January 31st, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

It was a wonderfully WAGalicious weekend, Kickettes. Our weekend gossip cheat sheet is never meant to make you feel inadequate, but we understand if you can’t help feeling that way today. Images: Vendula Fantová for Idnes.cz.


Former Miss Czech Repubic, occasional weather girl and the girlfriend of Arsenal ‘baller Tomáš Rosický, Radka Kocurova, has linked up with two other former Czech beauty queens to help shill shresses (Ed Note: tops that double as extremely short dresses) for The Good Deeds Organisation.

- Where do we even begin with this photo of Kevin-Prince Boateng and his female friend/Mrs. Claus wannabe?

- We want to know who Original Ronaldo paid off (and how much) to have dinner with Demi Moore and her yummy hubby, Ashton Kutcher.

- Abstinence is on its way up the trend o’ meter right now. Just ask Beyonce or Lara Alvarez, who once promoted no sex ’till marriage in a MTV promo prior to earning her presenter stripes.

Image: passeenprofondeur.fr


- Topics we’re sick of writing about: Gerard Pique & Shakira. Topics Spaniards supposedly want to read more about: Gerard Pique & Shakira. The potential pair were voted the most popular couple in Spain.

AS Roma's most eligible divorcee- AS Roma’s Daniele De Rossi was caught cuddling and kissing actress Sarah Felberbaum.

- Not only has Coleen Rooney reportedly banned her friends from discussing Wayne’s extramarital activities, but her people have also ixnayed all Twitter-related rumours. The Daily Star had to issue a story correction after quoting sources from a Twitter account wrongly-attributed to Col.

Ronaldo girlfriend January NYC- Irina Shayk was sitting pretty atop another unoriginal “hottest women list”, this time from DTLux magazine. Of the top 10 finishers, three are current footy WAGs (Irina S., Sara Carbonero, Edurne) while one is a former girlfriend (Amaia Salamanca). Just so you know, Irina was the only WAG of the aforementioned bunch who failed to appear in last year’s top 50.

- P. Diddy and David Beckham have bonded over their repeated baby-making chops.

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31 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. tool steel says:

    Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

  2. Kissa says:

    Why's everyone hating on Irina?! She's hot and her man seems to think she's great….And please, who's a virgin nowadays?? Sergio's getting it in somewhere…

  3. Peggie says:

    hi, good page, and a really good understand! at least one for my bookmarking.

  4. Orlynow says:

    Lara Alvarez promotes abstinence??!! She's dating Sergio who just happens to be one of the sexiest men around – how the hell can this be true? I mean come onnnn!!!

  5. @CuteNohemi says:

    Shakira and Pique: This article (in Spanish) says that Shakira "oficially" is moving to Barcelona, Spain. They are guessing that Shakira wants to be closer to her "love"! http://entretenimiento.univision.com/lo-ultimo/no…

    Irina: No comment!
    Lara Alvarez: She looks like a good girl!

  6. naylovee says:

    1. I'm american and I just had an epiphany. (Way to start off the comment right? LOL.) Here in America, we don't ever notice any wags in general, not only for football(soccer) but for every sport. No matter what and how big the athlete is or even if they're dating a big celebrity No one really notices. Except for when Tiger got divorced but only because his ex wife became the richest ex-wife. in america at least. anyways, kinda random but just had to get that off my chest.

    2. As much as I LOVE Sergio Ramos, I can't help but to love Lara Alvarez as well. She's an exception on my radar :)

    3. Irina Shyak…next subject.

    4. Shakira and Pique? Awwww :)

  7. Winnie Mata says:

    she has got to have the worst fashion sense ever…
    and she's not THAT hot. i personally think that if it had to be a "model"
    Candice Swanepoel should've been number one.
    now she's HOT.

  8. [...] Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet « Kickette – Soccer … Irina Shayk was sitting pretty atop another unoriginal “hottest women list” this time from DTLux magazine. Of the top 10 finishers, three are current footy WAGs (Irina S. Sara Carbonero, Edurne) while one is a former girlfriend (Amaia . no 1 in that list is much to boost about considering it is (excuse my language) horny men mainly whom have voted and also bcos it is a vote that only the spanish took part in (ie… the (one of the few) country of her new found fame), [...]

  9. @AgnesWonka says:

    I love Irina and Colleen!
    I don't belibe Lara's virginity and…..wait……Beyonce? please, who are you joking?

  10. mochara says:

    I really don't like Irina, she seems really fake or something…
    But ooh Pique and Shakira, cutest romance ever <3

  11. D0li says:

    Is there proof that Gerard is dating Shakira? I mean there's no proof and I highly doubt Gerard would be in a committed relationship with her; he likes is privacy and it seems he likes to sleep around.

  12. Guest says:

    am i the only one that thinks that thing that Lara did kinda stupid and fake, especially now that she is dating Sergio who am sure has ben educated in Sex. plus that to me is just silly, just teach teenagers how to protect them selves because 99% are going to do it anyways

    • LaraSergio&SaraIker says:

      Just wanted to say the same, although I like Lara :) )

    • Winnie Mata says:

      lol exactly.
      i mean, if i were dating Sergio, i'd be constantly begging for the ol' pokey.
      pardon my crudeness, but that's just the truth.

  13. ZIM says:

    Yeah yeah she's awful bla bla bla yet you spend so much time talking about her. I find lots of things in common with what happens with her bf.

  14. Jenn says:

    That DTLux list is a joke, really. It's so obvious Irina made the first place cos she's got a famous bf. Just look at the other women on that list. Much hotter and some of them really are talented and known for more than dating a footballer. That coat she's wearing is horrible by the way. That whole outfit is, tbh.

  15. meh says:

    as much as I hate irina sy…abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz…k or watever her name is, I must admit she is pretty….and thats about all i can compliment her on. The same goes for pastasauce. that list is utter shiit tho….beyonce at number 20 something and that biitch at number one? do me a favour, psh, please :L

  16. laz says:

    I believe that 'DTLux magazine' is a spanish low grade version of gq/similar to maxim and fhm so i'm not very sure being no 1 in that list is much to boost about considering it is (excuse my language) horny men mainly whom have voted and also bcos it is a vote that only the spanish took part in (ie….the (one of the few) country of her new found fame), the fact that she did not even make the top 50 the previous yr just further highlights the point that her new found fame is nothing to do with hard work but everything to do with being ronaldo's wag!

    Also on the outfit she wore over the weekend in nyc, you didn't she exactly how bad the outfit she wore was – the dreadful fur coat was just the tip of the iceburg on the 'burning out the eyes' fashion torture scale as you will see from the pic below: http://img97.imageshack.us/f/tumblrlfuarbxqjz1qdk…

  17. Cammie says:

    Sara is so cute…Irina is nothing but Huge lips..

  18. Soon2BeWifeOfNasri says:

    Theres one major thing missing on this cheat sheet which involves Liverpool's very own adopted son aka Nando, and him possiby moving to West London and swapping his red shirt for the Blue one. Am not even a liverpool supporter but dammmmnnn thats some hot gossip right there! =S

  19. chicagambeta says:

    Irina, honey, I TOLD you that even a famed clothes horse like you can't pull off the Cruella de Vil gorilla look. You should listen to me more.

    • Susana says:

      Haha…was thinking the same as you on the gorilla front. The only thing that would have made this photo better? If they had snapped her buying bananas or pouncing on Samsonite luggage. *beats chest*

  20. Elisa says:

    Actually do not know what happened in football this weekend. Was too busy constantly refreshing the Liverpool website for news on Nando/ weeping whilst watching YouTube videos of his best moments at LFC :/

  21. BarceLisa says:

    Kevin Prince Boateng is FOIIIIIINE. How does this man not get mentioned more on this site?
    Is Punk'd going international now? Wow three people I would never have pictured at a dinner table together.
    I love Lara Alvarez. I can't explain why but I just do.
    I also love Shakira, but not as much after she stole my beautiful Geri.
    The words "Daniele De Rossi" and "cuddling and kissing" do not go together.
    Ugh enough of Irina already. Why can't she be more like Lara Alvarez?… oh thats right, shes dating Cristiano.
    When are we gonna acknowledge the elephant in the room and talk about Nando's impending move to Chelsea?

  22. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    Ewww irina looks liek a hybrid of a bear and eskimo in that picture..with old lady hands!

  23. Leya_S says:

    Dammit, Lara! I want to hate you bc you stole Sergio….but you're proving yourself more and more to be awesome!
    Diddy and David? Why do I love that, lol?
    KPB and Mrs. Claus look adorbs…she's wearing a weird outfit and too much makeup but she's pretty.
    Also how are Geri and Shakira voted most popular couple when they aren't officially a couple? I still don't want her for him :p