September 19th, 2011

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

You know, Miss Monday, we really wouldn’t object to you using one of your sick days in the near future. After all, that’s why we offer them to you.

But don’t even try rolling them over into 2012 because they’re non-transferrable. You either use them or lose them, so let’s make it count.


- In a new advert for Manchester United’s partnership with Turkish Airlines, Ryan Giggs is ironically chatting up the flight’s stewardess while Park Ji-Sung etch-a-sketches big beverage pimpin’ notes over his shoulder.

- She’s lonely in Los Angeles, hopeful to hear from Victoria Beckham soon or her mother has pulled a Joan Callaghan. Of these three options, can you correctly identify the two lies and one truth that were recently written about Claudine Keane? (Seen in her private box at the Home Depot Center 17.09.2011)

- Roger Levesque shilled for the Seattle Sounders’ season tickets office.


Image Credit: Ivan Storti/Lancepress.

- Neymar went for a ride on an electric skateboard. Elano was miffed that he wasn’t picked to try the contraption first.

- Abbey Clancy hit back at those in the press who be talking smack about her baby’s height, telling the Mirror‘The people who are talking about her being tall are idiots.’ Rightfully so, Abbey admitted she doesn’t see the humour in ‘taking the p*ss out of a baby’ and wants the ‘cruel’ comments to come to an end. Fine, Abbey, let’s make a deal: we won’t state the obvious about your child’s genetic disposition (Peter Crouch is 6’8 while Sophia’s model mum struts her stuff at 5’9) if you stop rubbing your post-baby weight loss in our faces.

- Pato’s ex wife, Sthefany Brito, came clean about her dislike for football.

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11 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. marysaid says:

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  2. [...] Really? They had to have Giggs chatting up the flight attendant? [Kickette] [...]

  3. semm says:

    How can you type Giggs name without vomiting?

    its bad enough that we laugh at cheater's as 'boys being boys' but HIS BROTHERS WIFE?

    No one creeps me out as much this side of a pedophile.
    Ok, maybe thats too far but let's say Giggs is right up there with Woody Allen marrying his daughter (my brother has two adopted girls and if he married one of them, I would cut his balls off myself) on the level of disgusting.

    [please explain why there would be a new advert with the keeper who retired in May.
    Its not like anyone didnt know he was retiring.
    you sure it is a a new ad?

  4. [...] Really? They had to have Giggs chatting up the flight attendant? [Kickette] [...]

  5. that person says:

    not to be "that person", but that turkish airlines advert has been around for months…

  6. anna says:

    lol of course Giggs is chatting up with the flight’s stewardess.

  7. Green 4 says:

    Robert jr, what a cute baby.!!!!!

  8. strawberrysexcapade says:

    I… oh… oh my god, you linked/mentioned Roger Levesque, the love of my life. I am legitimately shocked kickette, I never thought I'd see him on here


  9. Agnes Wonka says:

    I want to be that flying assistant!!!!
    Neymar looks so cool on skateboard!

  10. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Pato was married and divorced too…. feel like am not keeping up to date…

  11. Miss XOXO says:

    Robert Ronan Keane such a cute pie…;-)