March 5th, 2012

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

Pato hat hair curly tongue footballer Serie A Brazil

Image via tumblr.

The idea of being spoon-fed fruit by a loving Alex Pato is not one that appeals to us in any way, so absolutely no hissy-fits, wailing and sounds of hip-flasks being hastily located and opened were heard when we saw this image.

Oh, we’re all going to hell anyway, so why would one more huge lie matter?


- A judge who was sentencing a man for assaulting his wife launched a particularly scathing attack on Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, saying he’s been carrying on like a “petulant” and “spoilt child”. And how, exactly, are the two related? Well, the husband is a Manchester United fan, with his alibi blaming Suarez for enraging him to the point of throwing the TV remote at his partner’s face after the Uruguayan footballer refused to shake Patrice Evra’s hand. Big W-T-F about this story and this other United-related one, Kickettes.

- Helen Flanagan, WAG of Swansea’s Scott Sinclair, refused to put her boobs away.

- Olivier Giroud has been getting some stick in France over *that* kiss, and in an attempt to play down the hysteria to L’Equipe, Giroud said of his lip locked mate Debauchy:¬†“He hasnt said anything, I dont think he minded.” Minded…? He probably enjoyed it!


- Contrary to what Elen Rives has said on Twitter, the daughters she shares with Frank Lampard do not call Christine Bleakley mum.

- Episode two of “Colin’s Corner” is out and it’s another LOL-inducing clip that’s worth watching.

- Now that his undies have proved overwhelmingly popular with H&M customers, David Beckham will reportedly be designing a collection of suits for the Swedish clothing brand.

Were your weekends good, bad or so-so, dear readers?

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14 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. anna says:

    I remember seeing a reaction from Debauchy and boy was it funny. He looked shell shocked and a bit confused. I'm not sure if disgusted was in there, but the guy just wanted a hug, ended up with more. LOL

  2. doug says:

    Thanks Kickette, for making me laugh every day.

  3. WooHoo says:

    I actually found this adorable, he is growing up so fast!!!…

  4. Kaaya says:

    Don't worry Olivier, he did not mind nor did we…please do it more often and you can do it with different teammates…Yoann, Karim, Adil, Samir…

  5. Agnes Wonka says:

    I think both players really enjoyed the kiss!! xD

  6. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    OG dont worry we didnt mind it at all!!! :)

  7. Scoop says:

    So nice of him to take of his Mother like that

  8. Céline says:

    I sooo want to be in that girls place, so Pato would feed me breakfast :P Love love love this man!!!

  9. andre cornelius says:

    this is funny but kinda hot he is feeding his girl in public and he doesnt care who is around thats respect right there

  10. ChefDi says:

    I immediately thought she was sick while he's feeding her. Is she wearing white slouchy boots?? Wouldn't that make him sick? Sorry Pato, just sayin' … He is a doll for being that sweet, I will give him that ;-)

  11. Jayy says:

    Pato I'll have some of that if you dont mind. Pretty please ;)
    Olivier making out is just hot. Theres no other way to say it. The man is FOINE.

  12. xbabyshakesx says:

    LOL i thought the kiss was rather perfect! ahaha

  13. zoraida says:

    ''i dont think he minded''… aw.. dont be so modest olivier, baby…