretty!! his daughter has some amazing genes.
    good for you, alvaro!

  2. Emme says:

    The Arbeloa family is adorable! As jealous as I am of the Spanish/RM WAGs, I have to hand it to them for seeming down to earth and normal :) Thanks, Kickette, for giving Brian McBride a little shout-out – his abs will truly be missed!

  3. BoomMoon says:

    Alvaro I looooove your tweets! They are so sweet and funny at the same time :D I never knew his tweets would be that great! Haha!
    And by the way I think his wife dressed him… again.. *Xabi I'm looking at you* xD

  4. @orionstorm says:

    Arbeloa & fam are adorable! Love them :)

  5. Megan says:

    Love the happy family photo of Arbeloa! He looks great in those shades

  6. lovealwaysyours says:

    Read the comments from Lisa Muller from the link, and this struck me: Lisa: "I did not score any goals, I did not play such a great football as Thomas did, either. So, I didn't achieve that and therefore I consider it difficult that one makes a fuss about me when I just-, I am just a normal woman and just am married with Thomas, who now made such an advancement, and as I said, I just am happy for my husband."

    Wow. Perspective is a beautiful thing. It made me realize all the more why English WAGs will always strive to be something they are not. And please, don't get me wrong, I obviously do not know any of them personally ergo I don't not have a personal opinion of any of them (or their respective spouses- I base my opinions of them by what I see on the pitch), however they, time and time again when presented in the press, seem to behave like little girls playing dress-up.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong- I find the more I learn the less I seem to know, which is alright by me.

  7. Dru says:

    And yes, it looks like someone looks forward to the Miniesta getting here!!! (with that and Fern's soon-to-be-born son, I think we're going to have to brace ourselves for a new round of ovary explosions, haha!)

  8. Dru says:

    What is it in the Spanish (and Italian, for that matter) water that seems to produce seemingly sane, sweet, down-to-earth WAGs? Ones who dress like normal people and seem to behave like it too?

    PS: Carlota is prettyyyyyyyyy. And has a good eye for style too, if what Xabi said in El Pais -that Alvaro looks good only on days when his wife dressed him- was right.

  9. gin_in_teacups says:

    Awwww. Alvaro and Carlota are melting my heart. She's so lovely!

    I think Lisa Muller is fast becoming a favorite WAG of mine. She and Thomas are just too cute for words!

  10. C16 says:

    Álvaro!!!!! I love my Real Madrid boys!!!! I bet that baby is a cutie pie!
    Also, Álvaro tweets crack me up!!!

  11. Missy Manchester says:

    Yayyyy to…
    - Carlota Ruiz for looking like a Mom and treating her offspring like a baby and not an accessory

    Booo to…
    - Danielle Lloyd for Twitter begging and treating her baby like an accessory.

  12. Ali says:

    DC United's Jaime Moreno also retired on Saturday night. His farewell was heartfelt and he scored his 133rd career goal :')

  13. Mireille says:

    Looking good, Alvaro! Wonder what the Twitter king has to say about Higuain's noob fail of a tweet over the weekend. :D

  14. Leya_S says:

    Alvaro looks fab here!
    And the family looks so cute together!

  15. blitzenTO says:

    You must have had bad hangovers, Kickettes, those Barca boys goal celebrations were from LAST week's game! ;)

    This week was all Messi!

    • Thea says:

      Was hungover myself – just found out the hard way that you can have too much of a good thing….Champagne!

    • izzy says:

      I was super confused about that myself!

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Haha, i just saw this! I sometimes gets confused about days. But weeks?! Well you can´t see those celebrations too many times. I hope they will repeat them many times this season!

  16. CarmenOcio says:

    Jeez, how many footballers own those Don Corleone t-shirts? :P And as much as I love Victoria Beckhams designs, I was disappointed when I found out she was using animal skins for her new handbags. It's not necessary, is it?