January 3rd, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Image: Facebook.


- The Ronaldo family brought the LOLz all weekend long. While Ron and his piggy posed together, Irina Shaykweight spent NYE in Vegas and CRJR was carted around by Aveiro family members who were clad in denim eye-busters and brain bleeder white boots.

- Speaking of C-Ron, his alleged baby mama allegedly wants her alleged bubba back.

- Alex Gerrard headed out to the salon via her Aston Martin to get her hair did before NYE. She wore stripes. This is now news.

- The Sun wants us to believe that Ashley Cole was close to tears after his ex-wife Cheryl flew off for NYE celebrations with Derek Hough.

- Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere turned 19! Let’s all celebrate by looking at the pic he tweeted the next day of his beloved pug Dolly lounging with him on the settee. Jack is not wearing a shirt.

The ever-delish Yoann Gourcuff went surfing in St Barths on his Xmas break. Cameron Diaz also went surfing. But wait! They were not surfing together. Life can return to normal. After you’ve seen the zoom shot of Lashes’ arse.


- Absence makes the heart grow fonder? It doesn’t seem to the case for Portuguese international Simao, who recently completed his transfer to Turkish club Besikatas amid reports that his marriage was in crisis.

- Red Devil Jonny Evans celebrated his 23rd b-day. Congrats, luv!

- Ed Westwick hit up the Chelsea game. He looked… Ed Westwickish.

- Age ain’t nothin’ but a number to a certain PL ‘baller who isn’t being honest about his digits. We’d like to know what anti-aging cream he’s been using.

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96 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. LosAngeleno says:

    Lashes surfs???!!!! He is the dreamboat-iest!

  2. chay says:

    i'm not going to believe anything the media says about the mother of CRon's baby unless CRon himself comes out and makes some official public announcment about it.

    But if this story about the british waitress is true, then i have no sympathy for someone like that. Someone who signs a contract with strict stipulations is going to have to live with the weight of this act. We have all done things in our lives we have regretted, this is her misfortune.

    Frankly i have become tired of reading about CRon and his selfish, "the sun shines out of my bum" ways. Give us more note- and time-worthy footballers, please.

  3. merisse says:

    Girl gets knocked up by famous footballer. Girl is most likely less than reputable. Girl gets angry and threatens to go public with everything. Footballer gets scared and offers 10 mil in hush money. Girl, still angry about aforementioned accidental pregnancy and possible lack of ability to mother the child, gives up maternal rights of custody. The end. Footballer gains full custody rather than relinquishing his paternal right, being raised in a culture that does not necessarily support the option of adoption. The end.

  4. Winnie Mata says:

    and a bunch of posts suddenly disappear? cool.

  5. rubyqueen says:

    is it just me or do you think 2011 is gonna be the year of the split.?? cristiano&irina,iker&sara,and wayne&coleen.?? i've just got this overwelming feeling.

  6. Dee says:

    This girl does not exist. Its not a "british college student" neither an "american waitress" like Mirror UK says. Its a surrogate woman in her late 30's.

    Aww poor little frightened girl… gimme a break. No one would be so stupid to give up their kid specially if the father is a "superstar" knowing you could get much more money by keeping the child and receiving multi million dollar child support payments until the child is 18.

    Plus its BS that the article says that her parents and whole family werent aware she was pregnant, actually it says that they STILL dont know. BS. How are they not gonna know that she gave birth and is now a supposed millionaire who got paid 10 million euros…

  7. toots says:

    Do not know if anyone noticed but whenever there's a news related to the Cr and Irina something he has not done right, is a scandal:
    EX Cr spent the holidays with Irina in NY, people began to say he was a bad father, etc., there came the news that his mother had sold the child, then Ronaldo has become a good father cuz he paid for the guard son.
    2-Irina may nude for GQ magazine, it is criticized because the CR has a son and his girlfriend, appears nude (and lied about it saying he did not know it would look naked), soon after the image of the child come first
    3 – Ronaldo spends Christmas with Irina in Maldives then see the mother and the child right back, and the media makes it look like she just wants more $ $ and Ronaldo goes back to being a good father because he has custody of the child and thus all forget that he abandoned his son at Christmas.

  8. toots says:

    If this story is true or false I do not know, because every day he has a new version, the only thing that is sad and has a baby who can not defend themselves in the midst of all because both are wrong mother for the baby swap for money (Indepedente motif, as if she had stayed with the child CR would have to pay a pension for the child until he reaches adulthood and beyond to give a comfortable life in the male gender for the child and mother ~) and CR was also wrong to prefer to spend Christmas with Irina skank investment to spend with his son.
    but the only good thing about this is that he prefers to keep the child away from Irina (for a person who's getting married so as to speculate, because we do not see her much contact with his son).

  9. Winnie Mata says:

    OH. MY. GOD.
    Jack Wilshere has a fatty-fatty pug-pug?

    OFFICIALLY in love with him! i love pugs!
    i wanna steal my boyfriend's pug! she's fat and cute!
    just like the one of Jack's tummy…ai jezuz!

  10. Leya_S says:

    Oh God, I didn't think Lashes could get any hotter………and he did it….
    Crispy's baby mama wants her baby back….BAHAHAHAHA, I thought that might happen, eventually. She probably found out about the fact that he's not really raising this kid and was like "Oh HELLZ no!!" On a more serious note, I feel really bad for this child!!! If the mother is willing to give him up for millions and CR is ignoring him, than I will love and raise this baby myself, free of charge, and away from prying eyes and public scrutiny!
    Jack Wilshere looks so adorable! And his dog is so cute!!

  11. Pam says:

    Adrian Butler from Mirror is a lying piece of shiz..Remember a couple of months ago here on Kickette it was reported that the bio mother was an "american waitress" he met in L.A?? And now she's a "british college student"?…What BS. As time passes by the versions of the story changes. And you bectha that next month its gonna be something else. How about just admitting the truth or simply not saying anything instead of making up BS?

  12. Susana says:

    Is it just me, or is Cristiano holding a likeness of himself?

  13. Tish says:

    The story sounds like BS.. Article says that she had to hide the fact that she was pregnant even from her parents, what boloni. I doubt that the parents and complete family of the girl/teenager didnt know she was pregnant with a superstars' child and now is a millionaire?? This story is probably made up by his PR team so that people stop speculating about who the mother is, wants to hide the fact or make people forget that the bio mother is really a surrogate.. He was seen last summer in a Florida fertility clinic with a man, picking out surrogate moms from a catalog…There are a lot of holes in the story, last year it was said that she was an american woman, now its british girl, next month its gonna be a portuguese woman, ect ect..The details of thos story keeps on changing as time passes by..Adrian Butler from the UK Mirrir is known for writting rubbish. He probably got paid by Ronaldo's peeps to write that boloni.

  14. @AgnesWonka says:

    oops….CR is in baby trouble! Finally, she decided to do her job as mum…well done!

    • Winnie Mata says:

      lol seriously i cannot see one thing wrong with this comment,
      and yet some spiteful bishes decided to thumb it down…
      bitter much? some people have no lives.

  15. Deb Stimson says:

    "Whoever she is she must have been very very young and naive. Any older woman would know to just sue him for child support and shared custody. "

    It seems strange to me that her family didn't talk her out of it. Also, I would hope she had a lawyer so you would have thought they put some sort of visitation clause in there. idk it sounds like she did do it for the money if the story is true. I mean seriously, why else would she give up the right to raise her son, especially the son of a very famous person.

    Oh, and I do have to lay some of the blame on the girl too. She hasn't claimed she was raped so she slept with him willingly and without protection, I might add. At 19 (since the article says she's now 20), surely someone has taught her about safe sex?

    • zztop says:

      I teach college so I know 19 year olds. They are still children in most ways. A bunch of intimidating and persuasive lawyers could make them do anything. They generally don't know their rights much less how to stand up for themselves, don't know what they want from life ( I mean really know, not just having vague aspirations) and all that is understandable. They don't have the experience to think about how what when why 2 weeks from now much less anticipate how they will feel about giving up a child. It's a confusing and vulnerable time of life. On the one had the body is adult but the mind is still childlike. Society has adult expectations overnight for 18 year olds and there are many people who are more than willing to take advantage of young people's vulnerability. Many kids get drunk and sleep with the wrong people, this girl really got in over her head.

      There's something seriously gross about a 30 year old man ( not just c-ron) who is attracted to a 19 year old girl. It's the the feeling of power they get from being with someone who thinks they are mature but are laughably not. I bet taking that kid from her was like taking candy from a baby. And it says loads about C-Ron and his family that they would use money to permanently separate the kid from his bio mom. LOADS. There are many other arrangements that could have been made. Sure you can call the girl stupid, irresponsible etc etc etc but that does not excuse how C-Ron and family have taken advantage of her just because she doesn't know better. Shameless.

  16. Carmen says:

    Is it just me who thinks that or does Cristiano Jr look a bit dark skinned. Cristiano is dark too but basically from the sun. So maybe the mother is black..

  17. Angie says:

    ok its going to take like 2 or 3 comments …HERE I GO! umm 1st I thought it was a waitress from the USA … when he was here in the USA last year… 2nd CURLY HAIR & BLUE EYES?!? I DON'T SEE IT!! 3rd .. I think that his mom & sisters are taking care of a baby Ronaldo is because…HIS A BABY!!!! ok…Cris has alot to do he can't take care of him on his own…BUT him missing Christmas…I don't think he should have done it…I don't think its true, How can her family not know or close friends..The only thing I can think of is..That she said it was a 1 night stand & that she was giving the baby up for adoption…thats is the only way some1 wouldn't know about her & Cristiano…but c'mon… after she slept with him..she didn't tell her friends? & if she is depress u might want to get help…CAUSE I'M SORRY! Me being 20 myself & if she is 20…& I had 1 night stand with football player which…I pretty sure…I WOULDN'T DO!! cause i'm not EASY! Yea I would tell him and I probably like you can see him everytime you want…BUT I WILL NEVER SELL YOU MY KID!!!! ok It would be over my dead body…she can take her 10 million dollars and get help… CONT..

    • Angie says:

      shoot with that money I could help my family out & then give the rest to charity but 100,000 spent on clubs..
      REALLY!! & if she is so unstable she would need to get help before she can get her kid back…Besides what does she want now child support & thats it…Go out into public and become famouse for being a 1 nite stand…OR is she really in love with him & wants to be in a relationship with him & marry him and be a "perfect happy family" BUT she side a contract saying she wouldn't tell anyone and if she breach that contract CR7 can take her to court…and she probably will lose..I feel sooooo bad for Cris Jr. he is chubby … & sooo cute… it looks just like him when hee was a baby… and I just want to pinch his lil cheeks… But being in this drama.. that will affect him sooner or later… I bet grandma & aunties are taking care of him really well… He said in an interview before we knew CR Jr. saying he wasn't ready to be a father… I think he is making the right decision and having his mom & sisters take care of his son..

      • Angie says:

        But CR7 PLEASE NEXT TIME USE PROTECTION… or HECK DON'T DO IT!!! I do feel bad for the girl if its true… but you don't sell your baby… you just don't… I'm sorry it was sooo LOOOOOOOOONG!!!! I couldn't believe it type that much… *lol*

  18. Lauren says:

    Btw that name of the Turkish club is Besiktas and not Besikatas but no one seems to care..

  19. Lauren says:

    In my opinion cristiano is not a good father. He seems definitely not to be ready for a child. He’s more that kind of man who loves partying with models and just spending time with them but what about that little baby? I don’t think that I can say that Cris jr is a lucky child. I mean look at all this. Ok his father is one of the best footballers in the world and is rich as hell so that little Cris will probably get whatever he wants when he’s older but what about love? He doesn’t seem to get much love from cristiano or his mother. We don’t know the details but that’s what I think. It’s very, very important for a baby to grow up with its mother.

  20. Maria !! says:

    http://www.sport.de/cms/bilder-des-tages.html?&am… seems they enjoyed their time :pp but i still can't believe he left his son to be with Irina!! =/

  21. TakeMeHomeUnitedRoad says:

    There are so many theories regarding CR's son and they change everyday depending on what you read.
    What you have to bare in mind with the media, is that considering CR has gone to great lengths to keep the mother's ID a secret, they pretty much have free rein to write anything they want without fear of legal action and little regard as to the boy's future happiness. After all, if CR did take exception to one of the stories published then he'd HAVE to reveal the truth in court for the whole world to see, and, this being CR, there's a strong chance it's a grubby story he's hiding.
    One thing I find utterly absurd though is that the child was a planned surrogate pregnancy. I mean come on, he buggered off to NY on a jolly leaving his family to take delivery of the little chap and would rather spend Christmas with his latest cheap screw, sorry, "beloved beau", than with his son.

    With regards to this latest story however, IF it's true, and that's a big, fat IF, then the "mother" is as disgusting as she is cruel. I hope she never knows what it is to hold a child of her own again as she doesn't deserve one. Choosing the massive pay-out over her baby, regardless of circumstance, is repulsive and tells you all that's relevant about her character.
    However, if what she did was cruel, then Ronaldo's ALLEGED actions are nothing short of evil. He should change his number and blank her entirely, not torture her in such a way that is positively inhumane – and clearly get a kick out of it. If true, they are both utterly detestable, the worst kind of people and human behaviour at it's most vile.

    On a brighter, big-LOLz note though, I remember someone posting mid-week that it would be interesting to see if Miss "Model" showed up at Mama's B-Day bash. Considering she spent NYE in Vegas – oh, I bet she knows the "exclusive" bars and the penthouse suites like the back of her hand – it sure don't look like it. Perhaps Mama didn't buy the whole "I was never naked, they airbrushed my clothes away" yarn after all. Like the rest of us in fact.

    • zztop says:

      i can easily see how a very young girl ( still practically a child)l desperate with an unplanned pregnancy, with no means of self support would very easily see the 'logic' of CRon's lawyers' intimidation. "Give us the baby, give up your rights, then the baby will have a good life and you will get millions. Don't give it to us, you get nothing and you and your baby can starve for all we care."

      Can't you see how easily a frightened kid would choose the first option? I bet she didn't even have legal counsel of her own. I bet they forbade her to even tell her family, intimidated her, called all the shots, convinced her she was powerless. No one but a very young confused desperate person would ever make such a ridiculously one sided deal.

      • TakeMeHomeUnitedRoad says:

        Yes I admit that did run through my mind. However I find it hard to believe that any woman could be so easily "led on", and please don't make out that a 20 year old is a child, she's an adult, not a schoolgirl, old enough to drink, get married, have sex and vote. Not to mention any lawyer caught acting in such an unlawful way would face very serious consequences; if I were a lawyer involved in such a farce I'd be panicking long before now as there is no way such a deal is legal. The whole "forbade her to tell her family" is, sorry to say, very Hollywood. Just how do you hide something like that?? It could be that she thought he'd be better off with CR, but if that's the case, why the money?? I know I wouldn't want it, losing a child must be painful enough, and the mother of the boy, whoever she is and whatever circumstances she found herself in, will be filled with pain for the rest of her life. But if she really did it for the money, then she should have to live with said pain and muddle through live as best she can, and try not to spend every penny on worthless handbags. I hope for CR jr's sake it remains a private affair, but chances are the press will find out eventually.

        • zztop says:

          OMG. Listen, I teach 19 year olds and they are children. They like to think that now that they can have sex, drrink, smoke whatever… that makes them adults. Generally they are so far from being grown ups its laughable. Frankly, many adults are pretty far from being grown ups too ( looking at you JT, A.Cole, Wayne Rooney…).

          • sbs says:

            You are right, they may not actually be able to behave as adults, but in the eyes of the law they are adults. If you are able to vote, drink get married have sex, whatever, you are also able to live with the consequences of these actions. I have known many 20 year old's who were perfictaly able to function as adults in society.

        • Susana says:

          I agree that the press will find out eventually. CR and his "team" should have known that. I don't think the girl is a 20-yr-old student. What would be the harm in the public knowing that? CR paid off this woman because she's a hooker, drug addict, or whatever…so nobody would know he had sex with one. (as if we don't know that already).
          His entire life is about PR. His twitter/fb are not written by him. If they were then they wouldn't be in perfect English. The only thing he cares about is himself and his "image." So how dumb is he to leave his child on Christmas…after asking people on twitter/fb to tell him their favorite Christmas memories because "this Christmas will be very special to me." What a load of crap.
          A good father would spend time with his child.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        it's America, i'm pretty sure a lot of people are familiar with the concept of "child support". she could've chosen that route, but she didn't. whatever happened, she wanted the money. they could've worked something out in order for her to get cash and still be involved in the child's life, but again, she didn't. she got paid to let CR's "team" whisk him away to Spain to be raised by his family. she is selfish, egotistical, and clearly, a bad mother. and although you an say that i "don't know her" all you want, the same can be said about Cristiano Ronaldo. who REALLY knows him? not any of us, i'm sure. we "know" what we read, and as much as i've heard/seen about and of him that could make me hate him, i've also heard and seen plenty that makes me continues to make me have a soft spot for him.

        • Kim says:

          You could be hating on someone who doesnt even exist. Mirror Uk is a lying tabloid.

          • Winnie Mata says:

            no matter who says it, the fact remains that the mother sold the rights to participate said child's life, does it not?

            • Kim says:

              No, thats what I'm saying that this article is boloni, everything. The girl in the story is an imaginary character. There is no teen girl who sold her rights. The mother is a paid surrogate.

              • Winnie Mata says:

                and where did you get that information? because i'm sure that's not confirmed either, is it? because if it is i'd love to see it. that also makes no sense Cristiano's family history. i doubt his mom would let him do something like that, and i doubt he would even want to at this stage in his career. i mean clearly, he has more on his mind like tanning and getting it in with models. the "surrogate" story makes absolutely no sense.

                • Kim says:

                  The surrogate story was posted here on Kickette months ago, and in other sites aswell. He might have opted to go that route since he didnt wanna deal with unecessary baby mamma drama. Reardless what his famaily think, he is gonna do things his way. although, its not like his mom is loving the child less just cause its from a surrogate.

                  • Winnie Mata says:

                    the surrogate story has been posted a lot of places, along with the story of the american teen mom, and the british college student. the places these rumours have been posted on Kickette as well. does that mean they're all true? because if the surrogate story WERE true, i doubt Kickette would bother posting everything else.

                    • Kim says:

                      ok hun if it makes you feel better to believe in the latest version of this saga, go ahead. believe its from a british college student.

        • Dee says:

          Winnie-"Its America" where sweety?? Not here. The Kickette readers are not all americans. This site is visited by peeps from all over the world… Although you dont have to be an "american" to know what the term "child support" means.

    • Tish says:

      The story sounds like BS. And like you says its sounds very "Hollywood" the part where she had to hide from all her family that she was pregnant, come on, how are they not gonna know?? Not only that she was pregnant but that she is now a multi millionaire. *rolls eyes*

  22. aps says:


  23. ThatWelshOne says:

    Jack Wilshere's sofa…hmmmm

  24. aurrie says:

    im sorry but is Momma D wearing leggings …*since you cant see me…..im frowning like this _ _

  25. Crackers says:

    Bubba looks a lot like Cris…maybe he takes him to the same barber when the paps aren't looking?

    I feel sorry for him though (the baby)- he's so tiny and already the focus of so much gossip and scandal. At least he's being brought up by his family rather than an assortment of nannies- that's the only good (well, somewhat good) thing I get from this story.

    That, and maybe one of those piggies will be a toy for him. That would be cute.

  26. Cammie says:

    The baby is SO cute, Ronaldo seems too selfish to be a father, he just dumps him on his family and doesn't spend his free time with him….Not a good father figure. If the Mother is a good person, I hope she gets visitation with her son.I think the Mirror story is false.

  27. aurrie says:

    wtf..the eighties callled and they want their tight acid-washed tampered jeans back……ohh…dont forget the addidas and the kangoo hats lol

  28. Thea says:

    OMG – Lashes surfs so well – is there anything this man is not amazing at? How long till the Davidoff Advert???!!?? He must be glad to see the back of 2010.

    C-Ron is my opinion is not looking like he's a real contant in Bubba's life – and Irina looks totally disinterested as it no doubt interferes with her life/Shopping – VERY SAD.

  29. anne says:

    We know bad fashion when we see it! Wow…just wow

  30. LaB says:

    Okay, let me summarize it: he becomes a daddy and got that deal out of it. Pushes his son into the arms of his family and is kind of never seen together with him but with his sugar girl on the maledives, at basketball games and at events in Madrid. Not bothering to spend Christmas nor New Year's eve with the lil boy. And you still go like this: "ooh but you do not know him personally and he could be the best daddy in the world.?" Pleeeassee. LOL Sometimes I wonder when the Ronaldo tinted glasses will be taken off. He never wanted the kid, the only reason why the boy is there, is because of Dolly who is religious like hell and would have never agreed with abortion. And his actions are evident enough.

    • Liz says:


    • @AgnesWonka says:

      maybe he never expected the baby, but he could have just gave the mother money every month like plenty parents do…and he didn't! he took the baby to his house, surrounded by a family…CR's family!

    • Winnie Mata says:

      i agree with that sooo much. but another thing that pisses me off is if anyone defends the mother…THE B1TCH SOLD HER BABY! she never deserves to see him again!

      • zztop says:

        Plenty of women give up babies. What about women from 3rd world countries who give up their babies for adoption? Teenage mothers? They usually get some cash compensation. They do it so the baby will have a better life than they think they can provide, It's incredibly painful for them but thousands of women do it everyday. My friend adopted 2 kids from Guatemala, their birth mother was so young and so poor she felt she had no other choice. She most certainly did NOT "sell her baby" even though she got some cash out of the situation.

        In the US you can leave an infant less than 30 days old ( age depends on state) at any police station, fire station, or hospital with no questions asked. We do this because young parents ( usually teenagers who concealed their pregnancy) are often overwhelmed and leave the infant in a dumpster or try to drown it or whatever. 99 % of the time the girl comes to her senses and goes back for the child within days. It's not just humans who do it, other mammals abandon their young too and then change their minds, sheep, dogs, cats… Having a baby is very stressful for any animal even with a great support system. It's possibly the biggest stress situation a female can experience.

  31. Lulu says:

    Hmmm i would never let my mom walk out in those boots. Cause theyre not made for walking. Ew!

  32. Ashley says:

    I think Ronaldo will have a difficult time bonding with his child when he's older, take it from someone who knows. My father was never really around and when he was thing's were kind of akward, and I never really felt loved. I can't judge CR, but these are just my opinions.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      I agree. But unfortunately, sons learn from their father. I don't know about Cris' relationship with his father but that could be part of it. Sounds like his mom is the "emotional support" for this family. Perhaps that partly explains Cris' take on fatherhood.

      Also, if the one night stand story is true (as opposed to the surrogate mother story), it does make a little more sense why Cris would have trouble "bonding" with the baby. It's different when you father a child with someone you care about rather than a brief encounter, I would think. That being said…if the one night stand story IS true, Cris…what were you thinking?! No protection, either for STDs OR pregnancy.

      Who knows what Cris' motivation for gaining full custody is? Financial? Familial? The chance to turn his son into a world class soccer player? Either way, if you accept full custody, you SHOULD, imo, take part in raising him. smh Poor Cris Jr. ='{

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      my dad lived with me….and things were awkward too! I don't think CR is a bad father, maybe he needs time to get used to be a dad, to the responsability.

  33. laz says:

    Kickette, can I ask a question? where did you read/find the following out:

    'Irina Shaykweight spent NYE in Vegas……'

    do you have a link/source as it is the first i've heard of it…..

    On a side note, (and not to offend LV natives) celebrating new years eve in las vega, classy! (rolls eyes) – still don't get how people have not caught on this selfish and sly gloried party girl as at times her behavior is quite disgusting. hope CR wakes up to her act soon though at this point i doubt it!

  34. Poppy says:

    It´s difficult to say if he´s a good dad but i think that he should live with his son in the same country.It´s not my baby so he should decide.
    But no one should miss his babys first christmas!

  35. I don't much care for Cristiano Ronaldo. Yeah he's a great footballer, I won't deny that, he's good to his fans and whatever. But I think people don't realise that Cristiano Ronaldo's favourite person in the whole wide world…is Cristiano Ronaldo. Just my opinion.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      well hell yes, he's a conceited son of a gun.
      but for some reason, something inside me continues to be believe he's not a bad person.

      • Me too. I'm not really a fan of him, but he's probably a nice guy. He quite clearly adores and respects his mother, and he loves his family. And his son is adorable :3

  36. Maria !! says:

    http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/cristiano-ronaldo… Do they look like a happy loving couple !!!

    • laz says:

      I was wondering that 2! – it's a world of difference from the merche and nereida lounge chairs pictures

      Bravo on the papps getting pics from the private island – serious 'james bond'ness' skill going on their as security must of been good there. Would be good to know the actual date these pics were taken as it definitely was not 3rd jan!

      • Cammie says:

        I was just looking about at his vacation pics with Merche and Nereida.. what a world of difference. Without the cameras rolling JokerSmile Irina isn't interested, she looks bored with him…. I hope she gets the Vogue cover, she desires from this . Cris really needs to growup. Messi and Nadal have good, pretty, nice GF, he needs to stop dating this underwear models…who are looking for PR and focus on nice girls.

      • Susana says:

        It seems from other pics that Maria posted that once the "model" realized they were being photographed that they attempted to look interested. I'm sure her agents told the press where they were to begin with.

        He is a loser for leaving his child on Christmas to get a piece of ass. He's a selfish prick. Period. It's obvious that he has very little to do with the child. I'm sure Momma D (ugghh…who tells that woman her clothes look good?) doesn't want Whatsherface 2.0 to be anywhere near the bubba.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk were spotted on holiday in the Maldives on Monday (January 3).

      Am I missing something? Madrid had a game today (Jan 3) against Getafe. I watched it so I can assure you, Chris was not in Maldives on Jan. 3rd.

  37. Liz says:

    Was CR even with the family and his son for NYE? I thought he was in Madrid and they were in Portugal.

  38. Dom says:

    The mirror story says Cristiano's baby has curly hair and blue eyes…..lol are they looking at the same pictures as me?

  39. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I feel for that kid, no matter if the story is false or not. Let's hope CRon turns out to be a good dad. God knows that is not always easy, even under less dramatical circumstances.

    • Liz says:

      It isn't easy but it seems his son spends more time with the family then him. He didn't even spend Christmas with his son!

      • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

        It doesn't look good, does it? But I hope for the kids sake that looks can be deceiving.

    • zztop says:

      I'm not hopeful. Good parents don't try to isolate their kids from the other parent, if only for the kids sake. Children aren't possessions that can be bought or sold. Can you imagine the following conversation:

      " Who's my mommy?"
      " We gave her 10 million to go away. She chose money over you. now you are all ours."

      How's that kid going to feel about himself? huh?

      • WAG2BE says:

        AMEN!!!! I thought it was only me who thought he bought his son. I absolutely LOVE CR7, but sometimes i just hav to shake my head at the ridiculous way he lives. HE needs to get married and settle down, HIS CHILD needs to be with his father (NOT WITH HIS FOREVER BABYSITTER, lovely woman actually, GRANDMOTHER).

        on a lighter note

        But hey you never know if the story is true or not, but REGARDLESS we need a Mrs. Cristiano Ronaldo….. I am currently offering myself as a sacrfice, for the "make cristiano responsible" motion.
        no thanks neccessary =P

        • WAG2BE says:

          Im glad they found each other -___-

        • laz says:

          and when you say 'needs to get married and settle down', i hope you mean with a nice decent woman whom does not take her clothes of for a day job (can't be the healthiest thing for that young boy of his in the future to have easy access to his stepmom in photo's that at times is much closer to soft porn than art).

          He needs to find a nice decent girl willing to go out on a date (something he is yet to manage from what has been seen) before bringing up that he needs to settle down asap – if he settles down with the wrong woman it could be a disaster, things could get much worse then they currently are whilst he is dating irina (hate to think how bad it could get if they get married – god (of football fangirldom) help us all)

        • Agreed! He can't play the field forever! (No pun intended)

          • WAG2BE says:

            of course, Shaykweight and posse are unacceptable candidates…. thank goodness there are thousands of kickettes willing to take her place XP loll
            Although i am sometimes in doubt of the maturity of some of the readers on here, there is most definitely a fan-girl out there who would make a PERFECTLY RESPONSIBLE wife and mother. Or even just a normal somebody from Kazakhstan would do at this point, somebody with a sense of style and minimal knowledge of camera whore-ism. Wouldnt it be great to see Ronaldo with his wife and child standing on a pitch RESPECTABLY DRESSED.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        even if he had refused to pay her, i would not want to live with a woman who tried to sell me away…
        "isolate" is a harsh word considering whoever the hell this women is sold the rights to the involvement in her son's life away
        to me, that's a bigger issue than Cristiano "buying" him.

  40. honesttly i dont think that the ronaldo baby momma story is true. a lot of people say ronaldo is not a good dad but seriously how can you know that? just because he doesnt post videos of him and his baby like sergio aguero doesnt mean he doesnt love his baby ( for all we know he can be the best dad ever) now concerning the mother nobody for sure but ronaldo and his family really know what the deal was maybe C.Ronaldo used a surrogate mother, we domt have to immediately jump to conclusion that he had a one-night stand and knocked up the girl than bought the baby from her. we dont really know c. ronaldo ( we only know what we see the ronaldo on the football pitch) perhaps outside he is a nice dude, he has a lot of friends and everybody in madrid talks good about him. ALL IM SAYING ITS LETS NOT JUDGE ANYBODY EVEN IF WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

    • Jules says:

      It's kind of hard to be a good parent when you're living in a different country than your child… And I know I'm not the most maternal person but even I generally think a baby's first Christmas is important, especially when you have enough to money to go yachting with a model whenever you want.

      • Liz says:

        And it is not like the child his with his mother living in another country. CR has sole custody and his child should be living with him. Other (many) footballers have children and they don't send them to live with their family so they can focus on football. I just don't get him.

        • well im sorry if any got offended but i stand my ground on what i said i obviously dont personally know C.ronaldo so i refuse to critique him or judge anybody cos really who am i and the rest of you to judge people ( its not like we are perfect)

          • Liz says:

            I think it is safe to draw an opinion on someone's actions and his actions speak loud.

          • Cammie says:

            He left his Newborn son for NYC and left him for his 1st X-Mas. Sounds like a caring parent, seems like he is running from the child. His mother seems happier about the child then him. We are only going by what we see, he is the one claiming to have "sole custody" therefore people expect him to spend his free time with his child. Most footballers who have kids, holiday with them, not leave them with the grandparent and vacation with some underwear model.Fernando Torres, Pepe, …all have kids and they vacation with them, I doubt they would miss their child X-Mas, especially if they had sole custody.I like Ronaldo, but this situation is weird.

          • cisarovna says:

            I agree with you. I think people are reading way too much into what has been reported. There are basically no credible sources regarding the birth mother/custody arrangement beyond the vague statement he released, so it is impossible to know the truth. As for him being a bad father, it's not so much that I think he is a good father, as much as I have no way of knowing he is a bad father. I do not understand why people are making a big deal about him not pending xmas with his son – a 6 month old does not know what day it is. I also do not find it odd that his son does not live with him. I'll admit it is not an arrangement most families have, but it isn't that uncommon either, I have had a few friends live with their grandparents for the first few years, on the other side of the world none the less, and they have fine relationships with their parents. I couldn't know if the arrangement is the correct thing for this particular child, because I am not in that family. Hopefully everything will work out for the best, thats the most any parent can hope for.

      • GourcuffLover says:

        ANother good point!!

    • Liz says:

      He left his child for a week the first week he got him for NYC and then didn't even spend Christmas with him so you tell me if that is the actions of a good parent. I don't think they are. Especially a parent that has sole custody.

      It is my opinion that all the stories are bull and the mother is a hooker. That is why it is so secret. If he wanted a child and used a surrogate then I would think he would be spend a lot more time with the kid.

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      I agree! CR is trying to hide his baby from the media, well done!!!

    • pearl says:

      i hear you
      God knows how much i hate CR7, but i don't think it's fair to judge him as a bad parent, because we don't really know him personally. maybe he just doesn't want to give the media the pleasure for his pictures w/ his son?

      then again, i don't really follow his story, so i really don't know jack.

  41. blake2108 says:

    Cashley Cole brought that all on himself.

    Also, Anybody notice that he stile has A. COLE on the back of his shirt, even though Joe has now gone to Liverpool. Maybe he kept it like that because it looks awfully like A. HOLE, which is what most of us thinks he is.

    Jack's pic made my day yesterday, And it's not like it's warm is it. Cannot wait for the summer edition of that pic :P