March 7th, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

This man’s Korean sweets need no introduction. Image:


- Blue was apparently the color scheme behind the baby shower Peter Crouch threw for Abbey Clancy (she’s due middle of this month), while it’s rumoured that Eva Longoria (Posh’s party sponsor) is organising a pretty in pink affair. We also recently learned that our baby pool of supreme swimmers is growing – Belgium ‘baller Olivier Deschacht and Miss Belguim ’07, Annelien Coorevits, are supposedly having their first this month as well. 

- Surely it can’t be true that FIFA’s personal gripe with snoods has resulted in an accessory ban – can it?!

- Stephen Ireland didn’t mince his words when speaking with French magazine So Foot about the prospects of living in Birmingham (‘a crap city’) versus Cork (‘I’d rather shoot myself’).


- He came, he shaved and he conquered his homesickness package with ease. After that, Cesc Fabregas and his Arsenal mates took in an NBA game at the 02 arena (Drogba, Petr Cech and David Luiz + girlfriend and William Gallas’ family were there, too).

- Now that there’s a major eyebrow movement sweeping the fashion industry worldwide, Eric Cantona’s unibrow finally feels at home.

- Aitor Ocio’s baby mama ain’t going down without a custodial fight. Previously, he filed for full custody citing her erratic work schedule as detrimental to their daughter. Now, Laura Sanchez has filed a counter claim in the same vein.

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25 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Crackers says:

    Hehe, just LOOK at his face, that "I have Korean sweets, there's nothing you could have that beats that!" smug expression.
    The thought of Cesc stuffing his face with them makes me want to smile, we know the boy appreciates sugar (Dunkin' Donuts!) but he has good taste in junk food- Korean snacks are yummy!

  2. xbabyshakesx says:

    Korean sweets = not healthy
    Cesc = sweet =]

  3. @AgnesWonka says:

    thx god…Cesc shaved!

  4. JulieFromParis says:

    Oh God, my parents fighting over my siblings and I was the worst part… Please Laura and Aitor, i know its not that easy and you certainly both love Naia to death but please, please, keep it low, will you?

  5. mochara says:

    where would we be without twitter?! I love Cesc TOO much he's amazing <3

  6. aps says:

    I'd love to see David Luiz's girlfriend

  7. Leya_S says:

    Oh, God, SHUT UP Stephen Ireland.
    Cesc = adorbs as usual. The enormous amount of Korean sweets made me giggle. Garanteed those companies' revenues just skyrocketed just by him posing next to their products.
    I like how FIFA had time to ban snoods but no time to tackle more important issues like, say, racism in football, goal-line technology, or sh***y refereeing….now Marouane and Samir will have to hear racist comments without the protection of their snoods (not that they necessarily do hear these things all the time, but you get my point).

  8. LosAngeleno says:

    Aw, and I love Cesc in a pair of Chuck Taylor's!!! A step in the right fashion direction for him, I'd say.

  9. Alia says:

    do you think…that if i sent myself to cesc, labeling the box "korean sweets" he would take a pic with me too? or keep me? :)

  10. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    Cescyy is soo sexyyy ! The spaniards and der thumbs up lool..wheres ramos when u need him?

  11. blake2108 says:

    Now FIFA just need to to ban all forms of Under Armour and retract the "sexy torso on show = yellow card" rule.

    And Stephen Ireland, Birmingham doesn't want you here anyway. It's a lovely place to live… Anyway, how can you even trust a word he says anymore. I wonder how his Grandmas are.

    • Crackers says:

      forget that, I'd be happy if shirt removal was no longer a carding offence.

      That, and get goal line technology already, they're so pigheaded and arbitrary it makes me want to scream sometimes.

  12. athenarena says:

    Ugh, Ireland is going to drive me up the wall. That selfish, selfish brat! He is one of the few who has the honour to score in Croke Park and he spits on it. We are never allowed in Croke Park, the home of GAA and when we are during the Lansdowne remodelling, any true Irish bloke would have jumped at the chance to do what he did. He is nothing but rude and self-centred. We could all forgive Roy Keane -sometimes- because he gave 100% to this teammates, club and national. Ireland is just whinging because he is not centre of attention. We stopped caring if you were on the team about a year ago.
    Now he comes back trying to do damage but in no way does he excuse his words about Ireland. You do not deserve to carry that surname. Of course people like to win the World Cup but did you notice it stays in the hands of a half a dozen. It is an honour and a privilige to wear your country's colours. But no matter, we have good young true Irish coming through the ranks and we do not need you.
    Your money has gone to your head. (Also, your excuse for Cork does not cut it Ireland.)
    Am I the only one with this opinion?


    • kitty1979 says:

      Here here!!
      My love of football started during Ireland's run in Italia '90 (yea i'm old enough to remember!). The penalty shoot out between Ireland and Romania is hands down on of my favourite footballing moments. The guy has a bleedin' cheek. No Irish fan is under the illusion that we will ever win the World Cup, but its about pride in playing for your country A**hole! I love the atmosphere in Ireland when we qualify, goin to the pub to watch a match is great craic.
      I don't know any Irish person who wants him to play anyway, he's overrated. A long list of Irish players have played for Aston Villa; Townsend, Houghton, Staunton, McGrath and he couldn't even get a game! If he's not that bothered about playing for his country he should stop bringing it up!

      • athenarena says:

        Hey that was 3 years before I was born. But I have loved Ireland since I was a tiny girl and been to several matches with my dad. It is not always about winning, it is showing pride in your country and wearing the green. Also, the fact of the matter is my mom is from Cork and it is a nice area especially with all the renonvations been done over the past few years.
        He does and he does not try to rein it in. It is all attention seeking. The atmosphere is the best part. We have no illusions nor do any of the players but they still play their hearts out except him! I mean look at Coleman! He is kept mentioning how people say it to him. Eh, did we not drop the subject like last year?
        He blames everybody but himself. His attitude is atrocious! He whinges and complains.
        We do not want him back now either way even if he does want to come back.

    • IrishBlue says:

      Stephen Ireland does my head in. FACT.

      • athenarena says:

        He does a lot of people's head in and seems to revel in it.

        • kitty1979 says:

          Well when your not getting attention for your football………………….. Sad,very sad!