May 24th, 2010

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Marco Borriello and Andrea Pirlo arrive for Italian National team training; they’re plaid and they’re fabulous.

- Australian gossip rag Famous alleges that a UK newspaper is investigating stories from three WAGabees who are claiming to have hooked up with David Beckham. Meep!

- Fernando Torres brought baby Nora to Paza del Monasterio de Aciveiro for her christening. Wife Olalla brought some bad-arse Louboutins and an excellent bitchface.

- Cheryl Cole rolled up in Cannes for the Outside of the Law premiere and looked fantabulous in her white Versace bandage dress. Rumours (aka completely fabricated for reasons we don’t care enough to figure out) continue to swirl about Chezza and being an item.

- Christine Bleakley went to the British Academy Television Craft Awards. Nope, we’ve no idea either. What do you think of her “high fash” dress?

- Like we didn’t already know Sammy Eto’o is ballin’, big boy style. He’s just bought a 10,000+sq ft, €17 million house in Milan’s absolutely-most-exclusive-designer-shopping-on-your-doorstep neighbourhood.

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39 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Mel says:

    Mmmmm, Marco

    Did you sign the petition, demanding Marco in the Kickette Hot HOF, because he was not in the Finest 5?

    If not, please do.

    I think Marco deserves a spot in the HOF, he proves it time after time. It's only fair!

  2. Jasmine says:

    El-Nino hot as always.

  3. caitanya says:

    I don't understand how and why fernando torres is married :- I just … cannot.

    Re becks, i'm sure all those love affair allegations are true. And they don't change my opinion about anything re his humanness or his unattractive, insecure robot wife (i have no opinions, as you can see).

    The first questions that come to mind are "Only three? And after all this time?" Kudos to him for finding women who can keep it hush hush!

  4. Molly says:

    Marco and Andrea must have known it was Marco Monday and that Andrea was the Featured Baller of Thursday last week at the HIBAS and got together to celebrate LOL ;) !

    Baby Nora is so cute! I love Nando’s new hair cut.

    • MrsNesta says:

      LOL they were on their way to mine to celebrate :)

      • Molly says:

        Haha well have fun with them :) ! Send them my way after you are done with them lol :) .
        (I didn’t read down below the picture where it said they were at practice until after I wrote my comment lol.)

  5. elnino says:

    Fernando looks hot (as always).

    I don't really like Olallas dress.

    It's mega cute that Baby Nora was christianed.

    Fernando looks hot (as always)

  6. striker9 says:

    olalla looks great. pink is not my colour, but it suits her perfectly! but i’m no fan of the shoes, the read shoe soles mis matches with the dress…
    nandos short hair. nooooooo. he looks like 12. but his natural colour is looking real good

  7. Rosey says:

    Marco Borriello…yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  8. rubyqueen says:

    i looooooooove the colour of olalla's dress but not the style.!!it's not suitable for a christining…but nando looks very sexy.xx

  9. Mrs.Higuain says:

    Marco:wow simply WOW.

  10. ToffeeGirl16 says:

    And some news you missed. Shane Duffy, 18 year old Everton player had a near death accident on Friday evening in Malahide, Ireland during a training camp. He lost 3.6 litres of blood, he had to get 20 pints to stabilise him and he was seconds away from death. This was after the artery near the liver pretty much burst and his liver was lacerated.

    If not for the quick reaction of the Irish doctors at the Malahide training ground, we would be mourning this man today.

    His surgery was successful and he is now in a high dependency unit in the Mater Hospital.

    I know he is not one of your major teams you guys love to report on but this boy almost died playing football. He actually asked when he was on the way to the hospital "Am I going to die?"

    Just thought it had to be said.

    Thank you,


    • ICan'tThink says:


      3.6 litres of blood…it really IS a miracle he survrived!

      What kind of injury is this?! At a TRAINING camp???

      • ToffeeGirl16 says:

        He just got kicked where his liver was. It just lacerated everything. I think the goalkeeper’s weight was on it as well though.

        It is an injury that we might never see again for a hundred years. It is just a freak accident.

        He was playing one of those matches to warm up that they do in Malahide and he took a kick there and it nearly killed him.

        • ICan'tThinkow says:

          What were the chances of that happening???

          Oh well, I guess he got lucky :D

          Good for him!

          But I wonder how the guy who kicked him/the goalkeeper feel….


          • ToffeeGirl16 says:

            Once in a blue moon. That are the chances.

            He is very lucky and he is doing better.

            The poor guy! I feel sorry for him. He was just playing and doing what he was supposed to be doing. The news Duffy is on the mend will help and no mention has come of blame towards the goalkeeper.

            All it is being called is a freak accident which it is.

    • Thea says:

      I read about that too Toffee! It was a shocking story and one that the press have not picked up on. Here's hoping he recovers soon and is playing back for Everton.

      • ToffeeGirl16 says:

        The Irish press are all over it and I mean all over it. But it is Everton and a young boy so the press do not care. He could be playing again within four months. But we will take our time. Kenwright and Moyes have been talking with his family constantly to keep up to speed with his condition and the medical team from Everton went over to check on him.

        I want him moved to St. Vincent's though as it is the best hospital.

        • I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to say the English press or non-Evertonians don’t care about Shane Duffy. I read the news first on the BBC website, saw it reported in several English broadsheets and it was covered on Sky Sports. And I follow dozens of English football writers on twitter and they were all talking about it.

          I’m in Canada, and I’m not a Everton supporter and I certainly was shocked and upset by the incident and went out of my way to find news and progress reports. Best wishes to Shane for a swift healing.

          • ToffeeGirl16 says:

            It was my opinion on what I have seen. It might not be fair or accurate but it was an opinion.

            Glad they took an interest. But if you do follow these you will notice the amount of cover Everton does get is not big but that is here nor there. Duffy is the only one that matters.

            Well thank you for your concern and care. It has stunned us all. Already he has received over a hundred well wishes from the Everton fans on the official website.

            He has had such a bad year with Worthington – I think- the Northern Ireland manager getting mad at his decision to switch to the Republic and just when everything is going his way he gets injured.

            All the best and thank you for your best wishes. They are greatly appreciated in this horrible time for the Duffy family.
            He should return withing three to four months.


    • Zlatanista says:

      Thats terrible! Hope he is going to be ok.

      • ToffeeGirl16 says:

        It is. He is out of intensive care but in a high dependency unit in the Mater. He should be playing football again in three-four months by the first round of estimates.

        He is on the mend but shaken and scared. No 18 year old should ask if he is going to die but he is better now and thanks to the amazing response of the Irish doctors there at the training camp, he got the surgery in time.

        He is in all our hopes and prayers.

  11. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Borriello. NOM.

  12. lala says:

    is it just me…or Marco Borriello is really geting hotter with age?, he´s like a fine wine

  13. chefdi says:

    don't usually care for plaid on men but, LOVE it on those two…thank you for making my day!

  14. Nats says:

    I think Christine looks gorgeous. Dress really suits her and her hair and make up looks lovely! Not every WAG has to wear a cut-away dress to be elegant

  15. Anonymous to You says:

    Uhh Kickette, there aren't really any more rumours about Ronaldo and Kardashian…

    And nice, Eto'o. Congrats!

  16. Alisha says:

    OMG Nora!! She is the cutest little thing I have ever seen…well 2nd only to Messi :) Ahhh I love her! Olalla looked amazing, really not to keen on the close up of Nando's hair in the comments!

    • HJ says:

      ha!lol! I know, first little Leo Messi, then bb Nora (who I’m planning on kidnapping along with her papa!who’s with me?)!

  17. Homeskillet17 says:

    aww nora….aww! :) and Olalla looks pretty!

  18. ICan'tThink says:

    Awwwww Torresssss :-(

    I still don't get how he gets along so well with Kaka…they are SO different :/

    • ICan'tThink says:

      oohhh…and I LOVE Ollala's heels <3

      I Waaaaaaant :(

    • Anonymous to You says:

      Torres and Kaka? Huh? But if you mean Ronaldo and Kaka…well I guess you probably believe the media too much and make your assumptions based on them. Ronaldo is not evil.

      • ICan'tThink says:

        No I know he's not evil…I'm not talking in that sense :P

        Its just that Kaka is so……like good…umm….

        Cris is more like the bad boy :)

        Don't get me wrong…I think they are ADORKABLE together <3

        • Anonymous to You says:

          Oh yeah, true. They do seem like that to me as well. But now that Ronaldo’s w/ some real humble people, he’s hopefully going to be a more modest person himself. Although I didn’t really mind his attitude before…

          • ICan'tThink says:

            Nawww….I didn't like him much with ManU….

            I prefer him with Madrid, not because I'm a Madridista, but because -as you mentioned- he is around more humble people.