May 23rd, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Seattle’s Fredy Montero post-surgery Twitpic. Go Sounders indeed.

T’was a looong week last week, Kickettes, so forgive our ill-fated attempts at keeping a semi-professional/regular schedule. Fortunately, as we flooded our insides with in-flight alcohol, we found some superb shots of a CR JR being craddled by his papa.

Let us begin.


- In case you missed the news like we did, Nagore Aramburu was declared the ‘Most Beautiful Face’ in Spain by the country’s edition of GLAMOUR magazine. Her hot hubby was more than happy to accompany his wife to last week’s ceremony.

Image: Thnx RF!

- Christian Chivu, 30-years-old, announced his retirement from Romanian international football; he blamed ‘age and surgery’ as reasons for his dwindling competitive streak.

- What kind of dirt does Cesc Fabregas have on Jack Wilshere?! Whatever the secret is, Wilshere promises it will be one for the ladies if he’s ever exposed. We think Cesc should open Jack’s can of worms; you?


Real Madrid superstar father WAG supermodel girlfriend- First (and/or only) pics of Cristiano bonding with his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Get ‘em while they’re hot and hooker-free.

- One lucky Wigan fan made off with manager Roberto Martinez’s wallet after he celebrated his side’s successful fight against relegation by tossing his coat (filled with his personal affections) into the stands.

- Watch what Becks had to say about playing in Gary Neville’s testimonial (hint: it gets good towards the end). 

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84 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. die steel says:

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  3. Ashley says:

    @ Kickette, why don't you delete this line :
    First (and/or only) pics of Cristiano bonding with his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Get ‘em while they’re hot and hooker-free.
    I find this sentence "Get ‘em while they’re hot and hooker-free" very offensive. Why don't you preach what you say. You delete other people posts because you find them offensive. Well I find this offensive.

  4. Devilish-x says:

    heres a good link for the pics of Ronaldo and his bubba – Cr.Junior is sure growing up to be a cutie!
    Oh, and Irina's in the pictures too.…

  5. Zaida says:

    Oh my god this is a one beautiful boy…

  6. KicketteMods says:


    a number of comments have been deleted because they violated our commenting policy.


  7. SSM says:

    Kickette, no mention of Cesc's weekend in Barcelona instead of watching his club??

  8. Marina_Isabella says:

    Hmm… I'm not making any excuses for men who act like children themselves and don't pay attention to their children because they're busy, or should I say, getting busy with random women that come into their lives… Ronny seems like that kind of guy… But!… since I don't know what he does in his private life away from the cameras, etc. I do hope though, that what he does away from the cameras, involves taking care of his child and being a real father, not just a figure. And I hope that if he's not being a father then, Ronny's family (mom, and sisters) would be taking good care of the kid and giving him all the attention and love a child needs. Also, remember this pregnancy was a 'mistake' and the kid doesn't seem to have contact with his biological mom. And some people even say that Ronny made her sign some paper to keep her away from their child… That right there tells you how emotionally difficult this kid's life is bound to be. I hope he turns out to be the most normal and happy possible.

  9. JA7 says:

    Nagore & Xabi, y u so beautiful? Awwwww cristiano jr. is sucha cutie patoutieeeee! Loveee his chubby cheeks :D

  10. Leya_S says:

    HAHAHAHA Kickette!! I'm SO glad you caught the Jack & Cesc saga. I've been wondering myself what it is but I think we all suspect the same thing……..
    As much as I know I'd like to know, I think its probably best if Cesc keeps that to himself. Although I do like that he said his fam saw a pic and thought Jack was a natural wonder or miracle or something of the sort, lol!!

  11. Kat says:

    I think you mean that 80% of the time he is PHOTOGRAPHED he will be with Irina and only 20% of the time he is PHOTOGRAPHED, he will be with his son and family.

    I think people forget that there are 24 hours in a day and that for Cristiano (and other footballers and most celebrities) they are probably photographed an hour or two a day, tops. There are 8-10 other waking hours (if we take out football practice and sleep/sexy time with Irina) when no one sees what he's doing and which could be very well spent changing Cris Jr's nappies, feeding him applesauce and blowing raspberries on those cheeks..

    • Kat says:

      I am not really surprised that he hasn't been seen out in public with his son and admire him a little for it. I think he made the commitment to shield his son from all that as much as he can. And, really, guys, how many footballers have you seen out alone with their infant children? Most dads I know would rather stay home with their kid than go out alone (without any help from the mum, nanny, older sister, HIS mum) with a child younger than 1. The prospect of preparing diaper bags, changing nappies in public (do they even have changing tables in men's toilets?), bringing formula, a change of clothes, etc. is too much for most dads I know. More so with CR, I reckon, with the added prospect of having to deal with the paps.

      So until we see him nearly dropping the bubba like Britney Spears (I hope not!) or Cris Jr. holding a box of phallic gummies like Suri Cruise, back off and chill out people. Sheeeesh.

      • LizzyHS90 says:

        So you are justifying bad fathers because taking care of an infant "is too much" for them? WTF are you talking about!? That is a horrible thing to say!

        • Kat says:

          OMG. Where did I say that?!?! I just said that I know most dads would rather chill out AT HOME with an INFANT rather than go through all the trouble of going out without the help of the mum/nanny. How does preferring to stay home (and not carry around gigantic diaper bags and not want to change diapers in those horrible changing tables) make anyone a bad father? … Please read what I wrote again.

          • LizzyHS90 says:

            This is what you wrote: "The prospect of preparing diaper bags, changing nappies in public (do they even have changing tables in men's toilets?), bringing formula, a change of clothes, etc. is too much for most dads I know". I used your direct quote. So your saying men can't handle these things?

            • Kat says:

              My point was, if there was a CHOICE between staying in at home with the baby versus going out ALONE with an infant and going all that trouble, I reckon everyone (NOT just men) would rather stay at home.

              That, PLUS the fact that there are at least a dozen of paps waiting at his doorstep probably, is likely why we rarely see Cris out with his son.

              I suppose I have to spell out that you should read what I wrote IN FULL, and not just choose to quote parts of it out of context.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Exactly! Thank you kat! well-said, I actually respect him for not taking his kid everywhere, Cris usually is out at night, so shall he take his 6 months kids to madrid tennis tournament or out in street of Madrid at night holding his kid to restaurants?
        Yeah, I am not even a Cris fan, but his approach with his kid is very respectful, the fact that he created this celebratory gesture after each goal to his son after , it is admirable and this is what his son will look at when he grow up and not the fact he is not out holding everywhere or the fact he sent-him away to spend quiet time in Merida away from his high demanding life of Cris. The spending time part we will never know, unless you are a perosnal friend of Cris or his family, you will never know if spend time or not, the fact that he is out with Irina holding her hands in the street means nothing. All I saw is a proud dad who he was so happy that his son was watching him from the stands that he pointed at him and dedicated him goals!

    • Kristine says:

      I can definitely see him blowing raspberries on those cheeks!

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      No Imean 80% of his summer break will be spent with irina and 20% of it will be with his family/son. We have alre ady seen him pick Irina over his son. Also I'm sure wherever him and Irina go they will be papped because even on exculsive private islands somewho they get found out. I wonder how? Oh wait, I know.

      • Kristine says:

        Lizzy, I don't know you and i mean no disrepect. Your anger and hateful spew is a little frightening. The truth is that none of us has any idea what goes on in ballers private lives.

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          I don't like fake people and I don't like it when guys, especially rich ones, can think they can act and do whatever they want. Irina is fake to me and CR leaving his son on Christmas really set me off. Very disapointing. What I don't get is why you don't just let people have their opinions? I don't comment on people's comments who like Irina. I reply to comments made to my comments. might comment to help somewho make a point. I let people like her if they want.

          • Kat says:

            Of course you're free to dislike her. A lot of people do. But there's a difference between disliking someone calling her a "prostitute" on a public forum. That's just entirely unnecessary and unpleasant.

            • LizzyHS90 says:

              I never called her a prostitute. I could be mistaken for one by the way she dresses all the time because even hookers where designer clothes. You don't have to like or comment of my comments. Just ignore them if you don't like them. I do.

      • Kat says:

        Ok. You misunderstood me AGAIN. My point was that the fact that he's photographed 80% of the time with Irina doesn't mean he spends 80% of his total time with her. As I said in my comment, Cris and other footballers probably get photographed only about 10% of each day, meaning there's another 90% of their lives that we don't know about. And we can't make judgments that other 90% based on the 10% that does get photographed.

        But you seem hell bent on thinking that Cristiano is a bad father who will pick a "prostitute" over his own son, so I bet you'll just find another way to spin what I said. Maybe accuse me of being a Cristiano fangirl blah-blah-blah…

  12. Kristine says:

    Hate to tell you this but hookers and fashion models don't have a lock on short skirts and designer clothes. Have you ever been to NYC? Irina could blend in anywhere with her outfits.

    • cisarovna says:

      I work in Manhattan and I can tell you some people (however ill-advised) dress like that in an office. Just this morning a woman with a see-thru top walked into my office building.

  13. Lydia says:

    Can someone please clear this up for me? I've seen a couple of articles of CR and Irina saying that they are engaged! Tis true?

  14. rubyqueen says:

    it's nice to see cristiano with ronnie jnr.they are both adorable.

  15. Zaida says:

    She went like that to an event, she didn't walk the streets of New York like it. Everybody make a fashion mistake

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      You are joking right? *laughs* She is dressed in some short, tight dress with her ass almost hanging out 95% of the events she goes to. Or that very see through ugly corset top. She has made multiple fashion mistakes. For be a "fashion" model she has horrible taste in clothes.

  16. Winnie Mata says:

    is he your father?
    have you experienced him as a parent?
    no? then shut up.

    • mochara says:

      Just voicing my oppinion, Ok I admit my comment was too harsh and stupid but I think it's kind of strange that he went on holidays with his girlfriend a couple of days after his son was born, I'm not trying to be horrible and I'm sorry

  17. Kristine says:

    I'm disturbed by all this hate towards Cris and Irina. My feeling is that they have done a great job keeping the little guy out of the public eye, so far! I don't know how people can judge his parenting skills, You have no idea what goes on in his personal life. He looks pretty natural holding that bubba in my opinion.

    BTW.. that kid is Gorgeous!

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you Kristine. If all these ugly haters would step away from the computer and leave a lovely couple that they NO NOTHING ABOUT ALONE, the world would be nicer. I can't get over people making hateful comments about a lovely girl they do not know. Thats why the world is so messed up. They should look at themselves and ask why would you come on a website and write hateful things about someone you would never meet in your life. Disgusting people.

  18. Maria says:

    You don't know anything about how he is as a parent, so I suggest you keep your bile to yourself.

  19. Well seems that irina is in complete control over CR !! it really hurts me to say that it looks like CR is in LOVE with her =S btw Cristiano Jr. is so CUTE <3

  20. Maria says:

    Wow, you're… wow. Just wow at this comment.

  21. Kara says:

    There are worse parents out there. My dad was terrible to me and I turned out fine.

  22. trololo says:

    Ronaldo and his…eerm…lady should stop putting on these little shows here and there trying to make it look like somewhat normal and stable situation. Or was it necessary because the rest of summer he will be away again partying? Frankly, its like their management spend more time on reading people's comments on them and then changing tactics than haters hating and fans hating on haters.

    Playing a happy family wont do any good for the boy (who by the way looks preciously).

    • Zaida says:

      To me they seem be in a stable relationship. They have met each other mothers and she has obviously met his son. The rest of summer he will be away again partying? Really? I can't remember any moment where he was partying last year, if, than I would be glad to see it.
      And why always this hate on Irina. What has the women done to you ?!

      • trololo says:

        When they meet more than once per month and live together for at least half of year I will call it stable relationships.

        Wasn't he in NYC right after baby's announcement last summer? I believe he was partying or..?

        And I have my reasons to dislike this woman. Hate? Not really. Let's say I dont share her points of view on most of things. Not mentioning her being a walking stereotype of Russian women in general.

    • Maria says:

      You sure do seem to have a lot of opinions and inside information about a couple whose pictures you've only seen online…


      Nereida, is that you????

  23. Maria says:

    Oh CJ is the cutest baby I have ever seen. Look at those cheeks ! <3
    Here's a video… :)

  24. wow says:

    Most Beautiful in spain, no no no. Spanish women are Beautiful maybe more like one of the most beautiful in spain it should say next time! Good for crissy that he now feels confident enough to introduce his lovely son to the cameras!!!!!! Many thanks for the pic Kickettes he's asorable!

    • Eleanor says:

      This is what I thought too when I heard she'd won most beautiful face. I think she is beautiful, there's no doubt about it. But MOST beautiful seems a little ridiculous. I want to know who else was on the list.

  25. footballandme says:

    I've got a question, well more of an observation really. Why is it that when Fernando and Leo came out at Stamford Bridge the other week there was a whole post dedicated to them and everything yet when it happens for Cristiano and CRJ they have to share a post when there are tonnes of singular pictures around atm… I dont understand why even though CRJ is older then Leo Torres. Why :-\

    • wow says:

      Exactly, so true some players get special treatment here!!!!!!

    • cisarovna says:

      I sort of agree, but the pic of Fer and Leo was high quality, where this is paparazzi barely just got half their face kind of shot. If there was a high quality picture of CR and his bubba I think your case would be stronger.

    • Leya_S says:

      also, don't forget that we've (sort of) seen pics of CRJ already. Leo Torres, up until this point, practically didn't exist bc there were no pics of him anywhere

      • footballandme says:

        Tutu – Why should it matter that Cristiano has his own tag or not? His baby doesnt have its own tag so he should of got a separate post like Leo or any other baller baby does.

        cisarovna- Theres lots of high quality pictures of Cris and CRJ around, you just have to look a little deeper.

        Leya_S – CRJ didnt exist with his daddy before these pictures. People on here were moaning about daddy and baby not being together but when they are its like "Oh, whatever then"…

  26. Eliz says:


  27. Ashlee says:

    Iker Casillas turned 30 Kickette. I love y'all but Tisk.

  28. Zahara says:

    i have to say it, cris is adorable with his son. and damn thats a cute baby!
    nagore is gorgeous and deserves it!
    and i really like her name..
    nagore, nagore, nagore

  29. LizzyHS90 says:

    Also how did the paps know when they were coimg? Doesn't he have a private jet? How is it that EVERYTIME she is in Europe they always seem to find them out but never him alone. I know why.

  30. Maria says:

    Nagore and Xabi are one of my favourite footie couples.

    Kickette, I was disappointed that you didn't mention the fact that one of your faves, a Hot H.o.F. member has turned 30 years old on May 20! He has a facebook page too:

  31. Eleanor says:

    Beautiful face? Yes. Most beautiful in Spain? No.
    Does anyone know where that dress is from though? And who her hairdresser is?

  32. Cris Jr is so CUTE! those chubby little cheeks are precious!

  33. Sarah, Madrid says:

    haha! who styled CR junior? his budd Marcelo?! This is so cute. Is everyone happy now that Cristano is out with his child lol.
    But he looooks so cute, but please Cris dont style him or let any of your budds come near him, yes including: Ramos, Marcelo, Pepe, Ozil ( hats?!)!

    Nagore looks so beautiful, she deserve it, perfect couple <3

    • AC_USA says:

      This is all I needed! Just one picture! LOL ! I kinda felt bad for the little guy, but now that I see them together, all is well in the world again! :) And Nagore is so beautiful. She is always natural and that makes her beautiful! :)

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        haha! Is this picture the prove that he is spending time, I really dont get from this judgment and conclusion that alot seems to have about him not spending time with his son! How would WE know that! Unless there is a reality show out-there filiming Cristano 24 hours a day that am not aware off.

  34. strawberrysexcapade says:

    Freddy!!!!! Thank you for including the Sounders, Kickette!!! I feel like the MLS teams are often overlooked (Becks, Landycakes, and Titi aside) but there is a wealthy of talented (and steaming hot) players waiting to be ogled. Freddy Montero is a perfect example. *cough* If you ever manage to get your hands on scadalous pictures of Erik Friberg, I will send you a case of vodka/rum/whatever floats your boat!

    And now, time to ogle the perfection that is Nagore and Xabi

  35. Sergz says:

    Kickette, you do know that you have to be a member at to see the video of Becks right? I am a member so I can see it, but just letting you know. (:

  36. Bri says:

    FREDY! Love of my life. You are so adorable. What a nice surprise to see him here! Hopefully he will be in better form soon…I know life's rough without Z.

  37. Eliz says:

    It took almost a year for CR7 to bond with his son in public. The pic wud had been more cute had they excluded the vampire.

    • Maria says:

      "To bond with his son in public?" What does that sentence even mean? You'd think it would be a good thing that Cristiano has managed to prevent people from making money off of taking illegal pictures of his newborn baby, but I guess what it REALLY means is that he doesn't love his own son and hardly spends time with him at all. Your logic is flawless.

      • Winnie Mata says:

        lol seriously eh.
        because it's so healthy to have a baby out and about with cameras flashing everywhere in his poor wittle face.

      • Kristine says:

        Yeah I don't get it either. Didn't know a person was supposed to bond with their child in public. WTF does that mean?

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      She means he is finally seen out in public with his son. You all are acting like he is the only kid with famous parent(s). Becks takes his boys out in public all the time. So do many other celebes including CR's favorite Angelina Jolie. Also his son has been photographed before and it is always in Madeira without CR so people think he doesn't spend a lot of time with his son if his son is not in Madrid and CR is always off with Irina. Do I need to remind you about Christmas?

      • Kristine says:

        Listen, while I understand that people think hes a bad father for not spending enough time with his son. Think about his life. Maybe, being in a quiet, stable environment with his grandma and aunt is a better place for the bubba. Life is complicated, and there is no one-size fits all answer.

        • LizzyHS90 says:

          No better place then with your parent(s). It seems that he doesn't want his own son around all the time. Many, to most, of the other players that have children live with them full time. Expect for the ones that are divorced or whatever. CR is the ONLY parent and his child should be in Madrid 24/7.

          • Kristine says:

            We are going to have to agree to disagree on this subject.

            • LizzyHS90 says:

              I just think you are justifying his shitty behavior because you are a fan of his. Its okay that he does it because he is a superstar while if a normal guy acted like he does he would be called a deadbeat dad.

              • Kristine says:

                Actually, I am a Ramos girl. Ok, and Ibra too!

                • LizzyHS90 says:

                  Well then other people justifly his and other celeb men behaivor because they admire them/want to be like them. I think it shitty for some people to think certain behavior is okay.

              • cisarovna says:

                Sad thing is his "*****ty behavior" basically consists of lack of publicly available photos. He may not turn out to be a great father, but it won't be because he let the paparazzi get crap loads of photos of his kid during his first year. Oh that's right, he also didn't spend x-mas day with his 6 month old son, instead celebrated a week before. When the poor kid looks back on his first x-mas morning, he'll fail to recall his father by his side because he couldn't possibly remember anything at that age!

                For the record, plenty of people grow up away from their parents, specifically with their grandparents, and end up having great relationships with their involved parents. It might not be for everyone, but families have never been one size fits all.

                It might be true that some fans defend him, but it also stands to reason there a few haters throwing him under the bus just for kicks.

                • LizzyHS90 says:

                  His son could easly grow up and search the Internet about his father (the Internet isn't going awaywhere) and see that his father left him on his first Christmas. How would that make you feel? I know it would make me feel shitty and that I wasn't important enough for my own parent to be with me. He could have easliy gone the day after but no. He prides himself on being a family man and close to his family and how much he loves Christmas and then he just leaves? Even when I moved out of state my parents either flew me home or came down to see me on Christmas.

  38. MadameGourcuff says:

    congrats to nagore, she and xabi are one of my favorite spanish couples. finally a pic of cristiano and cristiano jr. too cute!