February 28th, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Parma player Dancing with The Stars

Time for ‘Toe Pointing 101′ for Christian Panucci. Image: Tumblr.

Relationships was the most buzzed about topic from this weekend’s gossip – ranging from the custodial kind, to the romantic and brotherly types as well. Read up, Kickettes!


Arsenal ace and Barroness- Although these ex-lovers recently organised a not-so-discreet fro-yo trip together, Caroline Fleming confirmed to Danish tab, Se Og Hør, that she and Nicklas Bendtner are definitely dunzo. Could this be the final chapter in their courtship crisis, or is the custody and alimony battle just heating up?

- The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations awarded Shakira its 2011 Cultural Rhythms Artist of the Year award in Boston on Saturday; prior to that the Colombian singer was papped hugging her fans in between hanging with her MANGO man in Berlin. Someday, we aspire to be as friendly as Shakira is. Someday.

- Matteo Materazzi, brother of Inter Milan’s Marco, revealed the difficult relations between the two in an interview following his abrupt departure from Italian reality show ‘Isola dei Famosi’. Supposedly, he says, things have been tense ever since Marco moved to the Milan side in 2001. Matteo also divulged how, for the past two years, he has not seen or heard from his more talented, older bro.

- One of our hair heroines was removed from her Pantene post just 5 months into the gig. It’s all good, though, the good people behind the Ford Focus campaign haven’t missed a paycheque-populating beat.


- As you can see from the lead shot, retired Italian NT and Parma player Christian Panucci has waltzed his overly tanned self into the next season of the Italian version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

- Nuria Bermudez: ‘member her casa clash with Dani Guiza? Turns out a court has sided with her ex, forcing Nuria (plus the couple’s son) to vacate the house that Dani owns and move in with her parents.

- Perhaps it’s because she’s so damn pretty, or perhaps its because we firmly believe he needs to invest in his own bronzer, but we feel obligated to tell you that Melissa Satta and Christian ‘Bobo’ Vieri are still very much together after 5 years of dating.

- Totally off topic and we don’t care: if Facebook updates aren’t doing your favourite footballers’ birthdays justice, visit FIFA.com to brush up on who is getting older and wiser each and every week.

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17 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Oxworld says:

    Panucci is engaged with his dance teacher. Nice couple !

  2. juliefromparis says:

    Thats fun, David-because-i-worth-it-ginola is also in "danse avec les stars" !!! Hes not that bad actually, and they keep filming his abs which is soooo cool ;)

  3. LL_o says:

    OK! So I'm officially tired of reading bulll*** about Mesut's allegedly new gf.. Aida Yespica, please please Kickette….take this a bit further and tell me if it's true or not!!! O_O

  4. Wow says:

    caroline & nickey situ is just sad, especially the little bubba cought in between! I just don't understand what the hell went wrong, because they looked so happy pre-baby birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Shakira & Gerarade doesn't end this way, hopefully they r just having a good time & no bubba is involved!

    • LosAngeleno says:

      Re: Caroline and Nickey, I know this doesn't make for fun gossip, but I wish the media would be more honest about what a huge responsibility having a kid is (no matter age, money, time) and how it can strain a relationship that isn't based on a solid foundation of empathy, cooperation, loyalty. Sorry. I'm not attacking your comment. It's just that all these beautiful celebrity couples seem so happy when they're about to have a baby, but you'd think with all that money and opportunity, they'd take two seconds to get to know each other first, have some good times alone, maybe live in the same place for a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, how are you going to handle the bad times, as well as the good, together?…cause, as we all know, they inevitably come. Then again, maybe they just want a baby with another famous person. Who knows? (Stepping out of the saddle of my high horse now.)

      • Kyrrdis says:

        You're so right!

        • Wow says:

          @ LosAngeleno, I agree. All we see is the pic. What really goes on in their life we don't really no about! It is just so sad that the little baby is caught up in it all, that's all i am saying! (;

  5. MsMe says:

    Shakira is so very beautiful and I´m so very jealous. Every girl should have their own Pique ;)

  6. Sergz says:

    I'm so happy that Piqué is dating Shakira. When you think about it, he could have been dating a skank (think whatsherface) but he's dating an intelligent, friendly and successful woman instead. Any hater is just jealous. ;D

    • Crackers says:

      Yeah, if a Nobel Laureate (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) is a fan, she's def. good enough for Pique….kidding, I've liked her music for a decade now and they seem fab together- both are successful and hot, and it has all the makings of a good fling.
      People need to re-examine their prejudices about age gaps between couples, is all.

  7. elephantmousie says:

    I watched Panucci dance,it was hilarious but he was a great sport and funny too!

  8. tweety and silvester says:

    I have zero kind words for the all time master of Italian cheat football Marco Materazzi. Zero.
    Awful man, God wasted good talent to a bad person. The mere history of his cheating, boxing and provoking ways on the pitch makes me sick.
    … and I don't wish him ANYTHING good either. Brings the b*tch out in my, that man…. unfortunately he's nice to look at. Don't know what God thought when he gave this "man" talent AND good looks.

    • BarceLisa says:

      Wow! haterade on steroids. I love it. I never liked Zidane but when he headbutted this douche I stood up and applauded. A real man stands up for his mama and/or sister.

  9. I don't know if I believe the rumors about CR and Shayk expecting a baby. If they are, that's gonna be one fine, rich, and spoiled baby! Has anyone ever seen her spending time with the son that he already has? I googled to try and find something, but nothing came up.

  10. IrishBlue says:

    Iv kinda gone off Bendtner a little bit, he's a bit cocky to be honest. I still would though, for the good of mankind and that. :D

    • Taskeen says:

      aah yes! i find him quite annoying! (sorry to the Bendy lovers out there but jeez)

  11. Maria!! says:

    I'm sure that u all read the news about irina shayk's pregnancy & that she & CR r set to wed this year :S
    do u believe that !! but she was seen at the NBA match smoking & drinking & if she was newly pregnant she wouldn't jet from country to country !!!