May 7th, 2012

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

A bloke wearing a dress is funny.

That’s a skirt right, Kickettes?


- Irina continued her reign of hotness. What on earth is going on with this chick? We suspect some sort of contract with the spiritual higher-ups in exchange for serious levels of sizzle.

- Colorado Rapids’ Wells Thompson is a fan of farm animals and brown denim overalls. We are not.

- For many, it seems the life of a WAG is akin to winning the lottery. Christine Eisenbeis’ new book tries, but does not, refute this notionIn an excerpt from “In My Next Life I Shall Be a Player’s Wife” (“Im nächsten Leben werd’ ich Spielerfrau – Ein Phänomen wird abgeschminkt”), we learn that the majority of WAGs are shallow. Some even more than their partners. Zzzz….

- Retired Nigerian footballer Rashidi Yekini, who scored the country’s first goal at the World Cup, passed away.


- But back to the frivolity that is Jessica Lawlor’s life. On Sunday she revealed that she doesn’t want to have a glitzy WAG wedding when she marries Stephen Ireland. Honest. She even invited The Sun over for a home visit to tell the world as much.

- Roberto Carlos, Samuel Eto’o and Guus Hiddink starred in a rap video. We didn’t understand, but we found it quite endearing. And weird. But more endearing than weird.

- Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend was working at some Portguese car race this weekend. Scrubs up well, that one.

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9 Responses to “Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet”

  1. Agnes Wonka says:

    I can't understand how many people bash Irina and do not say anything about that Jessica Lawlor!

  2. TammyV says:

    I miss the days when Cissi was in the Fittest Five… brilliant pick that one

  3. Anon says:

    Irina isn't advertising the skateboard by using it to cover her naked boobs.
    I'm shocked.

  4. Jayy says:

    We need more Yoann Gourcuff on here.
    And yes Kickette, I will keep posting this till you give me what I want!

  5. Loninha - Brasil says:

    this guy in black, hummmmmmm a disgrace!

    • Jenni says:

      That's Djibril Cisse. I found out today that his birthday is 12 August. Same day as somebody else who wears weird clothes, has a blond Mohican and either scores or gets sent off whenever he plays. Their teams are playing each other this weekend. Can't wait, and I also might deliberately try and give birth on 12 August one day, to see what happens :D

  6. laligagirl says:

    "Scrubs up well, that one." Judging by the amount of fake tanner I'd say she didn't scrub hard enough. She looks like she doesn't have much make up (except eye makeup) on in that photo but I can see why she cakes it on the rest of the time. I can't decide who wears more makeup, her or pastasauce.

    • Anon says:

      At least she has a genuine looking smile on her face most of the time

      • laligagirl says:

        Yes, she is geniunely happy to be photographed. And talked about. And being seen with a footballer.