November 29th, 2010

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Houston Dynamo MLS soccer player

Mondays are always jilting, Kickettes, but please allow Mike Chabala (Houston Dynamo)’s biceps to ease the holiday hangover pains. Image: Adam Bouska photography via Twitter.


- One of Houston’s resident MLS hunks, Mike Chabala, took part in the NoH8 anti-discrimination campaign. Applause all around.

- Fat Ronaldo’s baby momma fling thing, (not Cristiano’s former girlfriend as TDF reported), was selected as Ultimo’s new lingerie lady.

- Our girly bits got twisted after seeing Iker bitchface in this promo video for the upcoming La Roja special, which will air on 3 Sesenta, the 3rd of December.

- Coleen Rooney seemed to be a slightly sulky as she strolled through the streets of Cheshire post-spa trip, but was back to her usual, chipper self once spotted outside Old Trafford the next day. We still haven’t forgiven her eyebrows for their uncalled-for outburst.


- Ronaldinho sat on the bench, and while he’s not a total betty, this was a vast improvement. [Image: REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito]

- Inter Milan twosome, Javier Zanetti and Cambiasso, will open a restaurant in downtown Milan together this February.

- We forgot how much fun it was to stare at photos of Victoria Beckham before she was famous.

- Kevin Davies wife confirmed for the masses on twitter that her hubby doesn’t wear underwear.

- The did she/didn’t she debate raged on once we saw the much-discussed nude photos of Irina Shayk in this month’s GQ Espana. The riddle of the day, of course, was whether Irina A) agreed to pose naked, as the photographer & magazine is claiming or B) did not agree to pose naked, and is now a panty-less victim of the magazine’s photoshop pizzazz.

Your thoughts on this weekend’s shenanigans, Kickettes?

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27 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Valen says:

    The Ronaldinho bit was mean, but thats obviously a brazilian's biased opinion i guess. he's still the greatest at playing our jogo bonito, which at the end of the day is what makes the teams win rather than the players' looks :)

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  3. Catie says:

    Hello, idiotic PR stunt.

  4. Baby Lily says:

    Irina Shayk is the most gorgeous model alive! She even is in 20th sexiest rating!
    Hopefully these two are going to marry soon :)

  5. meh says:

    the girl was naked, am i and idiot to believe that was photoshopped…no. so we can all move on with our lives.

  6. Lily says:

    Ronaldo is not fat! (and yes, I mean Brazilian Ronaldo). He was always on the stocky side as a youngster, but he distinctly did not look fat in that photograph you guys put out of him texting with Bia a few months ago.

  7. GracieB says:

    Shayk Ronaldo and roll…..pleassssseeeeee cry me a river!!!

  8. rubyqueen says:

    i don't really know what to think of irina's nude it real is ir fake.??and as for coleen stop with the fake smiles love it aint going to make people think all is rosy is the garden of eden again.!!

  9. Leya_S says:

    That's so weird because I TOTALLY watched Spice World on Sunday bc it popped up on my Netflix "Watch Instantly".
    It's crazy to see Victoria in a normal-sized body, if you will.

    • Jilly says:

      I was just thinking the exact same thing… not a lot of women can say they are skinnier now than they were in their teens and posh is definitely a stick now compared to her old pics.

  10. ashmenon says:

    As a graphic designer myself, I'd be pretty skeptical of this being photoshop. If it is, it's a reeeeeeally good job.

  11. Georgina Sanders says:

    From the article in the link:
    Shayk’s Elite modeling agency director Gael Marie said, “Supermodel Irina Shayk is the victim of ‘photoshop’ and breach of contract over photo approval in GQ Spain.”



    This is what I extremely loathe about her relationship with Ronaldo. That she gets called a ‘Supermodel’ for dating the world’s famous football player. Is anyone even buying the story released by her agency that there was a breach of contract? Why even pose in lingerie and do risqué shoots if you’re going to file a lawsuit for doing ANOTHER SEXY PHOTO SHOOT for a MEN’S MAGAZINE for like the gazillionth time? Twat! You’re not a fashion model, you’re a glamour model. Period. This is all just a very, very well-planned stunt for you to have press and make it seem like you’re relevant in the modeling business. Reality check: YOU’RE NOT.

    This news just cancelled out Barca’s fabulous win over Real Madrid in my mind.

    And look at this article of New York Magazine about the Best and Worst Fashion Magazines last September. Irina’s spread in GQ on the worst side of things:…


  12. sarrible says:

    Those pictures of Posh are alarming. But I commend whoever did her nose job.

  13. Ashley says:

    Ahhhhhh Irina keep your head up. When you become Mrs. Cristiano Ronaldo, you'll have the last laugh. :)

  14. madridista says:

    just saw you comment after I had posted mine, totally agree with you!

  15. madridista says:

    Irina should stop crying about the pics and the headline – the fact that she is cristiano's girlfriend and that his girlfriend is pictured naked is actually the reason for doing this shooting and article. who would care about her otherwise (in Spain/Europe)? besides, on the pics you can see nothing that would be covered, EVEN IF she wore panties during the photo session, if you have a look at other bikini or underwear pics. I don't feel sorry for her at all, she is using it to be "famous" because of being his gf

  16. vicky_v says:

    raica isn't ronaldo's baby mama!!!!!!!!!!!! she has no kids!

  17. d0li says:

    I almost feel sorry for Irena, no matter what she does, she will be known as Cristian's WAG/girlfriend.

  18. AC Zoey Milan says:

    Dear Kickette admins. i see that you also have been had by the daily hell.

    That’s not fat Ronaldo baby momma. His baby momma is Bia anthony whom he married about two years ago, i think.
    The luscious lady pictured is the beautiful (and my girl crush) Raica Oliveira. They dated for awhile in 2006 but broke up afterwards.
    How I wish I had a body like that.

  19. Alex Samuel says:

    Oooh Javier Zanetti opening a restaurant? Yeah, I won't be at school the day it opens…

  20. Amandinha says:

    Kickette… Raica is not the mother of Ronaldo's children.
    His oldest son's mother is Milene Rodrigues. And his other baby momma is called Bia Anthony.
    Raica was just a fling.

  21. blake2108 says:

    That Mrs Kevin Davies tweet is hilarious, but also very interesting ;)

    • jellenp says:

      I followed her kind of reluctantly, but she is actually quite funny. And they are one of those couples that likes to tweet back and forth while they are in the house together, very amusing.