January 17th, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Foosball tables make Lucas Neill come over all intense-like. Image: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images AsiaPac.


-  We’re still not taking sides in the Shakira/Pique relationship roundabout, but Spanish journo Javier Sarda certainly has. He added more fuel to the speculative fire by stating that the pair are more than just friends.

- David Beckham’s hooker allegations alibi? He was too busy getting a rubdown by his team’s physio in the private confines of his hotel room. Guess that’s that, then.

- Becks also sold his Porsche.

- Sometimes, there is no news. It’s not our fault.

- AC Milan’s Pippo Inzaghi and his SO, Alessia Ventura, were papped mid-spat at dinner over the weekend.

- The Associated Press had a go at Wayne Rooney’s little brother, John, and all other Englishmen frequenting the Floridian shores.

- Alex Gerrard smoked a fag; photos were taken.


- Steve Pienaar was thisclose to sealing a move from Everton to Chelsea.

- Elen Rivas, who suddenly found herself bounced from her reality TV ice skate show, didn’t mince her words as she threatened to knock Christine Bleakley down should she ever act unkind to Frank Lampard and Rivas’ two daughters.

- Sara Carbonero was at it again. And by that we mean she was making headlines for making up with C-Ron and for the potential new home she and Iker are about to purchase (in C-Ron’s neighborhood). Ain’t that some shiznit.

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57 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. ugh. I hate Pastasauce.

  2. BarceLisa says:

    If Fernando Llorente ever goes to Real Madrid, I will lose all reason to live. Cris keep your greasy hands off that fine Basque specimen!

  3. FTC says:

    Cant spell, shrugs !

  4. FTC says:

    Good luck to John Rooney, unfortunately he was also going to be in his brothers shadow and for ever compared to him. Hope he takes his chance to make his own name in the MLS.

    As for the rest, dont really care [shurgs]

  5. FTC says:

    Anyone else find the Peter Andre/Elen Rives relationship a bit icky ?

  6. @Di_Elle says:

    this may pleased you, kickettes: Nina Senicer negates she has a relationship with Marco. (minutes 00:50) http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/kalispera/cron…

  7. Pique_Xavi says:

    I'm sorry but Shakira hotter than Pique? On what planet? Shakira is only more famous because she's promoting herself in CDs, tshirts, videos and so many other stuff… To know Pique you have to know some about football. And Shakira wasn't always the way she is now, she's had her awkward moments. I myself am not a fan of Shakira, never was. If she is or isn't dating is another thing. Like I said, if fangirls are "worried" don't be.

    However, if they date it would mean a lot of traveling for her because it would be harder for him to just take off. He's only 23, an "older" woman seems attractive now but he doesn't seem to take his gals with his family much. Ever seen those pics of his mom and Nuria "together" they were pretty distant. I'm pretty sure he is dating someone, or at least that's what one announcer from sunday's game pointed out, Pique's mysterious purple-ish circular mark on his neck…

  8. Marsy says:

    pique and shakira, I don't buy it
    paparrazi follow her 24/7 and there is not a single picture?
    and javier sarda seems to have a bad reputation

  9. Crackers says:

    okay, so last month they were supposed to split up, the month before last she supposedly got a boob job (but her boobs look no bigger, has anyone noticed?) now they're buying a house together….oh, tabloids, please make up your minds and then bombard us with silly rumours.

  10. I don't believe a thing between Shakira (grrr) and Pique!!!

  11. Guest says:

    So, um, John Rooney is kind of adorable… HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????

  12. @SweetNohemi says:

    Ohhh I don't belive in dating someone older than you! However, since I love Shakira (and most people love her too); she can do whatever she wants! She is more famous, rich and hotter than Pique! Pique or any footballer would be so lucky dating Shakira!

  13. SoccerLoverrr says:

    bahhahaha ur jokes! :)

  14. JenNY says:

    1. Pique with Shakira? Um, no. No thanks. he's too childish and boyish, and she's too womanly. i don't know, i feel like in that relationship, she'd be acting like a mom or something. i'm facebook friends with his ex, and she actually is pretty cool, and if you ask her a question she will answer it lol. someone asked her about breaking up with pique for some new guy and she said she'll message the girl about it. the thing is i have to translate everything, she doesnt write a lot of things in english lol. she's cute.
    2. Man, John Rooney seems so sweet. Might i just add that he is 10000000% better looking than wayne? i may just stalk now that he's playing for my home team. the video on youtube is so adorable of him. i like him.
    3. Elen, oh elen. i like you too, mainly because i despise bleakley. elen's all kinds of nutty, but thats why she's cool to me. also, that article from the daily mail about her childhood really resonated with me.

    • JenNY says:

      4. sara carbonero. ehh. hmmm. i like lara alvarez way better (whether they're both WAGS or not). Lara's more fun, I guess. I mean, Sara's pretty and all, but i don't know…there is something really ugly about her. She seems stuck up? Or maybe it's because i prefer Iker over Sergio and Sara's got my Iker! but then again, i think Iker's got a bit of attitude as well sometimes. __5. i really don't like the comment "The only thing more annoying than Englishmen in Florida are Americans in England." i don't know anything about englishmen in florida. but i do know that i really like england and have gotten along with more English than my own Americans, but attitudes like in that comment are a bit rude and ignorant. i may be the only one who feels that way lol____damn i wrote a lot, pardon my grammar.

  15. @AgnesWonka says:

    I like Sara C talking well about CR! :)

    I hate Shakira with Piqué! she's TOO GROSSE for him!

  16. Jen says:

    I wish Lucas Neill would stare at me with that sort of intensity……..*sigh*

  17. Leya_S says:

    1. John Rooney at my darling Red Bulls?! I hope he's less of a skeezoid than Wayne.
    2. Pastasauce and Iker buying a house together near Crispy?!?! Well at least Iker's normality will help even out the ridiculousness that is Sara, Irina, and Cris….
    3. Shakira and Geri? If it is real, idk how I feel about it….she just seems tooooooo….what's the word?….oh, right…FAMOUS. Not that I don't like Shakira or anything, but like how functional a relationship would they have if both of them are jet-setting all over the world all the time? Geri needs to find himself an Olalla or a Carla or someone like that, IMHO.

  18. mochara says:

    Ooh the wags are at it again! they are nearly as interesting as their partners sometimes! C-Ron doesn't deserve an apology, I never really like Sara but she should stick to her guns!

  19. beebe says:

    i haven't really made up my mind about my feelings on piqué and shakira, i'll just leave it with the fact that it's quite interesting 'rumor'

    • @DebStimson says:

      If it's true, I'd be a bit worried if I were Pique. She dated her ex for 11 years, just broke up and is now starting a new relationship? Who wants to be a rebound guy?

  20. sheera says:

    i am sure that the house cost millions so iker is going to purchase not she and iker

  21. rubyqueen says:

    i thought iker and sara were splitting up.??? i can't wait to see the new house..

    • Wow says:

      It was all rumours! I wouldn't be suprise if the potential new home is just rumour as well, just take it all with a green of salt when it comes to those twosome!(:

  22. strawberrysexcapade says:

    I guess Shakira has a She-Cougar in her closet, not a She-Wolf. Either way, I'm jealous ^_~

    • BarçaRoja says:

      Me too I'm super jealous! I don't like Shakira but for a 33-year old her body looks fiiiine. I'm 31 and hell no don't look anywhere like that. Oh well, I'm desperately hoping that this is just a phase for Geri. :P

    • Tashinka says:

      We should start thinking of a good portmanteau. My suggestion is "moc-a-Waka".

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      why be jealous? If they are in fact together it won't last. The distant will be too much I suspect more for him than her. She's the type who doesn't seem to want to be tied down and wants to be free to do whoever she wants… I mean whatever she wants. I don't like her, but I won't judge her lifestyle. Pique seems the more loveable and caring, I think in a couple of years he will think about marriage and we know he wants a little boy someday. I'm sure when he gets married it will be with a Catalunya girl. But I love your comment, I bet she's getting that a lot.

      • D0li says:

        wow you seem to know alot about Pique.. well to be honest we don't know what he wants because we aren't pique! I used to like Shakira when she started getting popular in AMerica but now she's just annoying.. She just seems so full of herself and kinda duche flirting with anything with a penis. I'm not calling her a slut but I just don't think someone should be sleeping around (man or woman) regardless of your relationship status.

        I was reading that her fiance/boyfriend cheated on her and pictures that she tried to stop were leaked. I felt a bit sorry for her afterwards but that doesn't mean I want to see her date Pique. I do believe they are sleeping together because any idiot can see from the world cup pictures that they were coming from a one night stand. But I don't think he is taking this as a serious relationship – not only because they had an affair and people who cheat on their partners for each other don't necessarily turn out to be the best relationship since their encounter is based on lust rather than love and there is an age difference.

        • D0li says:

          I know many women are going to be upset because I'm saying it's not going to work out since an older woman is dating a younger man but we have to be realistic, it's nice to have a younger man be attracted to you but no woman wants to date their son the maturity differences will catch up and once point and they will find new partners. I honestly hope Pique broke up with his girlfriend before the Shakira thing because if both persons cheated then they have it even worse knowing that they lost the possible loves of their life due to a stupid quicky.

          • Chay says:

            Doli, are you kidding me? I don’t really think you should make

            • Chay says:

              Those sorts of comments without experience. Besides, she is only 10 years older than him–that hardly constitutes as his MOTHER.

              If they really are dating and are happy, then that’s what matters. It’s one thing to be making remados stemming from envy but to make remarks about something as benign as age is like saying people from two different ethnic backgrounds shouldn’t date.

              Again i apologise for the trigger-happy finger & pressing Submit too early :-)

          • chay says:

            i can't believe you think that shakira is old enough to be pique's MOTHER. Uh … am i missing something?

            i don't know whether they're dating each other but if they are, i think as long as they like each other, it's okay. And even if it's temporary, so what?

            • D0li says:

              Not in age but in maturity. Women mature faster than men so her being 10 years older would make her much more mature than Pique.

  23. Tricia says:

    The only thing more annoying than Englishmen in Florida are Americans in England.

  24. Lily says:

    If this Pique/Shakira thing is true then I can see it ending very soon. Shakira is 33 and has said that she wants to have children soon. Pique is 23 and responsibility is the last thing he wants.

  25. Elisa says:

    Wow. That AP photo comment about John Rooney was unnecessarily mean. If you happened to have the same job as your incredibly successful and very visible (and morally questionable…) older brother, you would want to get the heck out of the country too.

    Rooney (the younger) seemed quite nice in his acceptance speech for the Red Bulls. I know that that's probably not the best way to judge someone, but he seemed to be very surprised and very grateful to be drafted by them.

  26. Thea says:

    Must of been under a rock to miss the whole Shakira/ Pique thing – what happened to his Sausage Heiress Girlfriend?

  27. Missy Manchester says:

    The most exciting tidbit in that entire news round-up was the fact that Sara and Iker are buying a house "together". I wonder what portion of the down payment Sara will be paying.b LOL I wonder if Iker made her sign a pre-nup.

    • aurrie says:

      they are taking it to the next level.. i bet by the end of this year we will hear that they are engaged or that she is preggers lol …go get it iker!!!!

      • Thea says:

        She's looking very thin -. Boobs look no bigger tho……….
        Interesting that as soon as she gets the backlash from the RM dressing room she's all sweatness and light with C-RON.

  28. we want more mosqueteros" this is a campaign i have started to tweet Sergio, ALvaro, Xabi asking for more of the cuatro mosqueteros pictures