January 9th, 2012

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Schalke 04 midfielder Jermaine Jones, pictured above heading into Boa Steakhouse for a bite on 26.12.2011, has been suspended for eight weeks after the American was charged with intentionally stepping on an opponent’s injured foot. After first saying it intended to appeal, the club decided to accept the penalty instead.

Today marks the real first day of us returning to cubicle purgatory after a long three weeks of lying face down on our sofas.

Time flies when you’re a bunch of floozies.


- Botswana’s players went on strike for two days in a row with the country’s football association (BFA) over Africa Cup of Nations incentives. In hindsight, refusing to train for two days probably wasn’t the wisest way for the first-time qualifiers to fight for their right to get paid.

- If you had better things to do than pick up the latest issue of Fabulous magazine this past weekend, we salute you. But also: you missed reading about Peter Crouch’s weekly salary at Stoke City (£50,000), which his missus inadvertently revealed in an interview with the glossy. Abbey also spoke of her lack of tolerance for screaming bratty kids, something we can relate to when we’re trying on garments at Harrods.

- New renderings of the projected 2018 World Cup stadium in Rostov-on-Don, Russia show off the arena’s swanky specs, but where’s our gratis look at the players post-match shower facilities?


- The three main ladies in Inter Milan player Cristian Chivu’s life appeared on the cover of a Romanian gossip magazine. For the critics who publicly denounce those females who work hard to snare a footballer and milk it for all it’s worth, consider this feverishly adorable photo of Chivu’s wife, Adelina, and their two daughters, (l-r) Anastasia and Natalia, as our rebuttal to your complaints.

- Frank Lampard’s lady went back to work six weeks after she was axed from her regular morning gig. We were too busy patching holes in our hosiery with clear nail varnish to watch, so if any UK Kickettes caught this useless bride’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ debut and lived to talk about it, please do.

- About 23 spectators watching a football match were injured when a wooden platform on which they were sitting collapsed at Nehru stadium in India. Since no major injuries were initially reported, the match went on as scheduled.

- Unfortunately one relatively obscure indoor football tournament in Germany suffered a different fate after opening round play ended in a massive brawl and police using tear gas. Organizers scrapped the rest of the weekend play to avoid further problems for players and fans.

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19 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Alone- Brazil says:

    Our look at her tattoo on his arm, that much I hate this type of tattoos women is super masculine!
    and the cover of resvista beautiful!

    • Marina_Isabella says:

      And I don't even really favor lots of tattoos like that on men… :S So I know what you mean… not only does she look pretty erm, you know, like any common 'floozie' that you could find at any disco on a Saturday night, she also seems to have some tacky body 'art' — footballer dudes truly, really, seriously love these type of chicks, with those type of, erm, looks.

  2. Ivy Blue says:

    Shankira looks old and rough.

  3. Kay20 says:

    Oh Jermaine. Sigh. Please stop with the antics, and we look forward to having you back on the Nats.

    In the meantime, I have no idea what your wife is wearing, but that's an awful lot of NJ lace and metal.

  4. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Ballon d'or just finished, Enhorabuena! Well deserved for Pep and Messi and well expected too.

    But, why in hell did Shakira get to present an award for female best footballer? everytime they mention Shakira they zoom on Pique vica versa, teen choice award much? She sat next to Blatter and Pele, oh com'on now?, football elite sitting at the back seat!! Ronaldo, Zizou and co! I don't think Blatter dancing also was cute, ugh or the fact that he was eyeing her all night long, creepy old dude

    *Rant is over*

    • xoWinnie says:

      LOL @ "teen choice award much" lololol! deaaaadddd

    • _Titi_ says:

      whats with all the hate. Obvs Shaki is a big name in the world, shes kind of like a guest of honor. Arguably the most famous female latin singer, more well known that majority of footballers. Winner of multiple latin grammies, leader of multiple charities, with a ridiculously high IQ, and a talented entertainer (she isn't like Cheryl Cole and the likes, actually can sing and dance). She sorta deserves to be sitting in between them.

      • Tough crowd says:

        I know right Titi, some just like to hate on her!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        I can't the "hate" comment so every time we criticize something we are hating, so if it is for her charitable actions, they would like to honor her as their guest could been presenting the best sportmanship of the year not best female footballer when she have nothing to do with the game, what's next? JB presenting best football winner of next year, ballon d'or is like the oscar of the football world, last time I checked you don't see a sportman who has nothing to do with the game presenting an award make them as "guest of honor" . I don't hate on Shakira to be honest, in the contrary, she is one my fav singers of all time.

        When you are saying she is more famous than most footballers, well again it is a "football" event where viewers are expected to know the people for viewers of this event Zizo and Ronaldo are more famous than "Shakira" we aren't talking latin grammy here.

        • _Titi_ says:

          She was there to pull more viewers, simple as that. Also she had a big part in the promotion of the last world cup, and didn't she like perform in the past two world cup opening ceremonies? I think shes also part of that football for education charity. Considering her world-wide popularity, she is sort of a tool to promote football throughout the world. kthnxbye.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            So, if you think that she is there for her football promotion only, why not in wc 2010 when she a actually sang for world cup, not this year when she is more linked Barcelona and pique than music or charity even thinking that shakira is there for her popular status only is funny!, not all all because she is gf of certain someone.
            I am gonna repeat my points again and again, I don't think people who gives time to tune to ballon d'or don't know the stars of the game, any fan of this game will watch, they don't need shakira to make it popular. I don't think that non football fans will tune to this event to watch shakira present, yeah not
            happening! Like i won't be tuning to grammy's if I knew cristano is presenting an award because I am
            simply not interested in music. Shakira is the one gaining popularity from football not the opposite! This game is more popular than Shakira!

            • _Titi_ says:

              did you even read what I wrote? She performed in the past 2 world cups in Germany and SA. Her song waka waka was the official song of the world cup and was by far the most popular world cup song. And in the past two years she has been working with FIFA for charities. If you saw the award show she talked about how the millions made from her song were donated to this children's charity in which FIFA participated. She has been working with FIFA, that is why she was there with Sep Blatter the president of FIFA. She said that this experience of working with FIFA has made her feel like a part of the FIFA family. As for why she wasn't there last year, she was busy with her concerts. Whatever Im done, since you are basically gonna repeat the same **** over and over again.

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                If you noticed I said she could have presented the sportmanship award not the female best footballer, her charity events had nothing to do with the game, you are speaking as if ZIZO or R9 or hunderds of footballers male or female are not part of the FIFA family, are not chairtable, of course she would say that what would say she has nothing else to say but this speech since she has nothing to do with the "real game". My first comment was why is Shakira who nothing to do with the football game as GAME! LIKE RUNNING AROUND FIELD OF THE GAME KICKING THE BALL, not shaking half nakad ass on the stage of world cup that doesn't qualify her to hand an award to real footballer. " about repeating comments, well you said something like Shakira there to bring "viewers"..
                Anyway, I will agree to disagree because we running in closed cricle

              • agentbabcock says:

                In other words, Titi, she has done more good for the beautiful game than Sepp Blatter. Good for her!

      • xoWinnie says:

        i still don't understand what any of that has to do with her presenting the award tho…
        fact of the matter is she was there and got to present that award because she spit shines Pique's pole every night ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        I love Shakira but I don't think she should have presented the award for female best footballer. It's hard enough for female athletes to get the attention/praise they deserve and her being there sadly took the attention off the athletes. While Shakira is successful in her own right she's not an athlete and they surely could have found someone more fitting to give out the award. And having read some of your other comments I know you say she is part of the "FIFA family" but common, what has she done to promote or even remotely related to women's soccer? Nothing.